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Chapter 951 - Yield for Me!

Just at this instant, two rays of purple light flew out from underground. One of them shot directly toward Wang Lin, the other pierced through the old man. The old man's eyes opened wide and his body and origin soul were destroyed by the purple light that was meant for Qing Shui.

The purple light shined brightly and filled the world, completely suppressing the blue light sealing the realm. Killing intent flash across Qing Shui's eyes and red light appeared on his red index finger. His Ji Realm had recovered a bit, and it collided with the purple light.

A heaven-shaking explosion echoed and the purple light was forced to retreat. It then turned into a person. It was a middle-aged man with purple hair, and eyes were filled with killing intent.

"This old man is the Slaughter Realm's Realm Master Ling Yunzi!"

"Ji Realm!! So my wife's belonging is in your hands!" Qing Shui was forced back several steps as he stared at the purple-haired man. His eyes were filled with monstrous killing intent.

"Qing Shui is a former Celestial Lord of the Thunder Celestial Realm. Rumor has it that after his resurrection, his cultivation hasn't recovered. Although he is still very strong, I have a Pseudo Nirvana Void treasure. Even though it is broken, it is enough for me to battle him. Killing Qing Shui will be a great accomplishment!" The purple-haired man let out a cold snort and created a large amount of purple mist. As he charged forward, six clones appeared and also charged at Qing Shui.

The Slaughter Realm had a Pseudo Nirvana Void treasure. Even though it was seriously damaged, it was still quite strong. It was given by the grand elder of the Alliance to the first Realm Master of the Slaughter Realm to use as a realm protection treasure!

As the purple mist spread out, Qing Shui charged into the mist filled with killing intent. Thunderous rumbles came from within the purple mist as Qing Shui began his battle with the purple-haired man!

Both of them had the Ji Realm, and a chilly aura shrouded the purple mist!

As for Wang Lin, his expression was cold, and whenever he merged with the world, he would kill a person. At this moment, he had just stepped out from the void, but he raised his head and his pupils shrank.

He saw a ray of purple light come from where Qing Shui was. This purple light far too fast, and what made Wang Lin's heart sink was that he felt a sliver of Ji Realm in there!

"Ji Realm!" Without hesitation, Wang Lin retreated when the purple light closed in. At the same time, his hand reached out and the ancient god stars between his eyebrows began to rotate. Soon, a ray of light gathered in Wang Lin's right hand.

"Royal clan weapon, God Slaying Spear!"

The light condensed very fast and the spear appeared in the blink of an eye. It wasn't 1,000 feet long this time, just the size of an ordinary spear. Wang Lin grabbed it and mercilessly threw it!

It collided with the purple light in an instant!

There was a loud explosion that echoed across the world and an indescribable shockwave spread like crazy. Some of the cultivators weren't able to doge fast enough, so their bodies immediately collapsed, causing their deaths.

The God Slaying Spear wasn't damaged at all. It had only dimmed a little, and it returned to Wang Lin's hand.

"The weapon of the royal ancient gods can resist this level of Ji Realm!" Wang Lin's eyes shined as the spear in his hand slowly disappeared.

"Unfortunately, with my current cultivation, I can only create an illusion. The real God Slaying Spear is with Tuo Sen!" As Wang Lin retreated, he disappeared in a flash. When he reappeared, he was behind a Slaughter Realm cultivator, and his finger reached out.

There were less than 100 Slaughter Realm cultivators remaining. None of the remaining people had weak cultivation. They grouped up and all made hand seals. They all chanted together and then the entire Slaughter Realm trembled. Of the large sword buildings, 11 of them immediately collapsed.

11 rays of light flew out and fused into the void as they chanted. A moment later, Wang Lin's figure appeared from the void with 11 rays of light pursuing him. They were too fast for him, so they closed in on Wang Lin in an instant.

There was a silver sword inside each of the 11 rays of light, and they were filled with monstrous killing intent. Each of these 11 swords were crafted from heavenly metal by the first Realm Master. After being refined in the Slaughter Realm for countless years, they had become peerless slaughter weapons!

The 11 flying swords chasing after Wang Lin let out mournful cries of souls of people killed by the Slaughter Realm. These souls circled the rays of light and pursued Wang Lin like crazy to devour him. It was as if they wanted to pull him in.

"Good swords!" There was a flash of coldness in Wang Lin's eyes. These 11 swords were indeed excellent, especially when you consider they were all forged around the same time period and all experienced the same amount of refining. Each had begun to show signs of forming their own treasure spirit. If you were to collect them all and condense them, the result would be several times stronger than the four swords Ling Tianhou made!

"If I can take the 99 flying swords, even if my cultivation isn't a match for Ling Tianhou's, I should still be able to resist due to the power of this treasure!" Wang Lin's eyes lit up and he licked his lips.

"This Slaughter Realm indeed does have a lot of treasures!" Hundreds of thoughts flashed through Wang Lin's mind. Qing Shui didn't actually need his help, he had asked him to come to give him a chance to obtain a fortune robbing the Slaughter Realm. Qing Shui did this to repay Wang Lin for what he did in the void.

Just at this moment, three people flew out from the 100 or so cultivators nearby!

Among the three people, two of them were at the mid stage of Nirvana Scryer. The third person was an old man with very high cultivation level, late stage Nirvana Scryer!

This old man didn't step forward when Wang Lin and Qing Shui appeared. Instead, he was cautiously hiding and had only revealed himself now.

The moment they appeared, the old man slapped his bag of holding and four white jade gourds flew out. These four gourds were crystal clear and smooth. The moment they appeared, the old man pointed forward!

The four gourds suddenly began to rotate before the old man and faced off against Wang Lin.

"I request the treasured Celestial Gourd to kill this person!"

The moment the old man spoke, the four gourds trembled and milky white mist came out of them. The mist formed the shadow of four beautiful women, and they fluttered toward Wang Lin.

The other two cultivators beside the old man used their own spells and treasures. One of the hit their own forehead and a black core flew out from between their eyebrows. The core rotated and gave off an eerie aura as the cultivator shouted, "Water of Ten Thousand Lords!"

The core flickered and immediately turned into black water and expanded. In an instant, it covered half the area in a raging sea that swept toward Wang Lin.

The final cultivator emitted large amounts of blood light and his skin was covered in bloodlines. His appearance was extremely ferocious. His hands formed a seal, then he pointed forward and shouted, "Bloody Celestial Net!"

This caused popping sounds to echo inside his body, and those blood lines actually flew out from his body. This large blood net flew toward Wang Lin.

The three of them had used their most powerful spells and treasures. They launched a crazy offense, taking advantage of the moment when Wang Lin was attacked by the 11 swords.

The three of them weren't the only ones attacking. The remaining almost 100 cultivators all activated their origin energy and launched their attacks at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin's eyes lit up and he revealed a sneer before spitting out an object. This was the 18 Hell Celestial Sealing Stamp! The moment the stamp appeared, roars came out from within like a storm.

Wang Lin pointed with his right hand. This point was like an unsealing spell that unlocked the 18 layers of hell and allowed the resentful souls to come out.

Wang Lin shouted, "Magic Arsenal!"

In an instant, countless soul fragments filled the world and charged at the surroundings. Most noticeable was the Blood Ancestor's soul that let out a roar at the world.

Since Wang Lin had casted Magic Arsenal, he no longer paid attention to them. What he focused on were the 11 crystal lights chasing him! His body flickered. Instead charging forward, he retreated. As he did so, he reached out with his ancient god hand and grabbed a ray of light.

The moment he grabbed it, he felt a sting of pain from his hand. A flash of coldness appeared in his eyes and his origin energy and ancient god power surged. He mercilessly squeezed but was surprised to find that he couldn't shatter the crystal light!

Instead, this caused a sharp rebound from the crystal light. Tens of thousands of souls flew out with twisted expressions and tried to devour Wang Lin.

"I have many spells related to souls. A mere tens of thousands of souls dare to be insolent before me?!" The coldness in Wang Lin's eyes disappeared and was replaced with thunder!

His origin soul was the ancient thunder dragon that controlled the thunder of the heavens. A vortex appeared between Wang Lin's eyebrows and his origin soul flew out, revealing his ancient thunder dragon soul. It let out a thunderous roar.


The world shook from this roar, and large amounts of thunder gathered from all directions. In an instant, the Slaughter Realm turned into a thunder hell!

The deafening rumbles of thunder echoed across the world. The rumbles entered the ears of the cultivators and even caught the attention of the two people fighting in the purple mist. Qing Shui's gaze was filled with admiration, while the purple-haired man's gaze was gloomy.

Endless thunder filled the area. The thunderous roar made it seem like all the thunder in the world had gathered and had to submit to Wang Lin. A bolt of thunder flashed down toward the crystal light in his hand.

It was like Wang Lin held the thunder of the world that attracted all thunder!

"You, yield for me!!" Wang Lin let out a roar. The tens of thousands of souls from the crystal light no longer revealed ferocious expressions now and instead were filled with panic. As the endless thunder gathered, they all revealed expressions of surrender.

The crystal light collapsed and then a silver seven foot sword appeared in his hand. The surrounding tens of thousands of souls all entered the sword.

There was a "9" carved on the body of the sword. It let out a hum as it yielded to Wang Lin.

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