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A Gu worm floated above Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan's primeval sea slowly fell as he activated this Gu.

This Gu was like a black bone, its two ends were round and smooth, with a thin body. It was emitting black rays of light while floating in the air.

The black light shone upon Fang Yuan's body, passed through his skin and flesh, and brought changes in his skeleton.

Fang Yuan had already used iron bone Gu, his skeleton was pitch black and was firm like iron. But under the effect of this Gu, his skeleton slowly became more firm.

This was essence iron bone Gu, a rank four Gu; one could get iron bone Gu by reverse-refining it.

Three days after handing over the ancient bronze skin Gu, Li Xian personally came to deliver this Gu to Fang Yuan.

Essence iron bone Gu could make Fang Yuan's skeleton even more firm and the effect was many times stronger than iron bone Gu. But at the same time, the process needed much more time.

Fang Yuan had been using essence iron bone continually these days along with ancient bronze skin Gu to temper his body.

In this period, he was also using nine eyes liquor worm to purify his primeval essence, refining his initial stage light gold primeval essence into bright gold primeval essence. Then he used bright gold primeval essence to cleanse his aperture and strengthen its foundation.

He made use of every minute and second, cultivating bitterly, and he could feel his strength increasing little by little every day.

"It has already been over a month since I left King Quan Inheritance. I am almost finished with using ancient bronze skin Gu, but there is still quite a distance before I completely master essence iron bone Gu. Unless I use universe path Gu to accelerate the flow of time." Fang Yuan pondered.

The so called universe path was related to time.

The Gu Masters of this path used time related Gu worms.

Third watch Gu and Spring Autumn Cicada belonged to this category.

In fact, there were far more universe path Gu than just these two. It had a full range of Gu from rank one to rank five.

Normal Gu Masters, if they did not have the patience to do this type of grinding work and wanted to speed their progress, they could ask universe path Gu Masters to help or use a universe path Gu themself to accelerate their time.

"But my situation is different from ordinary Gu Masters. I have Spring Autumn Cicada, if I accelerate my time, Spring Autumn Cicada's recovery speed will also increase and will be my death warrant!"

The time flow in Gu Immortal blessed land in San Cha mountain was three times faster than the outside world. The time Fang Yuan spent in King Quan Inheritance had already caused Spring Autumn Cicada to make some recovery, thus Fang Yuan could only patiently choose the method of bitter cultivation.

Just as he was cultivating, there came an unfamiliar voice from outside the cave.

"Little beast king, could you come out to have a chat?"

Fang Yuan walked out of the cave and saw the person clearly, he looked slightly doubtful: "So it was Elder Yi Huo."

Yi Huo was very handsome; sharp eyes, high bridged nose, and long red hair like it was on fire.

He was a fire path Gu Master who was very famous in Southern Border. People called him 'blazing inferno', his cultivation was rank four peak stage!

'Yi Huo is one of the five great elders of Shang clan, an expert under Shang Yan Fei and was ranked above light swordsman Wei Yang. The only one that could command him was Shang Yan Fei, his arrival was surely going to change the power balance of San Cha mountain.' Fang Yuan quickly thought about it and welcomed Yi Huo inside his cave.

"Little beast king, my purpose in coming here is simple, it is to invite you to join our Shang clan." Yi Huo entered the cave, but he did not sit and directly expressed his purpose in coming.

"Join your Shang clan?" Fang Yuan raised his brows, he could fully sense the swift and decisive nature of 'blazing inferno'.

"Right." Yi Huo nodded, his eyes looking straight at Fang Yuan as he smiled, "You and Bai Ning Bing have stayed for some time at Shang clan, you guys surely have deep understanding of our Shang clan's strength, so I won't say much on it. The main thing is your partner Bai Ning Bing has been trapped by the four old-timers of Tie clan for around two months now. As long as you two join Shang clan, I will immediately set out and rescue Bai Ning Bing."

His tone was filled with confidence as if rescuing Bai Ning Bing was an easy matter.

When he spoke, he was slightly smiling; his handsome face was like a perfect statue and when he revealed his teeth, it was dazzling like the sun. Many people would feel ashamed when interacting with him.

Yi Huo and Wei Yang had a similar background, they both ruled Shang clan battle stage and were absolute geniuses.

Among the five great elders of Shang clan, Yi Huo was the most popular and was also publicly recognized as the elder with the highest chance of advancing to rank five!

Fang Yuan's eyes flashed with a contemplative light.

He was not surprised at Shang clan sending Yi Huo here. Shang clan had been in control of San Cha mountain for a period of time before, but was later suppressed by Wu clan. And with the appearance of demonic path experts, Shang clan groups found it even more difficult to hold their heads up.

Under this situation, Shang clan as a top clan, would naturally send an expert to change the situation.

In Fang Yuan's previous life memories, Yi Huo was dispatched here by Shang clan. He suppressed Wu Shen Tong and Yi Chong, and defeated Kong Ri Tian and Long Qing Tian, being the ruler of San Cha mountain for a time.

But later, his dominance drove Long Qing Tian anxious. Long Qing Tian used blue halo Gu and poisoned him. He had no choice but to return to Shang clan city to be treated by Doctor Su Shou.

However, this time, Yi Huo came to San Cha mountain to recruit him. This was beyond Fang Yuan's expectation.

"Lord Yi Huo, I wonder if this invitation came from Shang clan or it is your own thought?" Fang Yuan's gaze flashed, and asked.

"Hahaha, of course it is my own thought. Fang Zheng, you created a lot of commotion at Shang clan battle stage, and almost became the ruler of battle stage. I have been watching you, you are a genius! If you join Shang clan, it will be greatly beneficial to you." Yi Huo laughed loudly and replied.

Fang Yuan smiled as the trace of doubt he had melted away.

"Sir Yi Huo, from what I know, Shang clan's external elders don't have the authority to recommend talents, right?"

External elder, this title made Yi Huo slightly furrow his brows: "You are right. But if you can become the ruler of the battle stage, you can become an external elder of Shang clan. With your talent, I believe the title of the ruler of battle stage is just a matter of time for you."

Fang Yuan could not help but scoff, and did not reply.

Yi Huo's brows furrowed deeper, this scoff sounded ear-piercing to him.

He patiently said: "Fang Zheng, I will tell you the truth. Before I came here, lord clan leader made a promise to me. As long as I accomplish great accomplishments at San Cha mountain and take control of the situation, I will be bestowed a surname when I return to Shang clan city. At that time, I will no longer be Yi Huo, but Shang Huo. I will become a true elder of Shang clan and I will have the authority to recommend talents."

"Eh? So it was like that…" Fang Yuan clearly revealed a surprised expression, his gaze flickered and he sank into contemplation.

Yi Huo waited for a long time but after getting no response from Fang Yuan, his brows furrowed even deeper and he took the initiative to ask: "Have you thought it through?"

Fang Yuan shook his head: "This matter is too significant, I need to consider it properly."

Yi Huo's brows relaxed a little: "Since that is so, then I will give you three days. I will come here again after three days, I hope to get a satisfactory reply then."

"Alright." Fang Yuan nodded in agreement and accompanied Yi Huo out of the cave.

Three days later.

"You still haven't thought it through?" Yi Huo looked at Fang Yuan with some doubts.

"This is a serious matter, I really need to properly consider it." Fang Yuan answered with a heavy voice.

"Alright, I will give you three more days. Fang Zheng, I think highly of you."

Another three days later.

"Lord Yi Huo, I have thought over this matter over and again. I appreciate your good intent but I still prefer the freedom of the demonic path." Fang Yuan sincerely replied.

"What? You thought for three days and this is your answer?" Yi Huo's tone showed his fury.

"Lord Yi Huo, you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink." Fang Yuan's gaze was profound and there was severity within his soft words.

Yi Huo gritted his teeth and said with a deep voice: "Fang Zheng, you need to think it clearly. The four old-timers of Tie clan are not easy opponents. If I don't help out, everything bodes ill for Bai Ning Bing. Besides this, Sky Tiger Xue San Si whom you killed is Century Boy's goddaughter. Century Boy has been watching you all this while, he is a wood path Gu Master at rank four upper stage and is a thorny character of demonic path."

"Eh? So it was like that." Fang Yuan showed hesitation, "Then… let me consider it again. Give me ten days of time to think it through."

"Ten days?" Yi Huo immediately wrinkled his brows.

"Fine." He thought for a while and nodded, "This is enough time for you to think everything through clearly. I believe you will make the most sensible choice. But I have to remind you that time cannot be dragged on further, your woman is in crisis. Anything can happen during this time."

Yi Huo considered Bai Ning Bing as Fang Yuan's woman which Fang Yuan felt was quite laughable.

Whether Bai Ning Bing died or not, it was not an especially important matter to him.

Anyway, the poison vow Gu was already destroyed and he had also matured, reaching rank four initial stage.

Saving Bai Ning Bing or not, it depended on his will.

But if there was no Bai Ning Bing, Fang Yuan would become a lone force and it would definitely create a negative influence on his plans at San Cha mountain.

"There is no need to go save Bai Ning Bing urgently, I should still focus on cultivating and advance forward. I have already no need for the bone flesh unity Gu. As for Bai Ning Bing, she can be outside for a while and attract the attention for me. I should take this chance to surpass her, it will be convenient for me to suppress her in future. And with so many eyes watching the situation, those four old foxes of Tie clan absolutely won't move in for the kill."

Fang Yuan saw the whole situation clearly.

"As for Yi Huo's invitation… hehe."

Ten days later.

"Lord Yi Huo, thank you for your good intention. These days, I have pondered restlessly and from every angle, but I still feel that being free is the best." Fang Yuan wore an earnest expression as he said this.

Yi Huo's expression naturally became unsightly: "Fang Zheng, you have been doing this over and over again, are you playing with me?"

"Lord Yi Huo, your words are not right. I have always been sincere with you. I understand your mood. But right now, the most important thing is three kings inheritance. There is already not much time left before the next opening of the inheritance."

With the mention of the opening of three kings inheritance, Yi Huo could only suppress the anger in his heart. He took a deep look at Fang Yuan and left the cave.

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