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"God damn it!" Fang Yuan cursed, waving his hand and summoning a golden dragon.

Golden dragon roared as it turned these heavy tai dogs into meat paste, paving a way for him to move.

"Little beast king, where do you think you're going? Hand over the immortal treasure!" Yi Chong rushed towards Fang Yuan, as the waves came crashing.

Bone wings Gu!

Fang Yuan flapped his wings, avoiding the huge waves and flying into the sky.

"Little beast king, just stay here." Yi Huo waved his hand and fire birds flew out towards Fang Yuan.

Golden aurora Gu.

Fang Yuan's body was covered in a golden light as his speed increased, retreating quickly and leaving the fire birds behind.

"Oh?" This huge change attracted Mo Wu Tian and Xiao Mang's attention.

Xiao Mang shot out a giant hand of light, like a huge elephant, flying swiftly towards Fang Yuan trying to capture him.

Fang Yuan turned at a sharp angle, narrowly avoid it.

But at this moment, there was a gentle sound near his ears.

This sound was like a lover's whisper beside one's ear, or like the voice of one's loved ones, causing an unknowing person to feel deeply emotional and unable to focus.

"Mo Wu Tian's gentle feelings Gu!" Fang Yuan quickly broke free of it after his shock, but his movement was slowed because of this, causing the giant light hand to catch up.

"Oh no!" It was too late to dodge, Fang Yuan could only use his Gu worms to fight back, using offense as defense.


The sound of a loud explosion, and the light hand was dispersed, while Fang Yuan flew in the air like a kite with its strings cut, landing towards the ground.

The sound of the wind near his ears woke the unconscious Fang Yuan.

Sensing that he was falling, he quickly activated his Gu worm while shouting: "Tie Ruo Nan obtained a peerless Immortal Gu, she is refining it now!"

Mo Wu Tian and Xiao Mang's attention were instantly diverted.

Immortal Gu!

Everyone went into a commotion as their enthusiasm surged, causing Tie Bai Qi's pressure to intensify.

Fang Yuan caught his breath and quickly used Wu Gui's movement Gu. Large numbers of dark clouds appeared as he hid within, making his escape.

But at this moment…

Swish swish swish swish!

In the air, four chains extended out of nowhere, swift as lightning and flexible like snakes, tying Fang Yuan's four limbs.

Next, the chains tightened and coiled, spreading until Fang Yuan was tied up tightly, dragged into the void.

The next moment, Fang Yuan reappeared in the bronze hall.

Tie clan's four old-timers were at the north, south, east, and west respectively, standing around him.

The were half kneeling on the ground, their right palms facing forward while their left hand gripped their right hand, activating their Gu worms together. On each of their right palms, a black steel chain was extending out.

Tie clan's four old-timers' killer move — Infinite Search and Lock!

At this moment, in central continent, Tian Ti mountain.

In Hu Immortal blessed land, on top of Hun Dang mountain, a competition that decided the blessed land's owner was at its final moments.

"Fang Zheng, hang in there, victory is within reach!" Lord Sky Crane's voice came from within Fang Zheng. Compared to the start, he sounded extremely tired and weak.

"Yes, just one opponent left…" Fang Zheng gritted his teeth, his body full of sweat as it swayed, hanging on with just his determination.

"I, the great Xiao Qi Xing, was surpassed by a nobody?" Xiao Qi Xing's eyes were staring wide as he looked at Fang Zheng climb, at a height beyond him.

"Sigh, to think that it would end up like this." Ying Sheng Ji sighed, letting go and falling down the mountain.

He was furthest from the peak, seeing Fang Zheng's performance, he knew he had no chance of winning, thus giving up immediately.

Hu Immortal land spirit would not let him die of course, with a snap of her finger, Ying Sheng Ji was transported out of the blessed land.

Climb, continue to climb.

The skin on Fang Zheng's arms and legs were torn, as blood flowed down.

The closer he was to the peak, the greater the vibration shocks on the soul. Fang Zheng was almost unable to think of anything, there was only the mountain peak left in his mind, as his entire potential was squeezed out, he was extremely tired, and this had greatly exceeded the limits of his body.

"This lad…" Feng Jin Huang was moved.

Fang Zheng was obviously exhausted beyond belief, yet he seemed to have some sort of limitless energy sustaining him.

"Mountain peak, mountain peak…" Fang Zheng gritted his teeth, with only one thought in his mind.

He climbed step by step, surpassing Feng Jin Huang and taking the lead!

At this moment, he was only less than a meter from the mountain peak.

Even the cute and tiny land spirit was standing at the edge of the cliff, looking down and watching the birth of her new owner.

Outside the blessed land, some Gu Masters who were watching started to sigh.

"Congrats to you He Feng Yang, this time your Immortal Crane Sect performed the best."

"Hmph, if my rank six exquisite warp Gu was still around…"

"Or maybe star shuttle Gu, fixed immortal travel Gu, or one's own movement Gu, the results would be different."

The Gu Immortals had differing attitudes, some were congratulating while others were sighing in pity.

"We were lucky, just lucky!" He Feng Yang was modest but his tone could not conceal his joy.

But at this moment, a Gu Immortal sneered: "He Feng Yang, you are going to be disappointed. This Hu Immortal Inheritance belongs to us Spirit Affinity House."

As the immortal spoke, a change occurred in the blessed land!

Feng Jin Huang shouted, and a beautiful pair of wings grew from her shoulders.

This pair of wings was extremely elegant and beautiful, all sorts of lights shone on it, it was dazzling and alluring, with just one flap, Feng Jin Huang ascended easily.


"This is…"

"The legendary Immortal Gu — Dream Wings!"

Dream wings was a special Immortal Gu, it did not exist in the real world, but only appeared in dreams. Activating it did not require immortal essence, but the Gu Master's spirit and soul instead.

Feng Jin Huang was only a mortal, activating the dream wings forcefully would cause severe damage to her soul, amnesia at best, becoming mentally retarded at worst.

But the proud her had never suffered defeat since her birth. She could not allow Fang Zheng to be the sole winner right before her eyes.

"Even if I have to pay the heaviest price, I have to attain victory!" Under Fang Zheng's shocked expression, Feng Jin Huang flew up quickly, easily surpassing him and claiming the lead once again.

The dream wings were folded back as Feng Jin Huang stood at the side of the cliff, breathing heavily, she felt a strong dizziness from the depths of her soul, almost causing her to faint.

She reached her limits.

Forcefully activating an Immortal Gu, it was not easy for Feng Jin Huang to reach this step.

"I actually lost!" Fang Zheng stared with wide opened eyes, dejected and upset.

At this moment, Feng Jin Huang was so close to the peak, in fact, her arms were already at the edge of the peak, she was one step away!

"I, I am about… to win!"

At this moment, Feng Jin Huang forced herself to raise her head, using the last bit of strength she had.

Her eyes were glowing like amber, her beautiful appearance and her snow-white long neck, was shining like jade in the blessed land's pink light.

She was like a young phoenix, expanding its wings for the first time.

Brilliant and glorious!

At once, even Gu Immortals were dazed.

She bit her lips, placing her arms at the edge of the cliff. Next, she used her remaining strength to drag her body up as well.

At the end, she rolled onto the mountain peak.

She succeeded!

The sole winner of this competition, the new owner of the Hu Immortal blessed land!

Southern border, San Cha mountain, bronze hall.

Fang Yuan was tied up by the chains.

"Hehehe, Fang Yuan, we meet again." Tie Ruo Nan stood before Fang Yuan, laughed heartily.

Bai Ning Bing sighed: "It is no use, Fang Yuan, I secretly planted the fixed star Gu in your left arm. With this Gu to locate you, the infinite search and lock can catch you no matter where you go, even if you escape to the edge of the world, we can still bring you back. You have lost, admit it."

"What?" Fang Yuan lowered his head, seeing that there was a Gu on his left arm.

This Gu was a star fragment of the immemorial era, it was eight-sided and crystal clear, giving off starlight at times, causing Fang Yuan's forearm to shine with a transparent eerie blue light.

"Bai Ning Bing!" Fang Yuan howled, struggling frantically, causing the chains to make a loud clank sound.

In his past life, Tie clan's four old-timers used this killer move to capture Kong Ri Tian, to think that in this life, the same move would be used on him.

Before, when Bai Ning Bing was trapped by the four old-timers, Fang Yuan did not help her immediately, he was wary of this infinite search and lock.

Once he was locked on by this Gu, no matter where Fang Yuan escaped, the chains would extend from the void to capture him. But without the fixed star Gu, infinite search and lock would be like a headless chicken, not a threat at all.

"This fixed star Gu was given to me by the four old-timers personally, and I even spent a long time training to use it. Do you know when I planted it? Hehehe, it was when you injected yellow gold primeval essence to nurture my aperture. You had absolutely no idea huh?" Bai Ning Bing's eyes were shining with cold mockery.

This move was truly nailing the problem at its roots, crushing Fang Yuan's hopes of a reversal!

"Fixed star Gu… good, Bai Ning Bing, you are too good!" Fang Yuan stared at Bai Ning Bing, gritting his teeth.

Tie Ruo Nan continued to urge: "Fang Yuan, you have been locked on by infinite search and lock, you Gu worms have already been sealed and you cannot even use your primeval essence. You have no hope left, of course you can still will your Gu worms to self-detonate, but I would advise you not to do that. You are a smart person, you should know which option benefits you the most right?"

Fang Yuan lowered his head, silent.

Earlier, he had activated his Gu worms furiously, but infinite search and lock was famous for a reason, it was both a space path and seal path killer move. Even the rank five warp Gu was sealed, unable to be used.

"It has ended, Fang Yuan. Demon Suppression Tower is your final resting place. You will spend the rest of your life there." Bai Ning Bing sighed, seeing his mortal enemy captured, he felt extremely complicated, feeling both joy and sorrow.

"Throughout these years, thank you for the excitement you have brought to my life. Because of your existence, it lightened up this lonely life of mine, and I became less lonely and bored. Next, I will have an even more exciting life, and you should be honored that you have been a part of it." Saying so, Bai Ning Bing paid respects to Fang Yuan in an earnest and sincere expression.

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