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Chapter 996 - Arrived

Large amounts of cultivators had gathered outside the East Demon Spirit Sea, waiting for it to open.

When Ling Tianhou heard the man in purple, there was a flash of ecstasy in his eyes.

However, he didn’t ask more. He occupied a position once he got close and looked at the vortex below him.

When no more people arrived, Ling Tianhou frowned. He withdrew his gaze and looked into the distance.

Not just him, even the old man on the gourd frowned as well. He looked into the void as if he was waiting for something.

Only the All-Seer remained neutral as he quietly waited.

Time slowly passed, and the cultivators waiting around gradually began to to talk. Some of the well-informed ones know what was going on, but most didn’t. They were all confused about what these powerful cultivators were waiting for.

Just as the chatter got louder, the All-Seer suddenly raised in his head and looked into the distance. He revealed a look of intrigue.

“He’s here…”

Several breaths after the All-Seer noticed something, the man in purple also looked into the distance. He had already heard everything about Wang Lin from Ling Tianhou. He somewhat admired Wang Lin in his heart.

“Someone who has been able to last against the All-Seer for this long is definitely not weak!”

After the man in purple, it was Ling Tianhou, the old man on the gourd, the beautiful middle-aged woman, and the man in black who no one dared to approach. The four of them looked into the distance at almost the same time.

After them, it was the remaining old monsters and a few other cultivators.

A strange whistling sound came from the distance, gradually catching everyone’s attention. A moment later, the cultivators all gasped when they saw the shocking scene before them.

A giant more than 1,000 feet tall was rushing toward here!

“Giant Demon Clan mount!” Someone in the crowd immediately recognized this giant!

“This isn’t an ordinary Giant Demon Clan member. Look at the mark between his eyebrows, he is a royal bloodline Giant Demon Clan member!” There were many well-informed cultivators waiting outside the East Demon Spirit, and they immediately recognized Lei Ji’s identity!

“It must be a powerful cultivator for him to own a Giant Demon Clan mount. I just don’t know who he is!”

“This 1,000 foot Giant Demon Clan member can clearly already use his bloodline ability. That makes the mount itself very powerful. A cultivator that can sit on it is not simple!”

“Not necessarily. Perhaps this person has a good relationship with the Giant Demon Clan… And his actual cultivation isn’t too powerful.”

The appearance of the Giant Demon Clan mount set off a huge wave among the surrounding cultivators, and they began to chatter.

When the Giant Demon Clan mount closed in, people were able to see who was riding it. Just one glance made them all gasp.

At first they were able to see four people on the Giant Demon Clan mount’s back! All four of them were famous around planet Tian Yun.

“The three Chen brothers!”

“The three Chen brothers are all at the Nirvana Scryer stage, and they always move together. They often attack at once, so even a late stage Nirvana Scryer cultivator would have a headache dealing with them.”

“Why are the three of them on this Giant Demon Clan mount? Could this mount belong to the three of them?”

“There is also that big-headed cultivator next to them. That person is unfamiliar, but he is also at the Nirvana Scryer stage!”

“Four Nirvana Scryer cultivators! It has to be said that any one of them could set off a huge wave among the majority of cultivators here. There must be some secret behind them showing up together!”

When more and more cultivators clearly saw the people on the back of the Giant Demon Clan mount, the chattering stopped, and they were all shocked!

Even Ling Tianhou and company were startled, and their eyes shined brightly.

As Lei Ji got closer, they saw a red-robed elder behind the three Chen brothers and Big Head. His body was very large, as if he was a mountain of flesh, and was shocking to look at. His early stage Nirvana Cleanser cultivation spread out and shook the minds of everyone with lower cultivation levels.

“Master Hollow Wind!”

Master Hollow Wind was very famous around planet Tian Yun. The moment he appeared, many people recognized him.

“Master Hollow Wind unexpectedly became Wang Lin’s helper!” The eyes of the old man on the gourd lit up ever so slightly. If it was only the three Chen brothers and the big-headed cultivator, they were no threat to him. However, Master Hollow Wind was different!

Beside Master Hollow Wind was a beautiful woman, and her eyes were filled with intelligence. Her aura was very fierce, as if it was a pair of scissors that could cut all divine sense extending toward them!

“Another early stage Nirvana Cleanser!” The surrounding cultivators were in an uproar once more.

However, not far behind the woman in silver, Situ Nan’s unruly figure and his sneer that belittled the world shocked the surrounding cultivators once more!

“A third Nirvana Cleanser cultivator!”

“I know this person. He just became famous recently on planet Tian Yun. The Pink Palace’s lord, Situ Nan!”

The beautiful woman frowned and showed a look of disgust. Although she didn’t live on planet Tian Yun, she has heard of his notoriety. She couldn’t understand why a powerful Nirvana Cleanser cultivator would do such a thing.

The All-Seer was calm as he looked at the people on the Giant Demon Clan mount. It was impossible to tell what he was thinking.

The shock the three Nirvana Cleanser cultivators created was simply too big, far bigger than the four Nirvana Scryer cultivators!

“Four Nirvana Scryer cultivators and three Nirvana Cleanser old monsters. Just who has such connections to get these seven to help?”

Lei Ji slowed down for a bit before Wang Lin’s figure appeared before everyone!

He wore a snow white robe, his hair flowed in the air, and his gaze was indifferent. His eyes contained the sun and moon as he calmly stood between everyone. The gazes of all the cultivators gathered on him.

The moment Wang Lin appeared, the Star-Marked Sable on the the shoulder of the purple-robed man suddenly raised its head, and there was a strange light in its intelligent eyes. Its body trembled, and just as it was about to move, Wang Lin looked over with a casual smile and clasped his hands at the man in purple.

The man in purple smiled and nodded before placing his mind on the Star-Marked Sable on his shoulder. He had raised this sable ever since it was small and really liked it. The Star-Marked Sable’s strange reaction just now had caught his attention.

However, at this moment, the Star-Marked Sable seemed to return to normal and showed no signs of abnormality. This made the purple-robed man feel somewhat confused.

Wang Lin’s expression didn’t change under everyone’s gazes as Lei Ji closed in. He clasped his hands at the All-Seer and company before he calmly said, “Greetings All-Seer, Sword Saint, and fellow seniors. There were some delays after obtaining the invitation, so I was a bit late.”

Ling Tianhou stared at Wang Lin, and there was a trace of dread in his eyes. He could never forget that ray of light. If it wasn’t for the fact that he had escaped quickly and had speculated that the other ray of light had absorbed enough origin energy, he wouldn’t be standing here today.

The way he looked at Wang Lin had changed, and he didn’t want to provoke Wang. He smiled and shook his head. “Fellow Cultivator Wang is being polite. There is no need to call me ‘senior,’ just call this old man ‘Ling Tianhou.’”

After he spoke, an uproar was set off among the cultivators. Looks of disbelief landed on Wang Lin.

Ling Tianhou was a powerful cultivators whose fame was second only to the All-Seer. There were very few people worthy of being called “fellow cultivator” by him.

At this moment, just this one “fellow cultivator” from Ling Tianhou shocked the minds of the surrounding cultivators!

The All-Seer looked at Wang Lin. From beginning to end, his expression didn’t change at all, as if the matter several months ago didn’t occur. He nodded slightly and slowly said, “No harm.”

Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed as he clasped his hands and greeted the old man on the gourd and the beautiful middle-aged woman. Then he smiled at the man in black in the distance and clasped his hands as a greeting.

The man in black also clasped his hands at Wang Lin, but his expression was still cold.

“Everyone is here, so let’s open the East Demon Spirit Sea!” The All-Seer waved his sleeves and seven-colored light gathered to form a token. This token was only the size of his palm, but it gave off a seven-colored glow. As everyone’s vision was blurred by this bright glow, the token flew toward the vortex.

This was not a normal opening of the East Demon Spirit Sea, so that powerful tide that pulls in treasures from everywhere wasn’t present. Instead, as the token fell into the vortex, a reverse vortex appeared!

This reverse vortex quickly expanded and a black hole opened up. The aura of the Demon Spirit Land that Wang Lin was familiar with came out from within.

“By opening the four celestial caves, can the fifth cave be opened? This old man will go first and await the good news from everyone else!” The All-Seer was covered in a seven-colored glow as he entered the black hole while standing on the trident.

Wang Lin’s gaze swept past the trident. He had already noticed the trident. The familiar aura coming from it made him certain that this was a treasure refined by Tu Si!

1. When the place opens normally there is a wave of treasures being pulled in from all over the place

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