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Fang Yuan walked out of Dang Hun palace.

The pink crystal mountain had holes everywhere, broken rocks were scattered on the ground showing a pitiful sight. Fresh red blood, yellow murky mud, fox and crab corpses mixed together.

The desolate beast swamp crab's humongous body was pressing on Dang Hun mountain's mountain waist. It was like a small mountain, extremely eye catching.

The mild wind blew on Fang Yuan's black hair, as his eerie black eyes stared at the battlefield.

The pungent smell of blood entered Fang Yuan's nostrils.

Closely behind him, little Hu Immortal land spirit's eyes were red, as there were tears on her face. She reported while sniffing.

"Master, we suffered immense losses. We lost about 666km2 of land, and we only have sixty-eight beads of the immortal essence left. Our fox army of four million and seven hundred thousand has fallen to three hundred and ten thousand. As for Gu worms, we lost around seven hundred thousand of them."

Hu Immortal managed her blessed land for so many years, after this calamity, the entire blessed land lost about forty years of development.

But Fang Yuan did not think so.

His expression was tired, but his gaze could not hide the happiness in his heart.

He survived this earthly calamity. It was an obstacle, now that he survived it, Fang Yuan had time to recuperate.

He had ample time to deal with the seventh earthly calamity.

"Stop crying, the blessed land is safe, that means our hope is safe too. Dang Hun mountain did not collapse, thus we have the resources to start over. Although we lost some land, in the short run, we cannot make use of that land anyway, it will not hinder our development."

Fang Yuan patted the land spirit's head, consoling: "Look, not long later, Dang Hun mountain will be full of gutstones, and we will control another group of rockmen. Most importantly, that blue charm lightning shadow was exiled, now, we can develop without any worries. Hu Immortal blessed land will definitely flourish again!"

This battle was intense and tragic, there were countless foxes and crabs who died near Dang Hun mountain. At the same time, swamp crab's soul was smashed into bits by the mountain's vibrations, absorbed into Dang Hun mountain.

In the near future, not too long away, large numbers of gutstones will appear on Dang Hun mountain unceasingly.

"Master's words… makes sense." Little Hu Immortal stopped crying and thought about it clearly, it seems he made sense.

The earthly calamity was like a trial, Hu Immortal blessed land got through it, there was not only great losses, but also great gains.

"What a pity, there were many Gu worms living in this swamp crab, but now Dang Hun mountain killed them all." Little Hu Immortal pouted, staring at this swamp crab's corpse angrily.

"Rejoice, this desolate beast did not have an Immortal Gu, otherwise, we might not be standing here." Fang Yuan sighed deeply.

This was the luckiest part of this ordeal.

One crucial Immortal Gu with overwhelming ability can easily overturn the entire situation.

Even if this swamp crab had an Immortal Gu, and was killed by Fang Yuan, how Fang Yuan would catching this Immortal Gu was also a huge problem.

Maybe this wild Immortal Gu might replace the blue charm lightning shadow and become the next great threat to Hu Immortal blessed land.

Fang Yuan was satisfied enough to have survived this earthly calamity.

After all, he was only a rank four upper stage mortal Gu Master, yet he managed to kill a desolate beast that was a problem even for Gu Immortals.

"Land spirit, clean up the battlefield. Preserve the corpse of the swamp crab well, I am going to rest." Fang Yuan looked around once more before relaxing, immediately feeling strong fatigue.

He commanded over a million foxes, his soul and mind was overused, he needed sleep immediately.

"Okay." Little Hu Immortal answered quickly as she looked at the swamp crab's shell with glowing eyes.

Every desolate beast was a moving treasure.

The blood, fur, bones, intestines in its body were great Gu refinement material.

"You accursed crab, I will tear you apart!" Little Hu Immortal raised her chin as her mouth opened, showing her small canine teeth, angrily walking towards the swamp crab while muttering to herself.

Fang Yuan had an extremely enjoyable sleep.

Three days later, he woke up, and laid on the bed, not wanting to move at all.

This time, he really relaxed his body and mind.

The sixth earthly calamity was over, Fang Yuan earned a lot of time for himself, he could finally catch a breath.

Ever since his rebirth, he had been plotting and resisting, especially on San Cha mountain, he overexerted himself thinking of the ways to get out of his predicament.

Now, he finally protected the blessed land. To Fang Yuan, this was a safe and stable place.

If Hu Immortal blessed land was destroyed, he would be in big trouble.

He exposed many things, let's take for example, the fixed immortal travel Gu.

Fang Yuan was not a Gu Immortal, he could not keep this Immortal Gu into his aperture, once its aura was leaked, Gu Immortals would easily sense it and come to snatch it from him.

Now, fixed immortal travel Gu was placed inside Hu Immortal blessed land, and because there was immortal essence, he could feed it without worry.

Other than that, there was also the refinement of second aperture Gu.

Without little Hu Immortal to control the immortal essence, Fang Yuan could not refine this Immortal Gu, he had to at least reach Gu Immortal realm first. By then, divine travel Gu might've been refined by another person already, it would be too late.

Having protecting Hu Immortal blessed land, it was a great help to Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan lied down for a while before getting up to eat. After filling up his stomach, he went to sleep again.

This time, he slept for ten hours, he woke up slowly as he felt all the fatigue had been washed away. His mind was clear, his head was working well, and his condition was as good as it could be.

"Where is the land spirit?" He stomped his feet, calling.

Little Hu Immortal tore through space with a swoosh, appearing before him.

"Master, I have dismantled that crab, we can sell it for a good price!" Little Hu Immortal's face was red as she was extremely satisfied at breaking apart the culprit for the blessed land's predicament.

"Oh right, master, there are three letters here, they were sent in from the loophole on the day of the calamity." Little Hu Immortal said, taking out three Gu and handed them to Fang Yuan.

When loopholes enlarge enough to become tunnels, people could enter and exit. But before that, only Gu worms could enter through the small gaps.

These three Gu were all letter path Gu worms.

One had a paper crane appearance, it was the rank three lightning symbol paper crane Gu. One was a green bird, rank five and looking lifelike, it was the letter sending green bird Gu. One looked like a sword, it was the rank three flying sword letter Gu.

Fang Yuan's gaze shone as he took out the letter sending green bird Gu.

The green bird transformed into a letter, it was sent by the rank seven Gu Immortal Feng Jiu Ge!

Fang Yuan was not surprised, the moment he saw this green bird Gu, he had a feeling it was him.

Feng Jiu Ge's tone in his letter was calm, he first expressed his admiration and praise for Fang Yuan, before stating his intention — to arrange for a battle with between Fang Yuan and his daughter Feng Jin Huang!

It seems that after Feng Jin Huang returned to Spirit Affinity House, she had been gloomy, moody, and dispirited. During this period, she had been cultivating diligently, to reclaim her pride. The battle was initiated by her, she wants to have a fair and square fight with Fang Yuan, betting the glory of Spirit Affinity House and Immortal Crane Sect!

"Hmph, you want to battle, do I have to agree?" Fang Yuan scoffed in disdain.

His time was so tight, there was not enough time to cultivate, Fang Yuan would not waste his time and effort accepting Feng Jin Huang's challenge.

Feng Jin Huang was born in a great family, she had Gu Immortals as her parents, and a sect to support her. Even if she had a blessed land, and the calamity came, there would be a huge group of people fighting it for her.

But Fang Yuan was all alone, he had to rely on himself for everything. He had no mood to play around with this rich missy.

"What a stupid idea, she wants to reclaim her glory, so I must play along with her? Laughable!" Fang Yuan snorted. Different from others, he did not fear Feng Jiu Ge. That is because soon, Feng Jiu Ge would be called up by the heavenly court, and would successfully ascend, it will not be easy for him to come down and enter central continent again.

"But in this letter, it seems that this pair of father and daughter think that I am a disciple of Immortal Crane Sect, what is going on?" Fang Yuan's eyes shone with suspicion.

The other party was a Gu Immortal, they would naturally not make such a lowly mistake. That means, there were hidden complications.

Fang Yuan retrieved the flying sword letter Gu.

Opening it and taking a look, it was another challenge letter!

But in this letter, it was all swearing and scolding, almost all of Fang Yuan's ancestors were mentioned, even Immortal Crane Sect's honor was used to incite Fang Yuan to accept the battle. Finally, there was even a threat, if Fang Yuan did not agree, he would reveal the contents of this letter to the public, and let the world know that Fang Yuan was a coward!

Fang Yuan looked carefully, lightly smiling: "Oh, it is this rascal Jian Yi Sheng."

Jian Yi Sheng, a metal path Gu Master, his appearance and personality were very perverted. He was most skilled at sneak attacks, and hated suffering losses the most.

He was one of the demonic path Gu Immortals on Tian Ti mountain, he was truly a mean and devious coward.

In Fang Yuan's previous life, he got ambushed by him many times. He eventually made Fang Yuan angry enough to summon the blood sea, forcing this Jian Yi Sheng to hide in his blessed land, afraid to battle. He blocked him for twenty years, until Jian Yi Sheng realized that he had angered the wrong person. He could not take it, and eventually kneeled down before Fang Yuan to surrender, without a trace of a Gu Immortal's dignity.

As for why this person was challenging Fang Yuan, it was because he was extremely unlucky.

After Fang Yuan discarded a portion of the blessed land, and threw the blue charm lightning shadow towards Tian Ti mountain, Jian Yi Sheng coincidentally met with it.

At this time, although Jian Yi Sheng was a Gu Immortal, he had no Immortal Gu, and was thrashed by the blue charm lightning shadow. He escaped back to his blessed land pathetically, and finally managed to get free of the blue charm lightning shadow.

After he got home, he counted his losses, and was filled with rage, stomping his feet. After finding the culprit, he sent a flying sword letter Gu, challenging Fang Yuan.

"Hmph, he knows I am a mortal, but still challenged me as a Gu Immortal. He even wrote his letter so righteously, talking about fairness… this piece of shit is still as shameless as I remember. But, why did he think I am a member of Immortal Crane Sect?"

Fang Yuan opened the lightning symbol paper crane Gu with great suspicion.

He opened it slightly, and his pupils shrunk, showing a surprised expression: "What! Fang Zheng is alive?"

Reading on, his suspicions were cleared.

"So that's it, this He Feng Yang from Immortal Crane Sect is a smart person, using this method to eliminate his competitors."

"But he greatly underestimated me. Why would I join Immortal Crane Sect? But what the letter mentioned is exactly what I need now."

Thinking so, Fang Yuan made up his mind.

He called the land spirit: "Go, open the blessed land slightly, and let the Gu Master who resembles me in."

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