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Chapter 964 - Converting an Enemy to a Friend

Moving like water, Wang Lin's hand formed a fist and he casually threw a punch. An unimaginable black storm formed. One of the divine senses that formed the divine sense dragon was touched by Wang Lin's punch.

That divine sense collapsed before it could even resist.

The moment the divine sense dissipated, in the magnificent building of Ghost Eye City, a middle-aged man in purple was in the second room from the east drinking tea. He suddenly smashed the tea cup and the tea evaporated. The middle-aged man turned pale and he coughed out blood, then aghast filled his eyes.

The rate of his heart pounding accelerated and he exclaimed, "Could it be Nirvana Cleanser!?" His expression changed before he finally clenched his teeth and disappeared from the room.

As Wang Lin floated in air, his divine sense returned to his body. He coldly looked at last divine sense. The owner of that divine sense was Master Yi Chen.

Everything happened too fast, and it was over in a flash. The last divine sense quickly retreated.

With an indifferent expression, Wang Lin's hand reached out. The last divine sense seemed to be squeezed by the world and was pulled toward Wang Lin. Wang Lin grabbed it and directly crushed it.

In the first room from the east in that magnificent building, there was a white-haired old man. He was standing behind the table with a brush in his hand and was writing vigorously on the paper on the table.

Doing multiple things at once was too easy for cultivators like them. However, at this moment, the brush in his hand broke and he suddenly looked up. His face turned pale and blood rushed up his throat, but he forcibly suppressed it.

"Not good!" The old man cursed in his heart and waved his sleeves as he charged out at an extremely fast speed.

A wave was set off in Ghost Eye City as the collapse of the restriction caught the attention of all the cultivators. They all had varying cultivation levels, and they looked up at the sky.

Wang Lin's expression was calm. He had already been very tolerant. If the three of them had released his divine sense, this would not have happened.

Three rays of right light flew out from the city and arrived before Wang Lin. The three rays rays of light revealed themselves to be the three Chen brothers!

The old man with white hair was Master Yi Chen. Behind him was the green-robed old man and the purple-robed middle-aged man. The three of them had bitter expressions. They didn't understand how this person had easily destroyed their divine senses in person when his divine sense was clearly at the early stage of Nirvana Scryer.

If he merely destroyed their divine senses, they wouldn't be so scared, as they simply could have worked together. However, what terrified them was how easily Wang Lin had done it.

One grasp, one punch, one squeeze. All very simple and all random actions. The three of them could feel that he hadn't even put any effort into it, and that was the root of their terror.

No Nirvana Scryer cultivator could do this; not even peak late stage Nirvana Scryer cultivator can do this, because there were, after all, three of them! There was only one explanation for what had happened: this person was a Nirvana Cleanser cultivator!

"Please forgive us, Fellow Cultivator Wang Lin. This matter was our fault…"  Master Yi Chen bitterly smiled. The three of them stood before Wang Lin rather embarrassedly. The three of them were all famous on planet Tian Yun, and now that they had provoked someone they shouldn't have. Although their hearts felt bitter, they didn't feel dissatisfaction.

After all, since the other party was a Nirvana Cleanser cultivator, forget a courteous sweep of divine sense, even if he arrogantly swept by, it would be understandable.

If they knew his cultivation level beforehand, they wouldn't have dared to stop him. After all, no one would dare to question a Nirvana Cleanser cultivator that had come to Ghost Eye City. Even if that person didn't have an invitation, they would be treated as an honored guest.

"In Planet Tian Yun and all the surrounding planets, Nirvana Cleanser cultivators are extremely rare. Any one of them are people who can make a cultivation planet tremble with a stomp of their feet. I haven't heard of anyone named Wang Lin. He said that he was from the Heavenly Fate Sect… Could it be… Could he be from an older generation of the All-Seer's disciples?" The three of them all looked at each other with doubt in their eyes. However, the power Wang Lin showed off was indeed worthy of a Nirvana Cleanser cultivator.

The green-robed old man felt rather embarrassed and said, "Please don't blame us, Fellow Cultivator Wang. The three of us are in charge of this city, so we may had offended you. Please forget us, forgive us!"

The middle-aged man also let out a wry smile and thought, "The reputation of the three Chen brothers didn't really fall. After all, who would dare provoke a Nirvana Cleanser cultivator?"

All three of them had sincere expressions and repeatedly admitted their mistake. Wang Lin's expression relaxed and he calmly said, "It was also I who made the mistake first, so let's just forget this matter."

The three of them let out sighs of relief. If Wang Lin wouldn't let this go, they could only try to escape. Provoking a Nirvana Cleanser cultivator was like being branded for death.

Master Yi Chen politely said, "Fellow Cultivator Wang must have came to Ghost Eye City for that bottle of Liquid Purple Jade. However, there are still several days before the auction. Does Fellow Cultivator have a place to stay? If not, the three of us can arrange a place for you."

The purple-robed middle-aged man and the green-robed old man both looked at Wang Lin with inviting gazes.

No matter how arrogant the three of them were, when facing a Nirvana Cleanser cultivator, they didn't dare to reveal any of it. Instead, they showed the intent of getting closer.

"Liquid Purple Jade?" This sounded familiar to Wang Lin. After pondering a bit, he looked at the three of them and nodded. "Then I'll be trouble you three fellow cultivators!"

Master Yi Chen laughed and said, "No problem. It was fate that we were able to become acquainted with Fellow Cultivator Wang Lin." He smiled as he gestured with his right hand to welcome Wang Lin.

Wang Lin turned around and looked at the distance. At the city gate, Bai Wei was staring at him, and behind him was Xu Liguo.

"You guys, come over." Wang Lin's voice wasn't loud, but it clearly entered Bai Wei's ears.

Bai Wei hesitated a bit before flying into the air. Xu Liguo looked at Bai Wei's back with a memorized look and quickly followed.

When the three of them saw Bai Wei, they were startled, but they didn't say anything. They went to the eastern side of the city to a gorgeous four story building. There was a courtyard around it filled with fake mountains and rivers. The spiritual energy here was very dense.

Master Yi Chen smiled. "This is where the three of us stay in the city. Fellow Cultivator Wang can pick a room."

Wang Lin clasped his hands and smiled. "Many thanks!"

Only after seeing Wang Lin's smile did the three brothers finally relax. The purple-robed middle-aged man laughed. "Brother Wang, rest first and I'll order people to prepare some fruit. Since we brothers don't know Brother Wang, the four of us have to debate dao."

Master Yi Chen nodded with a smile. The green-robed old man laughed. "Third Brother is right. How we met Fellow Brother Wang can be considered a legend!"

Wang Lin faintly smiled. There was no need to reject their warm invitation, and he was also interested in the Liquid Purple Jade. He nodded. "If that's the case, then I'll be happy to oblige."

"Brother Wang is too polite." Master Yi Chen then left with the other two.

Bai Wei couldn't get used to all of this. With his cultivation level, he would've never interacted with  cultivators of this level, even though he was the All-Seer's disciple.

Soon, servants came and arranged lodgings for the two of them. There were lot of vacant rooms here. After Bai Wei left, Xu Liguo subconsciously followed, but after Wang Lin cast a cold gaze, he obediently followed Wang Lin.

The room Wang Lin chose was a rather elegant room on the second floor. The purple wooden table and chair, the red wooden cabinet, and the painting hanging on the wall all calmed his mind.

There was an embroidered yellow lamp shade over a carved dragon lamp. When the light went through the shade, it was bright yet gentle as it scattered into every corner of the room.

The room wasn't big, but Wang Lin was very satisfied. Xu Liguo floated in the air and looked around. His heart was filled with disdain and he wondered what was so good about this place. This fiend really didn't know how to enjoy himself. If it was up to him, he would find a place with a lot of girls. Oh, how comfortable that would be.

Wang Lin quietly sat in the room with his eyes half-closed. It looked like he was looking at the window, but in truth was thinking about Bai Wei's actions.

"What exactly is this Bai Wei looking for me for… He would not call me here for nothing. There is also that strange mark in his body…" Wang Lin pondered. He had always felt like there was something Bai Wei wanted to say to him.

"Everything he spoke about along the way was pointless… What does he want to say to me…" Wang Lin frowned as he recalled everything Bai Wei said. Then his eyes suddenly narrowed.

"Could it be that what Bai Wei wanted to say was contained within those pointless matters… If that's really the case, then he must be facing some difficulties that made him not dare to speak to me directly. He is certainly not afraid of me, but… Master?" Wang Lin felt like he had grasped some clue, but he wasn't sure.

"Perhaps there are restrictions that prevent him from telling me… so he could only give hints…" Wang Lin silently pondered about how Bai Wei's expression changed so drastically when he asked about Bai Wei's cultivation method.

It was also at that moment that Wang Li noticed the strange mark formed by the movement of the Yin energy inside Bai Wei.

"What exactly does Bai Wei want to say…" Wang Lin pondered for a moment before he looked up at the door. A moment later, Master Yi Chen's voice came through.

"Brother Wang, the fruit and nectar have been prepared. Since the sky isn't dark yet, how about the four of us debate dao?"

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