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"I want to buy a few rocks." After choosing some good targets, Fang Yuan told the female Gu Master.

"Amateur!" The female Gu Master couldn't help but think of a word inside.

Even if one was a skillful gambler, when wanting to buy it, they still had to examine in advance. First, they would have to observe carefully. After that, they would put the rocks on their palms and caress it, feeling its sensation as well as its weight.

After the observation, if they felt that something was wrong, the gamblers would give it up. They wouldn't have bought it with just a glance.

And with no doubt, people who had wanted to buy it right away just like Fang Yuan were amateurs that were clearly gambling for their first time.

"However, although the female Gu Master had thought so, she didn't show off any weird expressions. Using a flower-like smile like always, she softly asked Fang Yuan. "Which one do you want to choose?"

Fang Yuan pointed, "This one."

The female Gu Master immediately took it out.

Fang Yuan then pointed to another one, "This one."

The female Gu master was slightly surprised. She didn't think that this young man would buy two at once.

"It seems this young man belongs to that majority of people who would bet big." She silently assessed.

However, after that, Fang Yuan pointed again, "And this one, this one, I will have all of those."

The female Gu Master froze for a moment. Feeling surprised, she couldn't help, but look at Fang Yuan and judged him again.

"It looks like his family background is excellent, despite his ordinary appearance. Otherwise, such a normal Gu Master, how can he have that much money to spend for leisure purposes?" Thinking of that, the female Gu Master then smiled even more softly and gently. She didn't anticipate that the young man who stood in front of her was really a customer.

Such unforeseeable happiness.

But, Fang Yuan once again left the female Gu Master with surprise as he pointed to the purple-gold rocks at a distance, "That's right, also two more on that side."

The female Gu Master's couldn't help but slightly be frightened, "Which family does this young man come from in this Ancient Moon mountain stronghold? He seems like a successor to a family's line of the clan. If I can seduce him, I may not have to be here and be stuck with being a little servant of a store."

After thinking about this, the female Gu Master couldn't help but get gentler, and give Fang Yuan a look that was even more charming.

Six rocks were put in front of Fang Yuan.

He then took out sixty Primeval Stones and handed it to the female Gu Master without any hesitation.

The scene of him instantly paying attracted the eyes of the other Gu Masters in the cottage.

"What? Someone is starting their bet."

"We have watched for an hour but don't dare to start. It's good that someone is trying it. We can take a look."

"It is a disciple. However, taking out sixty Primeval Stones at the same time, he must be rich. Such a hot-blooded young man, huh, he thinks he's that good when gambling? He may have just ran his head into a wall today."

The group of Gu Masters stood still and whispered to each other as they looked at Fang Yuan.

"Young master, you want to open the rocks right now? The gambling house will do it for free." The female Gu Master softly recommended as her eyes were glittering.

Fang Yuan looked at his surroundings before the corner his mouth formed a complicated smile. He crossed his hand, then rejected the female Gu Master, "Purple-gold is my lucky color. This is also the first time I'm gambling; it carries a special meaning. I want to open it myself!"

The female Gu Master's eyes lit up; she silently thought: With such pride, he really is a young master.

She would have never thought that Fang Yuan didn't have a single relative in the Ancient Moon mountain stronghold. Like duckweed, he didn't have anyone to help him. All he that he had done was based on his own efforts.

"Tsk, it's good to have money."

"I wonder whose brat is that? Stepping on the money that had been hardly earned by his parents!"

"This brat doesn't know about limitations. Who would choose the rocks by luck? Haizz, this kind of misdeed is just as throwing Primeval Stones in the water, and then hit the water just to look at the bubbles."

The Gu Masters in the cottage couldn't help but look solemn. After seeing Fang Yuan as a prodigal son, their expectations immediately declined to the point where there was not much left.

Some Gu Masters even adverted their eyes, turned around, and looked at the rocks on the counters.

The changes from the surrounding didn't affect Fang Yuan's mood in the least bit. He was expressionless in silently urging the Primeval Essence inside his Primeval Sea to enter the Moonlight Gu.

The next moment, the crescent mark in his right palm started to emit an aqua blue glow.

Fang Yuan used his right hand to grab a purple-gold stone and placed it in his palm. After that, he closed his fingers, and slowly caressed the surface of the fossil.

The blue light was constantly flickering as waves after waves of light started to ripple. The purple-gold rock was getting smaller and smaller with the rock's power that began to leak from the gap between his five fingers, then fell on the carpet of the cottage.

"Perfect technique!" The female Gu Master instantly grabbed this chance to compliment him.

"This young man really did a good job. There is real capacity." The Gu Masters who saw the scene all emitted light of confusion in their eyes. They now looked at Fang Yuan with different eyes.

Fang Yuan used the blue light to grind the surface of the rock as this was absolutely a fine use of the Moonlight Gu. Usually, only those who had used the Moonlight Gu for two to three years could have achieved this level.

With Fang Yuan's age and his disciple identity, to be able to do this was extremely tough.

"Look, he uses the signature Gu of our Ancient Moon clan, the Moonlight Gu." Some Gu Masters had figured out that point and instantly felt proud. Fang Yuan suddenly became less of an eyesore as well.

"However, such a method is still too rough on the rocks." Some experienced Gu Masters shook their heads.

The purple-gold rock was getting smaller and smaller. Initially, he couldn't even tightly close his hand. After a while, it had turned into the size of a fist, being completely covered by Fang Yuan's fingers.

The blue light was getting stronger as the fossil was now only the size of a marble. Until the end, there was only a pile of rock powder that had fallen on the carpet of the cottage.

This was an entirely solid rock. There was no Gu inside.

"Reality is unreliable." The group of Gu Masters constantly shook their heads.

"Master, there are still five left." The female Gu Master warmly encouraged.

Fang Yuan's countenance was calm as he wasn't affected. He grabbed the second purple-god rock and continued to grind it.

However, the result of this one was the same. It was a solid rock, without any Gu inside.

He changed to the third one only to receive the same result.

Some Gu Masters were becoming impatient, "Stop looking! Select a rock based on its appearance, there is no need to bet."

"If he can have a good Gu, I would eat all of this rock powder on the floor." Someone sneered.

"Young master doesn't need to be discouraged. There are only three; you have only opened three of them." The female Gu Master slightly exhaled, cheering for Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan took the fourth rock. As the rock was getting to a fist size due to his grinding, his action suddenly stopped.

"Ah? There is something!"

"The rock has changed. It isn't the purple-gold rock anymore but is showing off an ink-black color."

"He really encounters sheer luck?"

Cries started to arise from around the Gu Masters.

"Master, please be careful from here onward. You mustn't move too harshly as the Gu which is deep asleep is extremely fragile. If you use too much force, you would kill the Gu inside." The female Gu Master didn't expect that such a situation would happen. She froze for a while then quickly reminded him.

Fang Yuan's movement was getting slower. As he used his fingers to rub the rock, rustling noises started to reverberate. The sound was inarticulate rather than being continuous like from before.

Black rock powder was drifting down as the rock was becoming smaller and smaller. Fang Yuan's actions were also slower and gentler.

The pile of black powder was getting higher as the black stone inside Fang Yuan's palm had finally vanished.

"Haizz, unfortunately, it is just a rock in a rock."

"Really wasted my emotion, I really thought it was a Gu."

"You guys are too easy to fool. Is gambling that easy?" Among ten rocks, eight to nine of them are empty. Otherwise, how could this shop make money?"

"Young master's luck is actually splendid. You could open a rock in rock in your first time of gambling. Ordinary people couldn't do this." The female Gu Master changed her tactic in encouraging Fang Yuan. At the same time, she was easing his mentality for the upcoming results.

Gambling without gaining any harvest was something like getting one out of ten. This was too common. From what she had seen, Fang Yuan was only doing this based on his mood. The possibility of him choosing out a potential rock was minimal.

Fang Yuan laughed but didn't reply as he continued to take out the fifth rock.

He carefully grinded the rock, this time, in the time of just ten breaths, the surface of the purple-gold rock had been completely rubbed off, as it was displaying a bumpy and rugged yellow ball.

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