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"Urgent report! A large group of turtleback wolves has appeared three thousand li ahead. They have a huge number, estimated to be a group of ten thousand wolves!" Ge tribe's investigative Gu Master came running over and reported to Ge tribe leader.

Ge tribe leader's expression turned solemn and waved his hand to the Gu Master: "Investigate it again."

Not long earlier, he had already received a letter Gu from investigative Gu Masters. But often in the battlefield, to prevent the letter Gu from being cut off by the enemies, investigative Gu Masters would come over to personally deliver the message.

"Turtleback wolf is the wolf species with the strongest defense. Ten thousand of these wolves will be a difficult bone to chew."

"We have already ordered Gu Masters to lure them, but there have been no results. This wolf group is heading towards us."

"Hmph, how long has it been since we started migrating? It seems Man tribe doesn't want to let us go…."

"Fortunately, these wolves are not fast which leaves us time to arrange our formation."

Ge tribe's elders made comments one after another.

In the chaotic northern plains, none of the Gu Masters that could climb to a high position were fools. Right now, all the elders had already realized the truth.

Most of Ge tribe's troops had already halted their movements and formed into a circular formation. A large number of Gu Masters were nervously using Gu worms to erect high walls, archer towers and many layers of defense.

The higher-ups of the Ge tribe were overseeing the situation from the central tent.

"Son." Ge tribe leader softly called.

"Father, I am here." Ge Guang immediately answered.

"Invite Lord Chang Shan Yin to come over." At this battle which concerned the survival of the tribe, Ge tribe leader was not willing to let go of any battle strength.

"Yes." Ge Guang bowed and left; he had just walked out of the main tent when he saw Fang Yuan.

"Uncle." Ge Guang greeted cheerfully.

Fang Yuan nodded his head, directly walking towards him and said in a slightly urgent tone: "I know about the wolf group's invasion. How is the situation?"

"We have about eight minutes before the wolf group reaches. Since our relocation, to prevent Man tribe from playing tricks, father had assigned light cavalries to scout a distance of six hundred li!" Ge Guang followed Fang Yuan and reported to him from the side.

The two walked inside the main tent which was situated on a mound.

The mound had already been raised by using Gu worms; the higher-ups of Ge tribe had an excellent field of view from the mound.

This was because they encountered the wolf group. If they had ran into the eagle or owl group, they would have dug a tunnel. Different methods dealt with different situations.

Seeing Fang Yuan, the Ge tribe higher-ups hurriedly greeted him. The atmosphere here was tense like a storm was brewing.

"Our Ge tribe is really fortunate to have brother Wolf King to help us, I can be at ease." Ge tribe leader sighed and spoke with gratitude.

"Hehehe, the fate between me and the Ge tribe is not shallow. Friends should help each other when they walk the same path! How is the situation?" Fang Yuan asked.

"Please take a look." Ge tribe leader led Fang Yuan towards a table where there was a sheepskin which had a map drawn on it. He pointed towards it and introduced the surrounding terrain, Ge tribe's defensive lines and wolf group's movement.

"Sir has arranged it properly, there is nothing wrong." Fang Yuan first praised, then pointed towards a mark on the map.

Everyone's gaze followed his finger; it was a river beside their camp.

"Since there is such a danger area, why don't you use it for defense?" Fang Yuan proposed.

"Brother might not know yet, we have already thought of it, but most of the troops have slow movement and it will be too late by the time we reach the river, set up a camp again and arrange new defensive lines." Ge tribe leader gave a bitter smile.

For the tribe's migration, most of the tribesmen were using big stomach horses. However, due to many things being stored in the big stomach horses, their speed was slow.

Ge tribe's Gu Masters could quickly reach the riverside on the hump wolves. But most of the mortals would fall behind and once the wolf group arrived, all the mortals might be annihilated.

Without mortals, how could there be any future new Gu Masters in any tribes? Mortals were the cornerstone of all tribes.

However, Fang Yuan gave a bright smile: "Brother, I am also a northern plainsmen, I naturally know this. We are not able to go to the riverside, but we can let the river come to us."

The Ge tribe's higher-ups' eyes brightened at these words.

"Right, we can dig a canal and draw in the river to help us defend."

"Turtleback wolves have heavy bodies and are unable to swim; once they fall into the river, they will sink to the bottom and drown to death."

"Lord tribe leader, send the command quickly!"

Ge tribe leader also directly sent the command: "I command Ge Cui, Ge Xiang, and Ge Mi to lead the first, seventh and eighteenth troop respectively, immediately stop all current tasks and go to the riverside to dig a canal. As for the third, fifth and the sixteenth troop, you shall take over the unfinished tasks of first, seventh and eighteenth troop."

"Yes!" The investigative Gu Master outside the tent immediately received the order.

Several breaths later, three letter Gu flew out separately towards distant locations.

"Fortunately, brother was here to guide us out of this bewilderment." The old tribe leader greeted Fang Yuan again with a grateful expression that came from the depths of his heart.

Just relying on this suggestion from Fang Yuan, they could preserve around a hundred Gu Masters and even could reduce the casualties.

He is the Wolf King after all...

Instantly, all the Ge tribe's elders' gaze towards Fang Yuan faintly changed into that of praise and admiration.

During this tense and busy period, time passed quickly.

Investigative Gu Masters came to the camp one after another to report the position of the wolf group. At the same time, they had also clearly scouted the numbers of the turtleback wolves.

Over thirty-eight thousand!

When the wolf group was only eight hundred li away from the camp, Ge tribe leader began to call back the investigative Gu Masters steadily.

By the time the wolf group had reached five hundred li away from the camp, the canal was formed and the river water was drawn in.

When they reached three hundred li, three defensive lines finished forming and combat troops were deployed urgently. The support and logistics Gu Masters in charge of the construction retreated one after another, using primeval stones to quickly recover their primeval essence. They did not dare to relax for even a moment. When the battlefront was unable to endure, they would have to go as reinforcements.

At a hundred li away, everyone could see a large number of ghostly shadows of the wolves in the horizon.

In the main tent, eight investigative Gu were activated; smoke rose and could be seen from all directions.

Turtleback wolf group was mainly coming from the northern side. At the same time, there were also a lot of wolves coming from the northeast and southeast.

As the wolf group neared closer and closer, all the mortals could see them clearly.

Turtleback wolves possessed broad physique, their whole body was dark-green and had dark-blue eyes. On their back was a shell like that of a turtle.

This shell was very heavy and about one-third of a turtleback wolf's weight was due to it. Apart from defensive purpose, it could also store nutrition just like camels.

The charging of a few tens of thousands of wolves caused the ground to start shaking.

Fang Yuan walked out of the main tent and gazed at the grassland only to see large numbers of wolves moving on the ground. He then looked at the camp below; the Ge tribesmen were moving about busily without disorder, it was a normal thing to encounter beast attacks in northern plains. Thus, whether it were Gu Masters or mortals, they had cultivated a strong mind.

The first defensive line at the north was the first to meet the attack.

"Fight!" A Gu Master leader who was watching from a tower shouted loudly and threw a wind blade.

Soon after, the surrounding Gu Masters also began to make their moves.

A row of wind blades flew far, cutting over dozens of turtleback wolves instantly.

When the wolf group reached closer, the Gu Masters abandoned the wind blades and used the more powerful fire Gu, lightning Gu and so on.

For a moment, countless colorful lights burst out in the battlefield, like simultaneously fired fireworks. Human shouts, furious wolf howls and the piercing sounds from the wind blades formed into a medley of sounds.

The wolf group's offensive was like a rain that came unceasingly, and succeeded in charging over. They first came across the earth walls.

The earth walls were thick, and their foundation had been reinforced with copper and iron.

Countless turtleback wolves were badly bruised when they smashed against these earth walls and even died on the spot.

However, the wolf group advanced wave upon wave, some trampled upon the corpses and leapt high, while some clawed the earth walls to pierce through.

Next, the defensive lines at the south east and north east also entered the battlefield.

Shouts resounded all over the sky and casualties began to appear. Healing Gu Masters began to show their worth.

Because they had made sufficient preparations, the whole Ge tribe was moving in an orderly fashion.

"Look, it is a myriad wolf king!" Someone shouted while pointing at a certain direction.

Everyone immediately followed the voice and looked.

This turtleback myriad wolf king was enormous, even ten times the size of a normal turtleback wolf was slightly inferior to it. Its tyrannical aura manifested as it crouched on the ground and howled, commanding the wolf group to divide.

Turtleback wolf group divided into five to six groups and began to circle around the Ge tribe camp, searching for a hole in the defense.

Like this, Ge tribe was surrounded by wolves from every directions, and battle unfolded everywhere.

On a nameless hill outside of the battlefield, a group of Man tribesmen were using Gu worms to conceal themselves and were using investigative Gu to observe the situation.

"The battle has started!" Man Hao smiled, taking joy in Ge tribe's calamity.

"Ge tribe actually channeled the river through a canal, Ge tribe leader is truly an old fox! But, there are over thirty thousand turtleback wolves, even if Ge tribe is able to resist them, they would suffer serious losses." Man Hong smiled coldly.

His appearance was strikingly similar to the tribe leader Man Tu; he was Man Tu's eldest son and had a cultivation of rank three middle stage.

"Young tribe leader is right. Even if Ge tribe can block the first wave of the wolf group, there is still the second wave and also third wave." Man Hao flattered.

Although Man Hong was the eldest son, but he was still not truly the young tribe leader. However, Man Hao had already pledged his allegiance to Man Hong and was his zealous supporter; he called Man Hong young tribe leader, it was a flattery and also his expectation.

"Young tribe leader?" Man Hong did not refute and instead nodded his head, "Father has given this important task to me, I will be establishing great merits by finishing this and might indeed be a young tribe leader when we return to the tribe. Unfortunately, that sneaky brat Man Duo did not come over, otherwise I could borrow the strength of others and conveniently get rid of that sinister brat!"

"Man Duo might be somewhat intelligent, but his aptitude is lacking and he is simply not young tribe leader's match. Look, hundred wolf kings have made their move!" Man Hao said.

Hundred beast kings had rank two Gu worms residing in their bodies, and were very strong. Their appearance immediately caused the pressure on the Ge tribe's frontline forces to increase greatly. The number of casualties increased sharply, and 2 to 3 hundred wolf kings smashed the earth walls and pierced through the Ge tribe's defense.

"Hehehe." Looking at the Ge tribe's Gu Masters dying one after another, Man Hong showed a pleased, sinister smile.

This ignorant bunch of fools actually did not join Man tribe, now weren't they suffering their just desserts?

"Hmm?" Man Hong's smile stiffened; through the investigative Gu worm, he saw a wolf enslavement Gu entering a hundred wolf king.

It immediately changed its alignment and let out a howl, causing the wolves beside it to fall into chaos.

Soon after, these turtleback wolves followed the wolf king towards the Ge tribe's camp and gathered under a Gu Master.

Man Hong narrowed his eyes and looked at this Gu Master: "Could this person be the Wolf King, Chang Shan Yin?"

"Yes, young tribe leader." Man Hao confirmed.

Man Hong scoffed: "Father said he was the greatest uncertainty. Let me see what ability he has!"

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