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"Damn it, damn it, these bastards!" At this moment, Messy War was raging like thunder. The news came one by one. All of them caused the Messy War to run. Even Messy War could not afford to lose four or five hundred people.

It was not like he had never thought of using all his power to wipe out these two guys, but … The two of them were slippery as mud fish. They couldn't catch them, and they all began to fight. When they realized that the battle was over, there was nothing else.

It was the first time in his life that he tried to fight like this. Even if he lost to Willowed Moon, he wouldn't be able to find a place to vent his anger. Now that the two of them had gone offline, they said they would continue tomorrow.

The loss of today's day was not enough to lose. Because today, more than fifty players had left Eternity, and all the players who had planned to join the Eternity Reject in the holy city were afraid of harming themselves. Moreover, Lin Fan and the others had already killed so many people, and the equipment they had acquired had long since become an astronomical figure. According to the statistics, the two of them had almost taken thirty sets of blue and forty or fifty sets of green equipment. It had been a fatal blow now, when it was still blue- blue.

At this moment, Messy War began to regret. It should have been Han Cheng who had transferred all 30 of them that day. If those thirty people were still among these guys, they might actually be able to catch the two bastards. All that was left of the two bastards had returned. After all, their names were red and bright. As long as they died, they would be transported to the holy city's cage until they were all red.

Besides, they knew that the equipment on their bodies was worth a lot. After all, the damage output was so high. If there wasn't any purple equipment, Messy War wouldn't believe it. Maybe there was some legendary equipment! The red name of the two of them was a huge explosion once they died. At least half of them could be dropped. Only a purple piece of equipment would be enough to bring back the equipment that was lost today. After all, the rate of explosion in the foreign world was low.

Therefore, the price of purple equipment was still incredibly high. Unless someone changed it, Messy War wouldn't even be able to buy a thousand gold coins or a purple equipment. And the ones that could shoot purple equipment weren't big guilds. They didn't lack real money, so they wanted to trade for gold coins. This made them feel awkward.

At this moment, Messy War was clear. As long as they killed these two, then they would at least be able to get three pieces of purple equipment.

"Tell Life Snuffing Stab and Merciless, and I'll pay 100,000 Reality Coins to help us deal with these two damned guys!" Messy War looked at the priest beside him, whispering.

"Just the two of them!" The priest asked in a low voice, his eyes full of concentration.

"Then what can we do? Heaven Scorching Flame's flame workshop had heard that he would not do anything to deal with these two fellows. The rest of them were guild people. They knew the ability of these two madmen. If they didn't suffer, who would offend the two madmen for this little bit of money! " A flash of anger flashed across Messy War's eyes. "What's more, there's the announcement made by Holy Union and Rain Union. Who dares to help us now?"

"No, one more!" The priest patted Zhan's shoulder and gestured, "Forget it, the two hundred Iron Guards members of the Lin Family?"

"Two hundred Iron guards!" A light flashed in Messy War's eyes as he looked at the priest and asked in a low voice, "Are you saying that you invite them? Their prices are rather high!"

"Five hundred thousand. Two hundred Iron Guards worth it, even Life Snuffing Stab and Merciless, they could all be swallowed up!" However, he just didn't know whether the two hundred iron guards would accept! After all, they've come by nature. They dared to take on the task of dealing with the Empire last time, so they knew that the strength of these two hundred people was already quite strong. "

"Then get in touch." Messy War thought and whispered. The Lin family had not invested much of their resources in the game, but they had trained a real iron rods studio. It was said that these two hundred people didn't compete for territory. They only accepted the mission, and only if they could open up the price, they dared to do it!

"Um, I'm going to call their supervisor. You need some rest!" After saying that, the priest went offline. Only Messy War left.

At this moment, Liu Mengxiao and the others' villas were filled with cheers. Chaotic Sky and Lin Fan's activities had been too much. Just this one had raised the reputation of the two to a peak. This fight was a complete victory, and the battle had not yet begun.

"Lin Fan, you don't have words to say to me?" Liu Mengxiao sat beside Lin Fan and looked at the man beside him, asking in a low voice, "Don't you think you should explain your identity to me? Young master Lin! " As a veteran player in online games, Liu Mengxiao recognized the two hundred people when they appeared. The two hundred men were the two hundred Iron Guards under the Lin family.

"Seems like your secret is quite a lot!" Lin Fan was grimaced in pain, liu Mengxiao said with a faint smile.

"If I'd told you, you'd have ignored me!" Lin Fan smiled bitterly and put his arms around Liu Mengxiao's shoulders as he whispered.

"No! As long as you come to the Liu Family as the young master of the Lin Family, my dad will send me to the bridal sedan chair! " Liu Mengxiao stuck out her tongue at Lin Fan and smiled bitterly. Liu Mengxiao was very clear about his father's character. His father's family business was the only one in his heart. If Lin Fan came to their own house, his father might actually tie her up.

"But would you truly fall in love with me?" Lin Fan pinched Liu Mengxiao's nose and said with a low smile, "What I want is your heart!"

"I know," For the first time, Liu Mengxiao felt a sense of gratitude against Lin Fan's firm shoulders. As the young master of the Lin family, he was able to act like a chauffeur for his own sake.

"I didn't think the TV show would show up in my life." Liu Mengxiao whispered to herself as she leaned against Lin Fan's arms.

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