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Chapter 963 - The Three Chen Brothers

"Due to the Yin energy inside Bai Wei's body, not only did his mind change, his behavior has also become quite feminine. If he was born like this, it would be fine, but it was obviously not this extreme back then."

While they flew, Wang Lin's light shined faintly as he looked at Bai Wei. He always felt like there was something wrong with Bai Wei, but he couldn't find the exact problem.

However, a thousand years of cultivation allowed him some special sense. Although he was not as all-seeing as the All-Seer, he could still feel a trace of events that were yet to occur. 

Bai Wei apparently didn't notice Wang Lin's divine sense sweeping past him and continued to smile and talk with Wang Lin.

"You weren't here for long before. In a few months, the weather on planet Tian Yun will change. The abrupt change between overcast and sunny is regarded as a unique scenery of planet Tian Yun.

"During these hundreds of years, the Heavenly Fate Sect has been calm and not much has happened. If anything did happen, it's that a white tree someone planted in the back mountain and claimed it would never flower flowered. However, the color of the flowers weren't white but black. It only lasted three breaths of time before it turned to dust… It surprised quite a few people that time. I was there as well; I thought it would have been great if I could have saved a flower."

"There is nothing suspicious…" Wang Lin frowned, but that slight feeling was nagging in his heart. His expression remained neutral as he coped with Bai Wei's conversation.

"After you left, Master spent most of his time in closed door cultivation and rarely came out…"

As Bai Wei smiled, he told Wang Lin every single incident that happened in the Heavenly Fate Sect. At the start, Wang Lin was seriously listening, but soon he frowned.

Nothing Bai Wei talked about was great; they were all trivial things that had no meaning.

Bai Wei smiled. "There is also Ghost Eye City. That city became famous many years ago after successfully auctioning a complete celestial spell. Every time it opens, it attracts a large amount of cultivators. It is open for one month, and aside from the auction house, people are free to trade. However, Ghost Eye City wasn't very big and the amount of residences are limited. If we go late, I'm afraid we'll have to camp."

Wang Lin pondered a bit and allowed Bai Wei to talk while leading the way, but he pondered in his heart.

After 15 minutes, Wang Lin suddenly said, "Junior Sister Bai, what cultivation method do you cultivate?"

Bai Wei was startled and his expression changed. He stopped before retreating a few steps while starting at Wang Lin and saying, "Does Brother Wang disdain me? If you find me annoying, then I'll leave and never bother you again!"

Wang Lin was shocked. He only asked what his cultivation method was, but he didn't expect Bai Wei to change so greatly.

Wang Lin slowly said, "Brother Bai misunderstands; I'm just casually asking."

Bai Wei bit his lower lip and pondered for a moment. He then looked at Wang Lin with a complex look and said, "The cultivation method I cultivate is called Celestial Double Desire Art!" After speaking, Bai Wei became silent and flew north.

"Celestial Double Desire Art…" Wang Lin's eyes shined as he looked at Bai Wei's figure. His eyes narrowed, and he could clearly see the rich Yin energy inside Bai Wei suddenly accelerate. It was moving very quickly through Bai Wei's meridians and formed a mark.

This mark was formed by the movement of Yin energy through Bai Wei's meridians. Before, the Yin energy inside Bai Wei was too slow for Wang Lin to notice. However, he was able to see it now, but the mark only appeared for a moment before disappearing.

Wang Lin's eyes lit up and he remembered that mark. He asked no more questions and followed Bai Wei. At dusk, he saw a circular city in the distance.

This city was like a circle that fell on the earth and was guarded by cultivators. Before they got close, Wang Lin felt fluctuations of restriction surrounding the city.

Rays of sword energy would occasionally drop down from the horizon. Sometimes it would be one and sometimes it would be many. They descended outside the city and showed their invitations before entering.

Wang Lin know it was best not to spread out his divine sense in an unfamiliar place, or else it could cause misunderstandings. He was naturally cautious, and although his cultivation level had increased, his caution hadn't reduced. After all, caution was needed to survive in the cultivation world.

After pondering a bit, Wang Lin's divine sense spread out toward the city. He wasn't rash in the way he spread his divine sense; it was more like a gentle breath. He didn't try to find the secrets in the city but focused on the restriction fluctuations.

He was acting like he had arrived before a strange door. Instead of violently breaking into the door, he was opening the door and taking a quick look inside. Although this was impolite, it was a common behavior in the cultivation world.

Unless one was very tyrannical, this generally wouldn't cause any misunderstandings. 

The restriction over the city had no objection toward Wang Lin at all. With Wang Lin's cultivation and enlightenment in restriction, the restriction over the city didn't notice his divine sense at all.

However, just as Wang Lin's divine sense went through the restriction and was about to return after sweeping the city, three divine senses that were well-hidden erupted. They were like three dragons that charged at Wang Lin's divine sense.

"What cultivator came to my Ghost Eye City? I'm one of the three Chen brothers, Master Yi Chen!" An ancient voice came out from the divine sense when it got close to Wang Lin's divine sense.

At the same time, the illusionary dragon formed by the three divine senses rotated to form a storm. They were about to trap Wang Lin's divine sense to prevent it from leaving.

Two of the three divine senses were at the early stage of Nirvana Scryer. The divine sense of Master Yi Chen was at the mid stage of Nirvana Scryer. The combination of their divine senses made Wang Lin unable to escape immediately.

Wang Lin's spells were all within his body, and his divine sense hadn't reached the mid stage of Nirvana Scryer yet, so he was no match for the three of them with his divine sense.

"I'm the Heavenly Fate Sect's Wang Lin. It is my hope I hope you'll forgive me." Wang Lin was the first to be impolite, so he wasn't angry.

"Your divine sense was reckless and was trapped by me, but you want me to forgive you? What kind of reasoning is that? Today, the three of us won't make it hard on you. Personally come to admit your mistake and then immediately leave. If you dare to step into Ghost Eye City again, don't blame us for not being kind!" Next to Master Yi Chen, a gloomy divine sense appeared.

Wang Lin and Bai Wei stood outside the city, waiting in line to enter. As for Wang Lin's conversion with the three, unless one's cultivation was very high, they wouldn't notice anything.

Bai Wei was obviously not aware of anything, but Wang Lin frowned.

"I hope Fellow Cultivator doesn't mind, but the three of us are in charge of Ghost Eye City's security, so we must be cautious. If Fellow Cultivator doesn't agree, then don't blame me for destroying this divine sense!" Master Yi Chen sent out a sigh. He knew doing this was a bit too much. After all, this person hadn't gone out of bounds and it was just a natural sweep.

The three Chen brothers had all done this before. Except right now, they were hired by Ghost Eye City, so they had to be cautious. Also, he was a bit unhappy right now.

Basically all the Nirvana Scryer old monsters on the planet understood that the three of them were responsible for the security of Ghost Eye City. Most of them wouldn't probe with their divine senses as a sign of respect to the three of them.

The person before him obviously wasn't showing them any respect. What use was it for him to admit to his mistake after realizing the situation was bad?

"If this person refuses to admit his mistake and comes to fight the three of us, I can respect him as an equal. However, it is obvious he saw how strong we three are and became timid!

"Moverover, if we don't severely punish this person, we will not have a day of peace before the auction begins. In order to scare of others that dare to observe with their divine senses, we must be more severe.

"I'll give you three seconds to consider!" Master Yi Chen gently spread out his message. It would be too easy for the three of them to take care of an early stage Nirvana Scryer cultivator! Even if this person was really from the Heavenly Fate Sect, the All-Seer wouldn't lower himself to deal with them. Moreover, the three of them didn't kill. After all, the three of them had given this person a chance, so even if they destroyed his divine sense, no one would say anything.

If it was someone from the Da Lou Sword Sect, Master Yi Chen wouldn't think this. After all, Sword Saint Ling Tianhou was famous for protecting his own.

Three breaths of time passed by in an instant. Master Yi Chen let out a cold snort and the divine sense dragon formed by the three of them let out a roar at Wang Lin's trapped divine sense. They were about to destroy Wang Lin's trapped divine sense.

"The three of you have gone too far!" Wang Lin didn't pay attention to Bai Wei or Xu Liguo. He frowned and then disappeared with a step.

Ghost Eye City's restriction couldn't even stop Wang Lin's divine sense, much less his physical body. At the moment Wang Lin disappeared, the restriction only flashed three times before it completely collapsed.

The moment the restriction collapsed, Wang Lin's figure appeared above Ghost Eye City. His speed was beyond imagination. The moment Wang Lin appeared, he directly grabbed a divine sense dragon. The dragon wanted to struggle, but it was no use. Wang Lin flung the dragon backward and there was a loud rumble as the divine sense dragon collapsed.

Inside Ghost Eye City, there was a very beautiful building. Inside the third room from the east sat an old man. This old man wore a green robe and had a dignified expression. However, at this moment, his eyes opened, he coughed out blood, and his expression changed greatly!

"Nirvana Cleanser old monster!" The old man's body flickered and disappeared.

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