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Chapter 345: 345
The snow bear pulled the war chariot towards the closest Immortal Island, but even if it were close enough, cultivators wouldn't be able to fly out. Unless one was inside the Lower Celestial Stage, then the ability to fly would truly become strong. How precious was the Cultivation Power that cultivators continued to use within the Dantian Qi Sea? Spending a large amount of time to fly through the Cultivation Power was an extremely irrational action. Therefore, even if it was someone as abnormal as Qi Tian, it would still be thrown, not flown.

The so called flight was to continuously release Cultivation Power to allow oneself to float in the air.

The people of the Zhou family also felt helpless, because they only had one chariot. After the silly snow bear brought An Zheng and the others to the Immortal Island, the cultivators of the Zhou Family could only stare blankly. They were so anxious that they could only stomp their feet in helplessness.

From afar, the Immortal Island looked very large. Only after arriving at the Immortal Island did he realize how ridiculously large it was. From the looks of it, it was at least not smaller than the Fanggu. There wauge mountain on the Immortal Island and a building was situated halfway up the mountain. At the peak of the mountain, there was a towering pagoda.

The road was wide and flat.

After the snow bear stopped its charge, An Zheng and the others got out of the car and ran away. If that silly guy saw that the one giving orders was not the owner, then he really wouldn't be easy to deal with if he went crazy. Da Da Ye who wore a beautiful short skirt ran along with An Zheng and the others, feeling silly. Using Du Shoushou's words, for such a foolish girl to dare to walk in the martial arts world, it was enough to prove that there were many good people in this world.

The three of them ran to the hillside and hid. They looked back and saw the Snowy Flying Bear looking around with a blank expression. Then, it simply sat down and stared blankly.

"This place is so strange."

Dada looked around.

Du Shoushou said. "Isn't it all the same?

Da Da Ye pouted and said, "You are so stupid … The place we were at earlier was completely destroyed.

Du Shoushou's face was filled with black lines.

An Zheng laughed: "Although she does not seem to have much experience in the martial arts world, but he is much more meticulous than you. In this place, not only were all the buildings intact, but the heaven and earth origin energy was even richer than below. If we were to cultivate here, it is estimated that each day is equivalent to at least a month's worth of progress in our world. "

Dada Ye: "Cultivation isn't fun."

She walked with her hands behind her back, tiptoeing likabbit. As she walked, her short and beautiful skirt swayed from side to side. Her fair and slender legs were much more beautiful than the scenery around her. That short skirt made the extremely round and springy little butt look as if it was dripping with blood. It bloomed with two petals, but it perfectly matched each other. It was so beautiful that it made one's heart tremble. Ta Ta Ta Nuo was wearing a goose-yellow shirt and his waist was perfectly fitting. The slender waist that was gripped together with the gradually enlarging arc below was probably the most fascinating line in the world.

She had the air of youth all over her, and when she walked, her ponytail swung in the same way as her little skirt.

"What a big heart."

Du Shoushou was worried about the danger ahead so he quickened his pace to catch up.

An Zheng had to be on guard, although the little girl did not know his place, and looked innocent and harmless, he could not have any intentions of harming people, and had to be wary of people. Du Shoushou waoo chivalrous person, if he encountered any trouble, he would definitely suffer. Especially when facing women, Du Shoushou was even more defenseless.

The three of them kept walking. On both sides of the road, there were palace lamps carved out of stone, all in the same shape. The lights inside were still on, probably for tens of thousands of years. An Zheng took a closer look and discovered that each of the palace lamps was a fist-sized Night Pearl. This item did not have any cultivation value, but in terms of value, it was comparable to a White grade magic tool.

Du Shoushou was really concerned about how this Immortal Island floated, he really wanted to find where the array was and see what kind of array could sustain it for ten thousand years. But this Immortal Island was too big. After walking for a long time, he still wasn't able to find anything.

"Should we go up and have a look?"

Da Da Ye pointed at the mountain. "The palaces are all up there. There is no meaning to this place."

Du Shoushou asked, "Are you not afraid at all?"

"What's there to be afraid of? The sky is collapsing and someone is running high and high. If you meet any danger, you can run very slowly."

Du Shoushou: "..."

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She walked up the stone steps, curiously looking around. It was not good for Du Shoushou to follow him too closely. The main thing was that when he was walking up, he raised his head and accidentally saw the other party's thigh. That short skirt was too dazzling.

Just as they were about to reach the palace, An Zheng passed the two of them and said, "You guys stay behind. If there's anything, I'll send out a signal.

Du Shoushou made an "oh" sound, allowing Da Da Ye to walk in the back.

Halfway up the mountain, there was a man-made plaza. It was very flat and wide, with several acres of land. The floor was covered with neat stone bricks. Even after so many years had passed, there were no signs of weathering at all. When stepping on it, it was as solid as ever. Logically speaking, this immortal palace had already been ruined for ten thousand years. There was only one divine beast like the Dragon Lion, so it shouldn't be too dangerous. But An Zheng had a nagging feeling that the structure opposite of him looked to be completely intact and was extremely dangerous.

He walked at the very front, turned his head and made a gesture for Du Shoushou and Dada Ye to stay behind in the plaza. He walked towards the entrance of the great hall alone.

This place was the same as the previous buildings, with the picture of a green lotus. In other words, even the Immortal Island was within the range of the Blue Lotus. Previously, there was a fork in the road, with a green lotus on one side and Purple Ivy on the other. The first time was on the main road, and later, after meeting the Dragon Lion, they ran over to the Green Lotus side.

An Zheng tried pushing open the door, and the creaking sounds seemed so ear-piercing in such a quiet environment. When the door opened, all the lights in the room came on. The main hall was very wide, but the inside was very spacious and empty. Only in the deepest part of the hall was therhrone. However, it looked to be much smaller than the black jade throne that Chen Shaobai and the others had encountered.

An Zheng didn't feel any danger, and thought that he must have been too careful just now. Just as he turned his head to call Du Shoushou and the others over, a black silhouette floated out from behind An Zheng, and bit down at his neck.

The Holy Fish Scale automatically appeared, there was no need for An Zheng to react at all. With a clang, the thing bit onto the Holy Fish Scale, causing a metallic sound.

An Zheng suddenly retreated backwards, then threw out a Orthodox Pure Yang.

A black light flashed in the hall, and the thing actually blocked the Orthodox Pure Yang forcibly. The Orthodox Pure Yang was An Zheng's cultivation path, and could be considered An Zheng's most powerful cultivation technique. Other than the newly acquired Heavenly Thunder of Nine Suns, the Orthodox Pure Yang was the most powerful.

An Zheng landed on the plaza and looked coldly at the person inside the room.

Helian Xiaoxin.

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"They really are haunting us like ghosts."

Helian Xiaoxin walked out of the hall with large strides, and laughed coldly while looking at An Zheng: "Are you my follower? You follow me wherever I go. "

An Zheng: "It really wasn't on purpose. If we knew you were here, we would have come a long time ago."

Helian Xiaoxin said: "I really admire your style of conduct. It's decisive and direct. Although it was quite reckless, it was still much better than those people who had a belly full of schemes and schemes. Furthermore, there is no irreconcilable conflict between us. Even if you kill one of my men and even if you kill one of my clones, I will not kill you. Don't disturb my work, otherwise … "You will die in a very, very ugly way."

An Zheng: "I'm not interested to know what you're trying to do, but you have to send us out."

"Get out?"

Helian Xiaoxin laughed loudly: "You still want to go out? Once the Immortal palace opened, it wouldn't close. Otherwise, why do you think so many big families and big powers barged in all at once? Whoever occupied this place first would become a super hegemon in the future. Think about it. If a sect were to occupy an Immortal Island, then just based on the heaven and earth origin energy on this Immortal Island that was tens of times richer than the outside world, the sect disciples' cultivation base would rapidly increase. If that super power were to occupy the entire Immortal Palace, then he would become the future overlord of the martial arts world! "

An Zheng: "So? You want to occupy this Immortal Island? "

Helian Xiaoxin: "I'm just looking for something, I'm not an idiot. Although the Helian Family was powerful, he couldn't go against those first-rate families. Furthermore, those first-rate families were nothing more than cannon fodder. The competition for the immortal palace will eventually be between the Buddhist countries of the Western Regions and the Great Xixi … It would be impossible for any small country, sect, or clan to take control of the Immortal Palaces. "

An Zheng: "You've seen through everything, then tell us how to get out."


Helian Xiaoxin said: "As long as we can find the entrance, and follow the purple light tornado to the opposite direction. Originally, I brought this thing back to the Da Xi, but with so many people wanting to take it away, I couldn't protect it anymore. "On the contrary, you should thank me for giving sucuge gift to so many people."

"Since the immortal palace is so important, why didn't Da Xi send someone over?"

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"Because no one knows. Only I know."

Helian Xiaoxin said: "My Helian Family roaming the entire world to find a way to solve the problem of bloodline power, was only coincidentally informed. I just don't know how the news got out, but they were just curious and thought I found a secret plane. If I knew that this is the Immortal Palace, not to mention me, I'm afraid that the Da Xi royal family would have already charged over. "

An Zheng wouldn't lie if he knew about this. If the people from the Da Xi Empire knew about the existence of the Immortal Palace, they wouldn't have any chance at all.

"Where's the entrance?"

"How should I know?"

Helian Xiaoxin shrugged his shoulders. "I know how to get in, but I was just casually thrown intlace. As for where the entrance is, you can only look for it yourself. "

He pointed at the Zhou family's chariot. "Since you have already snatched one of the chariots, you only need to find a way back. Don't disturb me. Let me give yoiece of advice, there is a limit to my patience. If you continue to disturb me, I don't mind taking care of all of you first before continuing to look for things. "

An Zheng turned to look at Du Shoushou and Da Da Ye, if it was him, he would not have much to worry about, but Du Shoushou was only at the Sumeru Stage level of cultivation, Da Tan Ye did not look that strong either, so if they were to fight, then the both of them might get injured or even lose their lives.

Thinking of this, An Zheng turned and left.

Helian Xiaoxin suddenly asked: "Have you seen a pill furnace?"

An Zheng's footsteps slightly paused.

Helian Xiaoxin said: "A pill furnace with eight trigrams."

An Zheng continued to move forward.

Helian Xiaoxin scoffed, "You can't escape!"
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