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Chapter 985 - Treasured Bottle

The palace doors opened from the inside. Wang Lin smiled as he looked at the timid Ling Er and laughed. "What's the matter for you to come here so early?"

After she saw Wang Lin come out, she let out a sigh of relief, then she patted her chest and quickly said, "Senior, the sunrise on planet Water Spirit is very beautiful. Ling Er wants to ask if Senior would like to see it." As she spoke, her little face became red. Although Wang Lin was a senior, from her view, he didn't look much older than her. Such an obvious invitation caused her heart to beat even faster.

After Wang Lin heard these words, the smile disappeared and he frowned.

Ling Er was observing Wang Lin's expression, and when she saw Wang Lin frown, her heart fell into a pit. She just stood there, biting her lips and not knowing what to say.

"Lady Ling Er, I still have to cultivate. If you are afraid, I'll have Ta Shan go with you." Wang Lin's eyes fell on Ta Shan and he calmly ordered, "Ta Shan, escort Lady Ling Er and keep her safe."

After he finished speaking, he no longer looked at Ling Er and walked back toward the palace.

He wryly smiled in his heart. How could he not understand Ling Er's meaning? Although it might be an exaggeration to call him an old monster, since he had only cultivated for a bit more than 1,000 years, calling him that was still fitting given his cultivation level.

Moreover, his actual age was more than 1,000 years old, which was far older than Ling Er. The only reason he was nice to her aside from her having a water spirit root was a senior being kind to a junior. There was no other meaning.

"Ling Er didn't have any other meaning. I just want to see sunrise with Senior. Can't Senior even agree to such a small request?" Ling Er's eyes were crystal clear. She didn't know why herself, but the moment she woke up, she wanted to find Wang Lin. She wanted to find the answer to her dream. She had a feeling she would get her answer from Wang Lin.

Wang Lin had his back toward Ling Er and he didn't stop walking. He waved his sleeves and the door to the palace slowly closed.

"Senior, Ling Er wants to know about that giant that appeared last night. He… What is he…" Ling Er was about to step forth.

Ta Shan's eyes lit up and he took a step forward. A ripple spread out and landed on Ling Er, pushing her back few dozen feet.

Ling Er's cultivation level was not high, so as she retreated, her face turned pale. The spiritual energy in her body became unstable, and combined with her extreme anxiety and restless night, the spiritual energy inside her body went into complete chaos. Blood rushed up her throat and she coughed out a mouthful of blood.

Wang Lin let out a sigh. He frowned as his body disappeared from inside the palace and he appeared next to her. He gently patted her back and sent origin energy into her body. Just a single cycle caused her spiritual energy to stabilize and her light injury was gone.

"You girl… Let's go. This old man will accompany you to see the sunrise." Wang Lin was helpless. Although he had some good will toward her, it wasn't enough to affect his decision. The reason he went was because he saw that she really had some questions to ask him.

"Senior, you agree to Ling Er's request?" Although Ling Er's face was still pale, joy filled her big eyes. Her eyes shined and were extremely adorable.

"Only this once." Wang Lin let out a sigh. He had only watched the sunrise and sunset with Li Muwan during her last years. It had become an eternal memory for Wang Lin. Since then, he hadn't watched it with anyone else.

If there was anyone else, it was back in the Soul Refining Sect, where he and Liu Mei were separated by a wall yet they both watched the sunset.

Ling Er revealed a bright smile as she nodded and rang the bells on her wrist. A white dot came from the distance. It was a white crane that flew over and hovered over Ling Er.

Ling Er jumped onto the crane's back. As for Wang Lin, how could he sit with a little girl on the back of a crane? He simply took a step and walked into the air.

While Ling Er was smiling, she patted the crane's head and said, "Senior, follow Ling Er." With that, the crane flew into the sky in a beautiful arc.

Wang Lin followed with a bitter smile and disappeared over the horizon.

Along the way, Ling Er was very happy and constantly laughed as the crane flew. The bells on her wrist continued to ring and fused with her laughter to form an almost a heavenly sound. It was very comfortable for Wang Lin to listen to.

Looking at Ling Er on the back of the crane, Wang Lin let out a sigh. He could see that she was truly happy. Aside from his childhood, he rarely had moments where he was as happy as this girl.

It didn't take long for the crane to arrive at the very tall peak that pierced into the heavens. There were clouds surrounding the peak. A sliver of red from the rising sun touched the peak, making it a spectacularly beautiful scene.

The peak was hidden among the clouds and was filled with lush greenery. At a glance, it looked very natural.

There was a fluctuating darkness just behind the peak. That was the endless ocean of this planet.

The crane let out a cry as it went through the clouds and headed toward the peak. It didn't take long for it to arrive at the peak and land.

Ling Er jumped off and floated down like a butterfly. As the bells on her wrist rang, she landed on top of a blue rock.

"Senior, come quickly." As the mountain wind blew, it blew her hair and made it cover a small part of her face.

As a result, this caused her to display her amazing beauty. That flowing black hair and her perfect face all landed in Wang Lin's eyes.

The inner allure Ling Er had as a girl with a water spirit root had inadvertently revealed itself when the mountain winds blew by.

This by itself didn't mean much. However, the sun was rising from the east and the darkness was slowly fading. The vaste orange light appeared in the world like countless swords piercing through the darkness. The darkness gradually dissipated.

The sun rose behind Ling Er's exquisite face….

The gentle light set the mood and the rising sun became the background. The scene of Ling Er's smile while her hair covered part of her cheek will forever remain in Wang Lin's mind.

Admiration filled Wang Lin's eyes as he took a step and landed on a rock. He silently looked at the sunrise, though his heart was in an extremely strange state.


Ling Er didn't speak but moved her hair behind her ear. She looked at Wang Lin, who was looking at the sunrise, and revealed a smile.

It wasn't until the sun had fully risen that Ling Er let out a sigh and softly said, "Before Big Sister Xue came to this planet, I would often come here by myself to watch the sunrise and sunset…"

As he looked at the sunrise, Wang Lin slowly said, "It's very beautiful." At that moment, he became accidentally immersed in a very strange state. Although it was short, it was unforgettable.

In that strange state, he vaguely saw something, but after carefully thinking about it, it was as if he saw nothing. This was a very strange feeling, and it was the first time Wang Lin had encountered it.

The sound of the sea came from the distance and completely fused with the tranquility in the area. There was no discomfort to the ears at all when listening to this sound.

After a long time, Ling Er softly said, "Senior, Ling Er wants to know what that giant that appeared last night was…"

Wang Lin looked into the distance. The sun had already risen, and after pondering a bit, he slowly said, "It is only the treasure spirit of one of my treasures."

Ling Er bit her lower lip as she looked at Wang Lin. She shook her head. "Senior doesn't need to try to fool Ling Er. I know that it wasn't a treasure spirit but an extinct existence from a long time ago. They used to be the strongest existence among the stars."

Wang Lin's eyes narrowed slightly and he calmly said, "Why do you say so?"

Ling Er lowered her head and pondered for a long time. After a long time, she clenched her teeth as if she had made up her mind. There was a strange feeling mixed within as she looked at Wang Lin and softly said, "Junior has always had a dream in her mind since childhood, and I would often lose myself within it…. In the dream, I've seen… the giant that appeared last night! Although it was not the same one, they both had stars between their eyebrows!"

Ling Er had never told anyone else about this. She subconsciously didn't want to tell anyone. However, when facing Wang Lin, she had a strange feeling and told him her greatest secret.

Wang Lin's expression was neutral, but he was shocked in his heart. He gradually frowned as he stared at Ling Er. He didn't completely believe what she said.

He had obtained the inheritance of knowledge from Tu Si, and there was nothing in Tu Si's memories about interactions with mortals. There was nothing that could explain what she said.

"Dreaming of an ancient god is too absurd." Wang Lin no longer looked at Ling Er and continued to look into the distance. After a long time, he flatly said, "The sunrise has passed and I have answered your question. You can leave. I'm going to stay here to comprehend a bit, and I don't want to be disturbed."

Ling Er's expression instantly became pale and she took a few step back and stared at Wang Lin. She knew that he didn't believe her words.

After pondering a bit, Ling Er revealed a decisive gaze. She was not as weak as she looked on the outside. Once she made a decision, she wouldn't easily back down.

Without hesitation, Ling Er knelt down on the ground on one knee and her hands formed the shape of a treasure bottle. She raised her head, revealing her slender neck, and made the gesture she had made thousands of times in her dreams!

Wang Lin's eyes suddenly narrowed, and it was like bolt of thunder had exploded in his mind.

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