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No sooner said than done!

Fang Yuan moved like lightning, pouncing on Tang Qing.


A strong wind blew. Tang Qing only saw darkness in front of him, and before he was able to react, Fang Yuan's fist hit his chest.

At once, Tang Qing could feel an intense pain assaulting him, almost causing him to faint on the spot.

His ears could only hear the sound of winds brushing by, as his vision rolled back; he was sent flying by Fang Yuan's frontal assault.

When he landed, his head spun. He saw grass, then the railings of the battle stage, then his face rubbed against the dirt. As he flipped and rolled, the grass was uprooted by the friction, causing the black soil to be exposed.

His body was covered in grass and soil, the smell from the juices of the grass, the soil and fresh blood mixed together and entered his nose.

He laid on the ground, dazed. After rolling and tumbling for so long, he felt his entire body hurting.

But this feeling, was nothing compared to the intense pain on his chest!

He lowered his head to look at his chest, and breathed in cold air.

Only to see that the left side of his chest had caved in by two inches, his skin was torn and flesh was exposed, his pale rib cage could be seen, broken.

A stream of fresh blood poured out like a fountain.

Fang Yuan had great strength, and also attacked suddenly, causing Tang Qing to be severely injured.

Tang Qing stared with wide opened eyes, after the shock, hatred burst out of his heart like burning magma.

"This rascal, unscrupulous and shameless, attacking me by surprise! Causing me to be severely injured, I want to kill him, I want to tear him into pieces!"

"Go die!" Just at this moment, Tang Qing heard Fang Yuan's growls.

Fang Yuan took a few steps to arrive before Tang Qing, he raised his leg and stepped harshly at the area between Tang Qing's legs.

Tang Qing felt his vision blurring, and squinted. Fang Yuan activated the canopy Gu, and his body was covered by a white armor. Tang Qing's heart trembled.

A rank three Gu Master!

Fang Yuan had first used the breath concealment Gu, but now that he attacked, he could no longer conceal his rank three aura.

The truth directly sent Tang Qing's soul flying beyond the horizon. Such a young rank three Gu Master?!

He subconsciously activated his defense Gu, as a gust of green wind surrounded his body.

Fang Yuan had stored a lot of energy into this kick, it was supposed to smash Tang Qing's lower body part into paste. But because of the wind, the impact was greatly reduced.

"Ah!" Tang Qing opened his mouth, his face contorted as he screamed out in utter anguish.

Even with a defensive Gu, the damage he suffered was like a lightning strike, his body automatically bounced up as he sat on the ground, using both arms to shield his pants.

Fang Yuan's eyes shone with cold light, his left hand gathered into a fist and punched.

He used all his strength for this punch.

The force tore through the winds!


A fist covered in white light landed heavily on Tang Qing's face.

Tang Qing's screams came to a stop, as he rapidly fell backwards, his head hitting against the ground.

Motionless, and not breathing.

A fatal blow!

His entire nose caved into his face, his eye bulged out as more than half of his eyeballs were outside the socket, and his skull was completely smashed.

Blood flowed down slowly, dying the soil and grass red.

Fang Yuan stood upright and looked down at the corpse, as the scene froze.

After a few breath's time, screams erupted from the surroundings.

"Dead… he died!"

"Someone was beaten to death!"

The two to three Gu Masters watching were tongue-tied. Even Wei Yang showed a peculiar expression.

Although there were many battles in the battle stage, there were few deaths.

Firstly, the battle stage allowed surrendering. Secondly, the Gu Master overlooking the battle can often stop the fatal attack in time. Thirdly, competitors tend to control themselves, after all, they were all trying to make a living in the battle stage, they would have to interact with one another quite often. Although they might argue over benefits, they would not try to take the other person's life.

There was two reasons why Fang Yuan could kill Tang Qing.

Firstly, he had just come out of cultivation, and his battle instincts were dull. If it was during a normal period, he would have used his defensive Gu from the start, not getting into such a state.

Secondly, Fang Yuan looked way too young, and used the breath concealment Gu to hide his cultivation, causing Tang Qing to relax. Before he could react, Fang Yuan launched a sneak attack, with the first blow severely injured Tang Qing, and his next two attacks were lightning fast, before the Gu Master taking care of the stage reacted, Tang Qing was already dead.

The Gu Master hosting the battle rapidly came over.

But when he saw Tang Qing's concaved face, and the brain matter and blood oozing out from the cracks of his skull, he gave up on trying to save him.

"Youngster, you were too much!" He stared at Fang Yuan, speaking with an unhappy tone.

Although the battle was short, he had observed the entire thing. Fang Yuan had control of the situation, he could have gone easy on Tang Qing and spared his life, but he did not.

Fang Yuan shrugged: "It is just a life, why are you freaking out. According to the battle stage rules, I killed him, so all his possessions are now mine, right?"

The battle stage host Gu Master snorted: "All his things are yours, but we have to take back the vine information Gu. Young man, I have to remind you, you do not respect life at all, that is a dangerous thought!"

"I am really sorry." Wei Yang walked over apologetically, then turned around: "This little brother of mine have been roaming outside, this is the first time he is participating in the battle stage."

The Gu Master did not recognise Wei Yang, showing disgust on his face: "Hmph, you demonic Gu Masters are all like this, such an aggressive nature and enjoy killing and slaughtering. Nevermind, I can't get through to you, pass me your vine information Gu."

Fang Yuan took out the vine information Gu, and the host Gu Master edited the information inside, and returned it to Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan inspected the Gu, and his zero wins record had become one.

He next searched Tang Qing's corpse, obtaining four Gu. Three rank two and one rank one, they were ordinary Gu worms, the total value was around two thousand primeval stones.

Tang Qing died very abruptly, causing him to have no time to self-detonate his Gu worms.

And he had just come out of closed cultivation, there was only twenty to thirty primeval stones on him.

"Brother Fang Zheng, try to avoid killing in the future." After they left the battle stage, Wei Yang advised Fang Yuan.

"Even though there is no rules to prevent killing in the battle stage…" Wei Yang shook his head: "There is no need to fight to the death in every round. Although the battle zone might be huge, you are bound to encounter an opponent stronger than you eventually. We interact with each other more than you think, after all, we all live in Shang clan city. When it is possible to spare a life, one should show mercy."

Fang Yuan frowned slightly: "But if I let someone off, they might not let me off. I have encountered demonic Gu Masters in the past, attacking without a second word. If I do not strike, I will be assaulted. My experiences tell me to kill when I can, otherwise, I am breeding threats for myself, I cannot give my enemies a chance! Precisely because of this, I am able to live till today."

Wei Yang was caught speechless.

He suddenly thought, wasn't this Fang Yuan acting just like him in the past? Ruthless and savage, not trusting anyone, it all boils down to having no sense of security.

Demonic Gu Masters had little to no sense of security.

They were different from righteous Gu Masters who had their clans to rely on, clansmen to help them, safely getting resources, it gave them a sense of security and trust in each other.

Demonic Gu Masters were mostly lone cultivators, receiving no support from anyone, even primeval stones and food have to be acquired by themselves. Many times, they eat one meal without the next, unable to fend for themselves, how could they feel safe?

To ensure their survival, they could only take risks and attack people to loot them. Demonic Gu Masters were often alone, they did not dare to attack righteous groups, thus they can only lay their claws on other demonic Gu Masters.

Thus, it leads to a vicious cycle. Demonic Gu Masters do not trust each other, often attacking on sight.

They had no sense of security, thus their attacks were more ruthless.

Wei Yang converted from demonic to righteous, his rich life experience gave him a deep understanding of both factions, more than any ordinary person.

Why is it that the righteous faction flourished, and the demonic faction have to be suppressed?

It was due to this.

Fang Yuan's ruthless acts were completely understandable to Wei Yang. And because he understood, his heart went out to Fang Yuan.

"Although he is rank three cultivation, and has rich battle senses, he is still a kid. Sigh, looking at his attacks, I can tell how much hardship he has been through. Come to think of it, if he spared his opponent, wouldn't that be more strange?"

"He did not spare his opponent, just like other demonic Gu Masters who initially entered the battle stage. I was like that too, wasn't I? Nevermind, as time passes, he will slowly change. This change is gradual and subtle, I cannot forcefully influence him."

Thinking so, Wei Yang stopped his nagging, and changed topic to the battle earlier.

"Little brother Fang Zheng, you said earlier that you have used several Gu to modify your body, and increase your strength. Just how many did you use?"

"Since brother Wei is asking, I shall answer to the best of my ability. I used three, black and white boar Gu, crocodile strength Gu, and currently, the brown bear innate strength Gu that I just bought." Fang Yuan smiled lightly.

"Hehehe, black and white boar Gu gave you the strength of two boars, crocodile strength Gu gave you the strength of a crocodile. But brother, have you thought about it, if a boar charged at you, what injuries would you sustain?" Wei Yang spoke with an enlightening tone.

Fang Yuan knew Wei Yang's intentions, thus he cooperated, saying: "If he does not defend, how can a mortal body take the hit of a wild boar? His stomach will tear and it would be a gruesome sight."

Wei Yang's smile widened: "Then if you place that person's head in a crocodile's mouth, and the crocodile bites, what would happen?"

"The head would burst like a watermelon." Fang Yuan replied.

Wei Yang next asked: "You have the strength of two boars, one crocodile and your own strength. Your first punch however, only made a dent in his chest, and broke a few ribs. Your third punch landed on his face, but only cracked his skull, what does that say?"

But before Fang Yuan replied, he continued: "Punches and kicks can only unleash a portion of the strength in a person's body. Although you have two boars and one crocodile's strength, how many percent can you use? The greatest weakness of the strength path lies here! A person's strength is like a huge vat, filled with water, but when you battle, you can only use a portion of that water."

"Black and white boar Gu, crocodile strength Gu, brown bear innate strength Gu, these can permanently increase strength, but are expensive Gu. You invested so much money, yet only getting a portion of the results, sometimes not even ten percent. If you invest your money elsewhere, you can gain much greater effect."

"I see, brother Wei is saying all these to make me give up on the strength path." Fang Yuan smiled lightly, like he finally understood what was happening.

"I understand that logic, the human body has a different structure from wild beasts, we can hardly display their true strength. But using Gu also depends on being one with them, I've heard of many strength path Gu Masters who managed to unleash the beast phantom, displaying the full power of the Gu worm."

"Hehehe, there is such a thing indeed. When I was still in the battle stage, I met many strength path Gu Masters. As their proficiency in the Gu increases, sometimes, the beast phantom appears in battle and they can use the full strength of the Gu, it is very threatening. But you do not know, the number of times this happens is too few. Moreover, the attack method is very rigid, only when using a specific attack style can the beast phantom be summoned, it is easy to evade." Wei Yang continued to advise painstakingly.

Fang Yuan pondered for a moment, he had the exact thought, but that is also why he needed that legendary Gu.

What came out of his mouth was: "Brother Wei, I appreciate your concern, but the strength path is my choice, I want to see it till the end."

"Sigh, then go ahead with it." Wei Yang sighed, seeing Fang Yuan being so obstinate, he could not force him.

Thankfully, Fang Yuan had already joined the battle stage, Wei Yang thought: What happens next should change Fang Yuan's mind.

Fang Yuan had to stay in Shang clan city for a few more years, there was a lot of time left, Wei Yang was not anxious.

Soon, half a month passed.

In the gambling den, the shopkeeper bent his back, standing beside Fang Yuan, smiling.

"Brother Wei, want to pick a few rocks to play? We might get something good. I'll treat you to a few!" Fang Yuan smiled and said.

Wei Yang stood beside Fang Yuan, shaking his head: "Today is the day Tang Xiong forcefully challenges you, to think the Tang Qing you killed was his brother. Fang Zheng, you should be vigilant, in order to take revenge, Tang Xiong purposely fell from fourth inner city to fifth. He has a small fame, able to use the strength of three bears, he is coming with vengeance."

Although he said so, he was not worried, but instead, looking forward to it secretly.

These days, Fang Yuan won another match, thus this would be his third match.

Wei Yang was hoping this Tang Xiong would 'awaken' Fang Yuan, and cause him to abandon the strength path, changing to another style.

"I will deal with it when it comes, what is there to worry about. If brother Wei is not going to choose, I'm going to. I have already seen several good rocks." Fang Yuan's eyes glowed as he picked a few gambling rocks.

The shopkeeper instructed his clerks to carefully select the gambling rocks and bring them out.

"Eh?" Fang Yuan said, pointing to a leg of the counter: "This rock supporting the leg seems to be a stellar stone?"

The shopkeeper was stunned, but quickly replied: "Esteemed customer sure has amazing eyes. This rock was placed there a few years ago by me. The counter leg was damaged by a gambler's kicking, so I picked a squarish stellar stone and used it to fill in the gap."

Fang Yuan frowned: "Rocks are meant for gambling, how can you use it like that? You're truly burying the rock's potential! Today, for my last piece, I shall choose that."

"Yes, yes, yes, esteemed customer is right!" The shopkeeper nodded rapidly, but he felt indifferent in his heart.

The grade of the stellar stone was very important, arrow or shooting star shaped ones were the best. This rock was obviously a useless one, no one asked for it when it was on the counter, so the shopkeeper used it to balance the counter instead.

The clerks worked together, pulling out the stellar stone from the counter leg, then placing it together with the other rocks to send it for dissection.

At the dissection counter, a few young dissection masters were opening rocks for a middle aged Gu Master, moving delicately and slowly.

Wei Yang did not approve of Fang Yuan gambling rocks. Seeing him pick this rock, he shook his head secretly. Even if he was not a gambler, he knew the importance of grades. Fang Yuan's final rock was completely chosen at random, even he could not stand it. Fang Yuan had been spending the last few days at the gambling den, spending primeval stones, but did not get much rewards out of it.

Sometimes he got a few Gu, but they were rank one or two, or even corpses and carcasses.

In Wei Yang's heart, Fang Yuan was purely wasting his money, but he did not say anything against it. The less primeval stones Fang Yuan had, the more he needed to rely on Shang clan, that was something he wanted to see.

Fang Yuan was excited in his heart but kept a calm expression, staring at the dissection counter in anticipation.

These days, he had been roaming around the gambling dens, purposely choosing some bad rocks to leave an impression.

Although he had controlled himself, and only played small, the gambling rocks were like an endless abyss, in less than a month, he lost over a hundred thousand primeval stones.

But thinking about the legendary Gu he was about to receive, not only a hundred thousand, even five hundred thousand was worth it.

Although this legendary Gu was rank three, its effect was simply amazing, and it was nearly extinct.

Most likely, this was the last one in this world.

Wei Yang frowned: "Mind the time, you have to rush to the battle stage later, shopkeeper, can the dissection be faster?"

"Of course, of course." The shopkeeper recognised Wei Yang the external clan elder, and quickly nodded.

He ran to the dissection counter, waving his hand, saying to the young dissection masters: "Go, go, go."

He sent those dissection masters away, to one side.

"My rocks…" The middle aged Gu Master cried out.

Rock dissecting was a meticulous process, once they got interrupted, the young dissection masters flustered and caused a few of the rocks to be destroyed.

"Li Ran, stop screaming, we will return you your primeval stones." The shopkeeper shouted.

The middle aged Gu Master with a messy beard stared with wide opened eyes, saying indignantly: "What if there was a Gu inside?"

The shopkeeper laughed in disdain, waving his hand at the middle aged Gu Master: "Come on Li Ran, you have been gambling for so many years, you only choose low grade rocks, when have you ever gotten anything good? Stop making a din, or you will lose your compensation!"

"Spit, such a large shops bullying customers, you are looking down on me, one day, I will make it big in life!" The middle aged Gu Master muttered, his tone furious but did not continue making a din.

"Li Ran…" This name made Fang Yuan recall a certain memory.

He could not help but show a weird expression.

This Li Ran, was that person who obtained the legendary Gu. Of course, they might have the same name...

But no matter what, Li Ran's one chance at success was snatched by Fang Yuan.

The five old masters took the stage, starting to dissect the rocks.

The younger masters were speechless, these seniors were using all sorts of flashy methods. Many rocks were easy to dissect, only requiring little primeval essence, but they had to use their full force, and cause their primeval essence to be greatly expended, using many steps only to raise the success rate by a meagre percent.

More than ten rocks, including scrap grade, low grade and middle grade were quickly opened.

"There is a Gu, the sword shadow Gu!"

"Rank three sword shadow Gu, so rare…"

"A living Gu, it is definitely alive, congratulations esteemed customer."

The old masters cupped their fists at Fang Yuan, sighing in relief.

Fang Yuan had been gambling these few days, but did not get any rewards. It caused these old masters to feel uneasy.

The shopkeeper ran over, looking joyous: "Esteemed customer, you have earned a lot! The sword shadow Gu can be sold for thirty two thousand primeval stones, but you only spent eight thousand!"

The surrounding people were envious of Fang Yuan, and that Li Ran even pouted, saying sourly: "Hmph, you just got lucky."

"That's good brother, the sword shadow Gu is at the same level as my broadsword light Gu. I advise you not to sell it but use it yourself." Wei Yang congratulated.

"Hehehe, the light at the end of the tunnel, I said my luck was not so bad." Fang Yuan laughed: "Brother Wei, after today's match ends, I will treat you to a drink, let's celebrate."

Wei Yang nodded, not rejecting it. He did not know that although Fang Yuan was cheerful on the outside, his heart was in complete shock at the moment!

The sword shadow Gu was an accident, it was not his goal.

That stellar stone supporting the counter had no Gu inside after dissecting it, it was a useless rock!

How can this be?

Where is that legendary Gu?!

At once, Fang Yuan's mind was flashing with questions as his heart stirred.

Numerous suspicions popped up in his mind.

How can this happen?!

Wasn't the legendary Gu hidden in this stellar stone?

If it is not this stone, where can it be? Or maybe it was not this rock, or not this gambling den?

Or maybe the rumors were false? Where am I supposed to find that legendary Gu now?

Things had progressed way out of Fang Yuan's expectations. The Gu that he thought was easily obtainable had gone missing, and the sword shadow Gu he had obtained out of luck was not enough to recoup his losses these few days.

"If there is no legendary Gu, my efforts would have been in vain. Damn it, how can this happen? There might be an error in the rumors, but rumors travel far and wide, there has to be a basis for it. Especially when this detail was so specific, there was nothing that deviated from the rumors, but why is it…"

Fang Yuan gritted his teeth secretly.

Without this legendary Gu, his strength path cultivation would be gone like smoke.

"Do I really need to change my cultivation direction? But if I do that, the three kings inheritance would be greatly affected!"

The result of the rock dissection greatly affect Fang Yuan's plans. But he did not know what the problem was, or what went wrong.

The rumors had been shrouded in a deep mysterious fog.

"It is almost time, we should head to the battle stage." At this time, Wei Yang reminded.

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