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Chapter 952 - Trace of Nirvana Cleanser

This sword was seven feet long and three inches wide. The silver light it emitted was like moonlight. It floated in Wang Lin's hand and let out sword hums.

Wang Lin's right hand touched it and he left his divine sense mark on it.

The long sword hummed loudly and then a ray of sword energy shot out and circled around Wang Lin.

"It indeed is a good sword!" Joy filled Wang Lin's eyes and he flew after the next flying sword. The surrounding cultivators simply had no way to stop Wang Lin. Magic Arsenal had summoned numerous souls to fight them, and the endless thunder continued to descend.

Wang Lin took a step and his hands reached out. Another sword was caught in his hand and began to struggle. Its struggle was intense, as if it was humiliating to be in Wang Lin's hands. As it struggled, the sword shot ray of sword energy upwards.

At this instant, the remaining nine flying swords all let out a sword hymns and their speed increased.

Just as the nine swords closed in, they fused into one fierce sword that stabbed toward Wang Lin.

There was a flash of coldness in Wang Lin's eyes and the sword in his hand began to struggle even more. He let out a cold snort and simply gave up suppressing it. His left hand formed seals and restrictions appeared, landing on the sword. After the sword was sealed, Wang Lin threw it inside his bag.

At this moment, the  sword formed by the nine swords closed in and surrounded him in a powerful burst of sword energy. Wang Lin could immediately feel a wind that could pierce one's body and directly sink into one's origin soul.

Just at this instant, there was a flash of dark red coming out from the Slaughter Realm in the distance. It was a middle-aged man in a red robe that had charged out.

The moment the middle-aged man appeared, his body flickered and moved like lighting to the center of the battle. His right hand moved, and under his control, the four figures created by the four gourds broke through all the obstructions to charge at Wang Lin.

This middle-aged man followed closely after. He seemed to turn into a cloud of red smoke as he moved and charged at Wang Lin.

He had remained hidden for a very long time, waiting for a chance to attack. He didn't dare to provoke Qing Shui, and he was even a bit afraid of Xu Mu. Looking at the ring of cultivators, he sneered and thought, "It seems that Master Devil God had the same idea as me. However, if I had taken the Alliance's summon for all the Nirvana Cleanser cultivators, then I wouldn't be in such a scary situation."

Wang Lin's mind trembled and he stepped forward without hesitation as he went past the nine swords that had fused into one. His right hand formed a seal and he pointed behind him as he shouted, "Call the Wind!"

In an instant, a black wind appeared in the world and turned into three black dragons. They let out roar and charged out. The four figures immediately entangled around one black dragon, and there was a trace of confusion in the dragon's cold eyes.

However, the other two black dragons didn't stop and charged directly at the red smoke formed by the middle-aged man.

A laugh came from the red mist and then it dissipated and turned into the middle-aged man. His eyes were bright and he moved like an illusion. He unexpectedly went between the two dragons and charged toward Wang Lin.

"Xu Mu, don't try to hide your cultivation level anymore. To go unscathed among so many Illusory Ying, Corporeal Yang, and Nirvana Scryer cultivators, you must be a Nirvana Cleanser cultivator!"

Wang Lin's eyes lit up. He had been wondering why there were no Nirvana Cleanser cultivators in the Slaughter Realm. However, his divine sense was still at the Nirvana Scryer stage, so he couldn't detect them.

However, after he saw the middle-aged man, Wang Lin felt an aura that was weaker than that of the Nirvana Shatterer old monsters but far stronger than that of Nirvana Scryer cultivators!

"Nirvana Cleanser!" Wang Lin took a deep breath and battle intent filled his eyes. More accurately, this was the second time he had faced a Nirvana Cleanser cultivator. The first time was Blood Ancestor, and this middle-aged man was the second!

"This person's aura isn't as strong as Blood Ancestor's, so he should be at the early stage of Nirvana Cleanser!"

As the middle-aged man closed in, he waved his hand and the nine swords that fused into one trembled. It circled him and released a yielding hymn.

"Let's use this person to test my true strength!" Wang Lin's eyes lit up and he no longer retreated. His right hand formed a fist and he charged straight ahead.

Although the middle-aged man's expression was calm, his heart was disturbed. He couldn't  quite see through the person before him. On the surface, this Xu Mu was only at the early stage of Nirvana Scryer, and the difference between them could be considered heaven and earth.

However, he didn't know why he felt fear the instant he saw Xu Mu. It was as if there was a powerful aura coming from Xu Mu that that even he was wary of.

"This person must be hiding his cultivation!" The middle-aged man didn't underestimate Wang Lin but treated Wang Lin as someone at the same cultivation level as him. His right hand formed a seal and he pointed out. Countless specks of light gathered in his palm.

"Extraction of origin energy of the world!" Wang Lin's pupils shrank. In addition to controlling laws, the other ability Nirvana Cleanser cultivators had was to extract origin energy from the world.

This was why Nirvana Cleanser cultivators were powerful. With the ability to extract origin energy from the world, they didn't have to be afraid of wasting origin energy and could use spells at any time.

The middle-aged man pointed with his finger and shouted, "Hongze Desolate Sand!" The specks of light that gathered from all directions turned into black sand. This was no ordinary sand but Desolate Sand formed by a spell using origin energy.

Every grain of sand contained a large amount of origin energy. There were also powerful restrictions contained within each grain of sand.

Wang Lin moved forward with his right fist. The ancient god stars under his third eye rotated rapidly and then he mercilessly threw a punch!

There was a shocking explosion. An giant ancient god arm formed as Wang Lin threw that punch. It was like the hand of a giant had thrown that punch.

The power of an ancient god against the origin energy gathered by a Nirvana Cleanser cultivator!

The Desolate Sand covered the world. As Wang Lin's fist closed in, the middle-aged man laughed and shouted, "Hongze Illusion, become real!"

The endless sand gathered. At the moment Wang Lin's fist arrived, it unexpectedly formed a giant fist the same size as Wang Lin's fist!

This was the spell of the middle-aged man!

"The law I comprehended is the law of illusion!" The middle-aged man waved his hand. The giant fist formed by the sand suddenly collided with Wang Lin's punch.

Endless rumbles echoed within the Slaughter Realm and a storm spread out everywhere. Some cultivators weren't able to dodge quickly enough and were caught by the storm. They were dragged by the storm and screamed as they turned into a mist of blood and became part of the storm.

At the center of the storm, the giant fist made of the sand from the middle-aged man's spell collapsed into sand and was blown back.

Wang Lin's body also trembled and numbness spread through his right arm, followed by bursts of pain. His body also retreated due to the impact of the force.

"This is a Nirvana Cleanser cultivator!" Wang Lin's eyes became cold.

The middle-aged man was even more certain that this Xu Mu was indeed hiding his cultivation. If this Xu Mu was really at the Nirvana Scryer stage, then there was no way he would've resisted this truth illusion.

The middle-aged man's hands beat the void before him and the origin energy in his body surged. The sand that was pushed back immediately gathered and formed a giant sand crane. It let out a heaven-shaking cry as it charged toward the retreating Wang Lin.

Just at this moment, white light came from the ground and a green-robed old man appeared. He licked his lips and charged out as his eyes lit up.

"The reason this old man gave up the Alliance's summon and hid for this long was to avoid trouble. With Qing Shu here, I normally wouldn't have shown myself under any circumstances and would have looked for a chance to escape. However, with Master Empty Fantasy battling Xu Mu, this gives me, Master Devil God, a chance to obtain some merit!"

The old man's figure was extremely quick, and he charged toward Wang Lin. As Wang Lin retreated, his eyes revealed a vicious light and his hands formed a seal. Two green flames condensed in his palms.

This old man had always been extremely cautious throughout his life and never did anything he wasn't confident in. This was the same in the Slaughter Realm.

Back on his cultivation planet, he carefully spent thousands of years slaughtering countless cultivators and stole their pills and treasures. Even after he left, no one knew he had done all of this.

In the Slaughter Realm, his caution reached its limit, his timing this time was also extremely good! In an instant, this old man had closed in on Wang Lin.

He was not afraid of Wang Lin detecting him, and his origin energy surged out as he charged forward. This caused the surroundings to tremble and distort.

"I want to see how you will use Spatial Bending!" Killing intent filled the eyes of the old man named Master Devil God. His body was like an arrow, and he swung his hand.

However, at this moment, a shocking change occurred!

A miserable scream came from the purple mist and then seven purple figures fell from the sky. The seven figures collapsed one by one until only one remained!

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