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Chapter 955 - Inner Disciple of the Corpse Sect

As the ripples spread, Wang Lin walked out calmly. He didn't even look at the young man in blue, he only looked at Lei Ji's injuries and the big-headed boy, who was at the border of life and death.

After he saw the black handprint on the big-headed boy's back, coldness flashed through Wang Lin's eyes.

His right hand reached out and he grabbed the big-headed boy. Then his right palm hit the big-headed boy and large amounts of his origin energy entered the big-headed boy's body.

The big-headed boy's face turned red and he coughed out a mouthful of black blood. This blood gave off a powerful stench.

At this moment, the blue-robed young man was still eating the cherries and his body was leaning back. After eating a cherry, he pointed at Wang Lin and said, "Sun Gouzi, you have possessed this Giant Demon Clan body long enough to use your cultivation now. Go kill this person that insulted me."

The Giant Demon Clan member beside the youth revealed a respectful expression and said, "As you command!"

As he spoke, he suddenly turned around and stared at Wang Lin with killing intent. He took a step forward, formed a fist, and closed in with a grin.

When he closed in, the big fellow named Sun Gouzi's right hand formed a seal and a large ocean appeared under his feet. A big wave formed in the ocean, and it looked like the big fellow arrived riding the wave.

"Junior, accept death!" As his right hand pressed forward, the ocean seemed to boil and gathered at this right hand. It turned into a sea dragon and charged at Wang Lin with a roar.

The moment the sea dragon charged, there was even the smell of the ocean. Wang Lin kept his right hand on the big-headed boy's back and didn't even look at the sea dragon or the big fellow behind it.

This big fellow was only at the early stage of Nirvana Scryer. Ignoring Wang Lin's current 5-star royal ancient god body, it wouldn't even be difficult for him to kill this big fellow with his origin energy cultivation!

Although the Giant Demon Clan members' bodies were strong, they were far too weak compared to the ancient gods' bodies. Wang Lin waved his left hand and a powerful force surged out.

This power was invisible, but the moment Wang Lin waved his hand, crackling sounds came from the space between him and the big fellow. It was as if the space between them was going to shatter.

This scene caused the eyes of the youth who was about to bite a cherry to narrow, and he couldn't help but pause for a moment.

As for the big fellow, just as the sea dragon formed by his spell shot out, it was met with an unimaginable force. The sea dragon trembled and let out a miserable hiss. It was stopped dead in its tracks and was pushed back by this endless force.

The scales on its body immediately flaked off and dissipated into water. As the sea dragon was constantly pushed back, it completely dissipated.

As for the big fellow, his pupils shrank. He wanted to dodge, but it was too late. When the sea dragon was pushed back, his chest sunk in and he coughed out a large mouthful of blood. Then he quickly retreated.

Explosions echoed inside him. Every explosion caused a large amount of blood mist to spray out from his body.

It only took several breaths of time for him to become a bloody mess. Horror filled his eyes, and when he saw Wang Lin's left hand reach toward him, he was about to lose his wits.

"Young Master, save me!!"

The youth in blue's expression became gloomy, then he suddenly stood up and grabbed the stem of a cherry. He squeezed his hands and all the cherries exploded. The countless seeds covered in red liquid shot at Wang Lin.

As they flew, the cherry seeds turned into green skulls. Surrounded by the red liquid, the skulls gave off bursts of sharp screams.

However, this youth in blue was a step too late. It was as if the Giant Demon Clan man had lost control of his body. Fear filled his eyes and he was pulled toward Wang Lin.

He was pulled extremely fast and was next to Wang Lin in an instant. Wang Lin's left hand lightly hit the big fellow. His eyes dimmed and he felt an unimaginable force shaking his body. It actually shook his origin soul out of the body.

The moment the origin soul flew out, Wang Lin grabbed it. Wang Lin's hand was like a claw, and no matter how the origin soul struggled, it wasn't able to escape. Wang Lin lifted his foot and kicked the Giant Demon Clan body. The body immediately flew and collided with the green skulls covered in the red liquid.

There was a heaven-shaking explosion and the big fellow's body exploded into countless pieces. However, due to the strange suction from the green skulls, instead of the body pieces scattering, they were completely absorbed by the green skulls.

All of this sounds slow, but it happened in a flash. From start to end, Wang Lin still had his right hand on the big-headed boy's back. Large amounts of black mist came out from the big-headed body's head.

The death aura on the big-headed boy gradually disappeared and was replaced with vitality.

"What are you, Sir?" The youth in blue's mind was shaken when he saw all of this. He knew that no ordinary cultivator could kill an early stage Nirvana Scryer cultivator so easily, especially one that had possessed the body of a Giant Demon Clan member!

However, no matter how he look at the person before him, this person was only an early stage Nirvana Scryer cultivator.

Wang Lin didn't answer the youth in blue's question. He raised his right hand and pressed down on the big-headed boy's back once more. When he pressed his hand down this time, traces of distorted mist came out!

After his hand landed on the big-headed boy's back, the black handprint unexpectedly moved. Then five black soul fragments formed a palm and attempted to devour Wang Lin's hand.

Wang Lin's expression was neutral. Bursts of miserable screams that could only be heard with divine sense echoed as the five soul fragments died.

Endless black gas came out from the back of the big-headed boy. The big-headed boy felt as if his blood flow had reversed and his body trembled violently until he coughed out a large piece of black blood. This black blood immediately melted like a piece of ice and dissipated.

All of this only took several breaths of time. Wang Lin withdrew his right hand. Then he coldly looked at the youth in blue and took a step forward.

The youth in blue's expression changed greatly. Without his order, the Giant Demon Clan member quickly retreated. Fear filled the eyes of the big fellow. Even though he knew he was a bit stronger than his companions, he was no match for someone who could easily kill his companion, so he had zero will to fight.

As he retreated, the youth in blue's expression became gloomy and he shouted, "I'm the Corpse Sect's inner disciple. This is all a misunderstanding; I hope Sir won't pursue this matter!" As he spoke, his right hand formed a seal and a green gas came out from his body. It quickly entered his right hand, and in the blink of an eye, the youth's right hand was covered in a green light.

"Corpse Sect!" Wang Lin's expression changed.

The youth in blue revealed a vicious gaze. Taking advantage of Wang Lin's moment of pause, he waved his hand without hesitation. He then shouted, "Five Ghost Yin God Wheel!"

Five rays of green light came from the youth's hand and became five ghosts. They let out mournful cries and then turned into green handprints that shot at Wang Lin.

The five ghosts revealed ferocious expressions, and an extremely powerful aura spread out and instantly closed in on Wang Lin.

Wang Lin's expression was neutral as he casually wave his hand. A powerful gust of wind flew at the handprint.

The handprint exploded and the five ghosts let out miserable screams. Wang Lin took a step forward, his right hand formed a fist, and he mercilessly threw a punch!

A rumble echoed and a storm swept by. The youth in blue's face was pale, but he didn't panic. He carefully looked at Wang Lin and then pressed his hands down on the body of the Giant Demon Clan member below him.

This giant's body trembled and he revealed a bitter expression. Then his hands formed a seal and he pointed up as his voice echoed.

"Giant Demon Clan's bloodline ability!"

After he poke, the giant's body trembled and a crack appeared between his eyebrows. A ghostly light also appeared, but it didn't attack Wang Lin. Instead, it wrapped around the youth in blue. Then a vortex appeared behind the youth.

The vortex appeared without any warning and there were no suction force coming from it. However, the youth in blue immediately stepped into the vortex.

"Giant Demon Clan's bloodline ability!" Wang Lin let out a cold snort and then swung his right fist. A storm even more powerful rumbled and then charged at the youth in the vortex.

Just at this moment, the Giant Demon Clan member clenched his teeth and the origin energy in his body reversed. This caused his origin soul to become unstable and made the origin soul and body unbalanced. As the origin energy rushed into his origin soul, he withstood the pain and then his origin soul exploded! 

The explosion of the origin soul formed a destructive force and immediately affected his entire body. Then his body exploded too!

This explosive force rushed out, but it didn't scatter. Instead, all of it went straight toward Wang Lin.

This destructive force swept by like a powerful storm in an attempt to stop Wang Lin. Behind the destructive force was the fading vortex and the sneer of the youth in blue.

"I don't care who you are, I'll find your name! You will die for provoking the Corpse Sect!" The young man in blue spoke gloomily as his figure gradually disappeared.

Wang Lin's expression was calm. The moment the force of the man exploding swept toward him, he slapped his bag of holding and the third God Slaying War Chariot he hadn't used for a long time flew out!

It turned into a very beautiful butterfly with a bang!

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