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Chapter 948 - Secret of the Battle Scrolls

Li Yunzi knew that what they saw and felt was beyond the limit of the mind!

Only a few people were able to open the second scroll. Even so, they were only able to open it a little. As for those who could completely open the second scroll throughout the countless generations, there were only three people, including himself!

Only those three could completely open the second scroll!

Xu Ting's face was deathly pale, his body trembled, and lot of sweat poured out. His eyes were in a daze as he stared at the scroll that was opened by a sliver.

He felt a fierce aura charging out from the small opening in the scroll, and it wanted to devour him. This made him feel very uncomfortable, as if something was being suppressed in his chest. He want to let out a roar to release it, but he couldn't make a sound.

A roar that came from the ancient times echoed in his ears. Then a violent wind blew at him, causing his clothes and hair to flutter.

He was in a trance and had an illusion that he was a lonely boat struggling among turbulent waves.

However, Xu Ting was a talented junior from the Xu family of planet Dong Lin. He had entered the celestial pool, where his domain melted, but he obtained his celestial origin. If he was in the ancient cultivation world, he would be a true celestial!

At this moment, he took a deep breath and his eyes shined brightly. Under this desperate situation, he suppressed the terror in his heart as he stared at the scroll, and his trembling hands slowly opened it.

This scene caused Li Yunzi's eyes to light up and reveal a hint of admiration. He thought, "Xu Ting was one of the few cultivators who could comprehend the first scroll within four seconds. Normally, when cultivators like him open up the second scroll, they can only open it 40%; I just don't know how much he can open it."

Wang Lin's expression was still neutral as he coldly stared at Xu Ting.

Xu Ting's hands trembled even more violently. Every time he opened the scroll a bit more, the fierce aura became even more intense. He felt as if he was holding an ancient beast in his hand and was going to open the seal to allow it to devour him.

Time slowly passed as the scroll opened more and more in Xu Ting's trembling hands. His clothes were soaked in sweat and his face was pale. Xu Ting had opened the battle scroll about 40%, and the battle intent coming from the scroll was already intense.

A storm appeared and swept by, causing a series of rumbles. A burst of black light came from the scroll and shrouded Xu Ting.

Xu Ting's mind trembled, but he there was an unyielding force inside his heart. He clenched his teeth as all his celestial origin energy surged and he mercilessly open the scroll. There was a thud when he opened the scroll 70%!

Li Yunzi suddenly stood up and unimaginable surprised filled his eyes.

Just at the instant the battle scrolled opened 70%, a roar of a beast came from inside. Large amounts of black mist came out and turned into a giant beast that attempted to devour Xu Ting.

"Hang on!" There was anticipation in Li Yunzi's eyes.

Xu Ting's body trembled. The moment the fierce beast charged at him, he coughed out blood and his body was knocked back. There were popping sounds and large amounts of blood burst out from his body.

Letting out a miserable smile, he landed more than 100 feet away with a thud.

As for the battle scroll, it immediately closed and floated in the air. It was as if the scene just now hadn't happened.

Li Yunzi let out a sigh. This Xu Ting was able to open the scroll 70%. Although he wasn't able to resist the beast inside the battle scroll, he was already an extremely outstanding individual among the people that had attempted to open the battle scroll over the countless years.

He waved his right hand and the scroll flew toward Wang Lin. Li Yunzi gloomily said, "Xu Mu, it's your turn!"

Wang Lin's expression was neutral as he grabbed the battle scroll and looked at Li Yunzi. He had no relation with Li Yunzi, so Li Yunzi must've had other motives for wanting him to observe the second scroll. Now that he saw Xu Ting's miserable state, he was even more certain.

Most importantly, Wang Lin clearly saw that the sliver of source origin Xu Ting had obtained from the first scroll was taken by the beast when it devoured him.

"This Battle Scroll is interesting!" Wang Lin revealed a smile as he grabbed the battle scroll and suddenly opened it!

The battle scroll was suddenly opened by Wang Lin. That fierce, ancient aura surged out at Wang Lin as if it wanted to devour him.

Li Yunzi stared at Wang Lin. Actually although Li Yunzi initially valued Wang Lin, his expectations weren't high. Wang Lin was not the first non-family member he allowed to view the battle scroll.

However, over the countless years, at most they only managed to open a majority; no one had been able to completely open it!

However, the scene that unfolded before him caused Li Yunzi's impression of Wang Lin to change drastically. Wang Lin was able to set a condition and borrow Qing Shui to suppress  him. All this sounds simple, but how many people in the cultivation world could grasp the chance so perfectly? Even more so, how many people in the cultivation world dare to do such a thing before him?

Compared to Xu Ting, he was expecting a lot more from Wang Lin's performance.

That fierce ancient aura surrounded him didn't cause Wang Lin's expression to change at all. In his view, this was not nearly as strong as his ancient god aura! It was just like a small beast roaring before him. No matter how much it roared, it was still weak!

Wang Lin calmly opened the scroll. As he opened it the fierce aura became even stronger and turned into a gust that swept Wang Lin. However this gust wasn't able to move Wang Lin at all.

Li Yunzi's pupils shrink and shined brightly as he stared at Wang Lin.

At this moment, a majority of Xu Ting's celestial origin had collapsed. He looked at Wang Lin with endless hatred and complex emotions.

Wang Lin's actions weren't fast. After opening the scroll 30%, he let out a cold snort. Not wanting to waste any more time, he suddenly opened up the scroll 70%!

At this instant, the beast that devoured Xu Ting formed with a thunderous roar and attempted to devour Wang Lin.

Wang Lin's eyes became cold as he stared at the beast rushing toward him and shouted, "Damned animal, you dare?!"

This roar was like thunder that split open the sky and rumbled across the cultivation planet. Even the mountain peak Wang Lin was standing on rumbled and showed signs of collapse.  Cracks appeared in the earth nearby, forming large fissures.

If he encountered a powerful cultivator, Wang Lin may not be strong enough to deal with him, but this mere ancient beast spirit wasn't enough to shake Wang Lin's mind. At this moment, Wang Lin was an ancient god!

Also, he wasn't an ordinary ancient god but a 5-star royal ancient god!!

The fierce beast let out roar and then a whimper, then its body that was charging at Wang Lin stopped. Fear filled the beast's eyes. It was frightened by the words Wang Lin said before the scroll.

At that instant, it felt an aura that made it tremble before this cultivator. It clearly remembered that this aura was something it didn't dare to provoke!

This incredible scene caused Li Yunzi's eyes to widen. Even with Li Yunzi's cultivation, he couldn't help but become startled, but soon his heart was filled with ecstasy.

"This Xu Mu was able to make the beast spirit retreat in fear!! The only person in my Zhan family that could do this over the countless years was the ancestor, Zhan Xingye!" Li Yunzi ignored everything else and stared at Wang Lin.

Xu Ting clenched his fists, but the shock in his eyes was intense.

Wang Lin opened the scroll with zero hesitation after he let out that roar!

There was an extremely flamboyant "Battle" character on the scroll that looked like it was going to fly out from inside. It was amazing!

An ancient aura came from the word "Battle," and in that instant, there was a battle dao shadow in each of his eyes. At this moment, Wang Lin's vision blurred and he sank into this strange domain.

It was still that endless space with that old man wearing white. However, this time the old man was sitting, and his right hand continued to draw the word "Battle" in the void!

"This old man reached the Void realm and grasped the boundary of the world. I have left behind no descendants, and my entire cultivation is drawn into the word 'Battle'. At this moment, before I attempt to break the edge of the world, I leave behind these six Battle Scrolls in case I fail and lose my life. If someone in the future obtains all six, then they will become this old man's inheritor!"

As the old man muttered, his right hand suddenly stopped. There were thousands and thousands of the word "Battle" of varying sizes around him. The old man pointed with this finger and then all of these words filled with battle intent merged into one word before the old man in the blink of the eye!

"Battle!" The old man's voice was calm, but the moment he said the word, the word "Battle" trembled, turned into a ray of black light, and went into the void...

Wang Lin's body trembled as the battle dao shadow disappeared from his eyes and he awakened.

Li Yunzi quickly walked up. His eyes were filled with excitement as he urgently said, "Did you see it?!"

Wang Lin silently pondered a bit and nodded. Just as he was about to speak, Li Yunzi waved his sleeve. Xu Tiang's body more than 100 feet away was swept by a powerful gust of wind and thrown countless kilometers away.

Li Yunzi suppressed the excitement in his heart and said, "Now tell me what you saw!"

Wang Lin slowly said, "Inheritance!"

"Inheritance, it was indeed inheritance. The disappearance of the ancestor must've had great connections with this inheritance!" Li Yunzi's expression changed. He naturally had methods of knowing if Wang Lin was telling the truth, but all of this was pointless now. To be able to say the word "inheritance" was proof enough.

"When Ancestor Zhan Xingye saw the second battle scroll, he said something similar!"

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