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Eight days later, at night.

The stars shone in the sky as the night winds blew.

Fang Yuan rode on the white-eyes wolf's back, ready to move out.

Ge Guang stood by his side, reporting the situation of the last few days: "During these last eight days, large numbers of small to mid-sized tribes have started on their journey to attend the heroes assembly. Right now, only several large-sized tribes are left in crescent lake. Bei Cao Chuan, Pei Yan Fei and the others were the first to leave.

Fang Yuan adjusted his posture: "Mm, earlier when we took the initiative to challenge the three tribes, it made many tribes apprehensive. Since the heroes assembly was nearing, it is normal that they decided to leave. But for those large tribes, they have a lot of stuff to settle due to their many enterprises. Thus, they usually attend the second half of the heroes assembly."

"Supreme elder is wise, that is indeed so." Ge Guang started bootlicking.

Fang Yuan chuckled: "Crescent lake's aquatic plants are beautiful, we will stay here for the time being, we should be internalizing our gains from the battles now instead of travelling."

"Yes lord." Ge Guang heaved a sigh of relief, they had such intentions in their earlier discussions.

Ge tribe was now like a fat man who had eaten too much, they could not walk. These eight days, they had been expanding the campgrounds day and night, recruiting those captives. After calculating their resources, the strength of the tribe was growing day by day.

"Those water wolves, are they still there?" Fang Yuan asked.

"Yes, I sent investigative Gu Masters there many times to check them out. These water wolves amount to about five thousand, at night, they will enter that water den to rest. Lord, do you really not need guards?"

Fang Yuan snorted, replying arrogantly: "Any place with wolves will have me Chang Shan Yin. Why would I need guards?"

Ge Guang could hear his unhappiness, thus he quickly bowed and gave way: "I wish Lord Supreme Elder all the best in your recruitment of the water wolves."

"Mm, you will have to be careful of the matters in the tribe. Without me around, you have to take note of those Gu Masters who surrendered."

"Yes lord."

Fang Yuan left behind the wind wolf king, bringing the weakened turtleback myriad wolf king and eighteen thousand wolves, leaving the campsite and starting on their hunt.

He first followed the map that Ge tribe investigators had drawn, getting close to the water den.

Water wolves lived in the water, they ate fish as food. Often, when they were hungry, they would also come ashore to eat some rabbits or rats.

With the arrival of the wolf group, these water wolves were immediately alerted.

To defend their homes, the water wolves formed into a tight formation as they left the water den, staring at Fang Yuan vigilantly.

Fang Yuan expressionlessly sat on his white-eyes wolf's back, he waved with his hand and countless wild wolves howled as they attacked the water wolves.

The water wolves resisted as the two sides engaged in fierce combat.

Wolf howl Gu! Wolf smoke Gu!

Fang Yuan made his move from the back several times, firming grasping control of the battle in his hands.

His wolf group was larger to begin with, soon, they started killing water wolves.

More than a thousand water wolf corpses were left on the ground, as Fang Yuan used wolf enslavement Gu to subdue more than two thousand of them, the remaining thousand escaped to the deep parts of crescent lake.

Fang Yuan did not chase them, instead he destroyed this water den and obtained several hundred water wolf cubs.

Next, he went to the next location.

After destroying several wolf dens, by night time, Fang Yuan subdued over six thousand water wolves, two thousand turtleback wolves, and a thousand night wolves.

Crescent lake had the most water wolves, but there were also some turtleback wolves, night wolves, and wind wolves.

But the wind wolves were too fast, they were hard to catch. They often retreated at the slightest danger, Fang Yuan targeted a pack of wind wolves but they escaped quickly amidst battle.

Wolf groups were very crafty, in order to capture them, Fang Yuan had to pay a price as well. If the cost was too high, and was greater than the benefits, he would give up on them.

Some large water wolf groups had myriad wolf kings, Fang Yuan did not dare to attack them abruptly.

But this time, his expedition of hunting wolves was only a cover. Now that he had acted enough, he searched for a secluded spot and surrounded himself with wolves. Next, he activated moving perspective cup Gu and contacted little Hu Immortal.

Little Hu Immortal got the news and immediately summoned a group of starlight firefly Gu, using the starlight and green grape immortal essence to activate stargate Gu.

Stargate Gu came in pairs, using the power of black heaven, they could traverse regions.

Fang Yuan waited for a while, seeing the starlight in the night sky descending and gathering on his stargate Gu.

The stargate Gu was like a blue gemstone as it flew towards the sky, when it reached mid air, the starlight exploded as a door was formed.

This time, Fang Yuan did not enter the stargate anxiously, instead, he sent the weak and heavily injured turtleback myriad wolf king in first, as well as large numbers of injured wolves.

The large number of wolves entered the stargate like flowing river water, disappearing.

This way, Fang Yuan only had strong and elite wolves left with him, this greatly reduced his pressure of feeding them.

As for those injured wolves, they would reproduce and grow in the blessed land, giving birth to healthy cubs. As time in Hu Immortal blessed land was faster, they would grow quickly and become Fang Yuan's new source of wolves.

After sending these wolves into Hu Immortal blessed land, Fang Yuan also entered the door.

"Master, you asked me to check on connecting heaven Gu daily, I was very obedient and did as you said. That Lang Ya Old Immortal really appeared again and bought lots of materials in treasure yellow heaven." Little Hu Immortal was very happy upon seeing Fang Yuan, hugging his leg as she used her face to rub it, talking about the things that happened while Fang Yuan was gone.

"Oh? Is that so, what did he buy?" Fang Yuan heard this and was energized, quickly asking.

Little Hu Immortal took out a piece of paper from her pocket and handed it to Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan looked and browsed through it, these Gu worms and materials were very familiar, they were used to refine second aperture Gu.

What did this mean?

Lang Ya Old Immortal was Lang Ya land spirit. He was going to refine second aperture Gu, thus, he definitely survived the second wave of attacks and had the urge to refine second aperture Gu.

At the same time, that divine travel Gu was definitely in his hands.

Otherwise, why would he purchase ingredients so urgently right after the second wave of attacks?

"Lang Ya land spirit was plotted against by Old Man Yan Shi, he should be defending Lang Ya blessed land now. Although this land spirit is intelligent, he is rigid, and does not possess the ability to scheme. What am I waiting for?"

Fang Yuan thought of this and his heart was palpitating!

He immediately left Hu Immortal blessed land, returning to northern plains' crescent lake.

Next, he led the wolf group as he charged to that stone forest without rest. Using Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable's entry point again, he entered Lang Ya blessed land.

There were many new changes to Lang Ya blessed land, the twelve cloud buildings were attacked, there were much rubble and broken structures, scars from burning flames, lighting strikes, or results of frost.

These were traces of a huge battle.

Especially outside the buildings, on the pure white cloud soil, they were tainted with blood traces, a deer-like desolate beast with the size of a mountain was lying on the cloud soil, dead.

Even though it lost its life, the skin was still shiny and smooth, glowing with a rainbow-like luster, it gave off a holy feeling.

"Why are you here?" Lang Ya land spirit welcomed Fang Yuan grumpily.

"What happened?" Fang Yuan did not answer him, instead he asked and expressed his shock.

"Hmph, a bunch of daring scoundrels, they set their claws on this blessed land, they have all been killed!" Lang Ya land spirit's expression was grim as his killing intent surged.

Fang Yuan curiously looked at the land spirit: "Isn't Lang Ya blessed land very secretive, how did they get in? Unless you opened the doors yourself…"

"Get lost! Am I so stupid?" The land spirit howled: "These goddamn scoundrels plotted against me, they did something to the stuff I bought. I originally bought divine travel Gu to refine second aperture Gu, but during the refinement process, a passage formed and these little rats came in."

The land spirit called them rats, but as Fang Yuan looked at the state of the twelve cloud buildings, he could guess the intensity of the battle.

But Lang Ya blessed land was after all, Long Hair Ancestor's old home. As the 'Number One Refinement Immortal of all time', someone who was on equal status with two venerables, he definitely had deep foundations and many trump cards.

The second wave of attacks could not take down this deep foundation so easily. At least, Fang Yuan knew there were twelve desolate beasts in Lang Ya blessed land, now only one had died.

However, Old Man Yan Shi was still alive. The second wave of attacks was not the last, but the beginning. The show has just begun.

Fang Yuan laughed: "I guessed right, you are that Lang Ya Old Immortal, you bought divine travel Gu in treasure yellow heaven. It seems you managed to protect divine travel Gu."

Lang Ya land spirit laughed smugly: "Of course! Otherwise, that nine color spirit deer would not have died."

Suddenly, his expression changed, as he thought of something, staring vigilantly at Fang Yuan: "Why are you here lad?"

Fang Yuan bowed to the land spirit, replying as a matter of fact: "What else? I am obviously here to ask you to refine the second aperture Gu for me."

"What?!" Land spirit shouted, staring at Fang Yuan furiously, his eyes about to spew fire.

Long Hair Ancestor had failed to refine an important Immortal Gu for Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable back then, thus he made a promise to refine nine Gu worms for him without any costs, regardless of mortal or Immortal Gu.

Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable used six chances to receive six Immortal Gu. With three chances left, he sealed it into his inheritances to leave it to a fated person.

In Fang Yuan's previous life, this chance was taken by Ma Hong Yun. But now, Fang Yuan came here earlier and snatched this immortal opportunity.

Earlier, he had used one of the chances to ask Lang Ya land spirit to refine stargate Gu. Now that he was here again, he was going to use the second chance to refine second aperture Gu.

Lang Ya land spirit was formed from Long Hair Ancestor's obsessions, he could not reject such a request.

But in order to protect divine travel Gu, he had paid a huge choice. Seeing that the second aperture Gu was about to be successfully refined, the result was that Fang Yuan came to take it from him.

Lang Ya land spirit was furious as he stared angrily, using a grim tone to ask Fang Yuan: "Don't tell me you are the mastermind who planned the attack on my blessed land?"

Fang Yuan rubbed his nose, saying innocently: "Do you think that I, a mortal, could mobilize those Gu Immortals? I only knew you had the second aperture Gu's recipe after you bought divine travel Gu, and now that you bought a second set of materials, I came over."

Lang Ya blessed land gritted his teeth angrily, pointing at Fang Yuan: "You humans are all devious and scheming. I killed those Gu Immortal, but to think that it was all for naught, I still ended up being scammed by you, this little lad!"

Fang Yuan laughed heartily: "This is not a scam, but a promise that you gave Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable back then. So, are you going to refine the second aperture Gu for me now?"

Land spirit was angry and wanted to chop Fang Yuan into a million pieces, but he had no choice but to refine the Gu for him.

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