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Ren Zu was overjoyed upon seeing his son and ran towards him.

Verdant Great Sun had turned into a white ghost and was lying beside a lake, scooping out the water with a bowl and drinking it.

The water was like wine with its fragrance pervading the area.

Verdant Great Sun drank it with utmost satisfaction.

"My son, don't drink anymore. Come, let's go back." Ren Zu walked towards Verdant Great Sun and shouted.

"Esteemed father, how did you come here? This is great, let's drink together." Verdant Great Sun opened his hazy eyes and looked at Ren Zu.

Ren Zu seized the wine bowl from him and said with exasperation: "Don't drink anymore, you only know how to drink wine! Everyone knows there is a bewitching lake in the land of the dead, and its water is the bewitching soup. When ghosts drink it, they become muddle-headed and lose the desire to leave."

Verdant Great Sun, however, refuted: "Father, you are wrong. This is not the bewitching soup, it is the soul calming wine. It can calm down your soul and remove all the impurities; your soul will no longer be restless and you will experience utmost tranquility in your heart. This is one of the best quality wines in this world."

"I don't care what wine it is, you have to follow me back." Ren Zu pulled Verdant Great Sun's hand, but found Verdant Great Sun was as heavy as a mountain and could not be budged.

Verdant Great Sun shook his head: "Some people, upon death, will be as heavy as a mountain. Some people, upon death, will be light as a feather. Father, I had reputation Gu in my life and died after bathing in the light of glory. When I arrived here, my body had become heavier than a mountain, I cannot even walk a single step and can only lie down here."

"What!" Ren Zu immediately felt gloomy and anxiously shouted, "I told you before, a tall tree attracts the wind, reputation is not always a good thing. Throw away the reputation Gu."

Verdant Great Sun shook his head and sighed: "We were not born with fame and fortune, we also cannot take them with us after death. After I died, reputation Gu left me. It is fixed immortal travel Gu that has accompanied me."

Fixed immortal travel Gu could bring Verdant Great Sun's soul out of the door of life and death or even bring him to any place in the outside world.

However, Verdant Great Sun could only truly resurrect after walking through the path of life.

"What do we do now..." Ren Zu realized he had been played by wisdom Gu. Although he had arrived at the deepest part of the door of life and death — a death domain that had endless darkness, and has also found Verdant Great Sun, he discovered he could not bring back his son.

At this moment, fairness Gu spoke: "Oh Ren Zu, do you still not understand? There are only two paths in door of life and death, both appeared because of destiny Gu. Life and death is determined by destiny! All living beings live and thus die, this is the cycle that allows the universe to continue existing. Your eldest son Verdant Great Sun died, this is destiny and you should accept it. Moreover, he is living a good life here, obsession death domain is the world's most tranquil place. He is drinking the world's supreme quality wine and is free from all the worries of the outside world, do you know how blissful this is?"

Ren Zu stood there and looked at his flesh and blood for a while before heaving a deep sigh.

He knew he could not bring back his son's soul, at least it was like that for now.

He bid farewell to the fairness Gu and also his son, and left the obsession death domain.

He stepped on another path this time; it was the path of life which went from darkness to light.

However, Ren Zu soon realized walking this path was countless times more difficult than when he walked in through the path of death.

There were many more suffering Gu on path of life than path of death. When Ren Zu had walked through the path of death, his journey became smoother along the way and the suffering Gu lesser the further he walked. But as he walked through the path of life, there was not only more suffering Gu, but every step he took would cause much more suffering Gu to fly over and obstruct him.

Courage Gu could not resist them any longer: "Ren Zu, there are too many suffering Gu and they will continue to increase. There is peace in death, but life has endless suffering. Go to Dang Hun mountain quickly and break some gutstones. If you want to survive, just relying on courage won't be enough, you need guts too."

Ren Zu hurried forward to Dang Hun mountain and picked the guts Gu while enduring the tremors in his soul.

With guts Gu's help, his soul strengthened grealy, and although he still suffered the tremors, it was not of much worry.

He passed through Dang Hun mountain and arrived at Luo Po valley.

Luo Po valley was a maze with winding and twisted paths. Occasionally, there were a large area of bewilderment fog which could cause the soul to loosen; and occasionally, Luo Po wind would blow through and cut apart the soul.

Ren Zu had fallen into the lowest part of my life and could not distinguish the directions. Because his soul was strengthened by guts Gu, it was loosening in the bewilderment fog at a slower speed. The loosened soul was cut apart by the Luo Po wind.

Ren Zu almost completely lost his way, but fortunately at this time, faith Gu flew out and shone upon his path.

Ren Zu was able to walk out of the Luo Po valley with only the essence of his soul remaining.

He let out a huge breath of relief and could feel he was close to success.

He walked to the reverse flowing river, this was the final barrier in the path of life.

It was extremely difficult to move against the stream.

Endless suffering pushed upon him, causing him to make very slow progress.

However, he forcibly persevered and walked towards the light.

"Almost there." He looked at the success that was just ahead of him, only one final step remained.

He let out a breath of turbid air and relaxed; forgetting the warning of the wisdom Gu, he stopped.

This brief pause caused Ren Zu to be washed away by the river.

Life was not easy, it was like a boat moving against the flow of the river, if you do not continue moving forward, you will be pushed back.

Ren Zu was washed away by the river into the depths of Luo Po valley, he was so tired he could not budge a bit and was trapped in the Luo Po valley.

Fang Yuan broke the final guts stone and groaned in satisfaction.

Right now, he felt very comfortable. The heavy injuries in his soul were already completely recovered and moreover, his soul had even strengthened by five times!

A feeling of power burst out from the depths of his heart.

This feeling did not come from the strengthening of his physical body but from the vigor of his spirits. Fang Yuan had a feeling he could do anything easily, whether it was analyzing problems or doing multiple tasks.

"Unfortunately, there are only over a hundred gutstones on Dang Hun mountain and not all of them contained guts Gu." Fang Yuan felt some regret.

When Hu Immortal obtained Dang Hun mountain, it had already changed hands several times and was completed looted.

Hu Immortal moved it to the blessed land and managed it for decades. Almost every year, she would send large amounts of foxes to their deaths at Dang Hun mountain. Using their soul to irrigate the mountain and create gutstones.

However, these gutstones were almost all used by the Hu Immortal. After she died, these over hundred gutstones had slowly grown over close to eight years and now were completely used by Fang Yuan.

According to the Hu Immortal land spirit's description, close to ten thousand foxes needed to be sacrificed to grow a guts stone. The stronger the beast kings that died, the more gutstones would be produced.

Fang Yuan could not adopt this method.

When the blessed land was at its prime, it was inevitable and alright for Hu Immortal to do so. However, the blessed land was very weak now and the fox groups had decreased by a large amount. Killing these fox groups was not sensible for long term prospects.

With his soul injuries recovered, Fang Yuan started quietly thinking his future plans without relaxing the slightest bit.

Obtaining the Hu Immortal blessed land was no doubt a huge help to his plans, but at the same time also greatly affected his plans.

"Now, with Dang Hun mountain in my possession, my soul's foundation can continue to strengthen. And from my previous life, I have experience and insight in controlling the blood bats, such enormous advantage should be used. Walking the enslavement path is an obvious choice now."

"However, there is also a disadvantage in enslavement path in that the enslavement path Gu Masters can be easily assaulted and beheaded. So I cannot relax in my strength path cultivation as well!"

With this, Fang Yuan was going to walk on both strength and enslavement paths, organizing and feeding two sets of Gu worms.

If it was before, it would be difficult for Fang Yuan to do this. But now, with Hu Immortal blessed land, it would be no problem.

"The perfect outcome is to refine second aperture Gu. With second aperture, I could divide the sets of enslavement and strength path into different apertures without disturbing each other. At the same time, there would be enough primeval essence to control the two sets of Gu worms."

At that time, with a wave of his hand, a huge army of beasts and insects would cover the sky and earth, creating a river of blood in a blink of an eye, creating destruction and mayhem.

If there was any foolish person who tried to use the tactic of beheading the leader, then Fang Yuan's strength path cultivation would make them realize how cruel reality was and why flowers were red 1 !

Thinking of this, Fang Yuan took out the second aperture Gu from his aperture.

This Gu was like a peanut shell, shining with golden light, the patterns on its surface were scarlet veins of blood. This was the embryo form of the second aperture Gu, formed from combining false Gu and lifespan Gu; it could survive for forty years.

"There are enough immortal essence to truly refine the second aperture Gu, two third watch Gu can also be easily obtained, but I still require divine travel Gu." Fang Yuan pondered.

Immortal Gu were unique, only one Immortal Gu of the same type could exist in the world. Divine travel Gu was already transformed into fixed immortal travel Gu and no longer existed now. This allowed a new divine travel Gu to appear in the world.

Moreover, there was an extraordinary advantage of divine travel Gu - it could be easily obtained. It was not like the other Immortal Gu that were so hard to capture.

The legends of Ren Zu had written it clearly; as long as one drank the four top quality wines of the world, divine travel Gu could condense into being in their body.

Apart from the wine brewed by the wild beasts and those that were naturally formed, human's brewing techniques had flourished continually, and now the amount of top quality wines were much more than the ancient times.

Searching for the four top quality wines might be somewhat troublesome, but could be done by spending some time.

Fang Yuan had the blessed land and the assistance of the little Hu Immortal land spirit,
But the main problem did not lie here.

Because divine travel Gu could be easily obtained, others could also easily take advantage of it. In case, someone else obtained divine travel Gu, no matter how much top quality wines Fang Yuan drank, he would not obtain the divine travel Gu.

"Southern Border's Fei clan possess a top quality wine Zhuang Si Fei. Eastern Sea's rank seven Gu Immortal Zui Xian Weng has created a sea of wine, concealing countless wines, and holds a wine reception every year. Northern Plain's Imperial court has the long life wine. These great forces or maybe other Gu Immortals as well could be in possession of one or two top quality wine; their chances of obtaining divine travel Gu is much greater than mine."

With this calculation, Fang Yuan not only had to resist the earthly calamity and manage the blessed land, he also had to quickly gather the four top quality wine and refine second aperture Gu.

"However, these are not all, the crucial point lies in Spring Autumn Cicada. Time is flowing five times faster here, Spring Autumn Cicada's recovery speed will also become extremely quick. Being able to rebirth three times is already an extremely good luck, I cannot gamble on luck the fourth time. Before Spring Autumn Cicada recovers, I need to have success at first attempt Gu, immediate success Gu, smooth success Gu or any of the others."

Fang Yuan did not have enough strength before. Now, he had the blessed land and abundant resources, he could try to get these Gu already.

Basically, injured until the chrysanthemum at their lower body bleeds, thus resembling a red flower.

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