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"Gu Yue Fang Yuan?" The elders couldn’t help but look at each other upon hearing this name.

They clearly recognized this name. In fact, from the beginning, Gu Yue Fang Yuan’s name would occasionally reach their ears.

Especially after the Awakening Ceremony, when his Gu Master cultivation started, this lad had been getting restless; he frequently caused some disturbances that attracted attention.

"Ah, I remember him. Isn’t this kid the one who sold his family assets and bought a red steel Relic Gu?" An elder came to realization.

Gu Yue Chi Lian and Gu Yue Mo Chen’s faces turned ugly.

If Chi Shan or Mo Yan had used the red steel Relic Gu, they could ascend to rank two peak stage and be equal to Gu Yue Qing Shu.

This would reflect towards the higher-ups — whether it was the Mo faction or Chi faction who got the relic gu, it would be a political victory. But to think that this prodigal kid had ruined it all!

"Returning to the main topic, this kid is truly strong. At the arena previously, he used his bare fists to shatter Jade Skin Gu’s defence and pummeled Fang Zheng down, achieving the championship," an elder recalled.

This time, it was the clan head Gu Yue Bo’s turn to be embarrassed.

He had especially nurtured Gu Yue Fang Zheng, thus Fang Zheng’s defeat - in some sense - was his, the clan head faction’s, defeat.

As long as one entered the system, anyone would be labelled with factions. There were neutral political factions, but absolutely not a person without any faction.

"But in terms of power, his strength shouldn’t be comparable to yours, right?" Chi Lian doubtfully asked Chi Shan.

Chi San respectfully answered, "Elders, perhaps you might not know, Fang Yuan not only bought red steel Relic Gu, he also purchased a Black Boar Gu. These few months, he has been buying pork to nurture the Black Boar Gu and increase his strength. Once, I even saw him moving a huge rock in the mountain to measure his strength. I am not sure how much strength he has, but from what I have seen, his strength absolutely doesn’t lose to mine."

"So it was like that. To think this kid, Fang Yuan has grown to this stage." Gu Yue Bo nodded his head. "Then let’s assign Fang Yuan’s group to give it a try."

Hearing this, the internal affairs hall elder awkwardly stood up from his seat, "Lord clan head, this Fang Yuan is a loner and hasn’t joined a group."

"What is that supposed to mean?" Gu Yue Bo frowned.

"The thing is - after the first beast tide, his group was completely annihilated and the only survivor was him, alone," the internal affairs hall elder replied.

"Even if it is so, why was he not considered during the group reorganizing?" An elder curiously asked.

"Sigh!" The internal affairs hall elder gave a heavy sigh, "I also urged him about this, but he didn’t have any intention to join any groups. Honestly speaking, I don’t approve of this kid. He is very good at goofing around, it might be that he has lost the will to fight after inheriting that inheritance."

"Goofing around? How can that be, he hasn’t joined any groups so how could he complete the monthly clan missions?" An elder doubted.

The internal affairs hall elder’s face sank, "Every month, he receives the compulsory mission but the results are all failure. I haven’t seen records worse than his; almost all the missions are recorded as failures. I have already tried talking with him several times, but he still wants to continue in his way, without any repenting. However, he hasn’t violated the clan rules, so I can only give light punishments to this unruly and crafty kid!"

The elders looked at each other; they had never seen such a younger generation who didn’t want to advance forward.

Mission failures represented a narrower career progression within the clan.

"This kid has become muddled….."
"Hmph, he is too unruly!"
"He is destroying his own future!"
"If I had such an indolent child, I would directly slap him to death!"

"Enough." Gu Yue Bo raised his hand, putting a stop to the elders’ private chats; one couldn’t tell if he was happy or angry.

Gu Yue Bo’s gaze moved around and finally stopped on the internal affairs hall elder, "Send a compulsory command, let Gu Yue Fang Yuan try his strength on River Swallowing Toad. This kid is stubborn, rebellious and unruly, he needs to be polished. If he fails, we can use this pretext to give some punishments."

"It will be as lord clan head says." The internal affairs hall elder promptly agreed.

There was a racket in the tavern.

"Do you guys know, the clan sent the Chi Shan group to the foot of the mountain but they ended up returning in defeat."
"The villagers living at the foot of the mountain are all kneeling in front of the clan’s entrance, blocking the gate."
"Hmph, these lowly commoners don’t even have a bit of knowledge. River Swallowing Toad is a Rank five Gu, do they really think they will be safe in the village?"

Although this was said, the air was dense with panic. These Gu Masters were all forcefully calming themselves.

Fang Yuan listened for a short moment before no longer paying attention; this was no longer fresh news. He stood up and was about to leave when a person entered the tavern.

This person was tall with a thickly built body. The upper half of his body was naked and his muscles were the color of bright red, seemingly wanting to erupt.

It was Gu Yue Chi Shan.
The chatters within the tavern immediately stopped. Countless gazes landed on Chi Shan.

Chi Shan ignored these gazes; he glanced around and found Fang Yuan.

"You were here." Under the numerous gazes, he walked in front of Fang Yuan, "Let’s go, the clan has already given a compulsory order. Let’s head to the foot of the mountain, I will tell you the details on the way."

Fang Yuan’s gaze flashed, he couldn’t refuse a compulsory order. Moreover, there was not much danger when facing the River Swallowing Toad, thus he agreed.

Only after Fang Yuan and Chi Shan left the tavern did the racket start again in the tavern.

"Shopkeeper, the heavens have eyes. Look at this, such a quick karmic retribution! That is a Rank five Gu, even other lord Gu Masters are helpless facing it, whereas he is so young, isn’t this just losing his life in vain?!"

"We thought young master Fang Yuan was different from other Gu Masters and would empathize with us mortals’ pain and sufferings. Hmph, to think he would also be of the same mould. Screw him, we wouldn’t have any regrets even if he dies."

"Shopkeeper, you didn’t suffer this wound in vain, getting a Gu Master’s life for it is absolutely a profit."

The old shopkeeper’s head was bound with circles of white bandages. Right now, he continued to groan, leaning weakly against the corner.

Several waiters were by his side, consoling him.

The old man’s eyes flashed with resentment, but his mood slightly eased up upon hearing these words.

However, after a while of listening, he hypocritically berated them in a low voice, "Shut your mouths, is this something we can talk of? Aren’t you afraid of losing your lives if the other Gu Masters hear it?!"

The waiters giggled, "Shopkeeper, you are too worried. It is so noisy in the tavern, who could have heard our whisperings?"

They had just said this, when a Gu Master sitting nearest to them spoke, "I heard it."

The shopkeeper and the waiters’ complexion changed greatly; they were extremely terrified.

"Lord..." The old shopkeeper ignored the dizzy feeling in his head and hurriedly walked towards the Gu Master to ask for forgiveness.

This Gu Master raised his hand and stopped him.

"You all spoke very well, I liked what you said. Fang Yuan, this bastard, even if he dies, it shouldn’t be regretted! Speak more, I will give you great rewards if I like what you say!" The Gu Master took out a primeval stone and slammed it on the table with a bang.

If Fang Yuan was here, he would recognize this person. This person was that healing Gu Master of the previous small beast tide. Fang Yuan had used the girl this Gu Master sought after as a shield to cover his body. Thus, this Gu Master had a deep hatred towards Fang Yuan and it was irreconcilable.

The waiters looked at each other. One of them with more guts started staring at the primeval stone on the table with wide-eyes.

The Gu Master’s three companions frowned, but didn’t stop him. They could only listen to the waiters scolding Fang Yuan as if they were in a competition.

It was early autumn and the scenery was good.

In the forests, some leaves were of dark shade and some were of light. Green leaves had started changing to yellow and yellow leaves faintly showed red.

In the paddy field, fields of yellow-orange rice crops waved along with the autumn wind.

In some lush vegetable fields, the vegetable leaves were fat, tender and pleasing.

Fang Yuan sped all the way from the middle of the mountain, following the Chi Shan group down to the foot of the mountain where he saw the Rank five River Swallowing Toad.

It was huge and resembled a small hill. It lay belly side up in the riverbed and blocked the river channel. The upstream of the river was already filled with so much water that it was almost spilling to the riverside. And there was almost no flow of the river downstream; only a shallow moist riverbed could be seen.

The River Swallowing Toad’s belly was exquisite snow-white and was covered with a layer of luster. Its back was clear sky blue color and also had a glossy shine to it, with no warts like the ones found in common frogs and toads.

It was sound asleep at this moment. But there were no sounds of snoring; it was sleeping very quietly.

Sensing its aura, the two Liquor worms in Fang Yuan’s aperture curled up into a ball. The Black Boar Gu’s lively appearance seemed to have been wiped out as it flew down. The Moonglow Gu that resided in his right palm hid its glow.

Only the Spring Autumn Cicada was still sleeping peacefully.

Fang Yuan withdrew the Moonglow Gu into his aperture. As long as he didn’t take the initiative to use these Gu, their aura wouldn’t leak out. Putting them in the aperture was very safe and reliable.

"Fang Yuan, it’s your turn next," Chi Shan spoke from the side.

He had already explained most of the details on the way.

Fang Yuan also approved of this method. Of course, the simplest way was to use Spring Autumn Cicada; once a Rank six Gu worm’s aura leaked out, this River Swallowing Toad would be frightened and immediately flee.

This was also because the River Swallowing Toad didn’t like fighting. If it was a vicious Gu like the Blood River Python, Spring Autumn Cicada’s aura would instead cause it to go berserk and retaliate madly.

Fang Yuan stood at the riverside, trying out to push at first. The River Swallowing Toad’s skin was slippery, making one feel that his strength has been nullified.

In addition, it was extremely heavy, one simply couldn’t even budge it.

"Can you do it?" Chi Cheng sneered from the side.

Fang Yuan ignored him and said to Chi Shan, "Although I have the increased strength from Black Boar Gu, my strength is probably only a little more than yours. As for pushing this River Swallowing Toad, it is not hopeless, but I need your help."

"What help?" Chi Shan immediately asked.

Fang Yuan slowly explained it. Chi Shan was doubtful, "If we do this, wouldn’t it be teaming up? Even if the River Swallowing Toad wakes up, will it still acknowledge you and then willingly leave?"

Fang Yuan smiled, "You don’t have to worry about it. As long as you guys keep a distance and not let it detect you, it will be possible. After all, it is a Gu, don’t think it as too intelligent."

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