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"What do we do master?" The steward frantically ran towards Zhou Quan, asking for instructions.

Zhou Quan was shocked awake earlier, seeing that Fang Yuan created a din his house, he was livid.

"This Fang Zheng is completely lawless, he actually dared to use force in Shang clan city! Wait… this aura, rank four, oh god, how old is he, he advanced to rank four already?"

Zhou Quan observed secretly, but suddenly his eyes opened wide, as he was completely stunned.

He was once a rank four Gu master, the leader of a clan. But he only reached rank four realm when he was near fifty years old. Fang Yuan's age was well known in the battle stage, he was only twenty!

What godly talent was this!

Zhou Quan felt lamentation and jealousy, anger and helplessness: "Fang Zheng also advanced to rank four, he is a true rank four Gu Master. He also has the purple thorn token, and has good relationships with Shang Xin Ci and Shang Chao Feng. He is too stubborn, previously he caused trouble in the slave market, but was only fined forty-nine primeval stones. He has a bright future ahead, he is likely to reach rank five. According to the rumors, even Shang Yan Fei thinks highly of him, and now the entire Shang clan is turning a blind eye to his actions. How can I compete with him? But, if I can't afford to offend him, can't I just hide?"

Thinking of this, Zhou Quan sighed, saying to his old steward: "Quickly pack our things, we're going to hide in the shop. They are coming full force at us, we have to avoid them during this period."

"Yes, master." The old steward quickly went to pack up.

A moment later, the gang flipped the manor upside down, the place which was elegant and quiet had become a warzone.

"Lord, we have searched, we did not find Zhou Quan." Xiong Tu reported.

"Mm, he must've snuck out from the backdoor. He couldn't have gone too far, he's probably hiding in the shop. But all these are within my expectations, I purposely left the backdoor intact, hehe." Fang Yuan chuckled.

Zhou Quan thought Fang Yuan would respect Shang clan and stop making trouble. But who was Fang Yuan? In his heart, even the super-size Shang clan was just a slightly larger stepping stone for his ambitions.

"Have you prepared what I instructed you to do?" Fang Yuan turned around, asking Wei De Xin.

Wei De Xin quickly responded: "It has been prepared."

"Very good." Fang Yuan waved his hand: "Let's go."

The gang left the manor, and immediately caused a commotion.

Shang clan city had always been very peaceful and safe. Fang Yuan barging into someone's home and messing it up had already attracted a lot of attention.

Moreover, Fang Yuan instructed Wei De Xin to circulate news about this matter, thus, it became an even more sensational story in the city.

Numerous passersby were attracted towards the scene.

"Go." Fang Yuan led the way, bringing his followers as he roamed the streets, purposely keeping a high profile.

Along the way, the number of passersby increased, crowding until the road was packed with people.

"Master, master, that Fang Zheng is here again." The old steward reported frightenedly.

"No need to worry, this shop is owned by Shang clan, he wouldn't have the guts to barge in here." Zhou Quan stroked his beard, calming his steward.

Before his words were finished, he heard a loud sound.

Fang Yuan had sent the door of the shop flying with a kick in front of everyone, and took large steps into the shop.

"Stop there." A group of Shang clan city guards walked out with a grim expression.

Fang Yuan and gang were so noisy, the city guards were informed long ago.

"This is a Shang clan shop, you cannot enter by force. This is violating Shang clan city rules!" The guard leader shouted as he sweated buckets.

He was on duty today, if he did not speak out, Shang clan city will pursue his irresponsibility later.

But Fang Yuan ignored him completely, walking in without heeding a word.

The others followed suit.

Bai Ning Bing stayed outside, looking coldly at the city guard leader, emitting her rank four aura: "We are going in now, so what? Can you stop us?"

This rank two leader's heart was palpitating intensely.

He gulped, as he responded with a pale expression: "Even if I cannot stop you, we have to try. This is Shang clan city, that is our responsibility. You have to know, Lord Fang Zheng's actions had violated Shang clan city's rules, chapter three article twenty-five…"

"We know, a fine right." Bai Ning Bing raised her eyebrows, as she tossed a bag of primeval stones to the leader.

"There are five hundred primeval stones inside, keep the change. We have to continue thrashing the place later, this is an advance payment." After saying that, Bai Ning Bing entered the shop as well.

The leader stood frozen on the spot, as he held that heavy bag of primeval stones, he was completely stunned by Bai Ning Bing's aura.

"Too arrogant, way too arrogant!" The passersby were roaring.

"I've never seen anyone acting so lawlessly in Shang clan city."

"Fang Zheng and Bai Ning Bing are rank four Gu Masters, they have the ability. They even have the purple thorn token backing then, who can imitate them?"

"Even if I have the strength, I wouldn't dare to. The are simply too daring! Doing this in broad daylight, really…"

As some people discussed, more of the spectators were just dumbfounded.

Some wanted to enter the shop to watch the show, but they were either blocked outside by Fang Yuan's men, or chased away by the city guards.

"Leader, do we go in?" A city guard asked softly.

"Go in for what? To let them throw primeval stones at us?!" The leader screamed: "Wait, wait for lord elder to come and settle this himself!"

Back to Fang Yuan, who was entering the shop.

"Fang Zheng, what are you trying to do? Barging into a Shang clan shop by force, do you still want to stay in Shang clan city?" Zhou Quan's face was grim as he tried to suppress Fang Yuan's dominance using the name of Shang clan.

Fang Yuan sneered, looking at Zhou Quan in disdain: "Old man, weren't you taking a nap at home? Why are you hiding here? We are both smart people, let's not beat about the bush, I am here for you. You have two choices now, submit to me, or die. Choose now."

"Hehehe. Young man, I would advise you to stop your arrogance." Zhou Quan squeezed out a smile, his prideful character taking over, refusing to lower his head: "You want to harm me, can't you see where we are right now? Hmm?"

Fang Yuan laughed loudly.

"Why are you laughing?" Zhou Quan's face was extremely ugly as he questioned.

"You've lived for so many years, your foresight is getting worse. Can't you see, I am different from Shang Xin Ci? Nevermind, I shall show you mercy and give you a chance, a chance to fully understand me."

Fang Yuan said, suddenly shouting and striking.

Zhou Quan did not expect Fang Yuan to be so uncontrollable, after being assaulted, he was immediately sent sprawling on the ground and nearly fainted.

But he still had his rich experience, quickly getting up and engaging Fang Yuan in battle.

Bam bam bam...

The sound of battle spread outside.

The crowd standing outside the shop stirred.

"They fought, they fought!"

"He really attacked, this Fang Zheng's guts are made of steel, he is too crazy."

"Zhou Quan is so unlucky to have met him."

Everyone sighed, no one thought Zhou Quan would win.

They were right.

The battle in the shop quickly ended, Zhou Quan was not Fang Yuan's match at all. He still had some hidden injuries, even though he was rank three peak stage, against the overbearing Fang Yuan, there was no way he could win.

The shop was thrashed during the fight, almost half the place was destroyed. After the smoke dispersed, everyone saw Zhou Quan sprawled on the ground, bleeding and having bone fractures, immobilized.

Fang Yuan was standing on the ground, as he stepped on Zhou Quan's head, giving off a dominating aura.

"Lord Fang Zheng, what have you done?" Three Shang clan elders came together, shouting.

"Where are your eyes? Can't you tell from looking? I'm teaching people a lesson!" Fang Yuan rolled his eyes, replying loudly.

The crowd laughed.

"Lord Fang Zheng, we are not here for jokes. This matter is too severe, do you know the consequences?" The clan elders said solemnly.

Zhou Quan who was trampled by Fang Yuan sneered, as blood flowed out of his open mouth.

"Fang Zheng was too rash!"

"He made the matter too severe, how is he going to get out of it this time."

"Although Fang Zheng is a talent, he is after all, not a Shang clansmen…"

Under everyone's gaze, Fang Yuan laughed: "Of course I know the consequences. Not only that, I also know what's the consequences of killing a person!"

Saying so, he took out the purple thorn token.

"Elders, if I murder in Shang clan city, it would ruin Shang clan's peace. According to the rules, I will lose the purple thorn token, is that right?" Fang Yuan questioned.

"Yes." An elder immediately answered.

After getting a clear answer, Fang Yuan's lips curled up as he showed a callous smile.

He exerted strength, and crushed the purple thorn token into powder.

This action caused the crowd to scream in shock, as the elders' pupils shrunk.

"Fang Zheng destroyed the purple thorn token!"

"That is a purple thorn token, he destroyed it, what a huge waste!"

"Fang Zheng abandoned even the purple thorn token, he clearly wants Zhou Quan's life…"

"Zhou Quan is too arrogant, rejecting Shang Xin Ci's invitation so many times. He angered Fang Zheng because of this, what bad luck!"

Seeing the fragments of the purple thorn token land on the ground, even hitting his own face, Zhou Quan's smile froze.

This was a purple thorn token!!

"Fang Zheng destroyed even his purple thorn token, he wants my life. Is he… he… is he insane?!"

Zhou Quan was completely horrified by Fang Yuan's madness, recklessness and insanity.

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