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The courtyard for An Zheng was large, but it would not be suitable for a sect. That old mister, Zhang Yifu, was still quite attentive. This place had a good environment. It was quiet, beautiful, and not on the street at all.

Gu Qianye's large eyes flickered as she stared at An Zheng, seemingly trying to see through his thoughts.

An Zheng sat there eating breakfast.


Gu Qianye couldn't help but ask.

Of course An Zheng knew what she was asking about. He drank the last of the rice porridge and patted his stomach contentedly, ""I was thinking on the way, but I can't hide. Then I asked myself, What do we hide? The only answer was that the identity of Xiao Qidao must be hidden. As for the rest, between hiding and hiding. ""

After a moment of silence, Gu Qianye asked, ""Then, can you tell me what identity Xiao Qidao is?""

An Zheng replied, ""Of course. We have lived in Fringe City for more than three years, but we have to choose Fanggu City. So for the past three years, I've been arranging for people to investigate the identity of Xiao Qidao and Aunt Ye. Actually, Aunt Ye's identity was easy to find, but the key point was that when she left, the people here didn't know that she was pregnant.

An Zheng came from Ann as she walked over to the window. She sounded a bit disappointed. ""A very old-fashioned story … Aunt Ye is also a name, her father is the Minister of Revenue. Once, when the Yan King gave a Mid-Autumn Festival Meet, her father brought her into the palace, and the result made many people think about her. You've never seen beauty like that, and it's not too far from being upside down.

Gu Qianye leaned forward, ""Is it even better than mine?""

Her nose was almost flat against An Zheng's nose, and she was breathing like a blue orchid.

An Zheng ignored her and continued, ""But she also belongs to her heart. At first glance, she liked the Crown Prince of Yan, Mu Changyan. Mu Changyan was the eldest son of the King of Yan, so he immediately stood at the crown prince's place. However, after Mu Changyan's mother died, his status was somewhat unstable. After the King had chosen again, to stabilize their relationship with Zhao, he had married Princess Zhao, Su Qingnuan, King of Zhao's elder sister.

""Su Qingnuan warmed into the empress and gave birth to a son of King Yan. From then on, she began to carefully plan on removing Mu Changyan, allowing her son to inherit the position of King. She was very good at scheming, and she had many tricks up her sleeves. In the end, she succeeded. She first designed and executed Aunt Ye's father, the old Minister of Household, to make a treason on conspiracy and to execute a family of people. In order to protect Aunt Ye, the Crown Prince, Mu Changyan, hid her, and it was all under Su Qingnuan's watching and even secretly manipulating it. ""

""In front of the King, Su Qingnuan deliberately let someone leak out Aunt Ye's whereabouts. For this reason, Mu Changyan and the King caused a commotion, arguing in front of their officials. The King was enraged, and he imprisoned Mu Changyan. However, at that time, the King still loved his eldest son. Su Qingnuan designed that someone would find the king's robe in the crown prince's residence. This matter would be a lot bigger. ""

Gu Qianye frowned, ""So, the King of Yan executed Mu Changyan?""

An Zheng shook his head. ""No, the King has some understanding of his son's character, so he doesn't believe it. However, this matter had already stirred up a great deal of controversy. He had no choice but to give an explanation to the court. Thus, he crippled Mu Changyan's crown prince and imprisoned him. However, the King also knows that the safety of Mu Changyan will be threatened in this way, so he arranged some experts to protect Mu Changyan.

""In the end … Su Qingnuan found Aunt Ye and arranged her to save him …""

Gu Qianye slapped her hand on the table, ""Such a vicious woman!""

An Zheng said, ""This is how it is in the imperial family. When Aunt Ye knew that Mu Changyan had been imprisoned, her heart was burning with anxiety. She then charged into the dungeon with her loyal subordinates. How strong is the dungeon of Yan? They couldn't save them according to their strength. I suspect that it was Su Qingnuan who arranged for people to secretly kill a lot of prison guards and the bodyguards that the Yan King arranged for Mu Changyan. Then she just let Aunt Ye get out. ""

Gu Qianye clenched her fists tightly. ""That's why the rest is simple. Empress Dowager Su has arranged for Aunt Ye to rescue Mu Changyan, then immediately send someone to notify the King.""

An Zheng nodded, ""This is indeed the case according to the development of the matter. This time, the King was truly enraged, ordering his inner masters to hunt for Mu Changyan. It was chasing and not hunting. However, the inner experts were bought by Empress Dowager Su and would kill Mu Changyan after finding him. ""

An Zheng took a sip of tea, letting his emotions calm down a bit. ""And now, the King Mu Changyan is secretly in love with Aunt Ye. This person was very … how to say? He had been a good boy since he was young, and had never done anything extraordinary. The only time was when he had secretly left the Empyrean Terminus Palace and saved Aunt Ye during the crisis. At that time, Aunt Ye was probably pregnant. ""

Gu Qianye said, ""Then Mu Changyan protected her to Illusionary City?""

""No, Aunt Ye doesn't like Mu Changyan and doesn't want to involve him, so she hid herself. After that, she gave birth to Xiao Qidao and wandered into the Illusionary City to live hidden. Mu Changyan found out about this. He also chased after the Illusionary City and became the city lord, secretly protecting them.

Gu Qianye frowned, ""So, in the Empyrean Terminus Palace of Yan, the empress dowager, Su Qingnuan, doesn't know that the Crown Prince has a successor, only Mu Changyan knows about it.""

""It should be, with Mu Changyan's feelings towards Aunt Ye, he shouldn't have mentioned this. However, this person was cowardly. It was already the limit of his courage to run away secretly. Therefore, in front of the Empress Dowager Su, he has no ability to resist. ""

Gu Qianye asked, ""Since Empress Dowager Su has plotted all of this for her son, why did she arrange Mu changyan to inherit the position of King?""

An Zheng replied, ""Because her son had an accident...Empress Dowager Su thought that she had succeeded. As long as she killed Mu Changyan, she would be able to make her son become Crown Prince. However, no one would have thought that when Empress Dowager Su's attention was all on Mu Changyan and Aunt Ye, the few dead men of Aunt Ye's house who had taken revenge for their master would have spent a year in the Empyrean Terminus Palace, they wanted to kill Su, but killed her son accidently.

Gu Qianye's expression changed, and the emotions in her eyes were especially complex. ""The adults schemed and injured the child's life."" I … I don't know what to say, but it's a retribution for the empress dowager, but what about that little child? He's not done anything wrong. ""

""That's right, the child hasn't done anything wrong, only that he has a mother like that,"" An Zheng said, ""and it's hard to get through.After losing her son, Su had a much stronger nature. The King had been seriously ill at that time. In order to inherit the throne, she didn't hesitate to give the sick king a great deal of tonic. She wanted to have another child, but she killed the King. ""

""After the King of Yan died, Su held the power. However, she didn't dare to be too presumptuous, so she had to send people to look around for Mu Changyan.

Gu Qianye tidied up the words of An Zheng, then said, ""That is to say, Mu Changyan is now Empress Dowager Su's puppet. But Mu Changyan still had a good relationship with Aunt Ye, so he wouldn't betray her. But that's not safe, because once Su Qingnuan finds out about Xiao Qidao's identity, she will immediately send someone to kill him. ""


Gu Qianye sat up straight on the window and swung his long legs, ""So why are we here?""

She looked at An Zheng. ""If it's to protect Xiao Qidao, then it's better to be in Border Town.""

An Zheng said, ""Because Xiao Qidao wishes to find his mother.""

Gu Qianye opened her mouth, she knew that this was enough.


An Zheng said, ""I know we can't hide it. We've arranged a lot of things in Fringe City, it would be hard to find out about our background, but don't underestimate the intelligence agencies of any country. We can change our identities to another name, but that way, we'll suddenly show up and more people will look into it. Liuxi and you, including myself and Du Shoushou, are thin. As long as we enter the Martial Arts Academy, be able to participate in the Autumn Harvest Ceremony, we will be famous? ""

Gu Qianye: ""Such a fart.""

An Zheng smiled, ""Several geniuses have appeared at once. You say that those people from the Yan Kingdom are curious or not. At that time, the forces that could rely on us like the military and the Guarding House would investigate this. Rather than that, it would be better to just let the military and the House of Commons treat us as our friends from the start, exposing us to some real things, so that they wouldn't go after anything. ""

""And with the help of the military and the House of Assault, the other forces will be wary of interfering.""

Gu Qianye curiously asked, ""You're a person. Why do you think so much in your head? How big is you?""

An Zheng said, ""Not small anymore. According to the customs of the Yan, I can marry at the age of fourteen. I'm fifteen.""

Gu Qianye immediately leaned over and said, ""Then tell me, do you want to marry me or Liuxi?""

In that case, Qu Liuxi couldn't ask. However, Gu Qianye could directly ask, and her face was not red from the shock.

An Zheng said, ""But I feel that I'm still very young, and that I'm focusing on school.""

Gu Qianye curled her lips, ""This reason is too perfunctory and there's no sincerity at all. You're telling the truth, don't you think it's a very bad choice? Liuxi is so obedient and obedient, I'm so cute and generous, you love both of us, right? ""

An Zheng open the book and said, ""I wonder if the Autumn Harvest Ceremony's exam questions are difficult.""

Gu Qianye sat on study desk, looking into An Zheng's eyes. ""No matter how difficult the exam questions are, it's hard to read a woman's heart.""

An Zheng, ""Cough cough …""

Gu Qianye jumped down from the table. ""How boring, I better go bully Liuxi.""

She walked out with her hands behind her back, like a gentleman.

She hadn't been gone for long before Du Shoushou get in. ""You're not going to the troops, An Zheng, why haven't you left yet?""

""Just got caught up with little demons. How?""

Du Shoushou chuckled, ""Liuxi is just a little innocent. Gu Qianye is just a little demon, you're the one who's been suffering. Just now, Fanggu govermant sent someone over to say that he wanted us to go to the magistrate court. That matter is being investigated by Gou Zhanli, so let's go and coordinate. ""

""Let Crazy Qu go. He's more than willing to shit about anyone. You and I will go to the Military Ministry and then go to the Martial Arts Academy. ""

""Fanggu govermant wouldn't place us in their eyes, but we don't dare offend the Military Ministry and the Martial Arts Academy. General Wang Kaitai stared at this matter, not daring to be unfair. ""

""We will also go to the Dafang agency.""

Du Shoushou asked, ""What else do you want?""

""As I said, that agency should close. A man has his words.""

An Zheng said, ""You know how to get along with a snake? That's to be a new snake as soon as possible. Dangfang agency is only a small role. If you can't even get over it, how can we stand in Fanggu City? ""

Du Shoushou said, ""I just like people who's reasonable, and you have faith.""

An Zheng said, ""Do you remember what I said, we're all good people.""

Du immediately said, ""Of course I remember. You said that you've always been the arrogant and despotic person who acted as a bad person, and was a good person to keep a low profile. This wasn't right. A good person should be more high-profile and high in the sky. From today onwards, let us speak for the good people … We have money, we have the power, we are domineering, but we are good people. We can treat all kinds of recalcitration. ""

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