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Chapter 965 - Ling Er

Wang Lin opened the door and saw Master Yi Chen standing outside with a smile.

"Fellow Cultivator is too kind. Please." Wang Lin smiled.

In the north of this northern courtyard, there was a pavilion. This pavilion wasn't big, but it was very beautiful. It was made of celestial jade and had a spiritual energy gathering formation to ensure a good environment.

Outside the pavillion, there was a stream with the song of rushing water that could improve your mood. There were small fishes that swam in the stream and would sometimes jump out of the water, creating ripples and splashes.

Inside the pavilion sat the purple-robed middle-aged man and the green-robed old man with a table between them. This table was made of white jade and was very smooth.

Beside them was a very beautiful woman with big, twinkling eyes. She looked at the incoming Master Yi Chen and Wang Lin.

When Wang Lin and Master Yi Chen arrived, the middle-aged man and old man stood up and smiled at Wang Lin.

The middle-aged man pointed to the side and smiled. "Brother Wang, please." 

Wang Lin looked at the pavilion and also at the stunning woman looking. This woman was also a cultivator, although her cultivation level was not very high only, Nascent Soul. She was very beautiful but also very innocent, which was rare in the cultivation world. Only someone who was loved by a powerful person could retain this level of innocence. That powerful person would have to keep them close by so that they weren't exposed too much to the cultivation world.

This woman looked similar to Master Yi Chen.

After she noticed Wang Lin looking at her, her face turned red and she lowered her head. However, she would still peek at Wang Lin from the corner of her eyes, and she was filled with curiosity.

Wang Lin faintly smiled. With his cunning, he naturally saw through their intentions. Although the misunderstanding between them wasn't big, anything could happen in the cultivation world. They were afraid that Wang Lin would be on guard if the three of them invited him, and then they wouldn't be able to talk properly. So they decided to ask this woman, who was a relative, to come as an indirect way of showing they meant no malice.

Otherwise, they wouldn't bring a Nascent Soul junior here.

After everyone sat down, Master Yi Chen called the girl over. He smiled as he introduced her to Wang Lin. "Brother Wang, she is a junior in my family. This child is not sensible, but she had to come. In the future, please take care of her."

As he spoke, he looked at the maiden, and his expression turned serious. "Ling Er, this is Senior Wang, a powerful cultivator. Even this old man has to be respectful to him. For you to have an opportunity to meet him is your fortune."

The girl blinked and bowed toward Wang Lin. "Ling Er greets Senior." This girl's voice was very pretty. It was like a songbird, and her voice seemed to be able to enter one's bones.

Wang Lin carefully looked at the girl and was surprised.

"Fellow Cultivator Wang must have noticed that this granddaughter of mine was born with a natural water spirit body. Everything aside from her voice was concealed by this old man. I have to keep her by my side; otherwise, she would be targeted as a furnace by people with bad intentions." Master Yi Chen bitterly smiled.

Wang Lin nodded. A water spirit body was most suitable for using a furnace. However, she shouldn't have much to worry about when she was around Master Yi Chen. Not many people would dare to steal a woman from them, as it was really not worth it to make enemy out of them just for a woman.

Besides, although these three Chen brothers looked like a group of only three people, if they were forced into a life and death crisis, they would surely find help with their connections. At that point, they would be a powerful force.

When Wang Lin heard the voice of the stunning woman, he entered a trance. Although he quickly recovered, a sense of bitterness awakened in his heart. This bitterness was very strong, like dust being kicked off sealed memories.

"She was also borned with a water spirit body…" Wang Lin let out a sigh. Some things couldn't be forgotten and some pain couldn't be sealed away.

The old memories would inadvertently reappear when facing a similar scene. Every time they resurface, they would cause unhideable pain.

Letting out a secret sigh, Wang Lin's gaze once more fell on the stunning girl. The girl was ill at ease and didn't dare to look at Wang Lin.

Gently touching his bag of holding, Wang Lin took out the straw hat. When he looked at the straw hat, Wang Lin felt like he saw Yun Quezi. After putting the straw hat on the table, Wang Lin calmly said, "This was a gift from an old friend. It can help cover up your aura. After Fellow Cultivator Master Yi Chen refines it, perhaps its power will increase. I'll give it to this child as a gift."

The girl's nose wrinkled. It was obvious she found the straw hat a bit ugly.

Master Yi Chen looked at the straw carefully and was surprised. "Brother Wang, although this item is not a celestial treasure, it is extremely exquisite. The number of formations inside it is so large that not even I can instantly see through them all. These restrictions working together can cover up all aura. Someone who is good at restrictions can learn countless restrictions from studying this hat and increase their restriction cultivation level. Brother Wang, this gift is a bit too much…"

After the girl heard this, curiosity filled her eyes.

Wang Lin shook his head and said, "This item is useless to me, so just gift it to this child."

Master Yi Chen hesitated for a bit before nodding in thanks.

Looking at the girl, Wang Lin's gaze became slightly gentle. He slapped his bag of holding and took out three bells. He smiled. "I'll gift you this too."

Joy filled the girl's eyes and she took the bells. Hearing the crisp echoes of the bells, she immediately laughed in joy. The more she looked at them, the more she liked them. She then turned toward Wang Lin and said, "Ling Er thanks Senior."

This voice was even more alluring than before, but it had no effect on Wang Lin.

When Master Yi Chen saw the bells, with his insight, he naturally saw that they weren't ordinary. He let out a sigh as he got up and clasped his hands at Wang Lin. "Fellow Cultivator Wang, this old man thanks you."

He felt very ashamed. It was originally the three of them at fault, but now his junior had received great gifts from the other party. After sitting down, he pondered a bit and then took out a piece of black stone and said, "Fellow Cultivator Wang, please accept this Dark Heaven Stone. When cultivators reach our level, we need Dark Heaven Stones to store divine sense to create an avatar or store power spells to use. If you don't accept, this old man will be ashamed."

Wang Lin smiled as he picked up the stone and his divine sense swept past it. Although his expression was neutral, his heart was moved. This black stone was very strange and had many small holes emitting a suction force. Not only could it store and preserve divine sense, it also allowed one to store a spell in advance. It was similar to the Chosen Immortal Clan's talismans.

In addition, one could create an illusory avatar with but a thought. It was a very practical treasure.

Although this treasure wasn't something extremely precious, it was still rare. Wang Lin nodded and put it inside his bag.

"This old man is muddled and hasn't introduced my two younger brothers. This old man is my second brother, Liu Yulong. His nickname is Master Yi Long." Master Yi Chen pointed at the green-robed old man.

The green-robed old man stood up, clasped his hands at Wang Lin, and laughed. "The name Master Yi Long is nothing before Brother Wang. Brother Wang can just call me by my name."

"This is my third brother, Zhen Xinghan, nicknamed Master Yi Xing."

The purple-robed middle-aged man had the lowest cultivation level. Although he was at the early stage of Nirvana Scryer, he was obviously weaker than Master Yi Long. He stood up and respectfully clasped his hands. "Brother Wang can just call me by my name."

"I wonder what brother Wang's nickname is?" After Master Yi Chen finished introducing them, he looked at Wang Lin.

In the cultivation world, although there were nicknames among the lower level cultivators, none of them become famous or spread much. It couldn't compare to the nicknames of truely powerful cultivators, and the significance was very different.

When one became a second step cultivator, a nickname was often a mutual recognition and a condensed version of their life.

Even until today, Wang Lin didn't really have a nickname. If he really did, then it would be the one he got in Allheaven from his slaughter, Master Demon!

After pondering a bit, Wang Lin slowly said, "My nickname is Master Demon!"

After he spoke, Master Yi Chen and his brothers immediately felt a bloody killing intent coming from the bottom of their hearts. It was as if Wang Lin had turned into an primal beast filled with monstrous killing intent.

"I have just returned and haven't stayed long on planet Tian Yun, so the three of you must not have heard of me." Wang Lin picked up the cup and drank a mouthful.

With his ancient god body, almost no poison could harm him besides some very ancient and rare poison from ancient times.

After scanning it with his divine sense, Wang Lin was certain it was safe.

After putting down the wine cup, the stunning girl next to Master Yi Chen immediately picked up the wine jug and poured another cup for Wang Lin. Then she returned back next to Master Yi Chen, and her beautiful eyes would occasionally look at Wang Lin.

Master Yi Chen and his brothers returned to normal and began chatting with Wang Lin. As they chatted, they began debating dao.

Time slowly passed. As the four talked, the moon was soon high up in the sky and they became familiar with each other. The wind blew by as Master Yi Chen picked up his wine cup for a drink and sighed.

"The path of dao sets us apart from the mortals of the world. One most adapt to isolate oneself from everything in order to complete the heavens' grand dao. Unfortunately, although this old man can cut off everything, the word 'family' is something I can't cut away."

"Why do you need to cut it off? Cultivators dare to even defy the heavens, so why listen to this fleeting thought? I heard there are areas that focus on family cultivation. This would naturally mean that these cultivators have families. There are still powerful cultivators that broke out among them, so everything is just a mindset."

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