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Chapter 637: Huge Shocking Change
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Originally, within the wind veil of assimilation, the Gu worms were lifeless.

Now, a huge opening was cut into the wind veil of assimilation, opening a link outside to northern plains, the Gu worms all went into a frenzy, frantically rushing towards the opening.

Formless hands arrived, attempting to grab them along the way.

Nearly half of the Gu worms were captured by the formless hands, and carried off by the formless fists, vanishing into thin air.

Despite this, the majority of the Gu worms managed to rush out of the opening, escaping this dangerous area surrounded by the wind veil of assimilation, and arriving in the outside world of northern plains.

"Come to me, be mine!"

"So many Gu worms, eh, that is an Immortal Gu?!"

"Stop at once! Do not fight, distribute the Gu according to our prior arrangement, no one should act recklessly!!"

The northern plains Gu Immortals saw a cluster of Gu worms, like an unceasing torrent of water rushing forth, they were already in a state of shocked ecstasy.

They struck at once, repeatedly shouting, competing against each other, and displaying all kinds of methods.

Fang Yuan raised his head to look, and saw a scene of Gu Immortals madly fighting over Gu worms.

"There are more than twenty Gu Immortals… they probably used the immortal killer move winged blade; this killer move is a first class attacking method of northern plains, during the battle of the five regions in the future, many central continent Gu Immortals died from it." His expression was grim, his eyes were flickering with cold light, the memories of his previous life was still vivid within his mind.

Winds of assimilation, the number one wind in the world, they were able to assimilate all things, there are few methods capable of restraining it.

But the immortal killer move winged blade had peerless might, it was a rare method that was even able to cleave open the wind veil of assimilation!

"Naturally, this is also because the wind veil of assimilation had not formed for a long time, the wind walls are still not too thick, given a longer period of time, even the winged blade will be unable to damage it."

Winds of assimilation, they were a wind that blew when immortal apertures faced destruction.

Once the wind gained momentum, and there was enough wind blowing, even rank eight Gu Immortals would struggle to resist it.

As for rank nine Gu Immortals, they were the rulers of the world, they were invincible beings! No matter how strong the winds of assimilation became, it could do nothing to them.

This shocking change was out of Fang Yuan's expectations, to him, this was not a method of escaping.

He had caused harm to Giant Sun's will and caused the collapse of Eight-Eight True Yang Building, he was the culprit behind Imperial Court blessed land's destruction! Once he went outside, and got caught by the angry northern plains Gu Immortals, he would end up facing a terrible fate. By then, even death would be a luxury.

He placed his attention on Hei Lou Lan now.

If Hei Lou Lan got distracted now, Fang Yuan would launch a sneak attack and take back Tai Bai Yun Sheng.

But Hei Lou Lan's eyes were fixed on Fang Yuan without a single bit of distraction.

His objective this time was to obtain a strength path Immortal Gu and become a Gu Immortal. But he was did not excel in movement and could not break the formless fists.

However, he had made an agreement with Giant Sun's will, as long as he helped him, Giant Sun's will would give him a strength path Immortal Gu as a reward.

This was also the sole reason why Hei Lou Lan had followed Giant Sun's will since the battle began.

"This fellow…" Fang Yuan had no opportunity at all, he could only grit his teeth.

Right at this moment, there was a transmission from above the wind veil, but the voice was choppy: "Hei Lou Lan… my son… father is here… to bring you back…"

Hei Lou Lan's own father, the supreme tribe elder of northern plains' super tribe, Hei tribe, a legendary figure in northern plains who was also the famous main character of the love story, Su Xian's Night Elopement — Hei Cheng!

He was rank seven and cultivated dark path, his eyes were like ink while his face was like jade, he had a handsome appearance and looked carefree.

At this moment, he was floating in the air, keeping some Gu worms while calling out Hei Lou Lan's name with much worry: "Don't worry… father… has already found the strength path Immortal Gu for you…"

But Hei Lou Lan snorted coldly when he heard his father's call.

He pretended he did not hear Hei Cheng's words, instead it triggered his anger as his expression turned into one of hatred.

Filled with the deep intent of revenge, he growled at Fang Yuan: "My patience is running out, do you still want your senior brother's life? Quickly hand over my Gu worm to me, otherwise I will kill him!"

He obviously had to save Tai Bai Yun Sheng, this was the only useful reinforcement that Fang Yuan could use to resist Giant Sun's will.

Thus, Fang Yuan shouted: "I can give the Gu to you, but you must wake my senior brother up first and let him run a thousand steps away from here!"

His suggestion was immediately denied by Hei Lou Lan: "Impossible! You have to pass the Gu to me first, otherwise I will crush his skull directly!"

Both sides did not trust each other.

Fang Yuan wanted Hei Lou Lan to release Tai Bai Yun Sheng, but Hei Lou Lan was afraid of Fang Yuan's movement speed.

Hei Lou Lan wanted Fang Yuan to return the Gu first, but Fang Yuan was afraid of Hei Lou Lan playing tricks.

Of course, there was the most common way to settle this.

That was for both parties to act at the same time, releasing Tai Bai Yun Sheng and the Gu together.

But in this environment, where formless hands were flying around everywhere, who would dare to let their Gu worms fly around?

It was not that Fang Yuan did not want to save Tai Bai Yun Sheng, but the discussion was always stuck at this stage.

Fang Yuan raised his head to look, and the scene was making his heart sink: "Oh no… the formless hands disappear after capturing Gu worms. The formless hands will continue to decrease in number, and soon, Giant Sun's will would gain control of the situation!"

Not only was Hei Lou Lan anxious, Fang Yuan was also starting to become anxious.

Giant Sun's will was a special will, exterminating the otherworldly demon was his top priority. This objective ruled above his desire to live.

The dragon made of will roared, it ignored the passage above its head as it coiled around the luck path true inheritance.

The remaining luck path Gu worms were the true inheritance's core.

Giant Sun's will did not dare to be careless.

"Are we going to die?!" Seeing the luck path true inheritance light lump reduce to a thin layer, Ma Hong Yun and Zhao Lian Yun felt that all hope was lost.

But right at this moment!

The true inheritance light lump burst out with a dazzling light, the light was so strong it could blind everyone's vision.

With a whoosh, the true inheritance light lump carried Ma Hong Yun and Zhao Lian Yun, flying up and turning into a rainbow of light, charging towards the opening in the wind veil.

The luck path true inheritance was governed by the will of a wild Gu, it had a very strong instinct for survival.

"Don't even think about it!" The dragon of Giant Sun's will shouted furiously, without hesitation, it gave chase immediately!

The true inheritance light lump was really fast, Giant Sun's will could not catch up to it.

Seeing that true inheritance light lump was about to get out of the wind veil of assimilation and escape into northern plains, Giant Sun's will finally let go of his reservations and set his mind on exterminating the otherworldly demon Zhao Lian Yun!

This was the primary objective that Giant Sun Immortal Venerable had given to the special will!

When one could not get the best of both worlds, Giant Sun's will had no choice but to discard one to achieve the other objective!

Giant Sun's immortal essence was injected into all the Immortal Gu, as the dragon of will shined with a dozen spots of lights. In three breaths of time, the light expanded rapidly, ready to attack.

The will dragon's aura surged, as it readied itself, a shockingly powerful attack was about to be launched!

But, right at this moment.

From among the group of Gu worms, another true inheritance light lump appeared suddenly!

This true inheritance light lump was about the size of an adult, it was a supreme true inheritance!

This supreme true inheritance gave off a thin layer of light.

This light was not dazzling in brightness alone, but it kept changing into different colors. The light was also very dense, and it covered a huge area, forming a giant halo.

The supreme true inheritance along with the halo crashed fiercely into the dragon of Giant Sun's will.

Crack crack crack…

Under the halo's effect, Giant Sun's will rapidly expanded and exploded, leaving behind the sound of firecrackers.

The giant halo with the supreme true inheritance as its center attacked the dragon of Giant Sun's will, and attempted to cut the dragon into two at its waist.

Giant Sun's will howled, falling into extreme anger and shock.

It had broken into two, originally the dozen Immortal Gu were ready to attack, but their lethal attacks had been cancelled already.

"Rank nine wisdom Gu!" Fang Yuan's expression was unchanging, but his heart jumped.

From the appearance of this supreme true inheritance, its true identity had been exposed.

Within the true inheritance secluded domain, there were only thee supreme true inheritances.

One was Eight-Eight True Yang Building itself, it had already been broken up by the formless hands. This was also why Eight-Eight True Yang Building had collapsed completely and split back into Gu worms.

The other was the luck path true inheritance, it had once fuelled Giant Sun Immortal Venerable's glorious success. Right now, it was heading towards the opening in the wind veil of assimilation, rushing for its freedom.

The final one was the rank nine wisdom Gu, Fang Yuan had once seen it inside the true inheritance secluded domain, if not for Mo Yao's will reminding him back then, he may have nearly lost his life under wisdom Gu's influence.

Being as high as rank nine, wisdom Gu which was recorded inside <> was definitely extraordinary.

It gave off the light of wisdom.

Basking in this light, lifeforms would lose their lifespan rapidly, thoughts would be created and destroyed in their minds quickly, they would collide with each other and create the sparks of wisdom in the process.

When a person thinks, countless thoughts would be created, destroyed, or collide into each other, to obtain the results of thinking.

Wisdom path, with this principle, became one of the paths of Gu Masters.

The light of wisdom would increase the number of thoughts to the limit, the speed of thinking would be raised to the limit, and the collisions would occur at the most rapid rate. By reducing the time to think greatly, one could attain greater effects.

This was the true effect of wisdom Gu!

"That's right, wisdom Gu also has a wild will, and had been hiding since long ago. Now that the wind veil of assimilation is broken, it is instinctively trying to escape. Except that it had remained silent until now before suddenly striking!" Fang Yuan realized at once.

Fang Yuan felt no shock towards how wisdom Gu was able to easily deal great damage to Giant Sun's will.

It has been mentioned previously — wisdom path is classified into thought, will, and emotion.

What were wills made up of?

Multiple thoughts!

Under the shining light of wisdom, these thoughts collided intensely, they expanded and faced destruction rapidly.

If the light was shone on humans, new thoughts would develop in their minds.

But Giant Sun Immortal Venerable was dead!

This was only a will that he left behind!

This special will was just like the formless hands, without a source of energy!

Under the light of wisdom, these thoughts collided at an extremely fast face, they were rapidly destroyed but no new thoughts were generated. The dragon of Giant Sun's will was thus easily snapped into two.

It could be said that wisdom Gu directly countered Giant Sun's will!

"But this advantage is not enough to take down Giant Sun's will, unless…" Fang Yuan's gaze was sharp as an eagle, he looked up while enduring the piercing light from the inheritance.


He saw that in the sky, up to a hundred beads of immortal essence were falling down.

These yellow immortal essence were skull sized, each was filled to the brim and they had their auras concealed. Fang Yuan's rank six green grape immortal essence could not hold a candle to them.

These were rank nine yellow apricot immortal essence!

Giant Sun Immortal Venerable's immortal essence which he had left behind!

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