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Chapter 949 - Nether Guide

"Back then, Ancestor Zhan Xingye, after years of comprehension, finally opened the third battle scroll. However, after observing the third scroll, his expression was very strange. He went into closed door cultivation with the third scroll for 1,000 years and never came out during that time. One day, after 1,000 years, the clan found only the third scroll and a jade at the place where he went into closed door cultivation, but there was no trace of Ancestor!

"If it wasn't for Ancestor disappearing, then not even the Thunder Celestial Temple would dare to provoke my Zhan family. Not even that ancient cultivation family would dare to. When Ancestor was there, my Zhan family's honor held strong!

"However, all of this changed once Ancestor disappeared… Generations of descendants held the hope of finding Ancestor. Ancestor isn't dead; otherwise, his life token would be broken!"

Hundreds of thoughts went through Li Yunzi's mind. There were three people in the Zhan family that could open the second scroll, but no one could open the third scroll.

This was something he had never told anyone. Not even the juniors in the family knew of this. They all thought Li Yunzi and the elders of the family could view the third scroll.

Even Zhan Konglie thought the same thing.

Li Yunzi wryly smiled. He was aware that although there were three people in the family that could open the second scroll, they could only comprehend it. None of them could completely immerse themselves within it like Xu Mu could!

This had nothing to do with cultivation and didn't even have to do with talent. As for what exactly was the reason, Li Yunzi wasn't able to figure it out.

Li Yunzi silently pondered for a long time before looking at Wang Lin and slowly saying, "Xu Mu, what kind of price do I have to pay for you to look at the third scroll? Speak!"

In reality, he still had some personal agenda. In addition to looking for the ancestor, there was a message left behind in the jade left by the ancestor!

"If anyone in my Zhan family could obtain the inheritance, they would be able to reach the peak!"

Wang Lin pondered. After a long time, he shook his head. "With my current cultivation level, I shouldn't be able to open the third scroll." When he observed that second battle scroll, source origin energy entered his third eye.

"This has nothing to do with cultivation level, so you should try it. I, Li Yunzi, will try to fulfill any request you have!" Li Yunzi's right hand touched the spot between his eyebrows and a scroll immediately flew out from there.

This scroll was the third Battle Scroll!

Li Yunzi took a deep breath as he grabbed the third Battle Scroll and handed it to Wang Lin.

Wang Lin caught it. The moment he grabbed it, he felt an aura that made his mind tremble. This aura was far stronger than the second scroll.

"I absolutely can't open this scroll!" Wang Lin's eyes twitched and he felt a shocking sense of danger from the scroll. He had a feeling if he opened the scroll, even if its was just a sliver, it was not something he could withstand!

"Senior Li Yunzi, I'm not looking to kill myself; I won't open it. If I were to open it, there would be no chance of me surviving!" Wang Lin looked at Li Yunzi and sent the third scroll back.

Li Yunzi's expression sank.

"However, Senior Li Yunzi can relax. Junior also wants to see what's inside the third Battle Scroll. If there is a day when my cultivation is strong enough, I'll come and seek Senior to view the scroll. If I were to even open it a bit and die to the aura, then Senior would have to find someone else."

Wang Lin retreated a few steps and calmly spoke. He knew that Li Yunzi wouldn't attack him. Of course, even if the other party was really unscruplious and attacked, Wang Lin had already prepared in advance. Even though he wouldn't win the fight, he could still escape and delay enough until Qing Shui arrived.

As Li Yunzi stared at Wang Lin, hundreds of thoughts went through his mind. He naturally knew the dangers of the third scroll. Over the countless years, everyone that tried to open the third scroll had all immediately perished. Even he still didn't dare to open the third scroll.

Moreover, this Xu Mu had achieved great merit for Allheaven. If he were to really trap this Xu Mu or if Xu Mu really died from viewing the third scroll, then Master Flamespark would presumably interfere.

Although, Li Yunzi didn't really care. He knew that Master Flamespark wouldn't turn against him during this war for a mere junior.

However, what made him care was Qing Shui!

From his point of view, Qing Shui was a madman. It was likely that he would pursue the matter about Xu Mu with anger!

"Qing Shui was willing to fight against Blood God for Xu Mu. He was willing to kill a member of the Thunder Celestial Temple during the celestial bestowment. If I forced this Xu Mu to stay, then I would be inviting trouble." Li Yunzi's expression was gloomy. He was also hesitant because he felt like Xu Mu wasn't be as easy to imprison as he expected.

"Over the countless years, the only person I've met that could see the domain inside the scroll was Xu Mu. If he dies, then I don't know when I can find another… It is better to have a good relationship with him!" As Li Yunz pondered, he laughed and admiration filled his eyes. He nodded and said,

"Good, not rash at all. You are worthy of being my Allheaven's Thunder Celestial! Xu Mu, although my Zhan family doesn't have a spell like the Xiang family to help you revive your soul fragment, we had have a spell that helps strengthen the soul. In the future, when you come looking for this old man to view the third scroll, I won't let you take a loss. I'll teach you this spell! I'll also promise to help you with one thing with the entire force of the Zhan family as long as its something my Zhan family can accomplish!" 

Li Yunzi had made a big promise. Wang Lin's face revealed gratitude and he respectfully said, "Thank you, Senior. Senior can rest assured about this matter!"

Li Yunzi smiled as he nodded and said, "Forget it. Since you have an appointment with Qing Shui, you should go!"

Wang Lin clasped his hands and left. After taking a few steps back, he turned into a ray of light and disappeared into the distance.

The moment Wang Lin left, Li Yunzi's expression became gloomy and he muttered, "Master Flamespark won't have a dispute with me over such a trivial matter, but there is Qing Shui… However, Qing Shui won't live for long… After Qing Shui is dead, I want to see how you will escape from me, Xu Mu!"

After Wang Lin left this cultivation planet, his expression became gloomy. When Li Yunzi summoned him, he had to come, or else he would offend Li Yunzi. If he wanted to borrow Allheaven's power to avoid a future crisis, he had to respond to Li Yunzi's summon.

Moreover, the two of them still had maintained their relationship, so he had no reason not to come.

Since he had no choice but to go, then with Wang Lin's cunning, there was no way he wouldn't make any preparations. Even if Qing Shui didn't mention the matter about finding him in 10 days, he would still have asked Qing Shui for help.

Moreover, when Wang Lin analyzed the situation, coming to meet Li Yunzi wasn't without benefits. Reality proved his analysis to be correct. Not only did he obtain more source origin energy and learned the origin of the Battle Scroll, he also obtained a Lou Fu blood ball.

If he didn't come to see Li Yunzi, the troubles in the future would be even more intense than now. After all, Li Yunzi was one of the old monsters of Allheaven!

As he flew, Wang Lin recalled everything that had happened, and his expression gradually calmed down. He sneered as he disappeared among the stars.

After finding a large rock floating in space, Wang Lin sat down, waiting for Qing Shui. A few days later, ripples appeared before Wang Lin, and Qing Shui walked out.

When he appeared, he gave off a powerful scent of blood. Behind Qing Shui were heads with faces filled with despair. There were at least 100 of them floating behind him.

Wang Lin opened his eyes and wryly smiled. Qing Shui's cultivation level was even higher than it was 10 days ago. It was obvious he had devoured a lot of cultivators.

"These people are all Slaughter Realm cultivators that were good at hiding. If we want to enter the Slaughter Realm, we need these heads!" As Qing Shui spoke, he waved his right hand. The heads behind him flew and formed a circle.

"Celestial spell Nether Guide!" Qing Shui's hand formed a seal. His celestial origin energy surged and he pointed with his finger. One of the heads exploded into a bloody mist with a bang. Then this continued, and soon, all 100 heads collapsed.

Dense blood mist surrounded the area. Qing Shui waved his right hand and the blood mist began to rotate faster and faster. The mournful cries of the souls of the cultivators came from within this vortex and echoed inside Wang Lin's mind.

"Nether Guide!" The moment Qing Shui's cold voice came out, the mournful cries from the vortex became even more intense. They gathered at the center of the vortex, forming a black hole-like thing!

Condensing all memories related to the Slaughter Realm from all the soul fragments into one spot. This formed a guided passage toward the Slaughter Realm using the memories of over 100 cultivators!

This was the celestial spell Nether Guide!

The black hole formed by over 100 cultivators rotated like crazy. In an instant, it seemed to break the void, and a dark red world appeared within the hole!

There were large buildings that seemed to stab into the void like swords here, and a powerful killing intent covered everything.

At the center stood a tower that was at least 10,000 feet tall. Black chains hung from the tower and connected it with the surrounding buildings.

This was the Slaughter Realm!

"This spell is very practical, so I like it a lot!" Killing intent filled Qing Shui's eyes as he took out a jade to record the spell and threw it at Wang Lin. Then he stepped into the vortex without hesitation. Wang Lin caught the jade and wryly smiled. He feared that Qing Shui probably liked the spell because it allowed him to easily and conveniently slaughter his way into the enemy home base.

Wang Lin also moved and entered the vortex right after Qing Shui!

A large vortex had suddenly appeared in the Slaughter Realm, pulling the attention of all the cultivators. An instant later, a cold voice spread.

"I'm Celestial Lord Qing Shui. Today I'm here to pick up something that belongs to me, and then I'll destroy this realm!"

The moment this sound appeared, it turned into a storm of killing intent that swept across the entre Slaughter Realm!

Bang, bang, bang, bang!

In an instant, countless sword-shaped buildings collapsed!

"What exactly did this Slaughter Realm take from Senior Brother Qing Shui to make him so angry after he searched Esteemed Xuan Bao's memory?" Wang Lin stepped out from the vortex and coldly looked at the Slaughter Realm!

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