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Chapter 995 - Soul

Time quickly passed. In the blink of an eye, Situ Nan had stayed on planet Water Spirit for two months.

On this day, as the formation over the Heavenly Fate Sect opened, the All-Seer personally sent out invitations. All the old monsters qualified to enter the Demon Spirit Land received the invitations.

"In 10 days, the Demon Spirit Land will open and we will enter the celestial cave!"

There was only one line on this invitation, but it set off a storm among those who received it!

The fact that there was a celestial cave inside the Demon Spirit Land was not hidden among these old monsters. Almost all of them knew a few things, and some guessed that there were still celestial alive inside!

Most people suspected this celestial to be the Celestial Emperor Qing Lin!

However, this was only a suspicion; there was no conclusive evidence to prove it all. But this was enough to cause these old monsters' hearts to race and bring their blood to a boil!

There was a large amount of celestial treasures and celestial spells inside the celestial cave, but that wasn't what held these old monsters' attention the most.

What really made those old monsters excited was the celestial that was likely to exist inside!

If the person inside was really Celestial Emperor Qing Lin, the strongest celestial across the four Celestial Realms, then they might find the secret to reaching the third step on his body!

This was what attracted old monsters like the All-Seer!

According to their countless years of exploration, some of these old monsters had a lot of information regarding whether Qing Lin was really inside the cave.

The fact that Qing Lin didn't die during the collapse of the Celestial Realm shows just how powerful his cultivation was! Although he wasn't killed, he was seriously injured, so he had to find a place to enter closed door cultivation. All kinds of signs pointed to the celestial cave in the Demon Spirit Land!

To be able to enter the cave of the former strongest Celestial Emperor, and that Celestial Emperor hadn't recovered from his serious injuries yet. This kind of stimulation excited these powerful cultivators greatly.

Moreover, after entering the Demon Spirit Land many times, they were almost certain the person inside the celestial cave hadn't recovered yet.

When the All-Seer sent out the invitations, Ling Tianhou came out from the depths of the planet. He had his own ambitions about the Demon Spirit Land. He had also send out his invitations and waited for his friends to arrive.

There were suddenly a lot more cultivators around planet Tian Yun; most of them came from other cultivation planets. Very few were invited and many came uninvited.

It was impossible to make it so outsiders didn't know about this. However, right now the battle between Allheaven and the Alliance was becoming more and more fierce. Small skirmishes happened all the time, and sometimes they led to medium-sized battles. As a result, only a few powerful cultivators had come. Moreover, the All-Seer's status as an elder of the Alliance made it so some powerful cultivators didn't dare to come to try fish in these troubled waters.

Ten days quickly passed, and cultivators had already gathered at the entrance. As cultivators arrived, even more people appeared here.

Even the cultivators within the range of planet Tian Yun came. They all hoped to take this opportunity to obtain some benefits from this land that opened at irregular times.

On the 10th day, the All-Seer arrived. He came by himself as he stepped through the void. The white-robed All-Seer arrived looking very calm. His grey hair flowed behind him, making him look like a real celestial!

In addition, there was a trident as black as ink below his feet. Every one of his steps would land on the trident.

All the cultivators that knew the All-Seer knew that he rarely used treasures. He could shake the world with just his countless celestial spells.

At this moment, when everyone's gazes were focused on the trident under the All-Seer's feet, they were shocked! However, no one talked about it, and they moved out of the way for the All-Seer to arrive above the East Demon Spirit Sea.

Below the All-Seer was the East Demon Spirit Sea. There was no suction from the vortex here, it was the gate to the Demon Spirit Land!

The appearance of the All-Seer caused the surroundings to become quiet. The All-Seer's expression was neutral; it was impossible to tell what he was thinking. He stared at the East Demon Spirit Sea as if he was pondering.

Shortly after, fluctuations of origin energy came from the distance and the old monsters arrived one by one. One of them was the old man sitting on the gourd who was there when Wang Lin returned.

At this moment, there were nine people from his sect behind the old man. He floated to above the East Demon Spirit Sea and greeted the All-Seer.

The All-Seer smiled and nodded. They no longer talked afterward.

About 15 minutes after the old man appeared, red clouds appeared in the distance. These red clouds were formed by a spell, so it wasn't strange for them to appear in space.

There was a beautiful middle-aged woman on the red cloud, and four beautiful young women followed her. This was the woman that invited Wang Lin before. As for the four young women, they were the same ones from back then. The one wearing pink looked around as if she was looking for something.

She was the person Ling Tianhou suspected to be the Brilliant Void Saintress!

Then a few more old monsters came, and although they were old monsters, they were only at the Nirvana Scryer stage. After they arrived, they all scattered to talk with their friends.

A lot of them weren't cultivators of planet Tian Yun. They were in small groups or by themselves, but they all would occasionally look at the giant vortex over the East Demon Spirit Sea.

Soon, loud, whistling sounds could be heard and rays of golden light whistled through and gathered above the East Demon Spirit Sea.

As the golden light moved, the entire area seem to be shrouded by this light. When all the golden light gathered, it released a bright flash.

A person gradually walked out from this golden light. He had long hair that flowed without wind. He had a large figure and looked like a war celestial.

He was about 40 years old, his face was resolute, and his eyes were like lightning. You would be shocked just looking at him. Just by standing there, he gave off an aura of majesty.

There were many powerful cultivators among the surrounding cultivators, but when they saw this person's gaze, they couldn't help but lower their heads.

This person wore a purple robe and a three-eyed sable lied on his shoulder. This sable's gaze was like lightning as it looked around with indifference.

The moment the purple-robed man appeared, the All-Seer raised his head and frowned slightly.

The expression of the old man on the gourd changed and became gloomy.

The man in purple smiled and slowly said, "Fellow Cultivator All-Seer, we haven't met for many years. Today I was invited to come so I'm able to catch up to friend All-Seer."

"Elder Sun is being polite." The All-Seer calmly looked at this person.

The Star-Marked Sable on the purple-robed man's shoulder looked around with an intelligent gaze. It would occasionally scratch its face with its claws.

Shortly after the purple-robed man appeared, sword energy began to appear. In the distance, a bright flash of sword energy filled the sky. Then a red Qilin appeared over the horizon.

There was a skinny old man sitting on the Qilin's back. Before he arrived, his laugh was heard.

"Brother Sun is very fast. Along the way, I was wondering if brother Sun had come."

The man in purple smiled and said, "Since Sword Saint sent the invitation, I naturally had to come! Not only me, but that person has also accepted your invitation!"

Sword Saint Ling Tianhou's eyes shined brightly and there was a quick flash of ecstasy in them.

At this moment, a huge change occurred in the Demon Spirit Land!

The Demon Spirit Land was split into nine countries. However, a clan that called themselves the Soul Refining Tribe became a new powerhouse between the Fire Demon Country and the Sky Demon Country.

This tribe was very aggressive. After devouring a large number of people, they had become a very powerful force within the two countries.

They had millions of tribe members, and such a huge tribe was something even the two countries dreaded. However, what was strange was that the ancient demons didn't move against such a large tribe. Everyone was confused about this.

What the military of the two countries dreaded the most was that almost every single member of this tribe could use powerful spells. They would often take out large flags, and countless soul fragments would fly out of them. When they fused, they could turn into soul beasts and devour their enemies.

In particular, the few leaders had amazing powers. Especially this person called Thirteen, who collected soul fragments to cultivate like crazy and had the power to confront demon generals!

Also, there was the tribe leader, Ouyang Hua, who had 99 large flags. If he took them out, he could summon hundreds of millions of soul fragments. He was a formidable opponent.

Although the people of the Demon Spirit Land were different from cultivators, meaning their cultivation speed can't be compared, the development of the Soul Refining Tribe was too fast. This meant that they had absorbed a lot of soul fragments throughout the years.

This was indeed the truth. The Soul Refining Tribe had many branches across all nine demon countries. They had scouted every single ancient battlefield, every battle between two countries, and all wars between other tribes in these past few hundred years.

Today, almost all of the Soul Refining Tribe members had left their homes. Millions of tribe members holding large flags charged straight for the Fire Demon Country! From far away, this was a spectacular scene.

There was no ancient demon inside the Fire Demon Country, and in the past several hundred years, the country had splintered. Originally, it was occupied by the Sky Demon Country, but their losses were heavy and they couldn't recover in a short period of time. In the end, the Sky Demon Country could only give up on it.

This gave the Soul Refining Tribe this opportunity. After hundreds of years of fighting, Ouyang Hua and Thirteen, along with several leaders of the tribe, began a battle for the Fire Demon Country!

There was a black statue being carried by more than 10 people within the large army. All the members of the Soul Refining Tribe looked at the statue with reverence. In these hundreds of years, no one had forgotten, not even new tribe members, about the various legends of the person the statue was based on. 

This statue was the soul of their Soul Refining Tribe! The king of their Soul Refining Tribe, their ancestor! Years of worship by millions of people caused the statue to contain a strange power; it had made it even more smooth.

"The ancestor left, but we firmly believe that the ancestor will return! The ancestor won't forget about us!"

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