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The fog ahead was thick.

Fang Yuan was walking in the fog, beside him, there was a large dog group.

Eleven hedgedogs, a hundred and thirty-two lightning symbol dogs, seventeen chrysanthemum akita dogs. Other than that, there was a hundred beast king, big lightning symbol dog.

Restricted by the heavenly power, the dog group followed Fang Yuan silently, quiet and obedient, not making a sound.

In the world of the fog, all was silent.

It was so silent that Fang Yuan hear his own breathing.

Although he had endured twenty rounds, and the dogs in his hand had reached the highest so far, Fang Yuan was not optimistic.

"In this three kings inheritance, every ten rounds, the difficulty would rise by many times. Although I have more than a hundred dogs now, to survive the next ten rounds and get to the thirtieth round on my first attempt, it will not be easy."

Thirty rounds, that was Fang Yuan's goal for his first attempt in King Quan inheritance.

In his previous life, the three kings inheritance was only completely rung dry after many years. Fang Yuan would have to spend quite a bit of time on San Cha mountain, it was not realistic to attempt to get the inheritance in one go.

Three kings inheritance, all three were tough. Even if Fang Yuan had a hundred beast king, and over a hundred dogs, he could only stabilize his current position.

In the future rounds, if he got careless in any of them, he might lose everything, losing the dogs that he had painstakingly subdued, and even his life.

A demonic inheritance was this cruel.

"This King Quan inheritance, the deeper we go, the more advantageous it is for an enslavement path Gu Master. I walked on the enslavement path before in my previous life, but this time, I am a strength path Gu Master."

After experiencing that dangerous battle, Fang Yuan's head was still dizzy.

Using his mental energy so intensely, spending all his energy to control the dog groups to battle, this was the backlash.

But if it was an enslavement path Gu Master who has a strong soul, such symptoms would be very small.

Gu Masters on the enslavement path enslaved beasts or worms. They have to manipulate large numbers of worms or beasts at the same time, it used up a lot of their mental energy. Thus, enslavement path Gu Masters often used a special set of Gu worms to train and increase the quality of their own soul.

In the King Quan's inheritance, the heavenly power did not restrict the soul enhancements of Gu Masters at all.

Thus, enslavement path Gu Masters had a huge advantage in King Quan Inheritance.

"But the enslavement path is very tough. Firstly, food was a huge burden, the large the size of your beast or worm group, the more food you needed. Secondly, to recruit strong worm or beasts, it is not easy. One can easily suffer a backlash, turning into an idiot. Thirdly, enslavement path Gu Masters overly rely on their beasts or worms. Their bodies are weak, and they are easily to deal with when alone." Fang Yuan analyzed in his mind.

The different styles of Gu Masters, all had their strengths and weaknesses, difficulties and advantages.

The world was changing, the world was transforming. In the current Gu world, qi path was non-existent, strength path was declining, only left with a trace of its former glory. Enslavement path was extremely ordinary, and was hard to rise up. Occasionally, some enslavement path experts rise up, but vanish like a shooting star, only brilliant for a moment.

"Enslavement path Gu Masters have a huge requirement for resources. It is tiring on the mind and body, even a middle-sized clan cannot afford to feed an enslavement path Gu Master. At most, large or super clans would choose to nurture a few enslavement path Gu Masters for war purposes. Within the demonic path, it is even harder for enslavement path Gu Masters to survive, barely any even exists. That is why I did not choose this path."

Fang Yuan calmed his spirit, focusing his mind.

After a while, he felt his head clearing up, as the dizziness faded.

He opened his eyes, looking around.

To his left, right, and front, there was a light shadow each.

Earlier, the light shadows were a blur. But after twenty rounds, they became extremely clear.

The left shadow was a group of chrysanthemum akita dogs, around two hundred of them. Some sprawled on the ground and rested, some were playing, while the rest were drinking milk from their mother.

Fang Yuan concentrated his gaze, looking intensely.

The beast kings of the chrysanthemum akita dogs were different from others, the stronger they were, the smaller their bodies.

Especially in a chaotic battlefield, the beast king mixes in with the dog groups, and become hidden. It was a good way to protect itself.

'Where can the hundred beast king be?" Fang Yuan looked around, and suddenly the light shadow changed, showing a Gu.

This Gu was fist-sized, shaped like a pebble, dark brown in color. Its surface was smooth, like it had a layer of oil.

"Dog guts Gu." Fang Yuan recognised this Gu at the first second: "Appearing after the beast group, that means that if I choose this group of chrysanthemum akita dogs, and attain victory, I will get a dog guts Gu…"

A while later, this light shadow vanished.

Fang Yuan did not make his decision, but looked at the middle one.

The light shadow in front of him was showing a black-ish dog group.

These dogs were barking at each other, charging and crashing together. It showed the ferocity and violent nature of this type of dog.

This was the steel armor dog.

There was a leather armor on this type of dog, the leather armor was dark and heavy, like steel, it had strong defenses.

In the process of growing up, the dogs would knock into one another, to reduce the intense itchiness of their bodies growing bigger.

The hundred beast king of the steel armor dog had the same size as the big lightning symbol dog. It was very noticeable among the dog groups, Fang Yuan found it almost immediately.

Immediately after, the light shadow flashed, and a Gu appeared.

This Gu, Fang Yuan was familiar with it; he had used it earlier.

Rank two dog enslavement Gu.

"If I choose the steel armor dog group and win, I get a dog enslavement Gu…"

Fang Yuan muttered, turning his gaze to the right.

In the light shadow on the right, there was no dogs at all. Instead, it showed a mountainous scene, with grey-white mountain rocks and cliffs, green trees swaying with the wind.

After a while, this image vanished, not showing a Gu like before.

"This is a chance to leave the King Quan Inheritance." Fang Yuan knew in his heart.

King Quan Inheritance was created inside the blessed land, Gu Masters who enter were restricted by the heavenly power, unable to enter or leave at will.

But the three kings inheritance was not a place without exits, there was a hope of survival in it.

At every set interval, there would be a chance to retreat from the inheritance.

Just like this time, if Fang Yuan chose the right side, when he leaves the fog, he would be transported out.

He would appear at the mountainous area as shown in the light shadow, and this mountain waist was not far away, it was somewhere on San Cha mountain.

But Fang Yuan did not choose the right side.

"I have the resources on me to continue forward. It is too much of a pity if I leave now. Of course, there might not be a chance for me to leave later."

This was also a formless test.

Many Gu Masters, although they had strength, in order to stay safe, they decided to give up and leave the inheritance, wasting such a good opportunity.

Some Gu Masters had no talent, but went forward recklessly, missing the opportunity to retreat, they die in regret.

Fang Yuan had never lacked courage, he gave up this opportunity resolutely. To him, there was only two options.

"To the left, it is the chrysanthemum akita dogs. This dog is most united, and the location of the dog king is unknown. If I win, I get a dog guts Gu. Dog guts Gu is a rank two supplementary Gu of the enslavement path. It is used on dogs, once activated, it allows the courage and morale of my dogs in a certain range to rise, sweeping away their fear and drawing out their complete battle strength."

Fang Yuan thought about his previous match.

He was forced to use the lightning symbol dogs to attack the big lightning symbol dog. In the end, the lightning symbol dogs were fearful and battled in trepidation, having much less battle strength than normal. Fang Yuan had to waste his mental energy to force them to fight, causing his mind to feel exhausted.

Beast kings suppressed and generated fear in ordinary wild beasts.

But if Fang Yuan had used the dog guts Gu earlier, using it on the lightning symbol dogs.

These lightning symbol dogs would feel extremely courageous, no longer fearful and could execute brave attacks towards the big lightning symbol dog.

Thus, the dog guts Gu, although not an attacking Gu, it was the best supplementary Gu. It targeted dogs, causing their courage to double or triple, raising their morale sky high!

"Dog guts Gu is only rank two, it can allow ordinary dogs to suppress their fear towards hundred beast kings. Above that would be the rank three dog guts above mountain Gu, able to resist the fear towards a thousand beast king. At rank four, it would be dog guts above sea Gu, able to resist the aura of a myriad beast king. If it can rise to rank five, it would be the infamous dog guts above heaven Gu! It can cause dogs to go into a frenzy, going crazy and attacking like a tsunami, even having the courage to overturn the emperor of dogs…"

Fang Yuan knew clearly, and even knew that in King Quan Inheritance, there were rank one to five Gu of the dog guts series.

In his previous life, many people had obtained the rank three and four dog guts Gu, and there was even a lucky person who obtained the one and only rank five dog guts above heaven Gu.

"If I want to conquer the King Quan Inheritance, the dog guts Gu is necessary."

Fang Yuan had to admit, he had always had a desire towards dog guts Gu.

But his steps did not move to the left, but instead, moved forward —

He chose the steel armor dog group.

Although he wanted the dog guts Gu badly, he was not overwhelmed by greed.

The chrysanthemum akita dogs were extremely united, they were extremely strong in group battles, it would be a tough battle. At the same time, they dog king hid itself very well, Fang Yuan could not find it, it would be a huge threat.

But the steel armor dogs were different.

Their dog king was very apparent, and in Fang Yuan's hands, he had a special tool that was extremely effective against steel armor dogs.

Fang Yuan walked out of the fog, and the steel armor dog group was vigilant, immediately having a reaction.

As the hundred beast king, big steel armor dog howled, causing the dogs to run and gather by its side.

During the whole process, Fang Yuan observed silently.

He did not attack like before, because last time, he had a rank two dog enslavement Gu, but now he did not have it anymore.

He needed to exterminate this group of dogs to pass this round, and get a dog enslavement Gu as a reward.

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