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Eventually, Fang Yuan did not go downstairs, and his brother did not go up.

The two persisted, and the distance between the floors indicated that the distance between the brothers were enlarging.

The talk was not smooth.

"Brother, you are just too much! To think that you are such a person!" Downstairs, Fang Zheng stood, his brows creasing tightly as he screamed.

Fang Yuan was not angry, but laughed lightly, "Oh, what kind of person am I?"

"Brother!" Fang Zheng sighed deeply, "After our parents died, Uncle and Aunt adopted us. They have the gratitude of raising us. To think that you are so heartless, returning favor with revenge. Big brother, is your heart made of stone?"

Saying so, Fang Zheng’s tone was slightly trembling.

"So strange, this inheritance is rightfully mine, what is there to be said about revenge and favour." Fang Yuan retorted unenthusiastically.

Fang Zheng gritted his teeth, acknowledging, "Yes! I know, this inheritance is from our parents. But you cannot take them all, you have to at least leave some for Aunt and Uncle to let them enjoy their life in retirement, right? Doing so, you really are making our hearts bitterly disappointed, you let me look down on you!"

Pausing, he continued, "Did you ever return home to see the living conditions that they are in now? Half the servants at home were already retrenched, they cannot afford it. Brother, how can you be so cruel!"

Fang Zheng’s eyes were red, clutching his fist, he screamed at Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan laughed coldly, he knew that Uncle and Aunt had controlled the assets all these years and must have amassed a huge fortune. Even if this was not so, just with the profits at the end of the month from the wine tavern, they would be able to afford all those servants. They are only pretending to be poor so Fang Zheng would come and find trouble.

Fang Yuan used his gaze to size up Fang Zheng and said directly, "My adorable little brother, if I insist on not returning the assets, what can you do? Although you are sixteen, you have already acknowledged them as parents, don’t forget that. You have lost the rights to the inheritance."

"I know!" Fang Zheng’s gaze had a divine light, "That’s why I am here to challenge you to a written war challenge (1). On the arena, let’s have a match to decide victory, if I win, return a portion of the family asset to mother and father."

This world’s Gu battles were like the Earth’s martial arts competitions.

Between clansmen, if they had unresolvable conflict, they could use this method to settle the problem. There were many types of Gu battles — 1 versus 1, 2 versus 2, battle of arts, battle of strength, and life and death battle.

Of course, Fang Yuan and Fang Zheng would not be so serious as to fight to the death if they had a Gu battle.

Seeing the brother’s determined expression, Fang Yuan suddenly laughed, "It seems that before this, Uncle and Aunt specifically told you huh. But, as someone who lost to me before, you have such confidence of winning me?"

Fang Zheng squinted, unwillingly thinking of what happened not long ago — the humiliation on the arena.

Ever since, every time he thought about it, rage would rise from his heart. This rage was directed towards Fang Yuan as well as himself.

He hated himself for being useless, being frantic at the critical moment. As a matter of fact, he had underperformed in that battle. His tempo was taken away by Fang Yuan, and he only thought of using the Jade Skin Gu at the last moment. In the end, he lost abruptly and very indignantly.

Fang Zheng’s anger towards himself fuelled even more intense indignance.

Thus, unavoidably, he had such a thought —"If I could redo it, I can definitely perform better and defeat my older brother!"

Thus, when Uncle and Aunt complained to him, Fang Zheng not only wanted to take back the inheritance for the two of them, but also wanted to fight Fang Yuan again to prove himself.

"Things are different now, brother." Fang Zheng looked at Fang Yuan, his eyes burning with determination, fires blazing around him, "Last time, I performed badly and lost to you. This time, I have successfully refined the Rank two Gu worm Moon Raiment. You cannot break my defense anymore!"

Saying so, he emitted a vague light blue fog around his body.

The fog enveloped him, and in the mist, it eventually formed into a long floating ribbon.

The ribbon looped around his waist and coiled around his two limbs. (2) The middle section of the ribbon drifted above his head, causing Fang Zheng to give out a sort of graceful and mysterious magical breath.

"Indeed, it is the Moon Raiment, how foolish, revealing your trump card like that." Fang Yuan stood on the stairs, seeing this scene, his gaze twinkled.

Moon Raiment was a Rank two Gu worm with defensive properties. Although the defense was slightly lower than the White Jade Gu, it could assist others in defending and had greater contribution towards small group fights.

With this Gu in his hands, Fang Yuan really could not break Fang Zheng’s defense with his bare fists. Sending the fist over was like hitting cotton, absolutely losing its kinetic force.

Even if he used the Moonlight Gu, he could not breakthrough unless it was the Moonglow Gu. Thus if Fang Zheng wanted to fight and invited Fang Yuan to a Gu battle, according to the clan rules he has to accept. Without revealing the White Jade Gu, Fang Yuan might really lose.

A grade is A grade, and with the clan leader's nurture, Fang Zheng is growing rapidly. It could be said that, during the academy phase, Fang Yuan suppressed Fang Zheng. But now he had to admit, Fang Zheng was starting to show the brilliance of a genius and is showing imposing threat to Fang Yuan.

"But, you think I did not expect this?" Fang Yuan stared down at his brother, his lips curling.

He said to Fang Zheng, "My persistent little brother, of course you can challenge me. But have you gotten the approval of your teammates? If during the battle, your group has to go on a mission, how would you choose?"

Fang Zheng paused; indeed, he did not think of this.

He had to admit, his brother was right. The group had to work together, and if teammates wanted to go on individual operations, they would need to report first.

"Thus, you might as well go back, find that leader Gu Yue Qing Shu of yours, and explain the situation. I’ll wait for you guys at the northern gate’s wine tavern," Fang Yuan said.

Fang Zheng hesitated slightly, then gritted his teeth, "I’ll go now, brother! But let me tell you, delay tactics don’t work."

He came to Gu Yue Qing Shu’s residence, and the family servant led him in.

Gu Yue Qing Shu was practising using his Gu.

His body was moving around in the garden’s arena stage, extremely agile and fit.

"Green vine Gu," he lightly said, and from his right palm, a green vine shot out. It was around fifteen meters. Qing Shu grabbed the vine and used it as a whip, splitting, coiling and sweeping around.

Pow pow pow!

The shadow of the whip swept across the floor, sending the concrete on the broken ground flying.

"Pine needle Gu." He suddenly kept the vine whip, and flipped his long green hair.

Immediately, from among the hair pine needles shot out like rain.

The pine needles hit the wooden puppet not far away, piercing its entire body and creating close and numerous pinholes.

"Moonwhirl Gu." Next, he placed out his left palm, and a green-coloured crescent insignia glowed in a bright green light.

With a flick of his wrist, the green moonblade was sent flying.

Different from the trajectory of a normal moonblade, this green moonblade was more curved. While flying in the air, it travelled in an arc, making it harder for enemies to predict.

"As expected of the number one Gu Master among the Rank two, Senior Qing Shu! With such an attack, I can’t even last for ten breaths. He’s really too strong." Fang Zheng stared with his mouth wide open, forgetting his original intention in the first place.

"Oh? Fang Zheng, why are you here. The previous mission just ended, you have to rest more, got to keep that balance between work and rest!" Gu Yue Qing Shu upon noticing Fang Zheng, kept away his fighting aura and smiled gently.

"Senior Qing Shu." Fang Zheng bowed to him respectfully.

This respect was sincerely from his heart. Ever since he joined the group, Fang Zheng had been attentively taken care of by Qing Shu, and in Fang Zheng’s eyes, Qing Shu was like an elder brother.

"Oh Fang Zheng, it seems you have business with me?" Qing Shu wiped the sweat off his forehead while going towards Fang Zheng with a smile.

"It’s like this..." Fang Zheng said his intentions, as well as the entire story.

Hearing so, Qing Shu’s eyebrows slightly rose. The truth is that he had heard a lot about Fang Yuan, and when compared to Fang Zheng, he was more interested in Fang Yuan.

"Might as well meet him for once."

Thinking so, Gu Yue Qing Shu nodded, "I have something to discuss with your brother as well. In that case, let’s go together."

Fang Zheng was overjoyed, "Thank you senior!"

"Hehehe, no need to thank me, we’re in the same group." Qing Shu patted Fang Zheng’s shoulders.

Fang Zheng could feel warmth in his heart, his eyes unwillingly turning red.

The two got to the tavern. A shop assistant had been expecting them all along, and brought them inside.

On a square table by the window, there were several side dishes and two wine cups, and a pot of wine.

Fang Yuan sat on one side, and when he saw Gu Yue Qing Shu, he smiled and extended his hand, "Please sit."

Gu Yue Qing Shu nodded to Fang Yuan. He took his seat, then said to Fang Zheng, "Fang Zheng, go take a stroll around, I’ll talk with your brother."

He was a smart person. Upon seeing only two wine cups, he knew that Fang Yuan wanted to have a chat alone.

The truth is, he had such intentions as well.

Fang Zheng acknowledged and left the shop indignantly.

"I know you, Fang Yuan." Qing Shu smiled, opening the wine pot skillfully, pouring a cup for Fang Yuan and one for himself.

"You are a very interesting, smart person." Saying so, he raised his cup towards Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan laughed and raised his cup as well to return the toast.

The two drank it in one shot together.

Qing Shu poured another for Fang Yuan again, as well as for himself.

As he poured, he said, "There’s no point beating about the bush when talking to a smart person. I’ll be open, I want to buy your Liquor worm, how much would you sell it?"

He did not ask Fang Yuan if he was selling it, but asked directly — How much, showing his immense confidence.

He was the number one Rank two Gu Master. At a young age, he reached Rank two peak stage, overpowering the Rank two upper stage Chi Shan and Mo Yan.

Once he appeared, he took the initiative and poured the wine and toasted Fang Yuan.

His confidence together with his gentle smile formed a unique aura. It was not overbearing and forceful which could make people disgusted, but it made others feel his persistence.

His long green hair, and the winter sunlight shining through the window and unto his fair, gently streaked face. This let Fang Yuan subconsciously think of the bright and beautiful radiance of spring.

"A truly talented person. What a shame," Fang Yuan thought.

He was not bothered by Qing Shu’s act of taking over the initiative. In fact Fang Yuan was slightly appreciative of him, and he sighed lightly.

(1). Written war challenge - SHAOLIN SHOWDOWN!! Gu battle showdown basically.

(2). If you really have no idea what it looks like, perhaps this link might help (tell me if it ever gets broken?)

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