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Chapter 288: Retention

The beautiful sunshine shone on the very Earth. It was nine o’clock in the morning when Tang Xiu, along with the Mo Brothers, arrived at Hong Kong Airport. Mo Awen had booked tickets with scheduled flight at 9:30 AM, so there was half an hour left before they took off. The flight to Nine Dragon Island would require one to transit Saipan before they took a sea route from Saipan to Nine Dragon Island.

Tang Xiu brought some books in his suitcase for this trip. The Yellow Emperor’s Canon of Medicine, the Fundamental Theories of Businesses, the Nanotechnology, and the Theory of Laser Instrument Development.

Recently, Tang Xiu was particularly keen on reading some books on science and technology since modern technology had never existed in the Immortal World yet each and every civilization possessed its essence.

Through the present science and technology, Tang Xiu wanted to verify some of his ideas. What made him somewhat content was the fact that the present science and technology were really powerful in which what seemed like ordinary knowledge actually contained profound laws.

After killing some time, the three boarded the plane soon after. As the plane took off, they arrived at Kobler International Airport in Saipan by noon. The moment Tang Xiu came out from the plane, his spirit was aroused. The air was fresh, and along with the blue sky, it gave him a complete relaxed feeling.

“Boss, are we heading straight to Nine Dragon Island by ship or do you want to rest in Saipan for a day?” Mo Awen, who had been to Saipan and was rather familiar with the place asked Tang Xiu.

“Rent a boat, we’ll go straight to Nine Dragon Island!” said Tang Xiu.

"Yes!" Mo Awen quickly took his mobile and dialed a cell number.

A few minutes later, he ended up the call and spoke to Tang Xiu, “We have rented a cruiser in Redsand Bay Port, Boss. However, we need to buy some supplies before we set sail because it will take around two days to sail to Nine Dragon Island.”

Such a trivial matter was something Tang Xiu didn’t want to bother with. After he sat on the taxi parked on the roadside, he said, “These kind of things will be your duty to take care of.”

Immediately after, he spoke in English, “Redsand Bay Port.”

At Redsand Port.

A big black man—Tom Reggie was smoking a thick cigar with a yellow sun hat, plaid casual short, big red trousers and slippers. He stood on the quayside and shouted, “Get a move on! Take out your chicks strength and get my Kerry to the sea! This Big Daddy is kinda happy today so don’t fuck it up! Whoever screws up I swear I’ll smash your balls off...”

On the beach, over a hundred big guys revealed their fine muscular bodies as they operated pulleys to move a brand new cruiser to the sea. The Kerry cruiser was 80 meters in length and looked particularly luxurious.

“Boss, those people are here,” a man came before him and spoke respectfully.

Tom Reggie turned around and looked at the three men tens of meters away before his eyes finally fixated on Mo Awen. He walked toward them and made a strange hand sign after he was several meters away from Mo Awen.

With the same hand signal, Mo Awen responded back to him.

“Yo buddy, it’s been eight years since our last meet, no?” Tom Reggie spoke in fluent English, all smiling.

Mo Awen laughed, “Yep. It’s been eight years and six months. I thought you were dead so it’s surprising to see you now.”

“Your country has an old saying that good people don’t live long while calamity lasts for millennia. I guess I’m kinda a calamity in your custom eh?! Anyways, is this… your Big Boss?”

“Yep. He’s my Boss,” said Mo Awen.

Extending his hand, Tang Xiu nodded and said, “I’m Tang Xiu.”

Tom Reggie shook hands with Tang Xiu and laughed, “Well, I kinda admire you, Mr. Tang. Rather, I’m quite curious about what sort of abilities you have for being able to make Mo Awen your subordinate. How about we exchange some blows? I’m quite strong myself.”

“Boss, Tom is very powerful, he had once killed an adult African elephant with his bare hands,” said Mo Awen.

Tang Xiu shook his head and laughed, “You have to be prepared to die if you want to confront me. But you can try now if you wish to.”

“No no no. We are friends. How can we have a life-and-death contest? Besides, Mo Awen is my friend and comrade-in-arms. You’re his boss, he’ll surely come with everything he has against me if I kill you. And to be honest, I’m not even his match,” Tom Reggie waved his hands repeatedly.

“Tom, I’m not even a match for Boss,” Mo Awen calmly said.


Tom Reggie was surprised for a moment as his eyes stared wide, astonishment sprouting inside him. He knew Mo Awen’s character; he never lied. Such being the case, was this young man—Mr. Tang really a powerful individual?

Tang Xiu was reluctant to get tangled in such trivial matter. He looked to the shore and asked, “Is that cruiser the one you’re renting to us?”

Nodding, Tom Reggie said, “This Kerry cruiser was just shipped here yesterday, but her crew had all been trained well, so they can definitely control the ship. Also, the service staff have arrived so we can set sail at any time.”

“We can’t set sail tonight?” asked Tang Xiu with knitted brows.

Tom Reggie shrugged his shoulders, “We could set sail at night, but the meteorological bureau just spread out the news that a small tsunami is predicted to occur tomorrow morning. For safety’s sake, I suggest we wait it out before leaving.”


After being silent for a moment, Tang Xiu then nodded and slowly said, “In that case, we can only wait for a day here. Awen, book some rooms in a nearby hotel.”

“I have arranged the hotel accommodation. It’s an upscale resort nearby. I also have prepared an appropriate banquet tonight as a welcoming dinner for you,” said Tom with a smile.

A hint of a happy smile was revealed on Tang Xiu’s face as he nodded, “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. Who made me owe my life to this Awen guy a few times anyway? Well, I’ll go get them to prepare the ship first before I take you to rest in the resort,” Tom Reggie said with a smile.

On their way to the nearby resort, Tang Xiu asked Mo Awen, “The two of you were comrades-in-arms?”

Mo Awen nodded, “We were under the same organization in the past, so he and I had performed some missions together. The missions were very dangerous and we fought side by side for many times and almost died in the process. He’s one of the people I trust the most aside from our own people. I originally intended to invite him to work for the Everlasting Feast Hall, but he refused.”

Tang Xiu nodded, “He’s a man with ambition, and it looks like he happens to have a good life.”

“Boss, though it’s been more than eight years since the last time I saw him, but I still learned some news about him. A few years ago he lived rather bad days since he offended the local tyrants. He was chased for more than two years and I once thought that he surely died. I didn’t expect he would return and secretly slew his mortal enemies. He also made use of another force to decimate them. All the while his mortal enemies were fighting for power and profit, he finally set up his foothold and stood firm here,” said Mo Awen.

Curious, Tang Xiu asked, “Since you’re comrades of life and death, why didn’t you lend him a hand?”

“One’s life can only be preserved by oneself. I’d avenge him if he died, but if he wants to set up his foothold between the sky and earth, he must rely on himself. Not to mention that I’m a member of the Everlasting Feast Hall, so I can never bring any trouble to my own home,” said Mo Awen.

Tang Xiu slowly nodded, “It seems that whoever is trained by Yan’er is very good.”

“Big Boss fostered and brought us up. She rescued our lives from human traffickers, providing us with all the basic necessities of life as well as spent a lot of resources to train us. Our lives will always belong to the Everlasting Feast Hall,” said Mo Awen.

Tang Xiu fell into silence.

Many people had once been trained by him, but eventually, only a remaining few survived. Those who survived also scattered throughout the Immortal World and rarely moved around in peacetime. They only appeared to pay homage to him every hundred years.

Having human resources was a powerful strength. At this point, he was more certain now how wrong he was before. At the same time, his thought of nurturing a large number of loyal subordinates with strong convictions and dreadful strength was becoming firmer.

At Saipan’s Lao Bay Resort.

When they arrived there, Tom Reggie’s subordinate—a very graceful young woman, waited there.

"Are you Mr. Tang?"

Wearing a dozen centimeters’ high heels, Ai Jasmine strode over. Her slender waist swung by. Attractive and beautiful, she had fair white skin, was blonde-haired and had blue eyes, giving off a typical exotic vibe.

“I am!” Tang Xiu nodded.

Ai Jasmine smiled lightly, “Our Boss ordered me to lead Mr. Tang to the residence after you arrived. Also, I have arranged a number of programs which you can choose freely at any time should you wish to. The cost will be on our Boss.”

“Lead the way, please!”

The program said by the other party piqued Tang Xiu’s curiosity. He followed Ai Jasmine to the interior of the resort where a villa resided in the landscape with the best ocean view.

“Well, this is the program list, Mr. Tang. Would you wish to have the whole service, or choose a few types from it?” asked Ai Jasmine with a smile.

When he saw the program list, Tang Xiu’s expression suddenly changed. He wasn’t sure about most of the listed programs. He had heard of several programs amongst those, which were the Thai Massage, Seabed Diving, and Surfing.

“I’ll try the Thai Massage! The Seven Goddesses Dance sounds interesting. As for the rest, I’ll pass,” having finished talking, Tang Xiu gave the program list to Mo Awen and said with a smile, “Let’s consider it a relaxation in our trip. You two also pick a few.”

Upon hearing Tang Xiu’s pick, especially the Seven Goddesses Dance, Mo Awen suddenly let out a slight smile. However, he gave the program list to Mo Awu and said with a smile, “Boss, I’m not interested in these programs. Besides, we’re in an unfamiliar place, so I need to prevent any strangers from disturbing you. But Awu likes such kind of plays, though. So let him choose one.”

Mo Awu didn’t refuse and deftly selected a few programs.

Looking at Tang Xiu, the smile on Ai Jasmine’s face turned into a crescent shape.

“Alright, please follow me, Mr. Tang! As for Mr. Awu, please wait a bit. Someone will guide you later.”

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