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Chapter 954 - Young Master

Wang Lin's figure moved through space like an illusion. He didn't head directly to planet Tian Yun but looked for Lei Ji, the big-headed boy, and Ta Shan using the connection he had with them.

During the chaotic battle, Wang Lin had no time to worry about them. Afterward, he had gone into the void and disappeared.

After he left the void, it wasn't until now that he had the time to look for them.

Wang Lin had even lost track of Ta Shan during the battle. However, due to the connection of the seal on Ta Shan, it wasn't hard to find his trace.

Wang Lin remembered that in the battle, the three of them weren't affected. At this moment, he closed his eyes and his divine sense spread out. After a long time, he felt a familiar fluctuation to the east.

Wang Lin's expression was calm as he opened his eyes and stepped forward. Ripples appeared under his feet and he disappeared.

"The Mountain Crumble celestial spell was very powerful. Although I expected Celestial Emperor Bai Fan's latter three spells to be stronger than the first three, this Mountain Crumble was beyond my imagination…  Mountain Crumble, Mountain Crumble, what kind of comprehension did Celestial Emperor Bai Fan have to create such a powerful spell… I don't even know when I will be able to create my own spell…"

There was a rock floating slowly far east of Wang Lin. This rock obviously came from a collapsed cultivation planet. As it floated, small pieces of it fell off.

There was a faint fluctuation of spells around it that dissipated like smoke. This rock looked very ordinary. There were simply too many rocks like this among the stars, so no one would pay attention to it.

Ta Shan had hidden himself inside the rock. After he lost contact with Wang Lin, his mind was blank. However, Celestial Emperor Qing Lin's spell melted the origin soul into the body and it retained some intelligence. It was very different from the puppets that couldn't think.

After Ta Shan found that Wang Lin was no longer there, he subconsciously found his rock. He entered it and quietly cultivated within.

On this day, Ta Shan suddenly opened his eyes. His eyes were completely calm, without any change. His body moved to the outside of the rock and stood on top of it.

A large amount of ripples appeared before him and Wang Lin stepped out.

Ta Shan's expression didn't change when he saw Wang Lin, he only revealed a respectful expression.

Wang Lin smiled as he waved at Ta Shan. Ta Shan took a step as he turned into a shadow and disappeared behind Wang Lin.

"Next is Big Head and Lei Ji." Wang Lin closed his eyes as he felt for the imprint on Big Head. After a long time, he frowned.

"Big Head's imprint is very weak, as if it could dissipate at any time." He took a step and then ripples appeared and he disappeared.

There was a large figure moving through the stars, leaving behind a trail of blood. His body was covered in wounds, and every step he took he would leave behind a large amount of blood.

Almost every step caused blood to come out of this giant's body. What was even more scary was that there were deep pits between the first through seventh bones on his spine. Each hole gave off an eerie, green glow. In addition, there were similar green pits all over the different joints on his body, at least dozens!

There was pale cultivator on his shoulder. This cultivator's appearance was strange; he had a very big head. However, this cultivator was extremely weak.

There was a black handprint that gave off a stench on the big-headed cultivator's back. There was also black smoke coming from his back that gave off a sizzling sound.

In addition, the back of the big-headed boy had sunken in and was decaying at a rapid pace. If it wasn't for the fact that he was resisting with his own power, he would have already gone unconscious due to the pain.

"Lei Ji, leave me behind and leave on your own." Black blood came out from the corner of the big-headed boy's mouth and his eyes had lost all their luster.

The big figure started moving even faster after pondering for a while. After a long time, he said, "Big Head, you were injured to save me. I, Lei Ji, am a member of the Giant Demon Clan, how can I just leave you? Even if I leave you, they will not give up their pursuit! Their goal is me! Don't say anymore and focus on healing!"

The big-headed cultivator bitterly smiled as he looked at the stars before him, and his eyes became even more bleak. He seemed to see his mother from many years ago. His mother didn't seem to be scolding him, she looked at him with a gentle gaze and called to him.

"Mother…" the big-headed boy muttered, then death aura surrounded his body. In a trance, he seemed to see his family and all the people killed by him.

These people appeared before him one by one and coldly looked at him.

The big-headed boy's body trembled and he felt very cold. His coldness wasn't just in his body, but also the loneliness of his heart. The memories of his childhood continued to resurface.

"Am I going to leave… After thousands of years of cultivations, in the end, I'm still going to leave…" The stench from the black handprint on the big-headed boy's back became even stronger and almost his entire back turned black.

His eyes slowly closed as if he was shrouded by coldness, and he was gradually losing consciousness.

"Big Head, hold on! I believe that Master will come and find us!" Just as the big-headed boy was about to close his eyes, Lei Ji's roar entered his ears.

The big-headed boy's body trembled and he was just barely able to open his eyes. He wryly smiled and whispered, "Is that so…"

There were two 10,000-foot-tall figures chasing Lei Ji. They were like two giants taking large strides while pursuing them.

They each had the mark of an axe flashing between their eyebrows. Their gazes were cold and contained killing intent.

There was a young man wearing a blue shirt sitting on top of one of the giants. He was extremely handsome, but there was a hint of evil on his face.

He wasn't sitting in the lotus position, he was leaning back with a bunch of red cherries in his hand. Sometimes he would eat one as he watched Lei Ji with a teasing yet must-obtain gaze.

"There has been no flesh in this Alliance that has been able to escape from this young master. I didn't expect to encounter the body of a royal Giant Demon Clan member when I just came out to play. Not bad, not bad!

"That old thing in the family said that the Alliance is in chaos due to the war, so I shouldn't casually come out. If I hadn't come out, how could I have met this kind of body?" The young man ate a cherry with a smile and immediately spat out the seed. The seed shot out in a ray of light toward Lei Ji.

The seed was so fast that it caught up to Lei Ji in an instant. It exploded into a green skull that attacked the eighth section on Lei Ji's spine.

However, just as this green skull was about to press down, a hand came out from the void and grabbed the skull. It mercilessly squeezed and crushed the skull!

A ripple appeared behind Lei Ji and a cold voice came out.

"You sure have guts to dare to hurt my mount and my servant!"

"Master!" Lei Ji trembled and suddenly turned around.

"Master!" The big-headed boy suddenly opened his eyes and revealed unimaginable joy.

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