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Relic Gu can directly increase the foundation of the aperture, raising a Gu Master's cultivation realm.

From rank one two five, they were: green copper, red steel, white silver, yellow gold, and purple crystal relic Gu. Relic Gu were mortal Gu, there were no rank six and above Immortal Gu for it.

Among them, green copper, red steel, and white silver relic Gu were widely sold in the market. As for yellow gold and purple crystal relic Gu, because they affected the battle strength of rank four and five Gu Masters, and could influence the status of many forces, they were restricted and controlled by large organisations, and were hardly sold in the market.

But in treasure yellow heaven, yellow gold and purple crystal relic Gu were available.

Gu Immortals could not raise their cultivation through purple crystal relic Gu, but they were still very rare Gu.

Because not only could these two Gu be used to rank cultivation, they were used to refine Immortal Gu as well. In Immortal Gu recipes, they were often used as important catalysts.

Other than refinement, if a Gu Immortal had descendants, they would collect many relic Gu for their clans or juniors to use.

Thus in treasure yellow heaven, although rank one to three relic Gu were sold in batches, there were few rank four yellow gold relic Gu, and even fewer purple crystal relic Gu.

Yellow gold, purple crystal relic Gu, these were widely used in Immortal Gu recipes, when Fang Yuan refined the Spring Autumn Cicada, and the second aperture Gu, he used them in the process. In fact, even the Immortal Gu Blood Deity's remnant recipe also required large amounts of relic Gu.

But because Immortal Gu were involved, prices of relic Gu were always sky high. Even so, this situation was way better than the mortal realm's restrict control.

Fang Yuan immediately bought three purple crystal relic Gu, and spent a great sum to buy an immediate success Gu.

This Gu was much more expensive than purple crystal relic Gu, because it could raise the success rate of Gu refinement.

Thereafter, Fang Yuan bought a large number of low rank Gu and refinement materials, preparing to refine rank five breath concealment Gu and others.

Although treasure yellow heaven could inspect the treasure light, just the height of the light could not detect whether the Gu worm had been tampered with. Thus, it is not very safe, and Fang Yuan decided to refine the Gu himself to be safe.

Selling all the remnant recipes in his hand and buying large amounts of resources, after deducting treasure yellow heaven's processing fee, Fang Yuan had twenty-eight pieces of immortal essence stones left in his possession.

Of course, he could repeatedly sell these Immortal Gu remnant recipes, but their corresponding treasure light would decrease, only after an amount of time would the treasure light recover.

Transactions in treasure yellow heaven heavily depended on the treasure light. The stronger the light, the higher the price. When the treasure light weakened, the sale price would fall as well.

After all, the value of remnant recipes drop when more people know about them. If he continued to sell them, Fang Yuan's earning will decrease, and the Gu Immortals who bought them earlier would feel that they suffered a loss. Waiting for a period of time before selling it again benefited both parties.

The seller sells at the original price, while buyers gain a lot of precious time to research on the recipe, after all, Immortal Gu were unique once they were created.

"This way, the most precious recipes I have left are Spring Autumn Cicada, second aperture Gu, and the remnant recipe of Blood Deity. As for the other recipes, I can sell them again, but only in a few months."

This time obviously referred to the five regions' time.

As for the other recipes like using divine travel Gu to refine fixed immortal travel Gu were known by all. There would be no light if it was placed into treasure yellow heaven.

"Rockmen, I have to provide them to Immortal Crane Sect, this is to make sure Immortal Crane Sect does not find out the truth, so that I can relieve our tensions and stall for time."

Now that Dang Hun mountain was dying, the production of guts Gu were decreasing. The number of rockmen in each transaction had been dropping, as Immortal Crane Sect's patience was running thin. They would fight eventually, but Fang Yuan had to stall for as much time as he could.

"But thankfully, they would only think that I was defending Hu Immortal blessed land from the inside, and was a trapped fish. They would never expect me to have gone to northern plains, and was even able to return. Even that Old Man Yan Shi would not see this coming."

Wisdom path Gu Immortals were skilled at deductions and predictions, but they could not gain information out of nothing. They had to use all sorts of clues and traces, to track back to the source and make their deductions.

Fang Yuan's vital Gu was Spring Autumn Cicada, his greatest advantage was rebirth. With five hundred years of memories, he had stargate Gu, moving perspective cup Gu, all these were Gu worms that were more advanced than the current five regions by a generation.

"I can't sell remnant recipes for the time being, and the rockmen have to be supplied to Immortal Crane Sect, but I have other things to sell!"

Fang Yuan had a plan long ago, this item was none other than soil.

The soil in treasure yellow heaven were all rare goods, like cloud soil, rotten soil, salt soil etc. Many blessed land produced soil, and they would sell it inside treasure yellow heaven to exchange for what they needed with other Gu Masters.

The soil Fang Yuan wanted to sell was not ordinary either, it was the gruel mud.

Back then, when the earthly calamity struck and Dang Hun mountain was damaged, polluted by the ability of Immortal Gu Gruel Mud, the entire mountain started to turn into rotten mud.

But in this world, fortune and misfortune came together.

Although Dang Hun mountain rocks were turned into mud, they contained the gruel mud Immortal Gu's power, in Gu Immortals' eyes, this was a must-have ingredient when refining the gruel mud Immortal Gu!

As expected, after Fang Yuan placed it into treasure yellow heaven, a large amount of attention was garnered.

"What day is it today, so many good things are on sale?"

"Gruel mud, this is the real gruel mud, I can feel the intense Immortal Gu aura from it."

"It is a pity I do not have the gruel mud Immortal Gu's recipe, I have no use for this mud…"

The divine senses of the Gu Immortals were moving about as many sent their divine senses to compete for the item.

"I need the gruel mud Immortal Gu's recipe, I will not exchange it for anything else." Under Fang Yuan's orders, little Hu Immortal sent her divine sense over.

This strict request caused the Gu Immortals to scoff.

"Using a pile of mud to exchange for an Immortal Gu's recipe? You are way too greedy."

"The gruel mud Immortal Gu is a one-time consumable Gu, the recipe is evidently more important than Gu worm itself, you have the face to say you want to exchange it for the recipe?"

"This is too unrealistic, I advice you to change your condition, otherwise, this pile of mud will stay in treasure yellow heaven without a buyer forever."

But little Hu Immortal quickly said: "I am not requesting for the complete Immortal recipe, whoever has the remnant recipe with the highest treasure light will get this."

The Gu Immortals stopped talking, starting to observe this.

Soon, a Gu Immortal took out a remnant recipe and the treasure light was about four meters.

This was not up to Fang Yuan's standards, he stared at the mirror and laughed, instructing little Hu Immortal: "As long as the other Gu Immortals each took out a remnant recipe, we will add one jin of gruel mud."

"Yes master!" Little Hu Immortal replied quickly.

In Hu Immortal blessed land, there was a lot of gruel mud.

From start to end, all the gruel mud were cleared out of Dang Hun mountain by little Hu Immortal, but they did not throw it out of the blessed land, instead transferring it to the west area.

After these years, through the conversion of the gruel mud inside the blessed land, there was a swamp forming slowly.

The former disaster was now a resource.

In treasure yellow heaven, the Gu Immortals' divine senses were in a commotion.

With the addition of every remnant recipe, little Hu Immortal would add a jin of gruel mud. Such an act was telling others clearly — we have a ton of it here!

All the remnant recipes were added in one by one, as the treasure light intensified. From the four meters, it had already rose to about six meters and was still increasing.

Fang Yuan looked for a while and his smile became wider.

His soul was from Earth, his marketing skills far surpassed this world. On Earth, enterprises boomed while in treasure yellow heaven, immortal essence stones could barely be used as the currency of trade, most transactions were done using the primitive bartering method.

Fang Yuan's method was a form of increasing his exposure, it attracted many Gu Immortals to sell the remnant recipe of the gruel mud Immortal Gu.

Of course, this was only a tiny trick.

Next, Fang Yuan instructed little Hu Immortal to handle the other matters one by one.

"It is about time, I have to go now."

Fang Yuan was counting the time, dividing the time he spent in Hu Immortal blessed land by five, was the amount of time that had passed in northern plains.

"Master, goodbye, you have to come back often okay." Little Hu Immortal brought Fang Yuan to the west area of the blessed land, and under the radiance of the starlight firefly Gu, it activated the stargate Gu once again.

Fang Yuan was carrying many refinement materials, as well as low rank Gu worms as he stepped into the stargate.

Not long after, he stepped out of the other stargate, back to the crescent lake in northern plains.

As he had calculated, it was currently near dawn, as the sun was rising, the first ray of sunlight shining on the land.

The light breeze caused small ripples along the surface of the lake.

The air was refreshing, there was dew on the grass near him, and there were bird groups gathering on the surface of the lake, spreading their wings like they were dancing.

Fang Yuan breathed in deeply, his heart was overjoyed.

Snatching Ma Hong Yun's fortune by force, Fang Yuan obtained Lang Ya land spirit's help this time. In Lang Ya blessed land, he used one of the chances to obtain the stargate Gu and others.

After that, he returned to Hu Immortal blessed land and used connecting heaven Gu to settle the problem of the lack of resources.

"But after this, all my stagnating chess pieces have room for further development. The entire chessboard is alive once more."

As the sky turned bright, Fang Yuan returned to Ge tribe camp under the wolf group's accompaniment.

"I am going to refine Gu in closed cultivation, nobody is to disturb me." He gave his orders as he locked himself inside the lizard house, starting his Gu refinement.

Regardless of where the Gu refinement materials came from, the Gu worms created belonged to the region it is born in. That is to say, although the materials in Fang Yuan's hands came from central continent, as long as he refined them inside northern plains, all of them will be northern plains Gu, and would not be suppressed here.

The first Gu he was going to refine was the moving perspective cup Gu.

Moving perspective cup Gu was rank five, the set that was refined in Hu Immortal blessed land was about to break, it could only be used one more time. After visiting treasure yellow heaven, Fang Yuan had the resources now, he was obviously going to refine another set of moving perspective cup Gu.

At the same time, in crescent lake.

Yan tribe's nine Gu Masters were travelling quickly on their hump wolves.

"Stop, there are wolf footprints here!" Yan tribe leader stopped his wolf, looking at the large number of footprints in front of him, he expressed great shock.

"So many wolves, this is a myriad wolf group…" The other Gu Masters exclaimed.

"Ge tribe camp is not too far away, do you think this myriad wolf group is heading towards them?"

"Not good! Look at these footprints, there are poison beard wolves, wind wolves, as well as turtleback wolves and night wolves and so on."

"Wild wolf groups only live among themselves, a mix of so many wolves only means that they are being controlled by a Gu Master!"

Yan tribe leader pondered: "Ge tribe was once a large size tribe, but now that they were forced to migrate, they are no longer as great as before, they have no way of feeding such a huge wolf group. Most likely, this wolf group belongs to a demonic Gu Master, our objective this time is to seek reinforcements from Ge tribe, let's go see what happens first. If Ge tribe faces trouble, we will retreat quietly. If we can do them a cheap favor, we will help them encircle the wolves."

"Yes lord tribe leader!" Everyone shouted.

"Go, let's go to Ge tribe."

The hump wolves moved again, bringing these people towards Ge tribe camp.

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