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"Heavens, little beast king fought against seven, but actually won!"

"Even 'present age overlord' lost his life."

"The number one rising star, he is this generation's number one star of the demonic path!"

There was an uproar in the crowd, many discussed and whispered to each other.

Tie clan's four old-timers released their aura and started attacking one after another. However, Fang Yuan flapped his wings and lightly evaded them, his nimbleness causings gasps of amazement in the crowd.

"You old-timers, I have still not settled the score with you for trapping me." Bai Ning Bing slowly walked over with a grim expression. She casted a glance at Fang Yuan; her gaze hiding complex feelings.

In these days when she was trapped, Fang Yuan had grown so much!

Not only had his cultivation advanced to middle stage, he also held such skilled flying techniques. Looking at this control, Southern Border now had one more flying expert, how did he manage to accomplish all this?

Bai Ning Bing had once thought of training her flying skills. However, the matter regarding flying was too troublesome; the amount of practice needed was huge and at the same time, it was very time-consuming and needed a long period of grinding. The amount of energy spent was huge but would provide little results in a short period. Bai Ning Bing thus did not do it.

She had never expected Fang Yuan to be able to train his flying ability to such a level without any signs or words!

This was surpassing all common sense!

"Could it be that he had some mystical encounter in three kings inheritance?" Bai Ning Bing naturally considered this point.

In truth, there was no need for Fang Yuan to explain it, many people would connect his performance to three kings inheritance.

With Tie clan's four old-timers revoking iron cabinet Gu, Bai Ning Bing was free.

Now, with the coordination of Fang and Bai, the situation had become extremely dangerous.

The four old-timers were on their guard, tightly protecting Tie Ruo Nan's iron cabinet Gu in the center and guarding against Fang Yuan and Bai Ning Bing.

Fang Yuan felt somewhat unresigned as he looked at the iron cabinet Gu.

Tie Ba Xiu had failed at the last moment while retreating. And Fang Yuan had also failed at last step while chasing them because he was not able to claim Tie Ruo Nan's life. No doubt, she was a threat.

"But without Tie Ruo Nan, I could not have killed Tie Ba Xiu so easily. At this point, I can only let it go." Fang Yuan revealed increasing killing intent on outside, but his battle intent was already dispersing.

He had been engaged in intense battle and the primeval essence in his aperture was already inadequate, while Tie clan's four old-timers were in perfect condition.

At the same time, there were too many spectators, many wolves were preying in the dark and gain some benefits. Even Li Xian had such plans let alone others.

'It is time to stop.' Fang Yuan heaved a sigh inwardly before shouting in a clear voice, "Tie clan's four old-timers, my partner killed one of your clansmen and you trapped her till now. I have killed six of your clansmen, how long will you trap me?"

Tie clan's four old-timers' eyes twitched when they heard this clear provocation.

"Little beast king, don't go too far! You killed our Tie clansmen, killed Elder Ba Xiu and chased Tie clan's young master; you are already our Tie clan's sworn enemy. I hereby swear, I shall use the rest of my life and pay any price to capture you and throw you inside Demon Suppression Tower, and make sure you suffer endless torment and punishment!" The head of the four old-timers roared in anger.

Although he said so, he did not dare to act rashly.

The battle prowess little beast king revealed greatly shocked him. And if you add Bai Ning Bing on top of that…

"Hahaha, alright. Since it is so, then I shall also view Tie clan as my sworn enemy! From now on, as long as it is a Tie clansman, I will kill one if I see one and will kill two if I see two!" Fang Yuan laughed wildly before flapping his wings and leaving.

Under the disappointed gazes of many Gu Masters that had ulterior motives, he left of his own accord.

Bai Ning Bing also left.

The outcome of this battle spread over the whole San Cha mountain at lightning speed.

What kind of place was San Cha mountain at present?

It was a place where three kings inheritance appeared; a place which was paid attention to by countless clans, righteous path members and demonic path members.

Soon after that, the battle report of Fang Yuan taking on seven Tie clansmen by himself and killing Tie Ba Xiu was spread throughout the whole Southern Border.

Fang Yuan's reputation soared!

"This kid actually killed Tie Ba Xiu? Is this news reliable?"

In Yan clan, when young master Yan Jun heard this report from his subordinate, he almost did not dare to believe his ears.

Who was Tie Ba Xiu?

He had been famous for a long time and was known as the 'present age overlord'. He possessed earth overlord Gu and had a fighting strength that surpassed normal rank four peak stage!

He was a cornerstone of Tie clan, one of the top clans, and was an expert who could take charge of a region by himself.

But he was actually chased and killed by little beast king Fang Zheng, a junior that only had rank four middle stage cultivation?

"This little beast king can surpass realms to battle and killed Tie Ba Xiu. Who in the world is he? I have never heard of him before." Yan Jun asked with a frown.

His subordinate quickly reported: "Young master, you entered an Immemorial Era's phantom path inheritance and was in closed cultivation for five years, not knowing about Fang Zheng is also normal. This person is only around twenty years old and is a genius rising star of the demonic path that only came to fame in the recent years…"

"Little beast king Fang Zheng? The youngsters these days are really terrifying! The new waves are constantly replacing the old waves, while the old waves die by the shore. Tsk tsk…"

In a forest, Feng Tian Yu slowly walked forward while thinking of the news he had just received, mixed within his sighs was a trace of fiery passion.

"I heard the reason little beast king could grasp flying methods and grow up so quick was because he received some benefits from three kings inheritance! Three kings inheritance…"

Feng Tian Yu thought of this and felt a desire to immediately rush towards San Cha mountain.

He was a famous refinement path Gu Master in Southern Border. King Xin Inheritance perfectly matched him.

"Fang Zheng actually fought against seven and killed six Tie clansmen including Tie Ba Xiu?!" As one of the five great experts of Shang clan, the moment Elder Yi Huo came out from inheritance, he received this incredulous news.

Tie Ba Xiu's fighting strength was equal to his. Fang Yuan was able to kill Tie Ba Xiu, does that mean Fang Yuan could similarly kill him?

How could this be?

But the cold hard truth overruled all doubts and claims!

After Yi Huo found out even more details, he slowly came to an understanding: "So he has learnt flying and can use it in battle. No wonder he was able to fight against seven and kill Tie Ba Xiu…"

To Gu Masters, grasping flying methods and being able to use them in battle meant their fighting strength would soar qualitatively.

Humans were creatures that walked on ground and did not have wings. Even Ren Zu did not have ability to fly. Being able to fly by itself was a miracle in defiance of heaven.

If one could fly, then the encirclement tactics on the ground would possess almost no threat.

The wide sky would become the stage that allowed the flying Gu Masters to travel freely. They could attack and defend, advance and retreat; firmly grasping control of the battle.

There were famous flying Gu Masters in Southern Border; Fei You Wang, Lan Mei He and Hong Fei Yu. They were feared by people, battling with them was extremely troublesome and no one wished to make an enemy out of them.

Yi Huo had deep impression of flying Gu Masters.

Because there was a perfect example near him, that was Wei Yang.

Wei Yang was called light swordsman, he could evade as fast as light and quick as lightning. He was also a flying Gu Master!

His aptitude was inadequate and only had rank three peak stage cultivation, but he was able to become a major figure of Shang clan, one of the five experts and was equally famous as Yi Huo, a rank four peak stage Gu Master!

Once, Yi Huo had felt it was a disgrace to be listed together with Wei Yang in the five experts, thus he challenged him to a fight. The result was depressing for him, Wei Yang moved around the battlefield unobstructed, and he could simply do nothing to him!

"If we only look at flying speed, Wei Yang can be said to be the number one in Southern Border, little beast king cannot compare to him. Recently with clan leader's help, Wei Yang has advanced to rank four…"

Yi Huo felt the pressure in his mind increasing by a layer as he thought of this.

The five great experts of Shang clan were not a united group, they each had their respective factions and were always contending against each other.

Yi Huo accepted the command to come to San Cha mountain in order to establish great merits and become a clansman of Shang clan, obtaining the resources within Shang clan's living treasure door and advance one step to become a rank five Gu Master!

"Fang Yuan's battle strength increased greatly with the ability to fly while that Tie Ba Xiu is weak at long range battle and was also concerned about Tie Ruo Nan, thus being killed by little beast king. If we talk of true battle prowess, Tie Ba Xiu surpasses little beast king. It is a pity I cannot recruit little beast king anymore!" Yi Huo felt extremely regretful when he understood this.

The battle prowess Fang Yuan displayed might not equal his, but with flying methods, Yi Huo also could not do anything to him.

Forcing little beast king simply would not work. Instead, it would ruin his reputation since Fang Yuan was Shang clan's purple thorn esteemed guest.

Besides this, there was also another reason: Tie clan.

Little beast king had now serious offended Tie clan!

The losses to Tie clan were huge and they would certainly deal with little beast king, there was no room for compromising. Moreover, Fang Yuan proclaimed in an extremely arrogant tone in front of everyone that he would kill Tie clansmen if he saw them.

If Yi Huo really recruited little beast king, it would be equal to offending Tie clan.

Tie clan was also a top clan like Shang clan, a major party of the righteous path. At that time, Yi Huo would have to endure pressure from both Tie clan and Shang clan's higher-ups.

"Little beast king definitely grasped some secrets of the three kings inheritance! Otherwise, how could he suddenly gain such profound flying techniques?!" Li Xian was sitting on his seat, his eyes narrowed to a slit, sharp light flickering endlessly inside them.

He had all the details regarding Fang Yuan. However, Fang Yuan suddenly grasping flying methods was simply inconceivable and broke all common sense.

"Even if he bitterly trained in Shang clan city, it is not possible that there were not even a single trace of information about it. Also, he was only there for a few years, how could he have such such a powerful flying tool? Could it be…" Hu Mei Er also pondered from the side.

"Three kings inheritance!" A ray of divine light seemed to pass through his mind and caused Li Xian to blurt out.

In a split second —

The matter about little beast king earning huge profits at Shang clan city by relying on information about three kings inheritance...

The matter of him intentionally delaying the rescue of Bai Ning Bing and entering three kings inheritance...

And also all of the battle gains he brought out from the inheritance each time...

All these events converged in Li Xian's mind and formed a clear clue — little beast king definitely held some secrets about the three kings inheritance. The time flow inside three kings inheritance was different from the outside world, it was a Gu Immortal blessed land! The reason he could grasp flying methods was definitely due to three kings inheritance!

"That must be it, Fang Zheng holds the secrets of three kings inheritance!" Hu Mei Er also came to a realization. Her thought of charming Fang Yuan and making him become her sexual slave suddenly became even more appealing.

Fang Yuan had his previous life memories and naturally grasped the secrets of three kings inheritance. In this secret discussion, Li Xian and Hu Mei Er had accidentally speculated the truth.

"The problem is since we know this, how do we obtain even more benefits? Little beast king has already grown and even Tie Ba Xiu fell by his hands, he is not someone we can go against." Li Xian clicked his tongue as his thoughts moved rapidly.

"We cannot, but it doesn't mean others cannot. Humans can be instigated, hehehe." Hu Mei Er laughed coquettishly.

"Are you saying we should leak this information?" Li Xian slightly pondered over it before suddenly slapping his thigh, "Excellent plan, it is an excellent plan!"

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