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Chapter 524: Agreement

While calmly looking at the blind old woman, Tang Xiu shook her head and said, "As old as you are, you shouldn't be messing around like this, Old Lady. It's not easy to cultivate for a hundred years, to begin with. If you can't break the shackles of your feelings toward the mundane world, then you can never sever this thread with the world of mortals. Once that line is implicated by the dark underworld, likewise, you can never transcend worldliness as well."

The blind old lady fell into silence. Indeed, there was still a wish left unfulfilled for her, yet to make her wish come true was an extremely difficult endeavor to realize. She would still probably have no means to sever the line of connection between her and the mundane world like Tang Xiu said even if she were to live 100 years more. As a result, she just peered into the Heavenly Secrets, wanting to locate the Immortal World, wishing that she could go beyond to that secret, hidden world.

"I just can't do it!" The blind old woman was silent for a long time before she shook her head and forced a wry smile.

"One mustn't miss any sliver of opportunity. If you are unable to transcend worldliness, then you must enter the cycle of samsara to be reincarnated, and continue to bear hardships and the bitter limitation of the world. Why would you not take it?" Said Tang Xiu lightly.

"I must go there. I hope you can help me," said the blind old woman.

Tang Xiu was silent for a while, as he then turned to Lulu and Hu Qingsong and said, "Are you two full already? If you are, wait for me outside. I'll catch up with you shortly."

Ouyang Lulu and Hu Qingsong exchanged looks with confused expressions. The abstruse and profound theory of Daoism spoken by Tang Xiu and the blind old woman was a subject they couldn't make sense at all. After hesitating for a while, both of them obeyed Tang Xiu and walked outside.

"Tell me about your origin and history," Tang Xiu said.

"I'm of a very common origin," said the blind old woman. "I hail from the northwestern Hongdong County, and my ancestry line hails from the Occult Sect. It's a pity that we have revealed too many Heavenly Secrets, thus I'm the last one remaining. I've gotten married for nine times in the first 50 years of my life, and all of my husbands had premature deaths because of me. After I turned 70, I journeyed north and south, traveling to all corners of the country, yet there was no direction I could find, neither could I grasp the answer to that question."

"So to say, you no longer have anything that ties you to the world, and you're free from constraints and attachments?" Asked Tang Xiu.

The blind old woman shook her head, "No, I still have one wish. That is to find the ancestral tomb of my ancestors. A pity that the custom of my family is only passed on men and not on women, so they didn't pass them to me. The reason why I can learn divination is entirely based on self-study on the ancient codes and records left by my father's legacy."

Tang Xiu nodded, "Since you want me to help and give you shelter, then let's talk about the conditions."

"Please say it!" Said the blind old woman.

"Give me your life," said Tang Xiu with all seriousness.

The blind old woman smilingly replied, "Although I dare not say 'that my fate depends on myself and not the heavens', yet I can't allow someone else to control my life either. You are very special, however; your fate is very interesting. If you really have the ability in this aspect, then take it as you wish."

"I will give you six months to consider it carefully. If you agree, I will send someone to escort you back here," said Tang Xiu slowly after thinking for a while.

"Half a year?" The blind old woman strangely said. "I don't need half a year to think!"

"You may not need it, but I do," said Tang Xiu. "That place hasn't been reconstructed yet, and is unable to be used for the time being. Hence, come here six months later."

"All right!" The blind old woman took her walking stick and got up from the sofa, saying, "I will return here half a year later. If you need anything that needs my assistance within these six months, you only need to burn three sticks of incense and call out Blind Old Woman thrice. I'll come to you as fast as possible."

"Understood," Tang Xiu nodded.

After sending her off, Tang Xiu returned inside, looked at the approaching Chi Nan and said, "Has the family been properly settled?"

"Yeah. I used a special medication to make the entire family unconscious. They will wake up tomorrow morning," Chi Nan nodded.

"Remember, if they wake up earlier than expected, you must not let them step out of the Everlasting Feast Hall's entrance before the sunrise tomorrow morning. If… by any chance, they're still adamant to leave and you are no longer able to stop them, feel free to let one of them out, and then send someone to quietly follow him. After half an hour, if there's no problem endangering that person's safety, then let the rest go."

Chi Nan hesitated before asking, "Boss, do you really believe what that blind old lady said?"

"Yes!" Tang Xiu nodded. "She's not an ordinary person. Don't look at how easy she got beaten back then, and don't think that because she lost her sight that she can't see things better than people who can see with their eyes. If it wasn't for a special reason, that family wouldn't have been able to even move her fingers, more less hit her."

"Special reason? What exactly is it?" Chi Nan confused.

"She wanted to draw my attention, wanted me to come forward. She… wanted to lead me to her," said Tang Xiu lightly

"Can't she just look for you?" Chi Nan frowned.

Tang Xiu shook his head. He then realized that Chi Nan wouldn't understand it even if he explained it to her. Therefore, he waved his hand and said, "Just forget it. You still have to take good care of the restaurant, while I still must attend the afternoon classes, so I'll take my leave first. By the way, if Han Qingwu looks for you again, don't give her any good face again."

Chi Nan forced a smile, "Boss, do you have any relationship problems with Teacher Han? She seems to have something to complain about you, but the way you treat her is way too…"  

Tang Xiu glared at her and reprimanded, "Don't ask what you shouldn't ask. Put shortly, just deal with her as less as possible like I told you."

Having said that, Tang Xiu directly left the Everlasting Feast Hall. After looking around and seeing Lulu and Hu Qingsong waiting for him outside, he said, "Lulu, I'm going back to campus for afternoon classes. You can go ahead to attend your things, too! I'll go to the Paradise Manor when I have some free time."

There was a bit of reluctance and unwillingness in Lulu's eyes, but she still nodded and said, "Then, I'll go back first. If you don't come find me, then I'll go to your campus to find you."

"Got it!" Tang Xiu nodded and gave her his car keys. The car was one of the luxury cars in his garage, but Tang Xiu usually didn't use it since he didn't want to attract others' eyes.

High noon, 1 PM. Tang Xiu and Hu Qingsong had already returned to Shanghai University. After arriving at the dormitory, they didn't see Yue Kai there. Tang Xiu rarely stayed on campus, so he began cleaning up his bed since dust had fallen on it, and many things were messily placed under his desk.

Done with the cleaning, Tang Xiu shifted his eyes to Hu Qingsong, who was lying on his bunk with hands as a pillow. It was unknown what he was currently thinking about. He smiled at him and said, "Hey, don't leak anything about my matters to anyone!"

"Relax, dude! I got it!" Hu Qingsong nodded.

Letting out a calm smile in response, Tang Xiu then patted the side of his bed and said, "Anyhow, there's an hour left for class, stay here if you want! I'm going to head to the campus library."

"Got it!" Hu Qingsong replied, and continued thinking about his own issues.

Tang Xiu was aware that Hu Qingsong suffered a great impact today. Hu Qingsong may have a rough and uninhibited outer appearance, yet he was finely particulate inside and was a very smart individual. Perhaps he didn't feel like thinking about anything in the past, but now, he had probably started thinking about the path he'd take.

Contemplation was a sign of maturity!

Tang Xiu indeed worried that their relationship would deteriorate after Hu Qingsong learned about him. But now it seemed that his worries were groundless and unnecessary. On the contrary, he had already started to learn to contemplate as to how he would enter society, as well as began to plan his own life for the future.

Tang Xiu took a few books and then headed to the campus library. By the time he got there, there was a strange vibe in the library, which was often deserted, but was now very lively. Students in groups of three to five were whispering between themselves as he walked inside. What made him puzzled was that most of them were male students.

"Teacher, what's happened?" Curiously asked Tang Xiu at the keeper of the library after returning the books.

"What else? The young men of today all can't wait to rush and do everything to woo beautiful girls. Oh, how I miss my youth…" The middle-aged female teacher in her 40s sighed. She shook her head at the same time, as she looked to fall into her memories!

A smile outlined on the corner of Tang Xiu's mouth. He understood that those boys were right at the peak of their puberties. Had he not lived for 10,000 years in the Immortal World, he would have been like them, and couldn't wait to woo beautiful girls whenever he saw them.

After returning the books, Tang Xiu walked inside. He hadn't had the time to study and read books due to many issues that came to him recently, so he decided to immerse himself in his school life now. He was a student, and to have the appearance of a student was a must; improving and sharpening his knowledge by reading, studying, and learning diligently.

When he passed a row of bookshelves, he glanced toward the direction where a lot of students were gathered. However, as his sight passed through the crowd, a smile immediately outlined the corner of his mouth when he saw Jiang Feiyan, who was sitting and reading a book quietly in the innermost corner desk. Although the person he saw was Jiang Feiyan, he was very sure that the one who could attract the attention of these many students was definitely not her, because she didn't have the attractiveness to drag all of them.

It must be Mu Wanying!

Her extremely beautiful appearance immediately appeared inside Tang Xiu's mind as he secretly shook his head. Whether it was her looks, figure, or temperament, Mu Wanying was indeed a remarkable top class beautiful woman. Yet, the wound in his heart, however, didn't allow him to have an intricate emotional relationship with her.

Once in the past he deluded himself that he would find the only love of his lifetime, to have a romantic life with her, marry her,and then live a happy, blessed life ever after.

The period of time he spent with her in the Immortal World was the most satisfying and happiest time he ever had. He even hoped that such a situation would last for eternity, until the heaven and earth got old, until the oceans dried up and the rocks perished, yet their fidelity would remain unchanging no matter what happened. He even made a decision that even if he eventually succeeded in crossing his tribulation, he would do whatever was necessary to cross the sea, by tricks or deceiving, just to stay and accompany her in the Immortal World.

However, the outcome was that of Nanke's dream, a fond dream that was empty and hollow; for the dream was then shattered by the time he awakened, and he was then left to die and disappear, leaving all his pain and sorrow that consumed his whole heart.

Snapping out of his reverie, Tang Xiu didn't go there and just turned around to head to the book area. After having picked up a few books, he planned to head straight to his dorm after registering the borrowed books.

However, despite him having tried so hard to disguise himself, many people were still able to recognize him, as they rushed to intercept and surround him as if he was a big star. The situation made him helpless as well as depressed. He only hoped that, as time passed, everyone would gradually forget his identity as a divine doctor.

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