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On San Cha mountain peak, only one light pillar remained.

But a grey plain appeared in front of everyone like a foggy image. It looked like it was separated by a veil, giving off a dream-like atmosphere.

How could a plain appear on the mountain peak?

This was caused by Xiao Mang; he penetrated the blessed land and created a loophole.

For a moment, everyone was silent; some were dazed, some shocked, and some looked at each other, no one moved.

Xiao Mang snorted inwardly before slightly signalling with his eyes at somewhere in the crowd.

A Gu Master immediately ran out of the crowd: "Lord Xiao Mang's might is unrivalled, even forcibly piercing through the blessed land. Like this, we are no longer confined by the restrictions of three kings inheritance and all of us can enter!"

After he finished shouting this, he walked out of the crowd and with several jumps, entered the hole inside the blessed land.

He then activated his Gu worms in front of everyone.

One, two, and three… the heavenly power's suppression around the hole had weakened, allowing him to activate three Gu worms.

This scene immediately caused the crowd to be restless, countless people seemed to be startled awake and their breathing turned rough.

Being able to use Gu meant they had the ability to defend themselves. That is to say, the risk in the blessed land greatly decreased.

However, the performance was still not over, this Gu Master suddenly ran back and with several jumps, got out of the blessed land and returned to San Cha mountain.

"Hahaha!" He laughed loudly and cupped his fists to Xiao Mang, "Thank you lord for your favor!"

Xiao Mang chuckled: "There is no need for thanks, no need. I only felt that everyone should have the rights to compete for the treasures of heaven and earth. It is too much that only a few people hog them. However, how much you can seize will have to depend on yourselves."

"We are very grateful to Lord Xiao Mang!"

"Lord Xiao Mang is a great person, and his elder brother is the hero Xiao Shan."

"Truly, they are a pair of dragon and tiger brothers!"

"Looking at all the great rank five Gu Masters at San Cha mountain, only Lord Xiao Mang cared about us weaker characters, he is a role model of the righteous path, he is so kind…"

The cheers and flattery of everyone entered Xiao Mang's ears like a tide.

The crowd of people charged into the blessed land.

"A bunch of idiots." Xiao Mang was beaming with a warm and gentle smile, but was disdainfully scoffing inwardly.

"I came really late compared to Tie Mu Bai, Wu Gui and the others. King Quan and King Xin Inheritances have been taken, now only King Bao remains! Damn them! I had already pleaded with father and the elders, but they were only concerned about Xiao Shan's illness! Hmph, it would be best if he dies, then I will become young clan leader…"

"Hmph, only after coaxing and pestering was I permitted to come to San Cha mountain, but it is too late already! How can I compare to those guys who came before me? Only by creating a hole in the blessed land, and causing chaos can I get benefits from within!"

"As for this blessed land, the more people that goes in, the more burden it will have to bear. Hehehe, the heavenly power will get weaker and weaker. So what if you guys obtained the inheritance? I can completely use my Gu worms to seize them! King Bao, King Quan and King Qin Inheritance, they are all mine! If I can't obtain them, then you guys can also stop thinking of them!"

"Alright, this is more or less it." Fang Yuan nodded with satisfaction as he looked at his surroundings.

This bronze main hall was situated on a hill. The hill was not steep and rather had gentle slopes around it.

Such a terrain was not easy to defend, but the numbers of the dog beasts slightly made up for it.

For over two hours, Fang Yuan had been arranging the formation for Bai Ning Bing and explaining to her how to deal with any situations that could occur.


Right at this time, the whole world shook and some dust fell off from the ceiling of the bronze hall.

"Not good, that Xiao Mang used extreme light Gu to pierce through the blessed land and formed a passage. Large numbers of Gu Masters are rushing in, killing and competing; the whole situation has completely fallen into chaos!" The lands spirit's voice resounded.

Fang Yuan chuckled without any panic.

In his previous life's memories, it had been the same. Xiao Mang's arrival signified the development of this scene.

"Chaos is good, Xiao Mang wants to profit from this chaos while I need this chaotic situation to help me drag for time." Fang Yuan's dark eyes flashed with eerie light.

"Eh? A rank five Gu Master actually mixed in among this crowd… this young man is really amazing to be able to deceive my senses, I only found something wrong when he made his move!" The land spirit suddenly said.

Fang Yuan furrowed his brows, this development was beyond his expectation: "Who is it?"

The image in front of him stopped and showed a young man with long black hair that reached up to his waist. He had a pair of deep and dark purple eyes with thick eyebrows which ends were raised up, giving him a crazed disposition like burning flames.

He gave off an awe-inspiring demonic aura, disregarding the world, an unbridled tyrannical aura that seemed to want to destroy the world like the descent of an evil dragon.

"Mo Wu Tian!" Fang Yuan gaze concentrated and recognized the man.

This person was a genius of the demonic path who had inherited an ancient inheritance and was a soul path Gu Master. Whether it was his reputation or power, Fang Yuan was not his match.

In his memories, in the battle of Yi Tian mountain, Mo Wu Tian had beheaded several rank five righteous path Gu Masters, his reputation was fearsome and his demonic flames soared to the skies. At the end, when the demonic path was completely defeated, Mo Wu Tian broke through the besiegement and stormed out with no one being able to obstruct him.

"In my previous life, Mo Wu Tian did not come to San Cha mountain! It seems the influence of my rebirth has already affected a person of such strength?"

Just as Fang Yuan was contemplating, inside the image, Mo Wu Tian seemed to have discovered being watched; he slightly turned around and unexpectedly looked right in Fang Yuan's direction.

"So it was this way…" He muttered in a soft voice and the corner of his lips formed a sinister smile.

"This is bad, he seems to have sensed us and is charging towards here!" The land spirit immediately gave a warning.

Fang Yuan's eyes squinted into a slit, Mo Wu Tian was actually targeting him with an intense hostility. What are his intentions, and what did he discover?

"The chaos will only last for a some time and when Tie Mu Bai and the others don't show up, it will start creating doubt. We don't have much time, we need to immediately start with the Gu refinement! Land spirit, raise the fog. Feng Tian Yu, follow me into the main hall and help me in Gu refinement!"

They were pressed for time, Fang Yuan shouted his commands and brought Feng Tian Yu into the bronze hall.

As for the hairy men that followed Feng Tian Yu, they were left outside to surround and protect the main hall, forming into the final line of defense.

Looking at Fang Yuan and Feng Tian Yu's departing figures, Bai Ning Bing's eyes flashed with a cold light.

The fog began to rise and spread, covering the main hall quickly before covering all the dog beasts on the hill.

The bronze hall was spacious and majestic, its walls echoed back Fang Yuan and Feng Tian Yu's footsteps, making the silence and the emptiness of this place even more conspicuous.

At present, the bronze tiles on the main hall were already a scene of emptiness — most of the materials and Gu worms were already consumed in refining Gu with only a few relief sculptures remaining now.

Fang Yuan walked to the bronze cauldron with Feng Tian Yu and sat cross-legged.

"This is the final step, the true crucial moment!" He took a deep breath, his eyes as clear as water.

Feng Tian Yu's breathing, however, was rough, showing his excitement. To a refinement path Gu Master, refining an Immortal Gu was something they looked forward to the most their whole life.

"Let's start." Fang Yuan took out the false second aperture Gu and directly threw it into the bronze cauldron.

The bronze cauldron burned without fire, the thin layer of immortal essence on its bottom started to rapidly decrease and combust!

It combusted and formed into a blue smoke that gracefully rose and covered the false second aperture Gu.

The false Gu floated above the bronze cauldron and was turned into dazzling yellow light by this blue smoke.

Fang Yuan and Feng Tian Yu concentrated all their attention into blending the blue smoke and the yellow light.

After an unknown period of time, the blue smoke turned into beads of grass that floated in the air and started growing. The yellow light turned into flowers that fluttered and fell into the grass.

"It is time!" Fang Yuan took out a dagger and cut his artery, bleeding out his own essence blood.

This step was extremely important; only with this step, could the refined second aperture Gu become Fang Yuan's. Otherwise, it would be an ownerless object that would fly away once it was refined.

Large amounts of essence blood infused into smoke. The blue smoke and yellow light immediately let out sizzling sounds and turned into a red cloud like a wave of blood sea.

The blood surged and turned into a sphere that floated in the air without spreading.

The cloud was continuously evolving: Blood sea gradually calmed down and formed a field, a large expense of red paddy that was scarlet like blood grew from the field.

Fang Yuan let out a breath of turbid air at this and promptly used a Gu to heal his wounds.

Even so, he had lost a huge amounts of blood and his face had turned wan.

"Wild grass grow wildly, the qi of blood like the sea. Three hundred years as spring, five hundred years as autumn. With unlimited divine opportunity, swim and roam in the wilds, adding in third watch, and another third watch, obtaining nine. Nine as extreme, the refinement is complete!"

He already knew the recipe inside out, but still recalled it once more now.

"Three hundred years as spring, five hundred years as autumn… next, it is lifespan Gu! Ba Gui!" Fang Yuan shouted.

The land spirit was already on standby and immediately took out two lifespan Gu at Fang Yuan's call.

These lifespan Gu were one large and one small like ginseng or tree roots and gave a crude sense of touch.

The small was three hundred years lifespan Gu; it was like a blue snake that had formed into a round loop, it could increase a Gu Master's lifespan by three hundred years with no side-effects. The large one was like a young dragon that wanted to fly to the sky, bearing its claws; it could raise the lifespan by five hundred years and similarly with no side-effects.

The worth of these two Gu was self-evident. Feng Tian Yu's eyes blossomed with light and his whole body shook at the sight of these two Gu.

Fang Yuan first threw in the three hundred years lifespan Gu into the cloud.

The cloud swallowed the lifespan Gu and immediately started raging like boiling water.

Right now, the cloud seemed to have become a blue scaled long snake that attempted to slip out of Fang Yuan's control!

Fang Yuan was caught unprepared and almost lost his grasp on this blue snake.

When he managed to react, most parts of the blue snake had already slipped out with only its tail remaining in his hands.

Fang Yuan tightly gritted his teeth and opened his eyes wide; they were completely red!

He poured in all his attention and all his strength to tightly grasp the cloud and not let it escape.

Once the cloud escaped, all his previous effort would turn into an illusion!

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