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Four frenzy lightning wolves raised their heads and howled loudly.

Pit pat pit pat.

The rain poured from above as the curtains of water interweaved, and dark clouds roamed the sky. It caused the weather to turn dark, obstructing the vision of many.

"Quick, the northern gate has a breach, quickly go there, Sheng Nan group!"

"Healing Gu Master? We have a heavily injured person here!!"

"Kill, kill, kill! Kill all these bastard wolves!"

The wolves’ cries were countered by the Gu Masters’ shouting.

Almost everyone was bathed in blood as they battled ferociously.

Surrounding the village, battles ensued, spreading like wildfire.

The people’s cheers, the wolves’ cries, the sound of the rain, mixed in with the sound of the wind.

Uncountable number of lightning wolves rushed towards the village walls. The pitfall trap before the walls had already been flattened by a thick layer of wolf corpses, and as they were led by the numerous bold lightning wolves, the lightning wolves had a strong charging force together.

Rank one and Rank two Gu Masters fought bravely on the frontlines. Large amounts of moonblades flew towards the wolf packs, slaughtering numerous lightning wolves.

But the wolf packs still sent out lightning currents and lightning balls towards the village, bringing injuries and fatalities to the clan.

"Elder Fang Yuan, this is the medicine hall’s newest injury report, please take a look!" A Gu Master in charge of transmitting information quickly arrived, and after seeing Fang Yuan, greeted him and handed over the report with both hands.

Fang Yuan was now a Rank three Gu Master, thus as a clan elder, his mission by the clan was to lead the Gu Masters in suppressing the western area.

Fang Yuan removed his attention from the battlefield and took the report, saying to the Gu Master, "You may leave."

The Gu Master paid his respects before taking his leave.

His speed was fast, and by using Gu worm to accelerate his body, he quickly left to the next area.

Any Gu Master in charge of information dissemination had at least one movement assist-type Gu worm, while some even had two.

Fang Yuan opened the report, taking a glance.

The injury toll on the report gave a feeling of considerable shock.

Until now, the wolf tide had attacked the village over ten times. The injury and death of the clan’s Gu Masters was very severe. This led the clan elders to be so frantic, and the Gu Master that took over the medicine hall, Gu Yue Chi Zhong, felt even greater pressure. As a middle-aged man, he even had several white hair growing out some days ago!

But Fang Yuan had his previous life’s memories and was mentally prepared, thus he was not surprised.

"This wolf tide is one of the most severe ones in the Gu Yue clan’s history. Such injuries and death is unavoidable."

He thought this in his heart, and as moonlight gathered in his palm, he reduced this report to ashes.

This report, only clan elders had the authority to view it. If it was released to the masses, it would cause social instability.

Despite this, the Gu Yue clan was already in a panicky state, as the feelings of instability got stronger by the day.

At this point, the moonlight in Fang Yuan’s palm was no longer the eerie blue colour, but of blood colour.

This is the Rank three Blood Moon Gu.

To refine this Gu, Fang Yuan had failed once, and only on his second attempt did he succeed.

As for the refinement ingredients, he naturally extorted Gu Yue Chi Lian for it.

Fang Yuan closed his eyes, his mind entering into his aperture. 

In the aperture, the aperture walls were shining and dimming at regular intervals without a single drop of impurity; it was a pure white state.

His primeval essence was fully white in colour, but also emitted a lustre of a silver metallic glow — this is the Rank three Gu Master’s white silver primeval essence.

Water gathers into a sea - in his aperture it was a white silver primeval sea.

On the surface, there was originally a black red residue, but now it was no longer there.

The Cleansing Water Gu he forced out of Gu Yue Chi Lian had long been used. The Man-beast Life Burial Gu’s side effect was completely eliminated.

But this was not without a price.

Fang Yuan’s aptitude lowered a little from 44% C grade — due to the Man-beast Life Burial Gu, it dropped by 2%, to a maximum capacity of 42%.

But this price, Fang Yuan was prepared for it.

In fact, it was all thanks to Gu Yue Chi Lian. If not for the Cleansing Water Gu and letting that black red residue corrupt the primeval essence any longer, Fang Yuan’s aptitude would decrease even further.

A white-shell, black spotted ladybug danced in the air above the sea. This was the Sky Canopy Gu.

The Stealth Scales Gu with a stonefish appearance was deep inside the primeval sea.

Four Flavors Liquor worm was playing with the waves above the sea surface.

As for the newly refined Blood Moon Gu, its appearance was similar to the Moonlight Gu, residing in Fang Yuan’s right palm, turning into a red crescent insignia.

As for the Rank three Thunderwings Gu, it resided in Fang Yuan’s back as two lightning bolt tattoos.

To be worth mentioning is the Spring Autumn Cicada.

Its condition was getting better, and was recovering quicker. This situation caused Fang Yuan to rejoice and at the same time worry.

Spring Autumn Cicada is Rank six, but he is still Rank three, and at this time his aperture is unable to hold a fully recovered Spring Autumn Cicada.

The Spring Autumn Cicada’s aura was getting stronger. Like using a paper tube to contain rocks, the aperture would not be able to handle the load.

"If I’m left with no choice, I can only raise it outside of my body," Fang Yuan sighed.

That had great implications.

Rank six Gu worms are implicated with Dao, containing the law fragments of heaven and earth. If left outside for extended periods, it would create a resonance with the natural laws, unless the Gu worm is slumbering. Otherwise the commotion would be huge, as it would cause all sorts of natural phenomena, attracting the attention and greed of other experts.

But this was a solution out of necessity.


At this point, a loud shrill wolf howl suddenly entered everyone’s ears.

Fang Yuan gathered his spirits.

"Lord clan elder, the frenzy lightning wolf has entered the battle! Gu Yue Jiang Jian and two others elders are at the eastern gate blocking them, they hope you can go and assist," a Gu Master frantically reported.


The sound of lightning cracked as two wings sprouted from Fang Yuan’s back.

These two wings were formed by blue lightning, the form abstract and simple. But with a flap, it brought Fang Yuan high into the sky, and with a fast speed, he sped towards the eastern gate.

Flying in a straight line in the air, Fang Yuan got to the battlefield in a few breath’s time.

The frenzy lightning wolf was trying to break through the eastern gate, and a few clan elders were near the door aggressively engaging in battle.

The frenzy lightning wolf jumped abruptly out of the battlefield and with a swing of its tail, swept at a female Rank one Gu Master at the corner.

This Gu Master’s face went pale. She could only hear the sound of the winds blowing as the wolf tail swept at her, and in her heart she screamed - "I’m doomed!"

With her ability, she could neither dodge nor take the hit.

But at this crucial moment, a shadow descended from the sky, hugging her.

The young girl felt the world spinning before her. When she finally recovered, all she saw was that she was flying in mid-air, while the wolf tail swept right below her; a two storey bamboo building took the hit and was shaking violently.

Her expression got dimmer. If she was hit right on by this tail, she would’ve turned into meat pulp.

Soon after, she realized that she was saved.

Who saved her?

She stared at this person, and was stunned.

It’s him?

Gu Yue Fang Yuan!

At once, the young girl’s heart was filled with complexity; it was impossible to describe with words.

She and Fang Yuan were classmates. Fang Yuan had formerly extorted her primeval stones, thus she hated him greatly.

But she had to be amazed at his achievements, especially after news of him advancing to clan elder spread, causing her to be in shock and admiration.

Compared to Fang Yuan, she was also a C grade talent, but was now only a Rank one.

Now, she was saved by Fang Yuan once.

He was a true lifesaver!

She was filled with gratitude towards Fang Yuan, and under her shock and admiration, her lingering hatred was also gone with this.

"The battlefield here is dangerous, retreat far away." Fang Yuan’s wings flapped, landing on the ground and placing her down gently.

He had some impression towards this young girl. They were possibly classmates, but he could not remember her name.

Saying so, he turned around and left, no longer flying. Instead he sprinted, entering the battlefield.

The Thunderwings Gu’s speed was fast, but its primeval expenditure was faster. Fang Yuan being only C grade talent, among the Rank three Gu Masters in terms of purely primeval essence storage, he is the lowest tier possible, thus he needed to conserve his primeval essence more than others.

Blood Moon Gu!

He threw a moonblade out.

The moonblade was blood red in color, and upon hitting the frenzy lightning wolf’s body, it caused an injury that bled continuously.

The young girl’s sight remained on Fang Yuan, staring at his shadow blankly. Slowly, her eyes started to shine in a mysterious manner.

Seventeen to eighteen years of age, this is the prime of youth.

"This Fang Yuan, what do you think of him?" Far away, Gu Yue Bo looked at this scene and asked a close aid.

The aid replied, "I heard that elder Fang Yuan had already answered the call of the medicine hall and handed in the Nine Leaf Vitality Grass in his possession. After getting the first payout, he gave it all to his uncle and aunt as a filial gesture. These days, he had struck personally and participated in killing lightning wolves. His aggressive and ruthless attacks have gained him much battle merits. Not only that, after saving many clansmen this time, his reputation is improving. The clan already has rumors—him turning over a new leaf, the Fang faction’s new clan elder etc."

"This subordinate thinks that, although he is only a C grade talent, with his impressive battle capabilities, he had gotten great opportunities. First with his parents inheritance, the Nine Leaf Vitality Grass became a continuous source of income. Using two red steel Relic Gu, he managed to cultivate to Rank three, but also had an element of luck."

Saying so, this close aid showed an expression of slight jealousy.

He was also a C grade talent, but was only Rank two. Getting to this stage, he spent half his life doing so. But that Fang Yuan was merely seventeen years old, yet he was already a clan elder.

Competing with others, is really infuriating.

Hearing his aid’s words, Gu Yue Bo nodded unnoticeably.

His close aid’s words represented the view of majority of the people in the clan, but was slightly shallow.

Gu Yue Bo had been the clan leader for many years, thus he had greater foresight.

Fang Yuan handing in the Nine Leaf Vitality Grass, he had obviously struck a deal with Gu Yue Chi Zhong. Handing his payout to his aunt and uncle was not out of goodwill, but a political show.

The person who spread news on this matter, was Gu Yue Chi Zhong.

As for saving people...whether it’s true and sincere, there remains doubt.

But no matter what, Fang Yuan no longer isolated himself, and his actions were indeed worthy of praise.

Him advancing to clan elder and his actions thereafter, this was an initiative to get close to the clan and contribute to the clan. The clan’s prosperity requires these contributions and relationships.

Thinking so, Gu Yue Bo instructed, "Those people in the Hidden hall, these few days they also did not find anything from their investigations. Forget it, withdraw the investigations on Fang Yuan for now."

"Yes, this subordinate shall inform them now." Saying so, he took his leave.

Gu Yue Bo stood on the ground, squinting.

He thought in his heart, "No matter what’s the reason, his cultivation still rose too quickly. This Fang Yuan, he has a great secret on him! However in this period, with the severity of the wolf tide, every bit of strength is needed, and wasting it on Fang Yuan is too wasteful. Investigation is still necessary, but this can only wait after the wolf tide."

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