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The west area of the blessed land was a vast grassland.

It was a scene of green that extended all over the place. A newborn fox was having fun playing with a fluttering butterfly.

In Hu Immortal blessed land, foxes were the strongest predator and thus had worry-free lives.

Although they suffered an extreme grave loss during the sixth earthly calamity, they did not die out completely. On the vast grassland, the fox groups were slowly but surely growing.

Suddenly, the space rippled and two figures appeared scaring the little fox away.

One was a man wearing a black robe, he was tall and valiant with black hair and eyes as deep as abyss. The other was a cute and young girl who was wearing colorful clothes, her eyes shone like stars and she had a snowy-white soft fluffy tail, the thin and long fur on her tail slightly shook with the wind.

They were none other than Fang Yuan and little Hu Immortal land spirit.

"The position is good, it should be here." Fang Yuan looked around before taking out a hole earth Gu from his aperture.

This Gu looked like a walnut with a wooden and uneven surface, and was as large as a watermelon.

Hole earth Gu was a rank five Gu and required at least a rank five peak stage Gu Master to activate it with all his primeval essence.

Fang Yuan naturally could not do it, thus he gave the Gu to the land spirit.

After little Hu Immortal activated it, the hole earth Gu immediately burst out with intense scarlet rays of light before piercing into the ground.

In an instant, red light shot to the sky and 50km of ground shook.

The red light abruptly dissipated and a crack as big as two hundred and seventy feet appeared on the ground.

The soil around the crack bulged up and if one were to look from above, it would look like a person's lips.

Immediately following, the two sides of the cracks slowly opened up and revealed two rows of compact cube blocks of rocks resembling human teeth.

The 'teeth' also opened up and revealed an eerie large cave.

"Master, I'm hungry…" The lips-like crack opened and closed, unexpectedly speaking in a loud voice, causing the nearby ground to shake.

Fang Yuan smiled and took out a primeval elder Gu.

He sent his primeval essence and the amiable looking old man's happy expression gradually disappeared because large amounts of primeval stones were being taken out and thrown into the huge lips like crack.

After throwing in as much as two hundred thousand primeval stones, Fang Yuan stopped and put back the primeval elder Gu into his aperture.

The huge lips like crack slowly closed, its two rows of giant stone teeth started grinding the primeval stones into powder.

'Gulp ', there was a loud sound like that of a person swallowing food, it echoed and shook the ground.

After swallowing these primeval stones, the lips-like crack calmed down and made no more noise.

At this point, the hole earth Gu could be said to have succeeded.

It could not be moved now, they would have to wait for He Feng Yang's sub Gu to activate before the two sides could link.

Feeding the hole earth Gu was an extremely huge expenditure. It would have to be fed two hundred thousand primeval stones yearly. And a large amount of primeval stones needed to be used every time it was activated.

Which ordinary Gu Master could use it alone? Besides the large sects and clans, only the Gu Immortals with huge resources could raise it and activate these hole earth Gu.

"Land spirit, this place needs to be strictly guarded from now on. Enslave some fox groups and place them here." Fang Yuan said while looking at the large lips-like crack.

"Yes, master."

"To protect our homes, we need to fight!"

"That damned immortal has come back stronger, we need to advance against this hardship. For a beautiful future and for our tribesmen, raise your fists!!"

"Although there are some grudges between us and the other two clans, they are all small conflicts within our rockmen tribes. This time, our three tribes will each send twenty thousand warriors to form an army to march west and attack the immortal's nest."

"This is a huge war, everything is for our people."

"Our parents and ancestors gave their lives and souls to defeat the immortal, and create this peaceful life we are enjoying now. We need to follow the footsteps of our elders and advance courageously in this war!"

The land spirit mobilized fox groups to appear near the rockmen tribes. The higher ups of the rockmen tribes took advantage of this to quickly form an allied army.

The majestic allied army marched towards the west area.

On their way, they had five to six small scale fights; they all ended in the rockmen army's victory while the fox groups had to retreat bit by bit.

"Look there! That is the demon's nest!" Yan Yong walked in front towards the hole earth Gu.

"Oh Mother Earth, you are our mother and have nurtured us rockmen. Why do you shield such an abominable immortal?" Yan Yong shouted in deep pain.

The huge crack slowly opened and little Hu Immortal spoke after using a Gu worm to change her voice.

The rockmen heard the gentle voice of a woman: "Oh rockmen, my children. I did not want to shield that immortal, but he entered my stomach and is hiding in my heart, threatening me to protect him. I will open my mouth, please come in and eliminate him, I will give you my blessing!"

The rockmen were astonished at first before they started shouting enthusiastically.

"Mother Earth spoke!"

"We are the warriors blessed by Mother Earth!"

"How despicable is this immortal, actually threatening our benevolent and gentle Mother Earth. We will definitely cut him into a thousand pieces!!"

The allied army of the rockmen felt their morale rising to the limit.

The large lips like crack opened wide. Yan Yong took the lead and shouted: "Rockmen, charge!"

He then jumped into the cave.

"Charge, we can't let our tribes' hero fight alone."

"Charge, we are fearless, we are omnipotent, we will kill the immortal!"

"Mother Earth is on our side, this battle will be our win!"

The rockmen jumped like dumplings into the large crack.

They fell down the dark tunnel for a while before they landed on the ground.

"Where is this? It is completely dark."

"This is even darker than underground, we can't see anything."

"How can we fight if we can't see?"

The rockmen were feeling doubtful when suddenly there was a huge coughing sound. A ball of light suddenly burst open above their heads. Rapid airflow instantly formed and carried them, as they were shot out.

"Two hundred thirty, two hundred forty…" Immortal Crane Sect's disciples were standing beside the hole earth Gu's sub Gu and were meticulously counting the rockmen that were shot out.

After the rockmen were shot out by the huge lips-like crack, they were immediately restrained by Immortal Crane Sect's disciples when they fell on the ground, unable to resist and unable to move.

Yan Yong and some rockmen elders stood at the side, looking at this scene in fear and their heads were lowered.

He Feng Yang had been furious after being played by Fang Yuan, but he eventually took consideration of the whole situation and did not smash the hole earth Gu's sub Gu under his anger, but instead planted it on Fei He mountain.

As for the rockmen…

Fang Yuan used their belief in Mother Earth and then used the fox groups and the rockmen higher ups to smoothly entice sixty thousand young rockmen into Fei He mountain and sell them.

Man is the spirit of all living beings.

In this world, apart from the humans born from Ren Zu's proper bloodline, there were also variant humans.

Variant humans might be more intelligent compared to other lifeforms but they were far from having human wisdom. Hairy men were ignorant, eggmen were innocent and rockmen were naive and barbaric…

Even a smart seven or eight year old child could deceive them. Whether it was Southern Border or Central Continent, such things often happened - some kids would bump into hairy men or rockmen at some place and deceive them all the way to the market. The variant humans would be ignorant even after being sold off, still the counting the money for them.

With this transaction Fang Yuan earned over one million six hundred thousand primeval stones.

Although each of the sixty thousand rockmen were young and energetic, they could not match the value of a swamp crab. On top of that Fang Yuan had to pay for the Gu refinement materials and there was the loss of sixty-five thousand primeval stones to use the hole earth Gu, and he also bought some common materials.

He Feng Yang had raised the price by ten percent as revenge, and also decreased many things Fang Yuan requested.

Fang Yuan did not care, the things he really wanted were already in his hands.

After the transaction was over, Yan Yong and the other rockmen elders followed the hole earth Gu back to Hu Immortal blessed land. Fang Yuan had already arranged a proper explanation to them and was sure the rockmen tribes would not rebel. Even if there was a rebellion, he could kill them and raise another batch. In any case, there were still a lot of gutstones on Dang Hun mountain.

Fang Yuan calmed down in his mind and continued his cultivation.

However, at rank four peak stage, nine eyes liquor worm had lost its use.

Liquor worm could purify the quality of the primeval essence, but only by a small realm. Fang Yuan was now at rank four peak stage and possessed the peak stage true gold primeval essence. Another step forward would be rank five initial stage light purple primeval essence.

Fang Yuan sealed the nine eyes liquor worm.

This Gu worm had accompanied him since Qing Mao mountain. From rank one liquor worm to current rank four nine eyes liquor worm, now it could finally retire.

By simply relying on true gold primeval essence to nurture his aperture, Fang Yuan's cultivation had become slower.

Naturally because he was at Hu Immortal blessed land, his cultivation speed was at least five times faster than the ordinary Gu Masters in the outside world.

"With this speed, I will have at least rank five middle stage cultivation or even near to upper stage by the time the seventh earthly calamity strikes."

Fang Yuan possessed A grade aptitude now, breaking through to rank five was not a problem. However, the higher the Gu Master's cultivation, the more time it would take for them to advance.

He had taken the purple crystal relic Gu into consideration when he said rank five middle stage.

Such speed compared to the five hundred years of his previous life was countless times better. Now, he was just slightly above thirty and was already at rank four peak stage. While in his previous life, at this age, he was still struggling at rank two realm.

"But this speed is still slow. There is the seventh earthly calamity outside in the blessed land while I have a great internal threat called Spring Autumn Cicada!"

Fang Yuan calculated that he would have to leave the blessed land in at most three years and go through a series of adventures. At least, he needed to find smooth success Gu or immediate success Gu to use on Spring Autumn Cicada and obtain a greater opportunity to live.

"Sigh! How I hope I could just keep on cultivating in the blessed land like Feng Jiu Ge and roam the world after reaching Gu Immortal realm."

Spring Autumn Cicada's ability to let the Gu Master rebirth was not fake, but there were too many restrictions. Even if the rebirth succeeded, the Gu Master would have to guard against it bursting their aperture. If there was not such a great fault, Fang Yuan's cultivation would be many times easier.

"For the next three years, I will have to refine Gu, use gutstones to expand the rockmen population and sell them for all kinds of resources."

However, while Fang Yuan's plan was near flawless, it could not compete against fate's prank.

Merely a month later, a huge change occured that gave him no choice but to leave the blessed land to an earlier date.

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