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Dark clouds covered the sky, casting shadows over the entire Qing Mao mountain, seemingly signifying the coming of a storm.

On a remote mountain side, a dozen robust lightning wolves drew back the corners of their mouth and made low roars. They had surrounded Fang Yuan.

These wolves had a healthy body and were not like the crippled wolves.

Any other Rank two Gu Master would be desperate if they were caught in such besiegement, alone. However, the situation was quite opposite right now.

Fang Yuan was standing on the spot, his expression calm. Instead, these lightning wolves that were surrounding him were slightly nervous and afraid.

The battle had already continued for a while and the ground was soaked with blood. Several lightning wolves had collapsed on the ground, and the silence showed Fang Yuan’s battle accomplishments.


Fang Yuan shouted inwardly, he took the initiative to attack even though he was the one surrounded. His foot pushed the ground as he pounced towards a lightning wolf on his left side.

This lightning wolf immediately shrunk back a small step in fear, but then its vicious personality was stimulated; it made a powerful jump and attacked Fang Yuan.

It opened its mouth in the air, revealing the many sharp wolf teeth that filled its mouth.

Fang Yuan laughed loudly; he didn’t evade but just swung his right arm.
An eerie-blue moonblade flew horizontally through the air and struck the lightning wolf’s open mouth.

There was only a ripping noise, this unfortunate lightning wolf was instantly cut apart into two - from its mouth to tail - by this moonblade.

Boiling blood spurted out and poured like a rain of blood.

Fang Yuan’s whole body flashed with white jade light as he charged through the blood rain and rampaged within the wolf pack.

The lightning wolves reacted, they attacked him from all sides. They opened their mouths and tore at him but were blocked by the White Jade Gu’s defense, causing their own teeth to be broken.

Their claws were also of no use.

Fang Yuan punched and kicked, and the lightning wolves were sent flying under his enormous strength of two boars. Some lightning wolves had their skulls directly smashed and died on the spot. Fang Yuan grasped the upper hand in this battle.

But good things don’t last forever, for his primeval essence was being used quickly.

Fang Yuan’s aptitude was only C grade and his cultivation was at Rank two middle stage currently. The primeval essence in his aperture was not even fifty percent.

He looked at his declining primeval essence, but there were still several lightning wolves remaining. He had no choice but to use — Stealth Scales Gu!

His body gradually disappeared like the ripples in the water. In a blink of an eye, there was no more trace of him.

The lightning wolves were at their wits’ end, and they gave off furious howls and started searing the area but didn’t find anything.

Fang Yuan had not gone far. He gazed at the lightning wolves’ movements while absorbing primeval stones to recover his primeval essence and also maintaining the concealment of the Stealth Scales Gu at the same time.

Lightning wolves had extraordinary eyesight but their sense of smell were not sharp. The Stealth Scales Gu just so happened to be their bane.

When Fang Yuan’s primeval essence recovered to thirty percent, the lightning wolf pack finally retreated unwillingly.

Fang Yuan didn’t have a movement Gu worm, so if the lightning wolves really retreated, he would definitely not be able to catch up to them with his speed. Thus, he removed the concealment of the Stealth Scales Gu and became visible.

The lightning wolves saw Fang Yuan and as if he had killed their fathers, they rushed at him.

Fang Yuan sneered. He waited till the lightning wolves were in front of him, then he suddenly struck with his right hand.

His right fist was covered with a layer of faint white jade light which was extremely hard. The punch ferociously struck a lightning wolf’s lower back.

Crack. A crisp sound was heard immediately and this unlucky lightning wolf was sent flying by Fang Yuan, its lower back fractured.

It fell on the ground and crazily struggled while letting out miserable howls, but it could no longer get up.

Fang Yuan had recovered sufficient primeval essence and with his formidable fighting strength, he killed four more lightning wolves in a few moments.

The remaining several lightning wolves lost their fighting spirit and looked at Fang Yuan with fear. They whimpered and then tucked their tails and escaped.

Fang Yuan didn’t chase after them.

He couldn’t compare to these lightning wolves in speed; chasing was pointless.

The ground was filled with wolf corpses and they were all Fang Yuan’s spoils of war. But Fang Yuan was cautious, he didn’t hurry to take out the lightning wolves’ eyeballs.

Earth Communication Ear Grass!

He got down on his hands, his right ear close to the earth. Roots grew out from the ear and pierced the soil.

His hearing strength amplified instantly; he could scout anything within a three hundred step radius.

Many sounds entered his ear, but there were no sounds of wolf packs or the sounds of other Gu Masters moving about.

"It is safe for the moment." Fang Yuan let out a breath of relief. He took out a dagger and began to dig out the eyeballs of the lightning wolves.

He only handed over a small part of these eyeballs and hid the rest.

If he handed all of them, it would no doubt attract suspicions and even result to secret investigations. Fang Yuan wanted to prevent such inconveniences as much as possible.

Fang Yuan immediately left after digging out all the eyeballs of these lightning wolves.

When he had killed two more wolf packs like this, the sky was already covered with thick dark clouds. Strong wind blew, blowing through the pine forests, creating a green wave in the mountain along with the rustling of the leaves.


Faint howls of large numbers of lightning wolves echoed within the wind.

Fang Yuan’s expression slightly paled; according to his previous life’s memories, today was the day the wolf tide truly broke out.

He used the Earth Communication Ear Grass again but didn’t hear the rapid advancement of the lightning wolves.

He wasn’t surprised, but instead became calm.

This meant that there was at least over a three hundred step gap away between him and the lightning wolves. This distance along with his own speed and the knowledge of the topography, sufficed to let him reach the village safely.

"These lightning wolves are cunning, choosing to attack in such weather. The noise from the strong wind and the sounds from the pine forest will mask their movements to a great degree," Fang Yuan sighed inwardly, then ran towards the village with his greatest speed.

After running for hundreds of meters, he bumped into a five person Gu Master group.

"Hey, you are Gu Yue Fang Yuan!" A young Gu Master in the group raised his eyebrows when he saw Fang Yuan and greeted him in an odd way.

This Gu Master was Gu Yue Peng, Fang Yuan’s classmate. During the academy period, he had suffered from Fang Yuan’s bullying and extortion.
Fang Yuan indifferently glanced at him before brushing past him without pausing, not giving him a chance to speak again.

"Bastard!" Gu Yue Peng was stunned, then a stifled feeling rose up in his heart and his speed slowed down.

He didn’t get the chance to ridicule Fang Yuan.

"Little Peng. Don’t slow down. We need to hunt at least fifty lightning wolves today to preserve our rank in the battle merit board!" The group leader spoke.

Gu Yue Peng immediately restrained his furious expression and quickly followed the group members.

"My group is ranked seventy-five in the battle merit board. That Fang Yuan is ranked at beyond two hundred. This difference is like that of heaven and earth! I am also quite fortunate to have such a caring senior as the group leader. From the start of the wolf tide till now, I have exchanged part of the battle merits to get a Gu worm. My future is bright, how could Fang Yuan compare to me?"

Gu Yue Peng calmed down a lot when he thought of this, even feeling blessed at that.

"In this world, what can one accomplish by fighting alone? Many hands make light work, unity is the greater power. It is still the clansmen that are reliable! Borrowing the clan’s strength, we newbies can safely grow up. That Fang Yuan is an idiot, he really thinks he is a hero. He resolved the problem of the Rank Five River Swallowing Toad only by luck and he is putting on airs. Although he has become a group leader, he hasn’t recruited any group members, serves him right to be ranked last! Haha. Anyway, with his eccentric personality, how will he recruit any group members?"

Gu Yue Peng’s movement became more relaxed.

Strangely, all along the way, they hadn’t run into any wolf packs.

Gu Yue Peng raised his head to look at the sky, it was afternoon but the sky was already dusky as if it was evening.

The wind blew, and the dark clouds densely covered the sky and moved rapidly, brewing thunder and rainstorm.

However, Gu Yue Peng was not afraid, a mocking smile appearing on his mouth as he thought, "Hahaha, so Fang Yuan was hurriedly rushing back because he was worried of this rainstorm? What a coward, what is there to be afraid of a rainstorm?"

Right at this time, the group leader’s face suddenly paled, he opened his mouth and sucked in a deep breath.

"Sir group leader, what happened?" Other four members naturally noticed this.

In this Gu Master group, the group leader was in charge of scouting. Although he was also a Rank two Gu Master, his scouting Gu worm didn’t have as great a radius as Fang Yuan’s Earth Communication Ear Grass.

His face was deathly white right now and he had no wish to give detailed explanation.

"Run, quick!" He shouted with terror and amidst other group members’ astonished gazes, he turned around and ran.

"Follow the group leader!!" Other group members were not foolish, they quickly reacted and broke into a run.


Wolf howls came from behind them continuously. From these noises, they knew there was more than a thousand lightning wolves!

Everyone in the group was pale, they breathed heavily and used all their strength to run.

"Wait for me!" Gu Yue Peng sprinted with all he had but was still the last; he lost his composure and started screaming for help.

He felt the breathing sounds of the lightning wolves behind his back.

But what made him despair was the group leader who normally showed great consideration to him, didn’t even turn his head back. The teammates who used to pat their chests and speak of brotherhood and sentiments ignored his shouts.


Gu Yue Peng suddenly heard a wolf howl right next to him.

In the next moment, he felt an enormous force pressed on his back and knocking him down.

He tumbled on the ground; the fall had made him dizzy.
He subconsciously turned around to try to resist.


A lightning snake flashed through the air.
In the darkness, a bold lightning wolf’s figure immediately became visible.

Its body was twice the size of a normal lightning wolf, the hair in its body erect. It opened its mouth and revealed its silver white sharp fangs.

Gu Yue Peng’s pupils shrank to a needle size, a thought echoing within his mind—"Hundred beast king!"

The wolf pack’s scale in the wolf nest was enormous; not only were there three myriad beast king level thunder crown wolves, there were also hundred beast king level bold lightning wolves and thousand beast king level frenzy lightning wolves.

In the very next second, the bold lightning wolf opened its mouth and with a crack sound, Gu Yue Peng’s whole head was gnawed off.

Fresh blood and brain matter splashed. The bold lightning wolf lowered its head and began to swallow the blood from Gu Yue Peng’s neck and gnawed at his fatty meat.

Countless lightning wolves came from behind it and rushed ahead.

Rumbling sounds continued incessantly.
Pitter-patter, heavy rain also started pouring.

The true wolf tide had begun!

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