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Chapter 727: Self-Death Path

In the back row of the auditorium.

Zhou Chong and Chen Shuai were dumbfounded when they saw Han Qingwu, and a chill ran up their spines straight to the back of their heads. Other than the different attire, the looks and figure were identical, so it was absolutely Han Qingwu. The duo recalled the time when they tried to talk to her, and as they thought about how mistaken their actions were, they were so scared that they nearly wet their pants.

"Gulp… it feels so good to be alive." Chen Shuai's throat squirmed, and his trembling right hand wiped off the cold sweat on his forehead. He was afraid to even imagine what would happen if Han Qingwu were to hit them back in the Red Pavilion. Even if they did not die, they would be left only half alive!

Zhou Chong, on the other hand, unfastened his buttons as though wanting to unleash the depression pressing his chest. Though Ji Mu slapped him a few times and made him regret that he should not have annoyed Han Qingwu, he regretted it the most at this moment. It was because those who could participate in the underground fighting match all the way down to the finals were absolutely not people he could afford to provoke.

"Chen Shuai, I was a bit resentful towards Ji Mu previously, but now… I can't find myself to hate him… I'm even feeling very grateful."

"Yeah, me too."

Chen Shuai nodded with lingering fear inside as he recalled he had annoyed Han Qingwu. If she wanted to beat them both, wouldn't they be dead already?

On the stage.

Black Widow smiled after introducing the four fighters, and then summoned a beautiful girl, took a sealed box from her and placed it in the center of the ring. She then smiled and said, "There are four cards in this box. Two Great Kings and two Small Kings. Each fighter will draw one, the matches will be Small King vs. Small King and Great King vs. Great King. The winner of each match will then fight in the final."

It was a lottery, a very fair grouping method, so the four fighters did not object to it. The result came out soon. Han Qingwu and Savage Beast Li Tong drew Small King cards, whereas Ironfist Jin Can and Ladyboy Wu Tong drew Great King cards.

After Black Widow announced the pairing matches, the four fighters went to the backstage to prepare themselves. The first round would be the Small Kings and the second match would be the Great Kings. The Small King match would start at 8:30 and the fighters had 20 minutes to prepare.

In the audience, Li Laoshan gazed at the back of Han Qingwu as she left and lightly furrowed his brows. He really could not figure out why Tang Xiu would choose Han Qingwu. He had seen her fighting in more than ten matches and had some estimation in regards to her combat prowess. She was not by any means weak, since her strength and speed could be said to be one of the best. And yet, she exposed her biggest flaw during the competition… she was too kind.

The underground fighting match was the kind of fight where the fighters' moves would either be to inflict injury or to kill, but the most serious injuries Han Qingwu inflicted on her opponents in her several matches were only breaking several of their ribs or dislocating their arms. That was when she was forced into a miserable state, so she didn't have a choice but to go all out.

"Brother Tang…"

Li Laoshan did not want to spend 100 million of his own money for naught, so he hesitated and shouted—a shout that carried his regret. At this time, he was questioning Tang Xiu with an ugly expression.

Tang Xiu glanced at him and lightly smiled, "Relax! She promised me to win this game. She'll become the champion even if she has to pay the price, that's for sure."

"You know Han Qingwu?" Asked Li Laoshan, startled and astounded.

"I came here with her this time, else I wouldn't have known there was an underground fighting competition," explained Tang Xiu.

Li Laoshan's unsettled and fidgety heart immediately turned at ease as he rubbed his hands and grinned. "Well, then I can rest my heart easy since she came with you, Brother Tang. Losing money is just a trivial matter, but I'm hella sure Old Chu will laugh at me."

Chu Xuecheng frowned, and there was solemn look in his eyes. He really could not understand why Li Laoshan trusted Tang Xiu so much.


Han Qingwu, still donning her original attire, a black training suit, valiantly entered the ring from the backstage. Her expression was cold, and there was neither dread nor contempt when she saw the fierce and cruel-looking Li Tong. Her eyes swept past Tang Xiu and then landed on the host, Black Widow.

Black Widow did not waste any more time as she immediately announced the start of the fight and left the ring. If it was a regular boxing match, the referee would stay in the ring and use the so-called rules to restrain the boxer, but the underground fighting match had no rules. One could use any means, however shameless they were, once they stepped onto the ring. They were even allowed to use any weapons but firearms.

Li Tong smacked his lips when he stared at Han Qingwu and grinned hideously, "Ice Phoenix Han Qingwu. Encountering such a beauty like you in the underground fighting arena is really a rare occasion. Nevertheless, I, Li Tong, will have mercy on you if you admit defeat now."

"Spare the bullshit, let's just prove it through our fists," said Han Qingwu coldly.

"Disregarding dangers and having no idea of death, eh?" Li Tong evilly grinned. "Fine. Don't blame me for destroying your beauty with a heavy blow."

Han Qingwu did not respond, as her elegant stature dashed and instantly appeared in front of Li Tong in the blink of an eye, the True Essence in her body surging and circulating through the meridians all over her body.


Li Tong didn't have the slightest worry. He was very excited after getting paired with Han Qingwu. He had watched all her fights in the competition. He knew that although this woman had quite the speed and strength, she was actually very soft hearted. If he were to fight the others and win the match, it would probably a hard earned victory, but he did not have to worry about being injured heavily and being unable to fight in the next match as long as he won against Han Qingwu.

As his toes stepped on the floor, his legs made a tight stance and swept a kick in a flash. As his body soared and the moment Han Qingwu avoided it, the shadows of his legs joined together and delivered continuous kicks at Han Qingwu.


After a dozen of seconds of strikes, Han Qingwu's arm was finally hit once, but amidst the pain, Han Qingwu's body swayed and she instantly delivered a kick at Li Tong's calf.


Li Tong did not want to have a long fight because there was still another match. After that brief counter strike, he did not want to take a cheap loss, suddenly arousing his savageness. His body was like a hungry tiger as he sent a barrage of punches at Han Qingwu's head. In a flash moment after, his right hand grabbed a dagger from his waist. He was confident that as long as Han Qingwu dared to block his heavy punch, he could then strike her head with this dagger.

A cold light flashed in Han Qingwu's eyes. Upon seeing Li Tong use a weapon, she knew that this guy wanted to kill her. She immediately kicked her foot on the floor and made a dash backward. Her palm slapped Li Tong's fist while her left hand's finger pierced his armpit.


As the trajectory of Li Tong's fist deviated, the downard stabbing dagger also instantly shifted. The rugged dagger swept the hair on Han Qingwu's temple, but his body suddenly trembled and a clearly visible wound appeared at his armpit. No one was able to notice that a spurt of True Essence was shot out the moment Han Qingwu's finger pierced Li Tong's armpit and then pierced the acupoint in the wound.

As his body flipped over, the heavy hammering came.

As Li Tong's body trembled, Han Qingwu had already done a complete set of smooth flowing movements that only showed white and delicate fists barraging the left side of Li Tong's neck.


Despite having a hard iron-like body, Li Tong's neck was broken as though it was smashed by stone by Han Qingwu's fists. As the sound of the broken bones echoed, his large body flew up for five-plus meters before it heavily fell on the platform.

"What's going on?"

"How is this possible?"


In the auditorium, the rich men who placed their wagers on Li Tong's win had drastic changes in expression and could not bear shouting. They did not see his heavy punch destroying the belle, and neither did they see him shedding the exquisite peony's blood or hacking her in half…

In the back row, a smile painted Tang Xiu's handsome face. He also felt somewhat surprised, as he did not expect that Han Qingwu could actually shoot her True Essence out. She was evidently at the Peak of Qi Refining Stage, but her being able to achieve this was really a bit unexpected.

However, it was her win, an easy one.

Li Laoshan suddenly turned to look at Tang Xiu and said in pleasant surprise, "How come Han Qingwu be so strong? Less than half a minute passed and she already won?"

"She has been trained by a specialist, and what she learned was nothing but killing moves," said Tang Xiu with a smile. "But still, she is not a bloodthirsty killer and maybe, she has yet to unleash everything she has in her previous fights. In fact, that Li Tong is quite a powerful man, and his strength and speed can't be compared to ordinary martial arts grandmasters. Only, he underestimated Han Qingwu's strength as well as her determination. In actuality, he could have lasted for some time and would be even less likely to fall by the edge of the sword if he did not pull out his dagger."

Li Laoshan blinked and instantly understood Tang Xiu's explanation. This Savage Beast Li Tong just created a death path for himself!

At the side.

Chu Xuecheng had an unsightly expression. Although the one he placed his wager on was the Ladyboy Wu Tong, yet the combat prowess demonstrated by Han Qingwu was beyond his expectations. He was a martial artist himself, and even though his ability was not as good as Li Laoshan's, he still had keen and sharp eyes.

Who would have thought that Han Qingwu, the one he felt less optimistic about, unexpectedly won the match and directly killed Savage Beast Li Tong? What surprised him the most was how easy it was for her to defeat him. It seemed that not even half a minute had yet to pass from the beginning to the end.

Don't tell me Han Qingwu will really become the champion?

He glanced at Li Laoshan and even looked at Tang Xiu. After having observed them for a long time, a bitter smile was cast on his face and he secretly shook his head.

The fighting match was not over yet, and he did not want to see this result. So he secretly cheered for Ladyboy Wu Tong to pass through. The others may not have noticed, but Ladyboy Wu Tong had yet to unleash his full power as well, something he was clear about.

He once saw him in action outside the underground fighting arena. Back then, this shemale was simply a berserk deity.

Chapter 728: Frantic Killing Intent

"The next match will be Ladyboy Wu Tong's show. It would be best if he could win smoothly, but if he struggled for victory, then the final champion is none other than Han Qingwu." Chu Xuecheng thought silently.

In another place, behind the seats of the auditorium, Zhou Chong and Chen Shuai exchanged dismayed looks. Their hearts were as though falling into an ice hole as their complexion turned very nasty.

"To be alive is a great feeling indeed. Now I finally realize the deeper meaning of this sentence." Chen Shuai raised his hand to caress his neck and said bitterly.

"She's really too strong. For anyone who can go all the way to the top four of the underground fighting arena, they are definitely not weak. But even for the Savage Beast Li Tong to not last for half a minute and be beaten to death by her…" Zhou Chong interjected with a complicated expression. "Chen Shuai, I'm now very grateful to Ji Mu. If he did not appear in time, I'm afraid that we…"

He could not continue speaking anymore after speaking up to there. However, Chen Shuai knew perfectly well what he wanted to say. He took a deep breath and then said, "After watching this game, we'll immediately call Ji Mu and ask him when he has time to have dinner with us so as to express our gratitude to him."

"Yeah." Zhou Chong nodded silently.

"Ji Mu is our savior. Should we send him some gifts as tokens of our gratitude?" Asked Chen Shuai.

Zhou Chong thought for a moment and said, "We must thank him and send him a thank you gift. We gotta discuss the appropriate thank you gift after this fighting match."

"I heard Ji Mu has been buying precious medicinal herbs in these two days." Chen Shuai's expression suddenly moved and spoke in a low voice.

"Huh?" Zhou Chong looked doubtful and wondered, "What is Ji Mu buying precious herbs for? Is he ill? Or a family member…"

"I dunno." Chen Shuai shook his head. "It's just a rumor, so I'm not really sure. I will, however, tell my friend to ask around after the fighting match. If it's true, then we'll send him some precious herbs."

"No problem!" Zhou Chong nodded and looked pensive.

Black Widow, who stood under the ring and watched as Savage Beast Li Tong was struck and defeated in less than half a minute, could not help but tremble. She was an expert herself, and even though she had yet to reach the martial arts grandmaster level and could be extremely cruel and merciless, she was still shocked nonetheless.

What a dreadful person! It turns out that Ice Phoenix Han Qingwu has never unleashed her full power.

Her gaze shifted from Han Qingwu and looked at the fallen Li Tong on the floor, who was no longer moving. She shivered and sighed inwardly, before she stepped onto the platform again to check his condition. Following that, she walked to Han Qingwu's side and applauded, "The Ice Phoenix—Han Qingwu has really concealed herself too deeply. I now announce that Savage Beast, Li Tong, has died. The winner is HAN QINGWU!"

"Ice Phoenix Han Qingwu, you can take a break in the backstage. Your second match will start at 10."

Han Qingwu nodded. She glanced at Tang Xiu's direction and immediately replied, then turned around to leave the ring.

The second match.

After Ironfist Jin Can and Ladyboy Wu Tong came onto the ring, the two men showcased their soaring fighting intent. Even Tang Xiu, who was sitting in the back row of the auditorium, spared his time to observe the two fighters. Following which, he turned to Chu Xuecheng and lightly smiled, "Brother Chu have good eyes. That Ladyboy Wu Tong seems so weak that even the wind can blow him away, but he's undeniably formidable. Also, he should have killed quite a lot of people."

"Brother Tang is kidding me. I can't even be compared to you. The one you favor, Han Qingwu, easily killed Savage Beast Li Tong, and the result won't affect her second match. Though this Ladyboy Wu Tong is indeed very strong, yet he would probably be injured and badly battered even if he is able to defeat Ironfist Jin Can. For him to lose in his second match against Han Qingwu is quite likely."

Tang Xiu just smiled in response and did not talk anymore. Han Qingwu was just unwilling to fully unleash her strength. As long as she made up her mind to go for the kill, she would definitely become the champion. Tang Xiu had confidence in her as well as the Everlasting Feast Hall's expert who had taught her.

As expected, the close quarter fight ended very slowly. Ironfist Jin Can and Ladyboy Wu Tong engaged in an intense fight for more than 10 minutes before the outcome was finally revealed. The winner was the Ladyboy Wu Tong, yet he was also covered with several injuries as well as heavy internal injuries after killing Ironfist Jin Can.


Black Widow stood in the ring again. Her complexion was a bit unsightly, and there was even faint anger in her eyes. She held the microphone and suppressed her anger as she announced, "Next is our final match. Ice Phoenix Han Qinwu and Ladyboy Wu Tong, please come to the ring!"

After a while, the two people stood on the ring.

Black Widow held her breath and fiercely glared at the injured Ladyboy, Wu Tong, and coldly said, "Without further ado, I announce the match begins... NOW!"

Wu Tong shot a deep gaze at Han Qingwu before he immediately shook his head and said, "To those friends who have placed their bets on me, I can only say I'm sorry to all of you. I'm so seriously injured that I can hardly support myself. Hence, I admit defeat."






Many rich men stood up and cursed furiously, a lot of them directly throwing out threats.

Wu Tong did not stay for long. Despite his strength, the anger of a lot of rich and powerful people was not something he could afford to face. He knew what situation he was in and only a dead end was there for him if he continued the fight. While those rich people would be targeting him after the competition, yet he believed he could preserve his life, and could just leave China if worse came to worst.

Han Qingwu was also very surprised, for she never thought that Wu Tong would choose to admit defeat directly. Originally, she planned to resort to killing if Wu Tong had the intention to kill, but now it seemed that her victory was already settled.

In the audience, Li Laoshan glanced at the pale Chu Xuecheng as he immediately laughed loudly, "Hahaha… Old Chu! I never thought to be so lucky today. Not only did I meet Brother Tang here, but also pocketed 700 million yuan as well. Damn, this is really such a great and joyous event. Brother Tang, spare the talk, let's just go to the backstage to exchange this receipt to bank notes. This Old Li must treat you to a drink."

Tang Xiu only smiled. The reason why he came along with Han Qingwu to Changxi was that he was afraid she would have an accident in the underground fighting match. He had yet to have an answer from her, and definitely did not want her to die in such a match.

What was accidental was that he followed Li Laoshan to gamble and won quite a lot of money.

"Okay, let's go!"

Just as Tang Xiu let out a smile, Li Laoshan dragged him away. Ji Mu was similarly looking happy and followed them to the backstage. Though his wager was not much, the odds were quite high, so he also earned quite a lot!

Half an hour later, Tang Xiu, Li Laoshan, Ji Mu and Chu Xuecheng had already taken the elevator to the surface. Without much delay, Han Qingwu, who had changed clothes, came before them.

"Feeling happy?" Asked Tang Xiu.

Han Qingwu nodded. With a smile hanging on her face, she said, "Of course, winning money is a happy thing. But I'm not thrilled for the match, though, since I was kinda excited to fight that Ladyboy Wu Tong."

"Well, I'll send you to Jingmen Island later if you want to have a good fight," said Tang Xiu smilingly.

Han Qingwu's smile turned stiff. She immediately shook her head and said, "No, thanks. Forget it!"

Tang Xiu chuckled and asked, "Anyways, did you place a bet as well? How much did you win?"

"I bet 20 million yuan and won more than 100 million," said Han Qingwu. "I'm a young rich woman now."

"Huh? I don't recall your family being short on money, no?" Tang Xiu snappily said. "Do you really want to live on your own without asking for support from your family?"

Han Qingwu realized that Tang Xiu knew her grandfather, so he should know about the situation in her family. She then nodded and smilingly said, "I usually spend little, but earning myself quite some money is not bad, you know."

Tang Xiu only smiled and did not continue talking about this subject, but pointed to Li Laoshan and Chu Xuecheng and introduced them to her.

Straightforward as he was, Li Laoshan, who won more than 600 million yuan because of Han Qingwu, patted his chest and said, "Miss Han, I gotta say thanks to you this time! I won more than 600 million yuan because of you! This Old Li probably won't be able to earn this much from my business in a year or two. So I wanna invite you to have some snacks tonight, but this Old Li will prepare you a lavish thank you gift when I visit Shanghai later."

"There's no need for this." Han Qingwu smiled. "It's your fortune, Brother Li. Just choose a good place to have some snacks tonight. It's fine already."

"Nope, a snack is a must and so is the lavish gift," said Li Laoshan crisply. "Anyhow, Brother Ji, you're the local snake of Changxi, so you should know the best place for a night snack, right? This Old Li is very happy tonight, so take us to the best place!"

Brother Ji?

Ji Mu shivered inwardly. He had secretly browsed the Internet while watching the matches, searching information about Li Laoshan. The result was quite a shock to him since he learned that Li Laoshan was the Iron Steel Magnate from the Northern Region with a net worth of over 10 billion yuan. Though he was a scion from the Ji Family, he did not have the qualification to be addressed as Brother by this man at all. It was more appropriate if it was his father.

He simply benefitted from associating with someone else!

Ji Mu secretly glanced at Tang Xiu and saw that the latter nodded to him. He then let out a dry smile and said, "I won quite a lot tonight, too, Brother Li. You are originally a guest, so treating several brothers should be on me as the host! Whenever Brother Li has some time to spare in the future, feel free to invite us."

Tonight was a night of harvest and thus became a pleasant night.

It was already 1:30 when the five finished the night snack. Tang Xiu drank a lot of wine and felt a bit drunk since he had not forced the alcohol out of his body. As for Li Laoshan and Chu Xuecheng, both of them drank a lot, so Ji Mu tried to find a few Ji Family's men to escort them and book a good hotel in advance when they left.

However, Li Laoshan dragged Tang Xiu at parting time to tell him that he wanted to see him tomorrow and go to Shanghai together. Tang Xiu did not ask for what affair he was going to tend to, while Li Laoshan himself did not explain anything.

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