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Facing the encirclement of so many people, the fierce wolf's expression couldn't help but slightly change. This was the special part about humanoid monsters. Their expressions were almost the same as the NPC's; they all had their own emotions and expressions, just like now.

"Drink!" The Second Leader of the Hungry Wolf Gang shouted, and his body rushed out, aiming straight at Lin Fan. After all, the one present was only at Lin Fan's level, so who else should he deal with if not Lin Fan?

However, it was obvious that this Second Leader had found the wrong opponent. Just as the Second Leader was about to approach Lin Fan, a pair of green wings directly emerged from Lin Fan's back. Soon after, just as the wolf was about to hit Lin Fan, he instantly flew up.

After that, the fierce wolf stomped on the ground, and the huge ground was instantly cracked by its stomp. Then, with a trace of a furious roar, the fierce wolf charged forward, the huge Wolf Fang Mace in its hand directly smashing towards Lin Fan's head.


An earth-shaking explosion rang out, and then, Lin Fan's body was ruthlessly knocked down by that incomparably huge spiked mace, leaving behind a trail of dust.

"— — 560" A terrifying amount of damage appeared in an instant. This attack left Lin Fan with only a sliver of blood on his skin. His expression changed drastically, and he immediately drank a bottle of red potion.

"Bang." Just as Lin Fan arrived behind the Death God, the Death God's Magic Spell immediately activated. The hexagram array carried a black glow and ferociously hit the fierce wolf, directly knocking the fierce wolf in front of him a few steps back.

Tocus' body flashed directly behind the wolf and he stabbed the wolf viciously in the neck with his dagger. Immediately, the wolf howled.

Moreover, the five lackeys in the hands of the Death God's Magic Director were also continuously attacking.

"Ice Wolf Explosion!"

With such an obstruction from the Tookus and Death God, Lin Fan finally had enough time to recover. When his HP and mana were almost fully recovered, he also launched an attack and the Ice Wolf Explosion struck him. Immediately, the fierce wolf staggered, as it already knew how powerful Lin Fan was at this moment and would not go looking for trouble with Lin Fan.

He was only targeting the Death god's Magic Scholar and his five lackeys.


The fierce wolf let out a loud bellow, and its body shook violently. Then, its body suddenly rushed forward, appearing in front of the Death God. The mace in its hand smashed down towards the Death God's magic director's head.


After all, the Fierce Wolf was a LV40 + Boss that was much stronger than the Death God's Magic Scholar, and with a single strike, the Death God's Magic Scholar was sent flying away. Even with more than 400 damage, he was still able to directly deal a lot of damage, but fortunately for the Death God's Magic Scholar, he did not have that much HP.

However, since the Death God's Magic Scholar was sent flying, his underling Undead could no longer hold himself back. He directly rushed towards the fierce wolf and directly called out to it.

The fierce wolves roared again and again.


The fierce wolf's angry roar suddenly rang out, and a Wolf Fang Mace directly hit the body of a hungry wolf bandit undead, instantly slicing the undead's body into two.

Following that, the fierce gaze of the fierce wolf directly fell on the other Raging Wolf Pirates. Using the same method, the Wolf Fanged Mace in his hand directly swung up and fiercely smashed onto the other Raging Wolf Pirates' undead, leaving only a sliver of their blood. Then, the fierce wolf kicked over, instantly causing the body of the Raging Wolf Pirates to explode.

"Corrosion Devil Flame!"

When Lin Fan saw this scene, his face couldn't help but turn slightly cold. Immediately after, he shot out a corrosive demon flame over, hitting the wolf's body and immediately attracting all of its hatred over him.

This time, Lin Fan was prepared. He flew directly, constantly shifting his position in the air, constantly changing positions so that the wolf could not catch him, and he could also recklessly launch attacks in the air.

Moreover, other than Lin Fan, the Death God Magic Scholar, two Hungry Wolf Mages and the Death Fire Bird's magic also continuously hit the fierce wolves, making them cry out in pain. Coupled with Tokus' constant attacks by his side, the Second Leader of the Hungry Wolf bandit was extremely depressed.

However, if he couldn't take care of Lin Fan in the air, how could he not take care of a few small shrimps?

He leaped forward and charged at the wolf mage. He didn't show the slightest courtesy to his two former subordinates. He struck the wolf mage's body with his spiked mace, dealing a large amount of damage.

Fortunately, the Hungry Wolf Mage was an elite monster, and even Mages couldn't be compared to normal monsters, so he was still able to take on a few blows. Even so, facing this colossal monster in front of him, the Hunting Wolf Mage was of no use.

The Wolf Mage was still smashed into smithereens.

After exterminating the two Hungry Wolf Mages, the fierce wolf immediately looked towards the Death Firebird at the side. There was nothing it could do about this Firebird, because the Death Firebird was just like Lin Fan, constantly flying in the air. Even if it didn't get down, there was no way for it to deal with it.

At this moment, the wolf's health was less than 2000 points. Coupled with Lin Fan's and the Death God's Magic Scholar's attacks, Tokus' assassination attempts caused his HP to continuously decrease, causing the wolf to continuously howl in rage.


"Roar ~ ~" The fierce wolf roared, and its body suddenly flew up towards the Death God. The mace brought with it a dark light and hit the Death God, sending him flying.

"Vicious Wolf, it's over!"

At this very moment, Tocus' body flashed directly behind the wolf's back. With a cold glint from his dagger, he ruthlessly swiped at the wolf's throat. At the same time, Lin Fan's Ice Wolf Explosion also struck the wolf's body.

"Ao ~ ~" A shrill scream instantly rang out, and a trace of unwillingness appeared on the fierce wolf's face as it collapsed. At this moment, it had no other way out. She did not have any ability to deal with the two opponents in front of her.


With the wolf's death, Lin Fan's level suddenly increased by one level. At this moment, Lin Fan finally levelled up to the thirty-first step.

"Look at what equipment the Wolf dropped!"

Lin Fan looked at the item dropped by the fierce wolf, his eyes burning. At this stage, the drop rate for the first Boss was 75%.

"I'm really a great star of the Primordial Divine Emperor, the Snow Hawk Emperor, Mysterious Gate of the Dragon King, Legend of the Tide of the Tide, Holy Ruins, Immortal Mortal Flying Sword, asked you this question."

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