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This cave was as large as a plaza; blood colored light filled the cave along with a dense bloody odor. In the center of the cave, a round hole had been dug out, inside of which blood gurgled and emitted hot air.

Fang Zheng took a deep breath before taking off his clothes in a familiar fashion, when naked he then entered the blood pool, immediately taking large gaping breaths due to the scalding blood.

He soon adapted to the temperature of the blood and stood still at the center of the blood pool. The blood pool reached up to his waist, revealing his chest and most of his arms.

"Begin. Do it one by one, don't be anxious. First is iron blood Gu." Lord Sky Crane reminded.

Fang Zheng slowly closed his eyes and activated iron blood Gu as instructed.

Immediately, the Gu worm's power started transforming his blood. His red blood began to darken and become denser, the blood flow also became extremely slow.

As a result, Fang Zheng's fair skin also darkened.

"Maintain iron blood Gu, activate blood blade Gu." Lord Sky Crane said again.

Fang Zheng activated blood blade Gu; his body shuddered, his skin burst open forming over a hundred wounds from which large numbers of blood blades shot out - they were all pitch black iron-blood blades!

Shortly afterwards, blood like molten iron slowly flowed out of the wounds.

Fang Zheng had a cold expression, he did not feel any pain, instead, intense pleasure attacked his mind. This was the effect of iron blood Gu, it could turn pain to pleasure and help the Gu Master to adapt to battles, even a weak Gu Master could turn into a warrior addicted to battle.

This was one of the achievements of Immortal Crane Sect from years of researching blood path.

This blood slowly flowed into the bright red blood pool, dying the nearby area around Fang Zheng black.

"It is the crucial step now, use blood merge Gu." Lord Sky Crane reminded.

Fang Yuan gritted his teeth as he activated blood merge Gu.

Immediately, under the effect of the Gu worm, the more than one hundred wounds on his body burst out with an intense suction force. The surrounding blood was being absorbed without pause.

"Ahh…." Fang Yuan groaned softly, the intense pain had turned into intense pleasure. He gritted his teeth hard, his body trembling nonstop.

As large amounts of blood were absorbed, his body inflated, turning into an abnormal fatty. His body was over three times the size of his original self. His skin burst open and the thick, snake-like veins twisted around in his body.

The elegant and handsome young master had transformed into a nauseating, ugly monster.

"Don't forget your goal, you need to resist this pleasure. Fang Zheng, activate failed blood demon flower Gu!" Lord Sky Crane was monitoring Fang Zheng's situation and hurriedly reminded him.

The words 'failed blood demon flower Gu' shook Fang Yuan's mind and he was barely able to get past the intense pleasure, gasping as he activated failed blood demon flower Gu.

Fang Zheng tightly clenched his fists, a large amount of blood in his body was rapidly being corrupted. Under the effect of the Gu worm, vines started growing out of his blood.

These thin vines pierced Fang Zheng's skin and soon coiled around his body.

Flower buds started growing out of the vines and quickly blossomed, turning into pretty blue flowers resembling chrysanthemums.

"Urghh—! Fang Zheng tightly gritted his teeth, groaning softly in pain. His face was pale, his whole body was like soil with many demonic flowers growing forcibly on him. This intense pain was ten times more terrifying than a woman giving birth!

Even iron blood Gu's effect was not able to resist this kind of pain.

Fang Zheng almost shattered his white teeth from the pain. His face turned pale white and blue veins popped up on his forehead, making him look malevolent and terrifying.

"Your blood is boiling, your organs and your body will be burned by your own blood if this goes on. Use cold blood Gu quickly." Lord Sky Crane reminded nervously.

Fang Zheng activated cold blood Gu with great difficulty.

His blood quickly cooled down till he was shivering from the cold; he was finally out of the deadly crisis.

"That will do, demon flowers will greatly increase the effects of your blood path Gu worms. You are just a step away from success, use blood sense Gu!" Lord Sky Crane said with a hurried tone.

"Blood sense…" Fang Zheng lowered his head, his gaze had turned blurry from the pain. From the many drills he had done before, he was finally able to persist and activate this blood path investigative Gu worm.

Several breaths later, Fang Zheng spoke: "I... I can sense... underground, southeast, distance is five to six thousand steps."

"Great, you did it again! You are on the verge of success, it is the final step, use blood scar Gu to mark the position."

"Arghhh…" Fang Zheng started to shout unconsciously at this time. His gaze was completely blurry, the weakness caused his body to be on the verge of collapse. He exerted all his strength to extract all the potential he had to activate blood scar Gu.

He was delirious, there was still enough primeval essence in his rank five aperture but he could only mobilize a small portion. The primeval essence was like a small creek flowing slowly into blood scar Gu.

However, blood scar Gu had extremely large demand for primeval essence; Fang Zheng could only persist for eight breaths of time before he finally collapsed, falling down into the blood pool, unconscious.


An incense burner was letting out wisps of smoke, this quiet room had no windows and was extremely dim.

He Feng Yang was wearing a white robe with a black belt, sitting on a meditation mat with wide sleeves.

He looked young and mild like jade. His dark green brows were sharp and long, reaching up to his waist. At this moment, his serene and deep eyes were staring at the spirit incubating flea in front of him.

The spirit incubating flea was floating in the air, and Lord Sky Crane's soul was reporting the results of Fang Zheng's training.

He Feng Yang said with a dissatisfied tone: "Sure enough, despite letting him live in Fu Hu blessed for eight years and also giving him many relic Gu to become a rank five Gu Master in a short period of time, he still can't achieve a simple thing like simultaneously activating six to seven Gu worms."

Lord Sky Crane considered his words before speaking: "Fang Zheng is young, he is still lacking in the basics of multitasking. But this subordinate feels he is a very hard worker and he has made large progress rapidly. Recalling the first attempt, he only lasted a breath of time after activating blood merge Gu before he fainted."

"Therefore I added iron blood Gu, the result was that in the second try, the pleasure was too much for him, the blood flowed out wantonly till he fainted. He lasted for three breaths of time." He Feng Yang interrupted Lord Sky Crane in displeasure.

Lord Sky Crane quickly said: "Lord Supreme Elder, truthfully speaking, even this subordinate would find it hard to multitask under such intense pain and pleasure. Fang Zheng is not far from success, he was able to persist for eight breaths of time this time. One needs to last for ten breaths of time to activate blood scar Gu successfully. And he is only lacking the last two breaths of time. As long as we can train a few more times and allow a little more time, we can…"

"Enough! How much more? You still want to train more? Time, time, just hear yourself, how much time has been wasted in your plan? How long? Years! There is still no improvement, Dang Hun mountain is still not in our hands. Don't you know how many dissatisfied voices are there in the sect, how many disciples are requesting the higher ups to open the exchange of guts Gu?"

"Subordinate is incompetent and even implicated Lord Supreme Elder, I have committed a heinous sin!" Lord Sky Crane begged for mercy when he saw He Feng Yang become furious.

He Feng Yang took some deep breaths before waving his sleeve: "Leave now, there is only a month before the sect convention. Before I go to the sect convention, I want to hear the good news of your training succeeding, and that we can start our plan to capture Hu Immortal blessed land!"

"But lord, a month is too short, Fang Zheng will not be able to endure excessive training. We can nurse his physical health with Gu worms, but the intense pleasure and pain will injure the soul and can even cause his soul to shatter!" Lord Sky Crane inquired.

He Feng Yang chuckled: "Isn't the collapse of his soul exactly what you want to see? Thus, you can seize his body and resurrect. Wasn't this your initial plan?"

His smile turned gentler as he said this: "This Fang Zheng has only gone on a crash course to reach rank five Gu Master, his nature is still childish. He is insufficiently tempered, how could he compare to you, Lord Sky Crane? After we use him to seize Hu Immortal blessed land, you can return. Sigh, since Su San and Zhou Wu were killed by that demon Song Zi Xing, there are fewer and fewer capable subordinates like you at my side."

The gentler He Feng Yang's tone became, the colder Lord Sky Crane felt in his heart, he replied in a grateful tone: "Receiving such importance from Lord Supreme Elder, this subordinate will definitely repay lord's kindness greatly and offer my life in sacrifice!"

"Good, take your leave now." He Feng Yang waved for Lord Sky Crane to leave.

The quiet room now only had He Feng Yang, his smile gradually disappeared before being replaced by a grave expression, his gaze somewhat tense.

After Fang Yuan seized Hu Immortal blessed land, he had been in charge of this matter and now a year had passed, the sect's pressure on him was growing larger day by day. Especially his enemy in the sect — Gu Immortal Lei Tan, who had publicly ridiculed his incompetence several times.

The sect convention a month later was a tough barrier. If He Feng Yang could not show any progress, it would be very difficult to cross this barrier. He could almost hear Lei Tan's mockery echoing throughout the convention.

"But it won't be long… as long as this plan succeeds, I can shut the mouths of all those petty people like Lei Tan. I would have the greatest contribution to the sect over these last years! In the attack against Hu Immortal blessed land, I will personally make a move. Moreover, I have invited Fairy Cang Yu and Old Lord Can Yang. Fairy Cang Yu has similar battle strength to me, and has at least three mortal killer moves. While Old Lord Can Yang is a rank seven Gu Immortal with an offensive Immortal Gu!"

"The only problem is that the land spirit can prohibit the use of all mortal Gu. I don't have any Immortal Gu to use, so I might not be able to do much. The only method is to consume green grape immortal essence. Fortunately, Hu Immortal blessed land was originally barren and not managed properly, how much green grape immortal essence could it have accumulated? I don't believe Fang Yuan can exhaust our three Gu Immortals' combined strength! As long as Hu Immortal's immortal essence is consumed, the land spirit will be powerless and won't be able to restrict mortal Gu. At that time, hmph!"

He Feng Yang mumbled to himself, gradually calming his tensed mind.

At the same time, in an underground cave in Hu Immortal blessed land.

Fang Yuan slowly stepped out of the wisdom light halo, a satisfied smile on his face.

Just now, he had successfully deduced the killer move, icy stardust.

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