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""I don't think any of you will ever forget my name.""

""Let me introduce myself. My name is Guo Luo. I think that when you guys bet on stones in the future, you will all think of me.""

""Don't be arrogant!""

A big man who looked to be in his forties stood up and shouted. His fierce-looking appearance was rather frightening.

This person was wearing a set of clothes and was tall, so he seemed rather special in the crowd.

He was a meter and a half tall and looked even bigger than Du.

The cloth shoes had an imposing manner that no one dared to underestimate.

Someone from the Gao Family.

Someone was whispering underground.

""The Gao Clan has made their move. This time, they have that darn thing to look after. They actually dare to look down on my people.""

""That's right, the Gao Family has a deep background. Now that Mister Gao has made a move, the people of You Country will lose face.""

On the second floor, a well-behaved looking young girl stood beside An Xuan. It was Zhuang Fei Fei Fei's personal maid, the Red Luan. The Red Luan's heart was moved.

Her appearance was not that beautiful, but she had the aura of a neighbor's little sister, and was extremely adorable.

""That's the Gao Family's Gao Yuan Lake. Everyone calls him Mister Gao, he's the boss of all the casinos in the capital.""

The Red Luan explained to An Zhe, ""The Gao Clan can be considered to be a legend. Back then, when Great Yan Dynasty was founded, Gao Zhaoxing had pioneered territories with the King of Yan. His achievements were outstanding.

After the founding of the People's Republic of China, he was conferred the title of the Duke of the State by the King of Yan, one of the Seven Kingdoms of the Great Yan Dynasty.

In addition, he was at the top of the rankings.

However, this Gao Zhaixing was also a legendary figure. Three years after the founding of Great Yan Dynasty, he asked to meet the King of Yan and asked to be exempted from all his official titles.

""Not only him, all official positions of the Gao Family members have been removed.""

""At that time, King Yan was extremely shocked and asked him why.

Gao Zhaoxing said that he was willing to use his own contributions to exchange for three chances for the descendants to die.

He said that he was worried that his descendants would become despotic and despotic because of him. He was afraid that one day, his descendants would bring his name along and commit evil, and he was even more afraid that they would come to destroy his clan.

""Duke Yan advised him to not think too much about it. As long as he can guide her well, how could something like this happen?""

""Gao Zhaoxing insisted on leaving the imperial court and entered the palace six times in a row. In the end, the King of Yan finally granted him his request and gave the Gao Clan three death-free gold medals.

The King of Swallow had left behind his last words. The Gao Clan had done meritorious deeds to the Great Yan Clan, so the descendants of the Mu Clan were not allowed to forget.

Later on, the Gao Family began to engage in business. Because the Yan Clan liked to gamble, they opened up a casino.

The rules of his casino were the most fair and fair. Of course, it was only a rumor, and I didn't go in.

There were only two types of girls going in and out of the casino.

""On the other hand, I'm not afraid of people saying such things.""

Two isn't afraid, two means two things.

""However, although the Gao Clan left the imperial court, because of their great influence in the military, many people had received the favor of the Star Seizer, so the Gao Clan's business grew bigger and bigger with ease.

In addition, the descendants of the Gao Family all knew how to manage and keep a low-profile. They had always maintained a good relationship with the military and had dealings with many important figures within the imperial court.

Therefore, all of the casinos in Fang Gu City were now under the control of the Gao Family.

""And outside Fang Gu City, inside the Great Yan Dynasty, it is said that the Gao Clan has already opened 320 casinos.""

The Red Luan's voice was clear and pleasing to the ears. After she finished speaking in one breath, she looked at An Zaihai and said, ""Do not underestimate the people of the Gao Clan. Gao Zhaoxing was a true-blue Great Perfection expert. It is said that he was only a little bit away from the Small Heaven Realm.""

""There are also rumors that the reason why the Gao Family has remained as unmoving as a mountain for so many years is precisely because the Gao Family has a genuine great cultivator overseeing them.

An Xin nodded her head, ""In that case, this Mister Gao Yuan, is the current Gao Family's head?""

The Red Luan shook its head. ""I don't know about that. In any case, he's the one who came out for the matters on the surface.""

Downstairs, Gao Yuan walked up to the platform. He stood beside a table and stared at the stone for a while. His eyebrows were tightly knitted.

Guo Luo, an official from You Country, smiled. ""How should I address this person?""

""Gao Yuan Lake.""

""Mr. Gao, looking at your clothes, you should not have any official position on you.""

However, since he was able to come to today's occasion, he should not be a mortal.

Since Mister Gao dared to stand up first, he must have already made up his mind.

""I wonder which one Mr. Gao chose, and how many bets are you prepared to place?""

Gao Yuan's line of sight wandered around the rocks. Finally, he chose a rock the size of a watermelon and said, ""This one.""

The rock looked like a crooked pear, big and small.

The stone radiated a pale blue glow, and it was not the kind that floated on the surface. All the light seemed to be seeping out from within the stone.

Gao Yuan held the stone up in front of his eyes and looked out of the window at the sunlight. The stone was very heavy, so he couldn't see anything out of the ordinary.

However, he could vaguely see a shadow within.

He sniffed again in front of his nose, then frowned.

Finally he put the stone on the table and stood looking at it for another five minutes.

He knew that the lake must be feeling the stone.

As long as it was a true treasure, no matter how tightly the stone was sealed, there might still be a faint aura seeping out.

He didn't know what kind of cultivation base Gao Yuan had, but since he had become the Gao Family's manager, his eyesight, experience, and cultivation base would definitely not be low.

Guo Luo did not seem to mind. She was smiling as she stared at the lake.

After a while, Gao Yuan confirmed again, ""I choose this one.""

Guo Luo asked, ""How much does Mr. Gao plan to bet?

Gambling or not?

""If there is, what's the gambling grade?""

Gao Yuan had already made his decision, but he still decided after pondering for a while, ""Ten thousand taels of silver, there will be a bet.""

""It's a piece of white goods.""

Guo Luo seemed to be disdainful of the offer, as he did not think much of the ten thousand taels.

""If that's the case, then it's settled.""

He looked at Gao Yuan with disdain. ""Although it's only a bet of ten thousand taels of silver, since Mister Gao is the first one to stand up for me, it can be said that your courage is commendable. Of course, I have to abide by the agreement.""

We in Quiet Congress will raise the stakes by thirty thousand.

If there was something after the incision, and it was of a white grade, then the cut would belong to Mister Gao, and the 13,000 taels of silver would also belong to Mister Gao.

""If Mister Gao loses the bet, then I won't refund the bet between 5000 taels of silver and 10,000 taels of silver.""

He sat down and said, ""In order to show fairness, I will pass the cut stone to the craftsman of the Gathering Merchant Guild to do it.""

Zhang Yifu and Gao Yuan glanced at each other. It could be seen that these two experienced experts were somewhat nervous.

With the Gao Clan's background and strength, Gao Yuanhu naturally did not care about the 15,000 taels of silver. What he cared about was the Gao Clan's face, which was even greater than the Yan Kingdom's.

Even more nervous than the two of them were the craftsmen of the Gathering Merchant School. He was almost sixty years old, and had more than thirty years of experience in chopping stones.

Over the years, he had cut out many spirit stones from his hands, among which there was no lack of red grade and gold grade treasures.

In fact, every craftsman's ultimate dream was to cut out a purple rank spirit stone. Only then would their life be considered complete.

However, there were only a handful of blacksmiths in the world who could cut out purple rank spirit stones from thousands to tens of thousands of blacksmiths.

The old blacksmith stepped onto the platform, the stone cutter blade in his hand glowing coldly under the light.

Every stone cutter had many stories, and every stone cutter symbolized hope.

It was a pair of hands that looked old but were still steady.

The craftsman held the stone in one hand, the knife in the other.

He took a deep breath, then turned his eyes to the lake.

Gao Yuan nodded slightly to him. The old blacksmith felt that this was the most intense cut stone of his life.

He came down slowly from the second floor and looked at it from close up.

It was like peeling an apple, layer by layer. The experienced craftsman could judge whether the knife was heavy or light by the feel of the knife.

As this matter involved the dignity of the Swallow race, the blacksmith master chose the safest method.

He cut the rock gently and turned it around.

His hand was abnormally smooth. Not only was the hand holding the blade steady, the hand pressing against the rock was even more steady.

With a single slash, he had cut off a piece of stone skin. The stone was neither broken nor cracked, and this was the skill of a craftsman.

With this slash, the blue light seemed to become even more resplendent.

According to the grades, the light was green, white, red, gold, and purple. However, the blue light emitted from the stone was simply too strange.

After this cut, An Zhe's face turned ugly because he knew that Gao Yuan had lost the bet.

As the blade continued to cut, the stone skin fell off layer by layer. The blue light became brighter and brighter, but there was still no change.

Beads of sweat had already appeared on the old blacksmith's forehead, while Guo Luo, who was sitting on a chair not too far away, smiled complacently.

""This stone is so pretty. It's such a pity that it was cut.""

An Zhan suddenly said, and everyone's attention was focused on him.

An Zeng walked to the front of the lake and clasped his hands. ""Greetings, Mister Gao.""

Gao Yuan replied politely, ""Are you Young Master An?""

An Xuan nodded. ""Yes, I am. Mr. Gao probably doesn't need the item inside the stone, but I was in desperate need of it, so Mr. Gao gave it to me?""

Gao Yuan was stunned. He was a little moved.

Guo Luo stood up and said, ""This won't do. The bet isn't over yet, so how can I give it to you?""

An Zeng took out a stack of banknotes from his sleeve, picking out 10,000 taels of silver and handing it to Gao Yuan, ""There's a little girl at home who loves this blue glow the most. She pestered me for it, but I couldn't find anything within a short period of time.

Now that there is one, could Mr. Gao pass it on to me? ""

Without waiting for a reply, An Zhe took out another note, ""This is twenty thousand taels of silver. Fifteen thousand taels of silver is your compensation. Five thousand taels of silver is a deposit, I'm here to play.""

An Zaihe noticed that Guo Luo was not looking at Tan Song, but at the red-robed judge standing in the distance.

The red-robed clergyman nodded without leaving a trace. Guo Luo smiled and said, ""If that's the case, then forget it.""

It was hard to tell that this Young Master An was actually quite generous.

""We in the underworld like to make friends. Since you are willing to accept this gamble for Mister Gao, you can stop cutting this rock, but you must choose another one.""

Guo Luo smiled as he waved the note in his hand. ""But this is the money from the bet you had earlier on Mister Gao's behalf. You have to cut the stone and place the bet. Count it.""

An Zeng nodded, ""No problem.""

Guo Luo pointed at the stones on the table. ""Young Master An, why don't you pick one?""

An Zeng walked over and looked at the colorful stone for a while. He picked up a piece and looked at it, then put it down.

Pick up another piece and look at it.

He repeated the same thing over and over again. After looking at five or six pieces of the rock, his frown deepened.

Guo Luo couldn't help but ask, ""Master An, what are you doing?""

An Zeng turned his head and glanced at him. ""Calculating money.""

Guo Luo was stunned. ""What do you mean?""

An Xuan took out the banknotes from his sleeves and arranged them on the table. ""I didn't prepare much for my trip today, so I brought along this silver. About … five hundred and fifty thousand silver taels.""

He piled up all the stones he had seen before. ""Fifteen, one stone plus fifteen thousand taels is enough.""

""But I don't think there's a need to go through so much trouble. Cutting a dozen stones to waste time, and not giving others a chance to do so, that's not good.""

""I will choose this. The rest of the love will be chosen by the one who chooses.""

The meaning behind these words was already obvious, so Zhuang Feifei's lips curled up into a smile, ""Then I can represent the Gathering Merchant House and choose a random one.""

She stood up and took one of the stones she had chosen from the struggle for peace.

She asked, ""Young Master An, how do you plan on placing the bet?""

An Zhan placed five hundred thousand taels of silver on the table and said, ""Let's bet five hundred thousand taels of silver on this. It's a gold grade spirit stone, the size of a fist.""

He looked at Guo Luo and asked, ""May I ask if you have enough silver?""

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