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Chapter 564: Last Living Eunuch

Baiyun Shopping Center was an upscale site in Beijing and the security here was usually fairly good. However, Yao Xinlei took advantage of his identity to promise some benefits and bribed the department store's security guards. Therefore, they didn't meet any obstruction when they took Tang Wei and Tang Tang.

Nevertheless, the dispute was seen by a junior from a certain family in Beijing. He knew both Yao Xinlei's and Tang Wei's group since they were in the same group of silk pants in the capital. Thus, the news that Tang Wei and Tang Tang were detained by Yao Xinlei and his group was passed on to Tang Guosheng in no time.

"Find and rescue them!"

With a sullen expression, Tang Guosheng issued an order and mobilized all the Tang Family's intelligence network and personal connections in Beijing. On the other side, the Yaos didn't conceal their whereabouts. Hence, Tang Guosheng was able to find the address where Tang Wei and Tang Tang were being detained.

At the same time, Tang Xiu and Daoist Xu Yang had just arrived at Beijing Airport along with the Light and Dark siblings, who had just returned to Jingmen Island's Everlasting Feast Hall from overseas after completing their mission. Tang Xiu hung up the phone as a faint ruthless glint flashed in his eyes. He regretted not disposing of Yao Xinhua when he was on Jingmen Island.

"Small Blackhouse, eh?" Tang Xiu sneered inside. He immediately caught a cab and the four people rushed toward the address given by Tang Guosheng.


Beijing, Qiaotou District, Jiabaole Playground.

Yao Xinhua was sitting on the innermost side of an empty and spacious haunted house in the playground with a lighted cigarette in his mouth. The dim lights, curling smoke, and overcast atmosphere in the entire haunted house caused goosebumps to raise on everyone inside, yet Yao Xinlei and Yao Xintao were standing on the right and left sides behind Yao Xinhua while folding their hands with faint smiles, watching the siblings—Tang Wei and Tang Tang as well as Guan Yanyan, who was also caught in the middle of the misfortune.

"What's wrong? Is Young Master Tang… afraid, by chance?" Yao Xinhua flicked the ash off his cigarette, tilted his leg and mocked.

Tang Wei's expression was very calm. He looked at Yao Xinhua's complacent expression and lightly said, "There's something I forgot to tell you. I may be afraid of your grandfather, but I never feared the rest of your Yao Family. Yao Xinhua, I thought you were the most outstanding junior of Yaos, but I didn't expect you're only able to play these small tricks. I have overestimated you, it seems."

"Tang Wei, do you find it enjoyable flaunting your sharp tongue?" Yao Xinhua mocked. "Actually, I have wanted to take care of you for a long time now, but it's a pity that I had been delayed by various things. The days of your Tang Family are now like the sunset in the West mountain. Perhaps it won't take a long time before you all got driven out of China. Later on, you will no longer be the majestic young master of the Tang Family, but just a stray dog."

"Yao Xinhua, I know you were delayed by various things, just like you got miserably bullied by my younger brother Tang Xiu. Yet you still want to mention such a disgraceful thing? I'm very ashamed of you." With a scowl on his face, Tang Wei sneered, "As for how will my Tang Family fare in the future, do you really think you can guess it?"

Tang Xiu?

Yao Xinhua tightly clenched his fist as an abhorrent expression burst from his eyes. This was the name he hated the most, especially the owner of this name. How he wished to hack him to pieces and pull out his tendons... He shot Tang Wei a cold look and coldly said, "Tang Wei, this tone of yours is very tough, but I don't know whether your bones are tough as well. But you can rest assured. These two younger brothers of mine have long been drooling and eyeing your sister. You definitely don't want to try whether your little sis's bones are tough or not, right?"


Yao Xinlei and Yao Xintao deliberately revealed lustful expressions as they touched their chins when they looked at Tang Tang.

Tang Tang herself didn't show any trace of fear, however, and even puffed out her small chest and said, "These two dogs of yours are nothing but trash, Yao Xinhua. Don't tell me you don't know that, huh? If these dogs dare to lay a finger on me, it is tantamount to lose all decorum with my family. Your family may be very strong, but does the Yao Family know what kind of card the Tang Family has in reserve? When that time comes, snort…"

Tang Wei stared blankly as he looked at the unexpected tough stance displayed by his younger sister, yet he could see through her intention in a flash; it was just a bluff to deter Yao Xinhua. He immediately followed the script and intentionally yelled at her, "TANG TANG, SHUT UP!!!"

Tang Tang's eyes lit up. She knew that her big brother caught up to what she was up to. Hence, she deliberately revealed a resentful expression and flung her face to the side.

Yao Xinhua's heart slightly jolted. As a junior of a big family in Beijing, he naturally knew that each big family had their own trump cards. His grandfather also told him a few days ago that the Tang Family was not as weak as they looked on the surface; they surely had some cards up their sleeves. Therefore, his grandfather personally invited the Amur Tiger to Beijing in order to deal with them.

Could it be…

What card the Tang Family has, to think that they don't fear the Amur Tiger at all?

He didn't know much about the matters pertaining to cultivators, but Tang Tang's words and Tang Wei's response made him secretly vigilant inside, causing him to decide to change some of his previous plans. However, he didn't really plan to make his two cousins rape Tang Tang. He said that just as intimidation; he didn't even plan to beat up Tang Wei at all. His purpose was very simple. He wanted to shame Tang Wei and humiliate the Tang Family. As long as Tang Wei yielded and bowed, it was the same as slapping the face of the Tang Family…

"Someone come here and castrate Tang Wei! I really want to know what interesting thing will happen in the future if the Young Master of the dignified Tang Family has become the last living eunuch on the Earth." Yao Xinhua clapped his palms and loudly shouted.

Immediately, four stocky men who had already prepared some tools came to Tang Wei's front. Two of them held up the tied Tang Wei and pressed him on the long bench.

"The last living eunuch on Earth, eh? That's really an interesting idea!"

A strange voice came from the distance. The moment that voice faded away, a hazy figure suddenly appeared next to Tang Wei. Four streams of qi shot forth and the four stocky men close to Tang Wei instantly felt their bodies freeze as they stood still in their spots.

Yao Xinhua abruptly got up from the chair and looked horrified. What alarmed him was not Tang Xiu's arrival, but his inconceivable sudden appearance by Tang Wei's side right before his eyes. That terrifying speed was something he had never witnessed in his whole life.

Yao Xinlei's brows creased as he stepped forward and shouted, "Whose dog are you?"


A crescent blade rotated at a very fast speed and directly hacked Yao Xinlei's neck. In less than a second, Yao Xinlei felt that the sky and earth were spinning around as his vision was constantly moving. He saw the ceiling, a headless body, and a blood column spraying out from its neck…

A white masked Light silently appeared at Tang Xiu's side, whereas the bloodstained crescent blade vanished and returned to his hand.

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

The sounds of bodies falling to the floor kept sounding on both sides. More than 20 of Yao Xinhua's men desperately covered their throats and then fell to the floor with their bodies convulsing incessantly, before their movements gradually stopped.

Yao Xinhua's complexion was ghastly pale. He remembered the night he attended the charity party on Jingmen Island. He fell into a comatose state without knowing anything about it. Astute as he was, he could tell that the man who stunned him was Tang Xiu. And now, the dreadful strength displayed by Tang Xiu and that man with a white mask brought him a deep feeling of danger.

What horrified him the most, however, was the fact that his 20 men were killed so silently. He didn't even catch the sight of the person who did it.

"TANG XIU…" A furious bellow came out of Yao Xinhua's mouth.

A smile outlined on the corner of Tang Xiu's mouth. He used his strength to cut off the rope that tied Tang Wei, as he then walked to Tang Tang's front and lightly laughed, "Were you afraid?"

Tang Tang's eyes lit up. She liked this big brother of hers, and had heard many things about him. Her eyes were full of spirit and cleverness, as she blinked and laughed, "I was afraid before, Big Brother Xiu. But I no longer feel afraid with you here."

Tang Xiu smiled and untied the rope on her and also unleashed the rope on Guan Yanyan as well. He then let out a smile and said, "Did you hear the words just spat out by a certain someone? He thought that the last living eunuch on Earth would be a very interesting thing. Hence, I want to ask you guys to spread out this news well: the Young Master of the Yao Family—Yao Xinhua, has become the last living eunuch in the world."

"Brother…" Yao Xintao's complexion drastically changed and turned ghastly pale. But when his words had yet to come out completely, his head was already cut off. Fortunately, the haunted house was rather dark, whereas Yao Xinlei and Yao Xintao were quite far from Tang Tang and Guang Yanyan, so they couldn't see clearly their appearance; they would definitely be terrified otherwise.

Tang Wei crawled up from his chair and delivered some heavy punches on the four men who were as though paralyzed by witchcraft. He then ran to Tang Xiu's side and said, "Tang Xiu, just kill this bastard Yao Xinhua!"

"I will, but not now," Tang Xiu chuckled. "Big Brother Wei, take them home first. I'll be back to look for you after I'm done dealing with this matter."

"I'll stay here to give you a hand," said Tang Wei quickly.

"No, your help is not needed." Tang Xiu shook his head and smilingly said, "I can easily solve the problem here."

Tang Wei hesitated before silently nodding and saying, "Then we'll be waiting for you in Grandpa's place."

A few minutes later, Tang Xiu walked to the chair used by Yao Xinhua before. He sat on it and kicked the screeching Yao Xinhua, who was currently curled up on the floor. Then, he smiled and said, "So, how is it? Is God treating you coldly? Nope, right? Your dream has come true and you have become the last living eunuch in the world. Do you feel a special honor and glory, or something?"

"Tang Xiu, FUCK…"

A suction force came out from Tang Xiu's palm and he directly grabbed Yao Xinhua's neck with his knees on the floor, and then coldly spoke, "Curse and you'll die now. If you don't want to die, call the elders of your family. Tell them to come here to save you, and do fucking remember that the Amur Tiger must come, too."

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