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A group of seven people silently moved through a forest.

'We have been hurrying on our way without resting all these days and are already very close to San Cha mountain.' Tie Ba Xiu thought while rushing through the forest, stepping across stones and tree roots.

He was tall and had a buff physique, on his square face was a steady expression which gave a feeling of reliability. 

His cultivation was rank four upper stage and his fame had spread throughout Southern Border. When he was young, he was spurned by the clan, pushed aside and forced to drift outside.

Then he encountered a righteous Gu Master inheritance and changed to strength path, making his name renowned in the world.

Now, he was a famous character of the righteous path. With rank five Gu 'earth overlord', he was called 'present age overlord' and had battle strength that surpassed ordinary rank four peak stage!

'At present, there are five rank four peak stage Gu Masters on San Cha mountain; Long Qing Tian, Yi Chong, Kong Ri Tian, Wu Shen Tong and Yi Huo. Among them, Yi Huo's battle prowess is very high and will be the strongest opponent. In addition to this, there will be more and more formidable characters who will join this struggle. It is just that I do not know what Tie Ruo Nan has planned.'

Thinking of this, Tie Ba Xiu could not help turning his gaze towards Tie Ruo Nan who was running beside him.

Although he had impressive battle prowess, in the group that was sent over this time by the clan, he was not the head. Rather, it was a young junior - Tie Ruo Nan!

After Tie Ruo Nan returned to the clan, she cultivated hard and displayed extremely strong aptitude and talent. Now, she was already one of the Tie clan's eight young masters. She was meticulous, sensitive to the smallest details and was already being called 'little divine investigator'. She was the strongest rising star that emerged in Tie clan these years, she was gradually soaring up and was being watched by many.

This time, when the four old-timers requested for reinforcements, the clan made an exception and appointed Tie Ruo Nan as the leader of this group. Even Tie Ba Xiu, this famous senior had to obey her orders. This showed how much the Tie clan higher ups expected from her.

Tie Ba Xiu only took a glance before retracting his gaze.

He was not in the least bit concerned about the clan's arrangement and was also not jealous.

Tie Ba Xiu was very loyal to the clan; for the clan's future hope, he was willing to be an assistant, willing to become a stepping stone.

In fact, when he was down and out, he had received Divine Investigator Tie Xue Leng's help. Tie Ba Xiu had always felt grateful towards him and with the interaction over these days, he sensed Tie Ruo Nan's brilliance.

"As expected of Divine Investigator's daughter! Big Brother Xue Leng, you have a worthy successor, you can rest assured in the afterlife." Tie Ba Xiu was gratified.

He was very satisfied with Tie Ruo Nan. Not only did he admire her cultivation talents, he admired her leadership capability even more.

Outstanding young Gu Masters had gathered around Tie Ruo Nan. Not mentioning anything else, one just needed to look at the current group of people.

Tie Mu, rank three peak stage Gu Master, looked gentlemanly and was brimming with talent. He had received many invitations but he chose to join Tie Ruo Nan.

Tie Ao Kai, rank three upper stage, he might look dazed and sleepy, but in the field of investigative ability, he had true prowess.

There was also Tie Dao Ku, an offense Gu Master with outstanding battle prowess. He had once served another young master but was now recruited by Tie Ruo Nan.

Tie Xian Hua, one of the beauties in the clan, young and beautiful. Even clan elders praised her defensive abilities.

These talents gathered under Tie Ruo Nan and would become her crew. Tie Ba Xiu seemed to see the radiant scene where this crew endlessly grew and assisted Tie Ruo Nan in ascending to the position of clan leader.

Each one of the eight young masters of Tie clan had a chance to contend for clan leader's position!

As they ran quickly, lights and shadows fluctuated in their vision and green light shone on Tie Ruo Nan's face.

Her slender legs revealed her youthful beauty as she ran through the forest.

Having gained much experiences these years, Tie Ruo Nan had clearly matured. Her brows were sharp as sword and her eyes shone like the stars; when one looked at her from the side, one could feel her power. Her thick eyelashes shaded the resolute light in her eyes.

"San Cha mountain!"

She recited this name in her mind.

She had already received news about San Cha mountain. And she was even aware that San Cha mountain had become a place of unstable changes, a struggling whirlpool that swallowed lives, engulfing countless people of both demonic and righteous paths.

Originally, Tie Ruo Nan had not thought of participating. But an unexpected information made her realize there were hidden details regarding Qing Mao mountain back then.

Her father Tie Xue Leng lost his life at Qing Mao mountain; a hero of a generation had fallen.

Anything that concerned her father, she had to check it out. Thus, she personally accepted the order and hurried to San Cha mountain.

"Bai Ning Bing… Fang Zheng… the truth about Qing Mao mountain, I will get to the bottom of it!"

The group moved forward.

The group of seven moved in an standard battle formation.

The investigative Gu Master Tie Ao Kai was at front, Tie Ruo Nan and Tie Ba Xiu was at middle. Healing Gu Master was at the rear with defensive Gu Master Tie Xian Hua beside him.

No matter what the terrain was, the battle formation showed no signs of disorder. No matter what happened, this group responded to it at the first sight and was not caught unprepared.

"Who is it?!"

Suddenly, Tie Ao Kai who was at the front stopped and shouted, alerting the group.

Something happened!

The whole group swiftly came to a stop, the formation changed slightly to form into the best battle array; it was both closely linked and was also faintly loose to leave a way for retreat.

They could attack if they progressed, and defend if they retreated.

A person who crossed his arms and was standing on a boulder, glanced down at this group of people.

He was tall, with strong back and narrow waist, although he was not exaggeratedly muscular, he still gave a feeling of sturdiness.

He was wearing tight-fitting black clothes, he was standing there alone but it felt like a mountain was standing.

Especially, his black pupils, they were dark as abyss and gave an unfathomable feeling.

"Fang Zheng!" Tie Ruo Nan's pupils shrunk when she saw this person and blurted out.

This person was indeed Fang Yuan.

"Tie Ruo Nan, we meet again." The corner of Fang Yuan's lips curled up into a smile, a grim intent was revealed from his expression.

Little beast king!

Tie Ba Xiu's eyes narrowed and a severe light flashed past them.

The other five people of the group were behaving like they were facing a great enemy. They were very well equipped with intel and knew the person in front of them; a rising star of the demonic path with outstanding battle prowess, his actions were wild and unrestrained - an extremely dangerous character!

"Fang Zheng, I trust you have been since we last met?" Tie Ruo Nan revealed a complicated expression on her face and continued after a sigh, "Fang Zheng, you came to compromise? Actually, there is nothing to it. I know the struggles of three kings inheritance, you either live or die, there are no ways for retreat. Bai Ning Bing ran into my Tie clan's Gu Master and killed him in as a last-ditch move. I have friendly relations with you both, how about this, come to Tie clan as a guest, explain the matter clearly and redeem this sin by doing some assignments for Tie clan. I can plea for leniency for you and Tie clan won't pursue this matter anymore."

When she was speaking, Tie Ao Kai nervously activated his Gu to secretly scan his surroundings.

It was truly strange Fang Yuan appeared alone. Maybe there were others lying in ambush!

Fang Yuan could not help but sneer at Tie Ruo Nan's words: "Sin? She only killed a person, what sin is there? The only slight difference is this person has a somewhat tougher background, that's all. Tie Ruo Nan, I didn't think you were so childish. Thinking of luring me into going to Tie clan, and capture me there? When I enter Tie clan, I will be a dragon swimming in shallow water, a tiger moving in plain sight , wouldn't I be completely at your mercy then?"

Tie Ruo Nan deeply furrowed her brows: "Fang Zheng, you have changed a lot over these years. You feel no guilt over killing a person? Anyway, I am not telling lies. I pledge on my honor that I will guarantee your safety and guarantee you will be given fair trial."

Fang Yuan scoffed: "Is your Tie clan considered safe? At the moment, Divine Thief Lu Zuan Feng has been causing havoc at Tie clan, even infiltrating Demon Suppression Tower. Your Tie clan can't even help yourselves, can you guarantee my safety? Laughable, truly laughable."

"What? The clan has kept the news regarding Divine Thief Lu Zuan Feng confidential. He is an outsider and has also been staying far away here at San Cha mountain, how could he be so clear of the matter?"

The seven people of Tie clan turned pale.

Divine Thief Lu Zuan Feng was a rank five expert, the matter of him infiltrating Demon Suppression Tower had already caused a lot of disturbance in Tie clan's higher ups.

Tie clan had always viewed itself as the holy land of the righteous path, its Demon Suppression Tower was even a renowned prison for the demonic path, but Lu Zuan Feng entered and left it as he pleased. This level of humiliation and disgrace was tightly guarded and kept a secret by Tie clan; even top clans like Wu clan and Shang clan had no knowledge of it.

However, this little beast king unexpectedly knew it!

"Do you really believe such nonsense?" Tie Ba Xiu could not help but refuse it as it concerned the reputation of Tie clan.

"Leader, there are no one in the surroundings, he is alone." At this time, Tie Ao Kai reported in a soft voice.

A bright light immediately flashed through Tie Ruo Nan's mind and she fixed her gaze at Fang Yuan: "Fang Zheng, I understand your intent. You want to use this information to blackmail us and exchange for Bai Ning Bing's life? We can do that! But we need to know how you you came to know about this secret. Otherwise, we will absolutely not let her go."

Fang Yuan threw his head back and laughed loudly: "Tie Ruo Nan, you are truly naive. I just spoke those words casually. You still don't understand the purpose of me coming here? Don't you know there is a battle tactic called besiege an enemy stronghold in order to strike at the reinforcements ?"

"What, you want to go against us?" Tie Ruo Nan's pupils slightly widened, revealing an inconceivable expression.

The others also looked at Fang Yuan as if they were looking at an idiot.

We are a group of seven while you are just by yourself. We have rank four upper stage senior Tie Ba Xiu, rank four initial stage Tie Ruo Nan, and five rank three Gu Masters, each of them an expert. Just you alone wants to go against us?

"Has this little beast king lost his mind? Is there a problem with his brain?" For a moment, everyone had this thought.

Fang Yuan knew their thoughts as he looked at the change in their expression and eyes.

He did not feel like refuting them. With a cold smile, he suddenly pounced towards the group from high above like a northern goshawk.

"He really attacked?"

"Looking for death!"

The seven people were both startled and furious.

"No, this aura, how could he be at rank four middle stage?!"

Next instance, the seven all felt their hearts thump as they sensed the aura on Fang Yuan.

Facts speak louder than words.

"Rank four middle stage! Not initial stage?" Tie Ruo Nan's eyes opened wide and was stunned at the revelation.

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