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Chapter 959 - All-Seer's Secret

"It will Make some preparations to open up the Demon Spirit Land this time. This matter is important, and I also need to invite some friends before we can enter that cave. During this time, you can wait here at ease." The All-Seer's expression was calm, not revealing any anger or joy as he spoke. After he finished speaking, clouds appeared and he left by stepping on the clouds.

"The Purple Wood Pavilion was still kept for you." The All-Seer's voice came from the distance.

Wang Lin looked at where the All-Seer disappeared and pondered.

"Ling Tianhou's actions had profound meaning behind them! Even on the final spell he used, he didn't use his full power…" Wang Lin wasn't able to guess all of Ling Tianhou's thoughts, but he was able to get a rough idea.

"As for All-Seer… I can't see through him…" When it came to the All-Seer Wang Lin, had always been confused about the All-Seer's inner thoughts. Even if he found a trace of a clue, in the blink of an eye, there would be another interpretation that make it all a mystery again.

"I can't see through him." Wang Lin let out a sigh. There was also a layer of mist shrouding the All-Seer. He had a feeling that every time he saw the All-Seer, he was a bit different.

In truth, Wang Lin had speculated that the All-Seer would prepare for his arrival like this. However, when it came to facing it, even though the All-Seer had done as Wang Lin expected, he felt like there was something wrong.

Everything was a too bit smooth, as if everything happened according to Wang Lin's plan.

Wang Lin looked around the familiar Heavenly Fate Sect while frowning. After pondering for a bit, he walked down toward the Purple Wood Pavilion. There was only one road leading there. The path had stone towers on both sides and was filled with lush greenery.

At this moment, it was sunset. As the wind blew, it brought about a coolness along with the rustling of leaves. Even the sound of water came from the distance.

Wang Lin had walked down this road before. Now that he stepped onto this road again hundreds of years later, he felt regretful.

"It's as if nothing has changed…" Wang Lin walked forward at a leisurely pace.

As he walked, a woman and man blue wearing blue robes walked close to him while talking. Their cultivation levels weren't high, only Soul Transformation.

Along with the wind, the words spoken by the two of them slowly blew by.

"Junior Sister, I heard that in seven days, the Ghost Eye Market will open up a gain. I heard that several cultivators have rushed over."

"Ghost Eye Market? The one that auctioned a celestial spell and instantly became famous?" The woman's voice was filled with surprise.

"That's right, it is that Ghost Eye Market. That celestial spell caused a huge uproar. Rumor has it that some powerful old monsters even took a trip there. Celestial spell! With our status, we can only get incomplete celestial spells, and they are still low grade celestial spells. Rumor has it that that celestial spell was a rare complete spell! This time, the rumors say that the Ghost Eye Market will have a mysterious item for auction."

"Ah, what does any of this have to do with us? The prices of everything in the Ghost Eye Market are unimaginable. Furthermore, one requires an invitation to enter."

"It doesn't matter. Although we don't have the right to enter the auction house, we have access to the tree trade area in the Ghost Eye Market." As the man in blue spoke, he took out a jade from his bag. This jade was completely black, aside form the center, which had an eye. This eye gave off burst of red light and was very strange.

"Ghost Eye invitation jade!" The woman's eyes lit up.

The man in blue was proud and he was about to speak when he looked ahead. What he saw caused him to become startled. He saw Wang Lin walking down from the mountain.

When the woman noticed the abnormality of her senior brother, she raised her head and also noticed Wang Lin.

With their cultivation level, they weren't even remotely aware of Wang Lin's existence.

Wang Lin's expression was gentle. When he got near the man and woman, he smiled at the man in blue and said, "Senior Brother Li, don't be a stranger."

"You… You…" The man in blue was like a foolish chicken. He had just returned to the sect, so he didn't know Wang Lin had returned. When he saw Wang Lin earlier, he thought Wang Lin looked familiar, so he was startled. However, after hearing Wang Lin's words, he was even more shocked.

"Wang Lin!!" The man in blue retreated a few steps and aghast filled his eyes.

Wang Lin smiled. He didn't know this person's full name and only knew he was named Li. They had briefly met once, and he remembered that this man looked at him with mockery and disdain.

Looking at this person today, this person's cultivation level had increased from early stage Soul Transformation to mid stage Soul Transformation.

No longer looking at the man named Li, Wang Lin walked past them and gradually left.

"Senior Brother, he is called Wang Lin? This name seems familiar…" The woman looked at Wang Lin's back with a puzzled look.

"Wang Lin has actually returned! If I ran into him here, Master has to know about it. Could it be that he has obtained Master's forgiveness? Just now, I didn't feel any spiritual energy from him at all, as if he was a mortal. However, the moment he passed, I was so shocked that all the spiritual energy in my body trembled until it almost collapsed." The man in blue's expression was pale. He pulled his junior sister and quickly left.

"Senior Brother, what's with you?" The woman was puzzled.

The man in blue quickly said, "His name is Wang Lin. He was the Heavenly Fate Sect's Purple Division's seventh disciple. Junior Sister, do you still not remember!?"

The woman was startled and her expression immediately changed.

"Is it that one that was rumored to have killed countless people in the Demon Spirit Land and created a river of blood? Who in the the end was eventually hunted by Master and seven seniors but was still able to escape? The devil Wang Lin?!"

In the distance, Wang Lin wryly smiled. Gossip was a fearful thing. The rumors about him had gradually changed over the hundreds of years. Letting out a sigh, Wang Lin walked out of the Heavenly Fate Sect through the small path.

In front of him was a mountain that pierced into the sky. The peak was covered in mist and there were purple lights inside this mist. This was where the Purple Division disciples stayed.

Heavenly Fate Sect, Mount Purple.

Looking at the familiar peak, Wang Lin entered a trance. It was as if he had gone back into the past and saw a youth walking step by step up the mountain and step by step gained a firm footing here.

While pondering, the wind of the mountain blew by, and it was cold. Although not freezing, it still took away warmth and left you with only coldness.

There were various plants swaying on the mountain. It was unknown if it was the mountain moving or his heart.

Wang Lin walked up the mountain as if he was walking into heaven. Wang Lin slowed down as he walked up the mountain. Along the way, he met no cultivators, only the  wind that sound like people sobbing that blew by.

Aside from the sound of wind, there was no other sound. The mountain was still the same as before, with a delicate pavilion in the corner. From a distance, you could vaguely see a vertical plaque with one word on it.


As Wang Lin moved forward that corner of thep pavilion concealed itself once more. Only after walking past the obsticle did the pavilion from before appear.

Purple Wood Pavilion!

"Who still remembers that this place was called the Purple Cloud Pavilion…" Wang Lin stood silently for a while before he pushed open the door. The smell of mold blew out from the pavilion.

The furnishing in the room was the same as before, there was nothing different. If there was any change, it was that there was dust everywhere. Whether it was the table, wooden chair, or the bed, it was all covered in dust.

The oil lamp on the table had long since ran out of oil.

Wang Lin raised his finger and gently rubbed the table. He quickly created a deep mark on the table. Looking at the dust on the table, Wang Lin waved his hand.

A gentle wind swept by. This wind swept before Wang Lin and blew past the dust on the table. Then it went past the wood chairs, the bed, upstairs, and downstairs. It was as if a storm had gone through the pavilion.

However, what was strange was that the storm only swept the dust and nothing else was moved. Not even the purple window emitted a single sound that signalled it was blown by the wind.

After several breaths of time, Wang Lin raised his palm and closed his hand.

At this instant, the storm seemed to reverse in time and gathered in Wang Lin's hand from all directions. In an instant, the storm in the pavilion disappeared.

A dark grey vortex appeared in Wang Lin's palm. This was all the dust in the pavilion.

He casually waved his right and all the windows in the pavilion opened. The grey vortex drifted out from the window; it was as if hundreds of years of time and all the memories of the past were deposited away. Everything in the room now looked new. The sky darkened as the sun set.

The room was completely dark, which made Wang Lin's figure look a bit blurry. He let out a sigh and walked to a purple wood cabinet. He remember that the oil was placed here. He opened the cabinet and sure enough found a small bottle containing brown lamp oil.

After adding oil to the oil lamp, Wang Lin turned on the lamp. There was a sound when the flame was lit, and the darkness in the room was dispelled.

However, the moment the flame lit up, a gust of wind came from the mountain. This caused the flame that had just lit up to flicker and sway, and Wang Lin's shadow became distorted.

"Eh?" Wang Lin's expression changed as he stared at the flickering flame. A thought flash through his mind and his eyes shined brightly!

"The wind blew and the flame changed. Its change is unpredictable in the wind, making it impossible to tell what its original shape was… I understand! The All-Seer is like this lamp. The reason I feel like he is a different person each time is because he is always changing. Just like how a person has thousands of avatars and all of them are in the same body. They are alternating at every moment… This is why the All-Seer gives me such an unpredictable feeling!"

Wang Lin looked at the flickering lighting and his expression was light and dark. However, enlightenment filled his eyes.

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