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"It won't be another rock in rock, will it?"

"It shouldn't be. However, it is quite weird. This loess is wrapped up in a solid layer of purple-gold rock; it should be pressed till smooth. How can the surface be bumpy?" The group of spectators was all puzzled.

Seeing the rugged yellow ball of soil in his own palm, Fang Yuan didn't change his expression as his insides slightly shook.

He continued to rub the rock. As the aqua blue light was glowing as the soil was then turned into powder. The soil powder was mixed with soil lumps, one after another fell onto the pile of rock powder beside his feet.

"Would it have something?" A few Gu Masters were approaching and widened their eyes in surprise.

"It's hard to say." Some people said with an uncertain tone.

"I feel that there is. It really feels like there is something." Someone whispered.

The yellow soil ball was gradually grounded smaller. Right when it was getting around the size of a fist, someone abruptly stomped into the cottage and yelled, "Young man, take it easy. I Jia JinSheng want to buy this soil ball!"

Fang Yuan suddenly stopped his movements. At this moment, the Gu Masters in the cottage all stared at the man who had just come.

This person looked young, about twenty to twenty-five years old, wearing a golden robe, as he tied a silk belt on his waist. The middle of the belt laid a square jade plate. In the middle of the plate were some horizontal jade patterns, forming the word "One".

Obviously, he was a level one Gu Master.

More than twenty years old but was still a level one Gu Master. This proved that there was nothing good about his aptitude.

However, his status seemed to be somewhat special. Seeing this person, the Gu Masters inside the cottage all kowtowed, then shouted out at the same time, "Subordinate greet young master."

"Young master?"

"His name is Jia JinSheng. He is the caravan's leader, Jia Fu's half-brother..."

"So, this gambling house is something he opened then? However, his interference is considered breaking the rules of the gambling house, isn't it?"

Some Gu Masters started to discuss.

"That's right. I am the owner of this store. Younger brother, you are gambling at such a young age. Aren't you scared that your family will scold you? I will buy the soil ball in your hand for forty Primeval Stones. What do you think? Forty Primeval Stones isn't a small amount. Not to mention, there's no certainty that a Gu is in that rock. It's just because I'm in a good mood today. In thinking about how this is the first time that you are gambling, I don't want you to lose everything. Hence, regard this as compensation for your capital." Jia JinSheng strode to Fang Yuan as he said.

"Forty Primeval Stones?" Fang Yuan slightly raised his brows. He threw an oblique look at Jia JinSheng then sneered, "It seems that you want to buy the soil ball in my hand by force? Forcing a sale is violating the rules of the gambling house. Doing such a thing on the Green Thatch Mountain, you want everyone to look down on the surname Gu Yue that I'm carrying?"

"Ah?" Hearing Fang Yuan's last words, the other Gu Masters here couldn't stand still. They couldn't help but immediately raised a common hatred, as one by one looked, now having wanted to support him. The looks in their eyes toward Jia JinSheng had also turned worse.

Jia JinSheng had thought that a fifteen-year-old boy like Fang Yuan would be easy to deal with. A couple words or two could already leverage his heart. He didn't expect Fang Yuan to have such mean methods. With just some small words, he had thrown him into an unfavorable situation!

Looking at the Gu Masters who were full of support towards Fang Yuan, Jia JinSheng's countenance changed. He fixed his tone of voice then hurriedly waved his hand, "Little brother, you misunderstood me! I am the owner of this gambling house, how can I violate the rules that I myself have established? How can I continue my business after that? Hahaha. It is just because the soil ball in your hand looks quite interesting, that's why I want to buy it. If you don't want to, then forget it. However, if in the end there's nothing inside of it, you shouldn't blame me for not reminding you in advance."

Fang Yuan didn't care about him. He turned his head and focused on smoothening out the soil ball in his hand.

His movements were very slow and detailed. Only after a while did the dry soil powder started to drop down as one strand by one strand.

Followed his movements, a sleeping Gu was gradually exposed in front of everyone.

"My god, there really is a Gu!"

"He really opened a Gu!!"

"Is there a mistake? Just betting like that?"

"This young man's luck is bursting. He has actually gained a Gu with such luck."

In a moment, compliments of admiration started to reverberate among the Gu Masters.

The female Gu Master subconsciously covered her mouth as she was looking at this incredible scene.

Since she became a servant of this gambling house, she had gone through many mountain strongholds, encountered all kinds of people, lots and lots of customers, but she had never seen such a dramatic scene.

"There really is a Gu!" A touch of coldness suddenly flashed in Jia JinSheng's eyes. Hatred started to emerge in his heart constantly. He was a narrow-minded and was full of jealousy. The thing he loved most was to take advantage of others and the thing he hated the most was when someone else took advantage of him.

He had opened this gambling house with a tightly organized underlying establishment. Once a customer gained a Gu from the rock, he would receive the news in advance. Normally, he would make a sale with force.

Right now, Fang Yuan had found a Gu at his gambling house, right under his nose. Jia JinSheng felt that his heart was bleeding.

The Gu which was found was a Toad Gu.

Only his belly and back was a yellow color as his back wasn't smooth; since there were a few potholes on it. The toad was covered with its signature warts. One would have felt that the hair on their body had all stood up in glancing at this toad.

It was not too big and was about the size of a palm. Holding it in his palm was as holding two or three bird eggs.

Fang Yuan's visage was calm despite all the frightened, envious, and jealous looks. He carefully urged his Primeval Essence in pouring it into the toad's body.

Almost instantly, this toad had been refined by him.

The Gu which already had its fossil layer removed was extremely fragile. Not only was the strength of its body running out but its will had also been disordered. It didn't have the ability to resist. Hence, it could be easily refined by the Gu Masters.

The toad, which was still sleeping, was suddenly wakened up by Fang Yuan. It gradually opened its eyes as its belly slightly grumbled and it softly called out.


Although the sound was slightly weak, it had turned the looks on the people present here into that of being extremely excited.

The difference between the value of a living and a dead Gu was enormous.

"It's alive. He's found a living Gu!" Some people were rubbing their eyes, feeling unbelievable.

"It is a Leprous Earth Toad. Damn it! it really is a Leprous Earth Toad." People who recognized this Toad Gu excitedly roared up.

"Young man, your luck is no joke. Why don't I have such fortune?" There were people who were sighing. Their emotions were very complex right now, including both admiration and jealousy.

"Young master, congratulation. This, this is the most precious Gu I have ever laid my eyes on!" The female Gu Master was so excited that she couldn't manage her coherency.

"It is a Leprous Earth Toad! This is the rare level two Gu, a full value of five hundred Primeval Stones. Damn it, damn it. I had let someone gained such a precious Gu right in my own store. Big loss, big loss!" Jia JinSheng was pale. He attentively stared at the toad's eyes as a wave of fierce feelings arose in his heart. He wanted to snatch it away.

However, he knew he couldn't. If he really did so, he would surely have suffered the consequences.

This was not their own stronghold but the ground in the Ancient Moon clan's territory.

"Maybe I should offer more Primeval Stones; then he will give it to me. That's right; he is just a disciple. If I offer him five hundred Primeval Stones, there's no way he won't accept it. Why didn't I do so?" Jia JinSheng was feeling upset inside.

"No, this kid isn't aware of this good. Although he's found the Leprous Earth Toad, I should be able to suppress the price still, and then acquire it!" A new ray of hope lit up in Jia JinSheng's heart.

However, after that, this ray of hope was ruthlessly crushed by Fang Yuan's words.

Fang Yuan indifferently stared at the Leprous Earth Toad in his hands, regardless of the exclamations and envious looks of the others.

He used a calm tone to reply Jia JinSheng, "This toad is a Leprous Earth Toad, a level two Gu. It needs one jin[1] of yellow mud per meal, the muddier it is, the better that it will be. It is scarce as it is the most important element to be able to refine the Precious Brass Toad. In the market, it has a price of five hundred Primeval Stones. Jia JinSheng, you really want to purchase it?"

"You, you know about it so clearly..." Jia JinSheng's mouth was trembling. With such a blow, he was speechless for a moment.

Fang Yuan chuckled and then continued, "If you don't want it, forget it. I will sell it to someone else. Well, I believe someone will definitely buy it."

"Wait, wait. I'll buy it. It's just that, can the price be any lower than that?" Jia JinSheng's face emerged a bitter smile.

Fang Yuan turned away.

Jia JinSheng hastily caught him, "Stop! Don't go. I'll buy it; I'll buy it!"

Fang Yuan didn't plan to cultivate this toad anyway.

It was a level two Gu, and Fang Yuan currently was only a Beginner level one. Although it just needed yellow mud, the Green Thatch Mountain was only covered with green soil. Finding food for it would be extremely troublesome.

Moreover, if he didn't sell this Toad Gu, Fang Yuan would then have to raise three Gus just by himself. Not to mention about the large consumption rate of the Primeval Stones. With the amount of Primeval Stones that he had right now, it won't be enough.

Hence, Fang Yuan's goal was to sell the Leprous Earth Toad, earning five hundred Primeval Stones and considering it as seeking some profits.

To a Beginner level one Gu Master like Fang Yuan, five hundred Primeval Stones was considered a large sum of money.

The transaction was completed quickly as Fang Yuan publicly gave the Leprous Earth Toad to Jia JinSheng while receiving the five heavy pouches. Each was filled with a whole one hundred pieces of Primeval Stone.

Initially, Fang Yuan's property was ninety-eight pieces. After using sixty pieces for gambling, he had thirty-eight left. As a result, his property was instantly doubled, with five hundred and thirty-eight Primeval Stones!

Many Gu Masters who saw this scene had their eyes reddened.

Fang Yuan put all five pouches into his bosom. He grabbed the last purple-gold rock and leisurely exited the cottage.

"Young master, you won't open this Primeval rock?" The female Gu Master constantly blinked her eyes. Looking at Fang Yuan's figure, she loudly reminded.

Fang Yuan ignored her without turning his head back and he left the gambling house.

Leaving the group of Gu Masters, who silently exchanged looks.

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