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The light of wisdom dyed the cave walls with beautiful lights.

Fang Yuan quietly stood in it for a good while before opening his eyes, slowly stepping out of the wisdom light halo.

The wills in his mind were almost fully consumed. Mortal Gu could only produce limited wills and could not compare to wisdom path Immortal Gu.

"My deduction of Immortal Crane Sect's plan has failed, not because I don't have enough wills, but because I don't have enough clues." Fang Yuan reflected inwardly.

After being in the wisdom light halo many times over these days, he had summed up his experiences.

Wisdom Gu was different from natural inspiration.

Wisdom Gu emitted the light of wisdom which could provide unending insights to Gu Master. But the result of the thoughts and deductions were based on the Gu Master's foundation as well as the clues they had accumulated.

Fang Yuan's attempt at deducing Immortal Crane Sect's conspiracy against Hu Immortal blessed land failed because he did not have enough evidence.

In summary, the deeper the Gu Master's foundations and the more evidence they gathered, the more accurate the outcome of the deduction would be.

Naturally, when there was more evidence, there would be more factors to consider, and the amount of thoughts and will consumed would also become larger. Especially when deducing Immortal Gu recipes, the factors to consider were too many, thus the wills consumed were enormous.

As for natural inspiration, it was a precious experience when a Gu Master advances to a Gu Immortal.

During this process, the Gu Master questions heaven and earth, and heaven and earth would directly provide the solutions with no need for the Gu Master to think.

Let's take a difficult mathematical problem from Earth, for example, solving a multivariate equation.

If the Gu Master used wisdom Gu, his thoughts would quickly consume while he would obtain numerous insights, causing there to be many paths to the solution. Some of these paths might be dead ends while some might give wrong results. Only a few would be correct paths which could deduce the solution.

While natural inspiration would be akin to directly giving the correct answers.

The Gu Master would obtain the correct answer, but they had to know how to use it.

Thus, during natural inspiration, the Gu Master should not ask overly profound questions. Fang Yuan did not directly ask about eternal life; maybe heaven and earth would give him an answer but he would absolutely not be able to comprehend it.

It was like a child who had not learned mathematics seeing a linear equation, they naturally would not be able to comprehend the answer.

To comprehend this answer, the child would have to learn numbers, unknown variables, positive and negative numbers, and so on. But this would only be the foundation of the foundation.

To Gu Masters, even if they obtained answers to excessively profound questions, they would not be able to comprehend it or be able to use it.

Even if they asked about all aspects of this difficult problem during natural inspiration and comprehended the basics, the time consumed would be too high, the amount of information would also be so large that the mind would not be able to bear it.

As such, the best way to make use of natural inspiration was to ask according to the state of one's current foundation, then stabilize the foundation and progress step by step.

"But within wisdom path, there is an Immortal Gu that can allow a Gu Immortal to directly obtain answers. That is heavenly secret Gu. Gu Masters do not need to have their thoughts collide nor make deductions, as long as they grabbed onto that strand of heavenly secret, they would directly obtain the answer. In the records of history, this Gu was created by Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable; he possessed a rank eight heavenly secret Immortal Gu but after his death, this heavenly secret Immortal Gu disappeared without a trace and there has been no news regarding it since then."

Fang Yuan suddenly recalled heavenly secret Immortal Gu.

Gu worms had one ability, and even the rank nine wisdom Gu was no exception. The higher the ranks of the Gu, the more powerful their ability was. If wisdom Gu was truly activated, its effect would definitely be terrifying. But even if it was stronger, it could not replicate the effect of heavenly secret Immortal Gu.

"It was rumored that Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable was the rank nine Gu Master who could detect and react to the heavenly fate most closely. He created heavenly secret Immortal Gu to interact with heaven and earth, and also to experience natural inspiration again. If I have heavenly secret Immortal Gu, it would combine exquisitely with wisdom Gu. Meanwhile, if anyone else used heavenly secret Immortal Gu to investigate me, all of my secrets would likely be exposed…"

Heavenly secret Immortal Gu could let Gu Masters directly question heaven and earth.

There were no events in the world that heaven and earth did not know of.

It was as the saying goes, except you and me, only heaven and earth know.

As for other wisdom path Gu worms, Fang Yuan did not need to worry for the moment. The wind veil of assimilation had swallowed everything, cleaning up all the traces of crimes Fang Yuan had committed in Imperial Court blessed land.

Without heavenly secret Immortal Gu, wisdom path Gu Masters would have to make deductions according to normal methods and that was to gather as much evidence and clues as possible.

They were unable to plunder any crucial clues from Imperial Court blessed land and could only begin investigating from the Imperial Court contest. It was not impossible to deduce Fang Yuan's true identity with this, it was only that the probability was low and the time required would be longer.

Northern Plains, Jade Pool blessed land.

From a bird's eye view, the blessed land was covered with innumerable large and small deep pools with the color of a mixture of blue and green.

Lead by Chanyu tribe's Gu Immortal, Tong Zu, around ten Gu Immortals of northern plains' righteous path slowly descended from the air.

"The noble Jade Pool blessed land is truly unique and fresh. These innumerable jade pools are like the stars in the sky, their beauty unmatched." A female Gu Immortal strolled through the sky, expressing her admiration. Her hair that was twenty to thirty feet long draped behind her and was extremely eye catching.

"All of these jade pools have different types of water, raising countless aquatic species. Dong Fang tribe's fish groups and water vegetation have been famous for a long time in treasure yellow heaven." A male Gu Immortal opened the third vertical eye on his forehead and gazed at the jade pools with a shining gaze.

"Lord Murong Qing Si and Lord Guan Shen Zhao are exaggerating. My tribe's Jade Pool blessed land has only been in operation for just over six thousand years; the landscape cannot compare to Murong tribe's Yin-Yang blessed land, while in terms of productivity, it still falls short of Guan tribe's Shi Huang blessed land." Gu Immortal Dong Fang Yi Kong who was attending to them, welcomed them with a smile, modestly talking of Dong Fang tribe's specialities.

Jade Pool blessed land was the headquarters of the Huang Jin family's Dong Fang tribe, a super force.

A group of Gu Immortals slowly descended.

This, among the myriad jade pools, did not appear to be a remarkable location.

Beside a jade pool was a small hut.

An elderly man was sitting beside the pool in front of the house, in the midst of fishing.

"These are underworld eels." Guan Shen Zhao's vertical eye on his forehead gazed at the pool before blurting out in shock at the scene inside the clear pool.

When the other Gu Immortals heard it, some of them also showed slightly moved expressions.

"Sir Dong Fang, we have already not seen each other for over ten years. Thinking of back then when we charged into Snowy Mountain and fought side by side.. Sigh, time really flies by…" Everyone stood still, as Gu Immortal Tong Zu who had the highest cultivation made a greeting.

"Lord Tong Zu, you are still as graceful as ever while this old man has one foot in the grave, I don't dare to compare with you." The elderly man who was fishing stood up slowly; he was Dong Fang Chang Fan, northern plains' number one wisdom path Gu Immortal.

Dong Fang Yi Kong walked to Chang Fan's side, as Chang Fan continued: "Dong Fang tribe is honored with the presence of all of you, being able to welcome everyone to my humble abode is an extreme honor. Everyone, please come in."

Dong Fang Chang Fan led everyone inside the hut.

The inside of the hut was spacious; there was a plaza and also halls. There were sixteen stone statues at the plaza, seemingly arranged in order as well as randomly, as they were separated by varied distances. The expressions on them were subtle, as if containing some kind of mystical pattern.

"This is Dong Fang tribe's rank six Immortal Gu House — Modest Thatched Hut? It truly is brilliant." One Gu Immortal praised directly.

Dong Fang Chang Fan led everyone to the administration hall and seated them. Northern plains' righteous path Gu Immortals, representing all the different forces, had gathered under one roof!

Dong Fang Chang Fan sat at the main seat and smiled as he observed everyone: "This time, I have invited everyone here personally in order to make a transaction with you."

Guan Shen Zhao and the others glanced at each other with no one taking the initiative to speak, it was still Tong Zu who responded: "Sir Dong Fang already decided to not make deductions for others tens of years ago. But in the letter, you said you were making an exception for us, and will deduce the true culprit of the destruction of True Yang Building or perhaps other aspects. But I wonder how we can pay for this transaction?"

Dong Fang Chang Fan coughed several times before sighing: "This old man's lifespan is at its end and I know there is no hope in prolonging my life. But before I depart, I have some concerns lingering in my heart. One is the tribe's growth and the other is my tribe's descendants, I hope I can make this transaction with everyone. This old man shall make deductions for each of your tribes once, and after I die, I hope everyone can ally with my Dong Fang tribe."


"Yes, this old man has already roughly prepared the alliance contracts, everyone can examine them and if you have any objections, we can modify it right here." Dong Fang Chang Fan took out two east window Gu which he then handed to the Gu Immortals.

The Gu Immortals skimmed over the contract one after another. The alliance conditions were extremely lax. Dong Fang Chang Fan did not even request for mutual help and protection among the allies, he only requested that after he died, they had to protect Dong Fang tribe's peace for fifty years. In this time period, the parties in the contract could not target, suppress or attack Dong Fang tribe.

The Gu Immortals involuntarily felt a rush of excitement.

Dong Fang Chang Fan was currently the number one wisdom path Gu Immortal of northern plains. Besides him, there was no one else suitable to deduce the true culprit of True Yang Building's destruction!

In the cultivation of Gu Immortals, who would not encounter some difficult problems relating to their cultivation? Or perhaps, they might obtain Immortal Gu remnant recipes that require deductions? With Dong Fang Chang Fan, these issues were very likely to be resolved.

Even more importantly, after Imperial Court blessed land perished and Eighty-Eight True Yang Building collapsed, large numbers of Gu worms were brought over by the formless fists to all regions of northern plains. The aura of Immortal Gu manifested in many places, causing the Gu Immortals to contest over them.

At this crucial time, if Dong Fang Chang Fan deduced the location of an Immortal Gu, then they were very likely to get that Immortal Gu!

Everyone was more than moved and they couldn't help but praise Dong Fang Chang Fan's shrewdness.

If it were during normal times, Dong Fang Chang Fan's bargaining chip might be somewhat less important. But now, when one deduction was very likely to represent one Immortal Gu, all the Gu Immortals were moved.

"Great, Sir Dong Fang, Our Chanyu tribe accepts your conditions."

Tong Zu spoke first, then Hei tribe, Murong tribe, every tribe's representatives also accepted.

This situation was within Dong Fang Chang Fan's expectations. His smile became even brighter: "Since this is the case, Fairy Li Shan, please take action."

"Fairy Li Shan?"

While everyone was surprised, a rank six female Gu Immortal walked from behind the hall and appeared in front of everyone.

"Fairy Li Shan, I trust you have been well." A Gu Immortal greeted.

Another Gu Immortal laughed: "Sir Dong Fang sure has made ample preparations, even inviting over Fairy Li Shan. It is just that this Jade Pool blessed land does not have any mountains or rivers, how will we make the oath?"

Dong Fang Yi Kong, who had been silent all this time, stood from beside Dong Fang Chang Fan, and spoke: "Everyone, please wait and see."

He then opened his palm, lights in vibrant colors floated in the center of his palm, revealing a miniature mountain peak.

"Could this be — Miniscule Mountain?!" Murong Qing Si opened her graceful eyes wide as she reacted first, saying in a disbelieving tone.

"Exactly." Dong Fang Yi Kong gave a modest smile, but the pride within him could not be concealed.

A commotion erupted among the Gu Immortals.

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