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Chapter 2173: 2173
Chapter 2173: Perish with the Wind!


Nie Kuang Feng shouted loudly, the louder its voice, the stronger its aura, it soon reached a shocking and unprecedented level .


With a loud sound, the vines were torn into countless pieces .

Nie Kuang Feng regained its freedom .

But currently, it was not a deep green tornado, it had turned into a reddish brown demonic wind .

Intense winds blew, it instantly crossed several thousand steps of distance, arriving before Green Forest Great Sage .

Green Forest Great Sage had already used his defensive killer move, but after the reddish brown demonic wind devoured him, his aura quickly weakened before completely dying after a few breaths of time .

The demonic wind stopped for a moment, it was like a shark that could smell blood as it charged towards Black Locust who was nearby .

“Be careful!” Xiao He Jian quickly moved to help .

But after a few rounds, the demonic wind still managed to kill Black Locust .

The demonic wind finally targeted Xiao He Jian .

Xiao He Jian could not match Nie Kuang Feng, he had to retreat as he fought .

After a few rounds of combat, his tiny face showed a grim expression, his forehead was covered in sweat .

The aura of defeat and death was getting denser .


Lightning tribulations continued to strike but Nie Kuang Feng did not care about them, it was terrifyingly strong .

Elsewhere .

“Stop!” Lu Wei Yin shouted .

But Bu Tian Kong’s fist still landed, smashing Steel Rush Warrior’s skull into mush .

Thereafter, Bu Tian Kong growled, Steel Rush Warrior’s soul was shattered .

Steel Rush Warrior could not be more dead, his headless corpse fell from the sky like a broken rag doll .

Be it his body or immortal aperture, they were absorbed by the great world as nutrients .

“Who else?!” Bu Tian Kong raised its head and roared, it was overflowing with fighting spirit, rivaling the nine heavens and resounding in the world .

At this point, the four rank eight Gu Immortals attacking it were all dead, they were mercilessly killed in a horrific manner .

Lu Wei Yin sighed as he flew towards the rock monkey .

The rock monkey stared at him fiercely: “Are you the next one? Very good, I will kill you, even if you are Yellow Earth Great World’s sage!”

Lu Wei Yin shook his head: “I am no sage . Bu Tian Kong, your killing intent is too overbearing . ”

Lu Wei Yin had to take action against Bu Tian Kong personally .

Bu Tian Kong killed too many Gu Immortals, if it was not stopped, the overall situation of this Gu Immortal battle would be affected .

Boom boom boom!

Lu Wei Yin and Bu Tian Kong exchanged blows .

This time, Bu Tian Kong was finally suppressed .

Even though it was strong and could kill many rank eight Gu Immortals, it was still not pseudo venerable level . In contrast, even though Lu Wei Yin lacked offense, his defense was firmly in the realm of pseudo venerable level .

Lu Wei Yin endured Bu Tian Kong’s fierce attacks with much energy to spare .

“You are not a sage, yet you are so strong already?! Good, very good!”

“Come and attack me, try and kill me, I have not sensed any fatal killing intent against me for some time already . ”

“Why are you not attacking? Why do you only defend yourself?”

“Are your attacks so weak and useless? You are too disappointing!!”

The rock monkey continued to shout as it moved rapidly like lightning in the sky, its attacks were like furious lightning bolts from heaven, its power was rising endlessly .

But Lu Wei Yin got distracted .

Because he heard that Fang Yuan had already left for Thieving Heaven’s true inheritance space at the center .

“Oh no!”

“Lord Fang Yuan, please stop . ”

“Even though that small world might contain Thieving Heaven’s true inheritance, it will be targeted by Heavenly Court and Longevity Heaven together . ”

“Heavenly Court has already sent their main troops, there are many Immortal Gu Houses and Gu Immortals . Longevity Heaven has also sent Calamity Luck Altar . ”

“Now is not the time for a climactic battle, if Star Constellation Immortal Venerable attacks Paradise Earth’s tomb while you are away, what will we do?”

Lu Wei Yin transmitted time and again, but Fang Yuan did not even respond to it .

Lu Wei Yin gritted his teeth, his expression turning unsightly .

“No matter how strong Fang Yuan is, he is still just a pseudo venerable, he is not a true venerable . ”

“I need to help him!”

“If Star Constellation Immortal Venerable shows up and kills him, who will protect Paradise Earth’s tomb, who will stall for the crucial time?”

While thinking of this, Lu Wei Yin’s vision suddenly turned dark .

Bam .

At the next moment, rock monkey Bu Tian Kong’s fist landed squarely on Lu Wei Yin’s face .

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“You dare to be distracted? You are looking down on me, you will pay a terrible price!” Bu Tian Kong shouted .

Bu Tian Kong flew towards Lu Wei Yin as they got closer again .

Lu Wei Yin was forced to retreat, he quickly used his killer move .

It started to rain .

Tribulation rain fell on Bu Tian Kong’s body, greatly slowing it down while also corroding its defenses .

At the same time, Lu Wei Yin’s killer move showed effect .

Yellowish brown dust started to appear below Bu Tian Kong, they moved around and gradually sealed it .

“Get lost, get lost!” Bu Tian Kong shouted, using killer moves in a frenzy, trying to sweep away all of the rain and dust surrounding it .

But the rain and dust gathered together increasingly, eventually sealing it entirely .

A lump of soil that trapped Bu Tian Kong fell from the sky, after landing on the ground, it turned into a huge soil mountain .

“Just stay put here . ” Lu Wei Yin immediately flew towards Thieving Heaven’s space .


“I won’t give in, these things cannot hold me down!”


Bu Tian Kong shouted, its voice resounding like thunder as it reverberated in the battlefield .

With a loud sound, the mountain was shattered, dust clouds emerged, from within the broken rocks, it flew out again .

“What?” Lu Wei Yin was stunned .

Bu Tian Kong’s performance was out of his expectation, how could it escape so quickly?

Bu Tian Kong resisted the tribulations while flying to catch up to Lu Wei Yin .


The two exchanged killer moves again, while Lu Wei Yin was held back this time .

“This monkey’s killer moves are getting stronger, so that’s it . ” Lu Wei Yin understood at this moment .

The tribulations were aiding Bu Tian Kong all along, as long as it was not killed, it would continue to undergo tribulations and gain more dao marks, that was why Bu Tian Kong got increasingly stronger as it fought .

“I want this heaven… to no longer shroud my vision!” Bu Tian Kong shouted as it used a move that shot out a rainbow, sweeping away the dark clouds of the surrounding five hundred li .

“I want this earth… to no longer bury my heart!” Bu Tian Kong shouted as it stomped on the ground, mountains collapsed, as Lu Wei Yin, who had his defensive method broken through, watched in surprise .

Bu Tian Kong was already in a state of insanity, it found Fang Yuan who was not far away, it abandoned Lu Wei Yin and went for Fang Yuan instead!

“Be careful!” Lu Wei Yin quickly advised: “This monkey is not simple . ”

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Fang Yuan did not turn around, it was as if he heard nothing, he only looked at the subspace in front of him .

Bu Tian Kong moved rapidly and seemingly teleported behind Fang Yuan .

“I want all life… to understand my intention! I want this sage… to perish with the wind!!” Bu Tian Kong shouted, activating the strongest killer move it had used in its life .

Winds, clouds, and thunder roared, the world changed colors at this moment!

“Hmm?” Fang Yuan turned around slightly, waving his hand lightly towards the back .

At the next moment, Bu Tian Kong fell like a comet, crossing the entire battlefield and slamming into several mountains .

After a chain of loud explosions, it created a huge gorge of several kilometers on the ground .

Finally, it lay on the ground, its eyes were wide open but it did not move at all .

It was dead .

The unceasing chaotic battles and heated battlefields turned silent at this moment .

Nie Kuang Feng, who was unstoppable and killing everything in its path, froze in its reddish brown demonic wind state .

Fang Yuan cast his glance upon it .

Nie Kuang Feng shuddered immediately .

At the next moment, endless fear filled its mind and body!

“I will die, I will die, I am going to die!!”

It went out of its demonized state, immediately gaining clarity .


It quickly flew away, ignoring its opponent, Xiao He Jian .

Xiao He Jian was heavily injured and was on the verge of death, he had no way to fight back, with just one attack, he would die .

He stared with a dumbfounded look as Nie Kuang Feng escaped from the battlefield in a crazed state .

Fang Yuan turned around again, looking at Thieving Heaven’s true inheritance space with a calm expression .

He turned to look at Heavenly Court’s army, Divine Emperor City and Demon Judgment Board were arriving soon .

He looked at the other side .

Longevity Heaven’s Calamity Luck Altar shined with a golden aurora, it was arriving too .

A cold and ruthless light flashed in Fang Yuan’s eyes for a moment, he turned into a white ray of light as he entered Thieving Heaven’s true inheritance space .

“Charge, we will fight inside!” Fairy Yu Xiu immediately ordered .

Once Heavenly Court’s Immortal Gu Houses arrived, they also entered Thieving Heaven’s true inheritance space .

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They could not use their full strength outside, if they went past the limit, they would face Limitless Demon Venerable’s retaliative method .

At the same time, it was easier to destroy Thieving Heaven’s true inheritance space from the inside .

Fang Yuan’s vision changed rapidly, when he regained his sight, he was already in this true inheritance space .

Every true inheritance space that Thieving Heaven left behind could be considered an artificial secluded domain .

This was a strange space, it had warm lights but no mountains, rivers, wind, or land, it was completely empty .

But there were some peculiarities in here, there were black lines that extended everywhere, covering every inch of the space .

These lines were either thick or thin, they all gave off a terrifying aura that Fang Yuan felt fearful towards .

At the same time, he felt familiarity in this aura .

He quickly thought of the mysterious black fire in the blue dragon whale’s grotto-heaven .

Even though Fang Yuan did not know what happened three hundred thousand years ago, after seeing this, he realized immediately: “It seems that this true inheritance space is going to collapse soon . I need to quickly comprehend the mysteries here and decipher where the true inheritance really is . ”

The last time he entered a true inheritance space of Thieving Heaven, he obtained ghostly concealment .

That time, Fang Yuan went in through open door Gu and close door Gu . At that time, the true inheritance space was very stable, it had many winds of assimilation tornadoes inside . Only an otherworldly demon could dispel the wind by touching them .

Because of that, Fang Yuan accidentally saved Feng Jiu Ge .

After all the tornadoes had vanished, Fang Yuan successfully obtained ghostly concealment, it was a smooth process .

But this space was different .

There were no tornadoes at all, if Thieving Heaven’s true inheritance really existed here, it would be hidden deeply and would require deductions .

But Fang Yuan was not rushing to make deductions, he took out a formation from his immortal aperture and placed it within this space .

It was the five regional limit formation .

The five regional limit formation activated, five colored smoke spewed out .

In a few breaths of time, five colored smoke spread out in the surrounding ten li, it was so dense that one could not see their own fingers .

After Heavenly Court’s troops entered Thieving Heaven’s space, they went inside the five colored smoke and immediately felt suppressed .

“These are… the five region’s regional walls?!”

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