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"Yin cloud Gu."

In the secret room, Fang Yuan sat on the cushion, muttering as he pointed his finger forward.

Suddenly, a Gu came out of his aperture like a flash of light.

The moment it appeared, it lightly exploded, turning into a dark black cloud.

This cloud sank quickly, as it circulated within itself, in the blink of an eye, it landed on the ground, and placed Fang Yuan above the cloud layer.

Fang Yuan sat on the black cloud, it was softer than the cushion, but slightly colder.

He was not surprised, stretching out his index finger and pointing to the air.

"Yang cloud Gu."

A white light tore through the air as it exploded into pure white mist.

Once the white cloud appeared, it wanted to rise, but sensed the black cloud below Fang Yuan.

The two cloud layers had a formless attraction to each other, as the black and white clouds continued to roll internally, looking after one another.

One was below Fang Yuan, while the other was above his head.

The gloomy cloud was like ink, while the bright cloud was like foam, as the two converged, lightning appeared.

Traces of blue lightning quickly flashed between these two clouds.

Initially, there was one or two traces, but they soon multiplied, growing in numbers, in a few breath's time, they formed into a field of lightning.

Fang Yuan had already activated the canopy Gu, his body covered in a white armor.

At the same time, he activated the all-out effort Gu as he casually stretched out his arm, and a wild boar phantom appeared behind him, becoming a giant boar image in the air.

Crack crack.

Once the boar phantom appeared, the lightning bolts acted like sharks attracted to blood, shooting towards it.

In an instant, the boar phantom was forcefully suppressed, shrinking to the size of a stone mill. Lightning circulated in its body, like deep blue chains that trapped it.

The rest of the lightning hit Fang Yuan's body, but was blocked by the white armor.

Fang Yuan recalled the all-out effort Gu, but this boar phantom did not vanish, like a caged bird, trapped firmly.

Under the constant attack of the lightning cage, the boar phantom started to show signs of disappearing.

Lightning, combining destruction and purification into one. After a thunderstorm, new life grows. The power of lightning specialized in destruction, and contained the destruction law fragment.

At this point, Fang Yuan was using the Yin Yang dual cloud Gu to gather lightning and remove one of his wild boar strength.

It had been three days since that auction.

Although the Yin Yang dual cloud Gu was rank three, it was an ordinary Gu bought in the shop. Other than this, he also bought some material, and after failing once, he refined the eating one's words Gu and removed the poison vow Gu on him.

Fang Yuan had once used the black and white boar Gu on Qing Mao mountain, to gain the strength of two boars.

The rank three all-out effort Gu can only summon one beast phantom at a time. After it reaches rank four, there are stronger beast phantoms available. Thus, the strength of two boars would be redundant and repetitive.

Now that Fang Yuan had excess money, he decided to optimize his body.

To get rid of this boar phantom, it would take some time, at least nineteen days. The cooperation of the Yin Yang dual cloud Gu to summon lightning was the most common and cheap method.

Beast phantoms are the law fragments lurking in a person's body. To get rid of them, it would take some effort.

Fang Yuan carefully used the Yin cloud Gu and Yang cloud Gu, as both clouds moved rapidly, like two thick carpets filling the entire secret room.

One white cloud covered the ceiling. One black cloud covered the floor.

In the middle, lightning struck, bolts of blue lightning connected the two clouds and trapped the boar phantom as it slowly disintegrated.

A soft 'crack crack' sound, different from loud thunder, could be heard continuously.

To get rid of this boar phantom, it would take a while, but now Fang Yuan called out another Gu.

This Gu was like a dragonfly, three pairs of wings, palm size. It had four colors that shone brilliantly: jade green, sapphire blue, gold and bright red.

This was the instant success Gu, its body containing the Dao mark of time. As the name suggests, it can speed up the flow of time, it was a rank four consumable Gu.

Fang Yuan split his mind into three, controlling the Yin Yang dual cloud Gu, activating his primeval essence, and injecting them into the instant success Gu.

His primeval sea level fell drastically, eighty, seventy, sixty percent…

Instant success Gu was a rank four Gu, with his rank three initial stage cultivation, it was tough for Fang Yuan to activate it.

When his light silver primeval essence fell to thirty percent, Fang Yuan halted his primeval essence usage, and the heavenly essence treasure lotus slowly opened up, as natural essence gushed out from it, instantly infected by Fang Yuan's aura and becoming his light silver primeval essence.

His primeval sea level started to rise, forty, fifty, sixty percent…

Rinse and repeat, after his primeval sea level fell and rose several times, the instant success Gu was finally full, and once activated, it gave off a dazzling light show.

This colorful display of lights shone on the Yin Yang dual cloud Gu and the beast phantom, dying the secret room with a rainbow color.

The boar phantom's disintegration accelerated.

Originally, the speed of disintegration was almost unnoticeable by the naked eye. But now, like a snowball rolling down a mountain, the speed increased drastically.

After more than ten breaths' time, the wild boar phantom was completely destroyed.

After confirming it, Fang Yuan quickly stopped using the instant success Gu, and kept his Yin Yang dual cloud Gu.

He could return the Yin Yang dual cloud Gu back to the shop, with the purple thorn token, as long as it is within three days, Fang Yuan can return the Gu and get back the same amount he paid. It was safer than borrowing a Gu from people, and he would not make any loss.

If he borrowed a Gu, the initiative is in their hands, with just a thought, they can take back the Gu in an instant, there would be nothing Fang Yuan could do.

As for the instant success Gu.

After the lights were dimmed as much as possible, its three pair of wings only had two left, and its entire body was slowly vanishing.

Once this Gu was used, it could not be stopped, the lights will continue to shine and accelerate time accordingly. Fang Yuan reducing the light intensity would only prolong its remaining time.


Fang Yuan made use of his remaining time, next, he activated the galloping horse strength Gu.

This Gu was rank three, able to modify a Gu Master's body and form a horse strength phantom for him.

Under the influence of the galloping horse strength Gu, Fang Yuan's body felt numb as the fragment of the strength law started to reside in his body.

This process would last two to three months normally, it was time consuming.

But now, Fang Yuan still had the instant success Gu.

He breathed in deeply, releasing the restraints on the instant success Gu, and a dazzling light shone on him immediately.

The numb feeling intensified at once, the two to three months of torture assaulted him, turning into a painful numb feeling.

Fang Yuan gritted his teeth, after five minutes, his body was drenched in sweat.

But the horse strength phantom had successfully taken root in his body. After removing the strength of a boar, he added the strength of a horse!

The instant success Gu's light dimmed again, it had lost another wing in this process, it only had one pair of wings plus another half a piece.

But Fang Yuan paid a much greater price.

Instant success Gu had a great drawback, that is, in this short period, he lost three months of lifespan!


Fang Yuan wiped away his sweat, ignoring the intense pain in his body and used the Gu again.

He had to make the best of his time, while the instant success Gu was still around, he had to make the best out of it.

Green bull labor Gu!

The dazzling light shone on his body again.

Fang Yuan gritted his teeth, his eyebrows squeezing tightly, as his pain was even greater than earlier, like giant waves crashing on the shore.

It was five minutes again, but this time, it was much harder to endure.

Finally, through Fang Yuan's determination, he endured through this period. His body gained the strength of a bull!

The instant success Gu now, had two wings left, both tattered and torn. Its entire dragonfly body was turning translucent, like a hologram floating in the air.

Fang Yuan felt an intense headache, his ears were buzzing and his heart was beating quickly.

"Barely any time left…"

He breathed in deeply, forcing himself to focus, as he activated the stone turtle strength Gu.

But this time, the process only lasted half the time before the lights dimmed, and vanished, as the instant success Gu's time was used up.

The secret room fell into complete darkness after the lights vanished.

The primeval sea was left with less than thirty percent of primeval essence, but under the help of the heavenly essence treasure lotus, it started to rise slowly.

Heavenly essence treasure lotus was a rank three Gu, it was a very strong assistance to the recovering of Fang Yuan's primeval essence.

Fang Yuan breathed out deeply, feeling fatigue assault him, almost draining his entire body.

Although he was seated on the cushion, his body was swaying, and he had difficulties sitting.

Activating this instant success took half a year's lifespan from him. It was a heavy price, but he managed to remove the boar phantom, and gain the strength of a bull, horse, and half a turtle!

Thankfully, he was still young, he had enough lifespan to spare.

Fang Yuan's battle strength rose sharply!

A day later, on the battle stage, Fang Yuan had his thirtieth match.


The bell announced the start of the battle.

"I admit defeat!"

His opponent shouted, ending the battle.

Thus, Fang Yuan obtained his thirtieth victory. In fifth inner city, he had thirty consecutive battles, thirty net wins, and rose to fourth inner city!

No one was surprised by this result.

The Gu Masters in fifth inner city battle stage saw him leave and sighed in relief.

"I will return this sum of money to you!" Tie Dao Ku said with a serious expression, his attitude extremely firm.

"Just a small matter, don't mind it. Brother Tie, what plans do you have now?" His friend smiled.

Tie Dao Ku showed a determined expression: "Gu Yue Fang Zheng is my target, I will not stop until I arrest him. I am going to participate in the Shang clan battle stage!"

After saying bye to his friend, Tie Dao Ku came to the battle zone alone, but heard a nightmare.

"What, Fang Yuan went to fourth inner city? Damn it!"

Tie Dao Ku clenched his fist, indignant: "Fang Zheng, do you think you can escape? Hmph, if you went to fourth inner city, so will I. Not mentioning third inner city, but do you think fifth inner city can stop me? I have to hurry, I shall have my first match today!"

"I refined the ice crystal Gu as my vital Gu. Coupled with the vitality Gu to prevent the backlash from the energy of the ice crystal, this way, my core is completed. For close range, I have ice edge Gu, and for long range, should I use snowball Gu or icicle Gu?" Bai Ning Bing thought along the way as she walked to the battle stage.

"Eh? It's you!" Tie Dao Ku saw Bai Ning Bing walk onto the stage, and was stunned before cheering: "Great! Heaven has eyes, for me to encounter you on the first match!"

Bai Ning Bing heard this, and raised her beautiful jewel-like blue eyes, and spoke in her usual cold tone: "Who are you?"

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