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Chapter 982 - Azure Light Shield!

That mark was a dragon stepping through the clouds. The dragon was completely azure and looked like an azure dragon! The ancient god aura coming from the shield was blocked by this mark so that it wouldn't dissipate too much. The mark sealed the aura inside the shield.

Wang Lin pondered for a long time before raising his hand and pressing down on the mark.

The moment he touched the mark, a powerful repellant force exploded from it. This powerful force pushed Wang Lin's finger away.

The azure light shield trembled and the dragon mark shined brightly. The light from the mark reached a peak and turned into an azure dragon!

The azure dragon's body was 100 feet long and occupied more than half of the palace. The dragon scale was very beautiful and looked very dignified while coiled. It opened its mouth, let out a roar, and attempted to devour Wang Lin.

"Damn beast!" Wang Lin's eyes turned cold and his right hand reached out. A storm shot out and swept toward the dragon. He grabbed hold of the azure dragon and was about to crush it.

However, at this instant, the azure dragon's eyes shined brightly. Its body shined and it released azure light to form a smaller azure dragon that also tried to devour Wang Lin.

Wang Lin sneered. The strongest power was between his eyebrows. If his third eye opened, even his ancient god body was inferior. Then there was also the heaven defying bead as well.

"You're courting death!" A crack opened between his eyebrows and harsh, red light came from this crack. It was like a black hole, and it contained a powerful suction force.

The azure dragon's eyes were filled with shock and it let out a roar as it wanted to retreat. However, it was too close to Wang Lin, so the moment it opened its eyes, it was sucked inside.

Only the echo of the dragon still remained in the palace.

The azure dragon in Wang Lin's hand immediately weakened and the light dimmed. Then Wang Lin squeezed and the dragon shattered. The azure light dissipated and a fingernail-sized fragment appeared in Wang Lin's hand.

There was a azure dragon carved on this fragment. This azure dragon was very life-like, and if mortals saw it, they would be shocked.

Holding the fragment Wang Lin carefully looked at it. He felt an aura similar to the Vermillion Bird mark between his brows.

"The Divine Four Sect has the Vermillion Bird, Black Tortoise, Azure Dragon, and White Tiger. Could this belong to the Azure Dragon Divine Sect?" After pondering, he put the fragment into his bag and his gaze fell on the small azure light shield.

Without the azure dragon, the ancient god aura filled the shield, but it wasn't obvious. Wang Lin frowned as he carefully examined it, then his eyes narrowed.

Although the azure dragon mark was gone, there was an azure vortex slowly rotating. Before, the mark was hiding it, but now that the mark was gone, the vortex was exposed.

This vortex wasn't very powerful, but after Wang Lin carefully observed it, he could vaguely see strands of origin energy within. This origin energy had no offensive ability; it was a strand of divine sense!

This divine sense was mixed with ancient god aura. Somehow, they had completely merged together. As a result, unless one had the power of an ancient god, it would be impossible to get rid of this divine sense.

As for whether third step cultivators could do it, Wang Lin didn't know. However, he knew Master Hollow Wind was unable to do so, which was why this divine sense was still there today.

"For a divine sense to be left inside this shield… There is something strange about this." Wang Lin pondered. If he didn't remove this divine sense, the ancient god aura couldn't be released. As a result, the power of this shield couldn't be displayed at all.

After pondering for a bit, decisiveness filled Wang Lin's eyes. Without hesitation, he lifted his right finger and took a deep breath. The ancient god stars between his eyebrows rotated and ancient god power gathered in his finger. At this moment, Wang Lin's finger pressed down like lightning!

His finger charged directly for the small vortex on the side of the shield.

The moment his finger touched the vortex, the royal ancient god power from his finger charged out and collided with it.

In an instant, the ancient aura coming from the vortex trembled and rapidly gathered toward Wang Lin's finger.

At the same time, as the ancient god aura changed violently, the divine sense separated from it. At this moment, a dignified voice echoed inside Wang Lin's mind.

"This old man is the Azure Dragon Holy Emperor, and I'm trapped inside the Rain Celestial Realm. The one who saves me will become the first of the Azure Dragon Series! Send my message back to the Azure Dragon Divine Sect and the Four Divine Sect will do one thing for you. This old man's aura is weak, and I fear I can't last much longer. I hope someone receives this message and quickly comes to save me!"

Wang Lin's body trembled. Before he could think too much, the small azure vortex disappeared and the ancient god aura exploded like crazy.

It was unknown how long this ancient god aura had been sealed inside the shield, and now all of it broke out like a storm. Wang Lin's expression changed, and he grabbed the azure shield and charged out of the palace. He stood under the stars.

The moment he came out, the ancient god aura inside the shield completely exploded forth. This aura was very strong, so much so that even Wang Lin couldn't help but tremble.

The endless ancient god aura vent out and formed a giant ancient god illusion that appeared in the world. This ancient god illusion was blurry and its stars rotated rapidly. It was impossible to see how many stars this ancient god had!

At this moment, the shield that was originally only the size of his hand instantly grew until it was dozens of feet large. From the looks of it, it was still increasing.

As it expanded, a powerful aura spread out. The shield started out small and grew until it was over 1,000 feet large. Then an unimaginable pressure descended on the world.

In the distance, the three Chen brothers had already noticed this and were charging over. Shock filled their eyes as they watched this. Wang Lin had become extremely incredible in their eyes.

"What kind of treasure is this!?"

"The treasure is a shield. I presume it is a defensive treasure. However, that treasure is simply too big! Look at the treasure spirit formed by this treasure; it's piercing the heavens. I have never seen a treasure spirit like this!"

"Fellow Cultivator Wang must have just obtained this treasure and is refining it!"

The three Chen brothers softly talked with each other and were able to guess some of the truth.

Farther away, the cultivators living on the planet all awakened from their cultivation. Their cultivation levels weren't high enough, so they could only feel a towering pressure. They didn't dare to move at all. It was as if the sky was going to crush them if they moved!

Ling Er was cultivating while looking at the bells before her. The more she looked, the more she liked them, but at this moment, a powerful pressure descended upon her. Then a blue light shined from her chest to help her resist this pressure.

Before the blue light, Ling Er only felt discomfort. Her eyebrows wrinkled as she got up and walked outside. When she saw what was outside, her small mouth was wide open and disbelief filled her eyes.

At the edge of the horizon was a giant squatting down, and the giant was already piercing the heavens. If the giant stood up, it only needed to stomp its feet to make the planet collapse. 

Big Head and company also flew out and were stunned by the scene before them. Lei Ji's body trembled and reverence filled his eyes as he looked at the illusion behind the shield. He clearly remembered that on planet Giant Demon, there was a totem in the Royal Sanctuary that was a sacred object to the clan. The sacred object depicted a giant like this!

Master Hollow Wind was the first to notice the abnormality. At this moment, he floated in the air and had an extremely complex expression as he looked at the huge shield next to Wang Lin. He obtained the shield from an enemy he had killed. After studying it, he was shocked and was vaguely aware that it was linked to the Four Divine Sect.

He wouldn't easily use it; he only took it out due to the moment of life and death. He could break the azure dragon mark, but with his cultivation, he could see the azure vortex underneath it. No matter what he did, he wasn't able to break the vortex, so he could only allow the treasure to remain as it was.

At this moment, he didn't expect Wang Lin to break the vortex seal as soon as he obtained the treasure. As a result, he unknowingly dreaded Wang Lin even more.

"This Wang Lin is not simple! It won't be such a disgrace for my identity if I follow him." Master Hollow Wind let out a sigh.

Wang Lin's expression was serious as he stared at the expanding shield. The shield had already expanded from its previous 1,000 feet to almost 3,000 feet.

Looking at the shield from up close, it was like a wall. It looked very rough, but no one dared to underestimate the power of this shield!

This was a treasure of the ancient gods!

The illusion of the ancient god that appeared behind the shield grew with it. In the end, it was too tall for people on the planet to see all of it.

Just at this instant, the shield stopped expanding and the ancient god lowered its head. Just its head covered the entire sky!

The rotating stars between its eyebrows slowed down and then completely stopped.

The moment they stopped, Wang Lin's eyes shined brightly, revealing shock and ecstasy! 

"This… This is…"

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