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Chapter 947 - Qualification

Several kilometers outside of Apricot Flower Village, there were a field of graves. Wang Lin's figure appeared there. He looked at the graves before him and, after pondering for a long time, he slapped his bag of holding.

A white jade vial appeared in his hand. Holding the bottle, Wang Lin let out a sigh and said, "Sun Tai… The grudge before us is over. I have completed the promise I made to you to bring your ashes home."

As he spoke, the small bottle automatically flew forward and entered the soil in the distance. Then a small moud slowly formed.

He waved his right hand and carved with his finger. There were flashes of light as Wang Lin carved a decorative tombstone with a few small words on it.

"Sun Tai's grave"

"For us cultivators, one hundred years, one thousand years pass in the blink of an eye. Most relatives will have passed away, and those that remain feel alienated… Once you step on the path of cultivation, you are doomed to a life of hardship.

"When you're walking down the path of cultivation, when you turn your head you can't see where you came from, and when you look at the path ahead, it is shrouded in fog."

Wang Lin let out a sigh as he looked at Sun Tai's grave, and regret filled his eyes.

"Today I was able to send your ashes home even though you died in a foreign land… If there is a day when I die, I don't know if there will be anyone to send me back to planet Suzaku…" Wang Lin silently pondered before leaving.

"This is karma." Wang Lin's footsteps didn't stop as he gradually disappeared. However, that nursery rhyme didn't leave, it shrouded his heart.

"Apricot tree blooms white flowers…

"Cultivation, cultivation, mortals yearn to become immortal and enter the cultivation world. Yet they don't know how many cultivators are envious of a mortal's bland life.

"How many more died in foreign places like Sun Tai, their ashes scattering with the wind, unable to return home… However, many parents and relatives weren't able to meet their children even at their dying moment. If one had the chose again, would they still take that step to become a cultivator…

"The nursery rhyme was formed by many generations of bitterness. Outsiders might not be able to understand what the child sings about, but cultivators can feel the sadness in their heart. The name of that nursery rhyme must be… Don't cultivate…"

Wang Lin's figure faded from existed as he merged with the word. However, that nursery rhyme and that eternal sadness remained.

Wang Lin stepped through the stars. There was a powerful sense of regret over his body. Although the trip was short, the mood lingered with him.

The area between the western and northern regions had become the buffer area for the Allheaven cultivators. There was a cultivation planet near where the battlefield was. This cultivation planet was kept rather intact, and although there wasn't much spiritual energy left, Li Yunzi didn't care.

Li Yunzi sat at the peak of a mountain on the planet. Beside him was a youth who had a gloomy expression. Although he was also sitting there, he looked into the distance as if he was waiting for something.

If Wang Lin was here, he would recognize the youth as Xu Ting, who nearly died in the big battle.

There were 13 balls of blood around Li Yunzi. These 13 balls of blood were the remaining Lou Fu.

There weren't many Allheaven cultivators here, only a few people, with Li Yunzi as the leader. He was here precisely because the 13 Lou Fu would prevent the Alliance from launching another attack!

His divine sense was spread through the 13 Lou Fu, which allowed his divine sense to spread much farther than normal. As a result, nothing within the area could escape his divine sense.

Wang Lin's figure appeared from within the ripples. He came to this cultivation planet looking for Li Yunzi. This was the second matter he had to attend to. Back before he entered the void, Wang Lin had a divine sense message sent to him, and the person who sent it was Li Yunzi.

Li Yunzi, who was sitting on the top of the mountain, slowly opened his eyes. The moment he opened his eyes, the 13 balls of blood trembled and 13 red eyes appeared on the 13 balls of blood.

All of them were staring in one direction, and a powerful pressure formed as a result. It formed a spell that could collapse the stars.

Li Yunzi revealed a faint smile and slowly said, "You came." With this cultivation, he could naturally see that Wang Lin had undergone some changes, but he didn't point it out or question Wang Lin. After all, he was inferior to Master Flamespark and therefore wasn't able to clearly see through it.

There was a flash of coldness in Xu Ting's eyes. He let out a cold snort and didn't hide his killing intent as he stared at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin's figure appeared under the gazes of the 13 red eyes. His expression was neutral, as if the pressure didn't affect him at all, and he completely ignored Xu Ting. He looked at Li Yunzi and said, "Xu Mu greets Senior Li Yunzi."

Li Yunzi waved his right hand and the 13 red eyes disappeared from the balls of blood, causing the pressure to disappear. Wang Lin's expression didn't change at all as he landed on top of the mountain and stood opposite of Xu Ting.

Xu Ting shouted, "Xu Mu!! You..."

"Noisy!" Wang Lin coldly looked at Xu Ting. This gaze was like a sharp sword that pierced through Xu Ting's eyes. Xu Ting felt an explosion in his mind and his expression changed greatly. He was in shock and his entire body felt weak. Wang Lin's words seemed to contain some kind of law that caused the blood flow in his body to reverse and his celestial origin to almost collapse.

BANG, bang, BANG, bang, BANG, bang...

At this instant, all sounds aside from his heartbeat were isolated from his ears. His heart rate accelerated and sweat poured out non-stop.

From his view, facing Wang Lin just now felt like he was facing an elder of his family, and he couldn't resist at all. What made him feel even more fear was the powerful aura that was several times stronger than the heavens' might. As his body trembled, he felt like he was under the feet of a giant. If this giant roared, it would make his body and origin soul completely collapse!

After coughing out a mouthful of blood, Xu Ting was filled with terror. He retreated as he stared at Wang Lin, but his mind was blank. He couldn't understand why this had happened...

Li Yunzi's eyes shined brightly and he exclaimed, then his gaze toward Wang Lin became serious.

Wang Lin no longer looked at Xu Ting but looked at Li Yunzi and calmly said, "I wonder why Senior has called Junior here." Wang Lin's voice was calm, but it just made Li Yunzi even more serious. He no longer looked at Wang Lin like an ordinary junior.

This was the effect Wang Lin wanted, he wanted to shake the mountain to alert the tiger! With his intelligence, how could he not know why Li Yunzi was looking for him? Back then, he didn't have the qualifications to make demands, but now he did!

"During the celestial bestowment, this old man allowed you to look at the Zhan family's Battle Scroll! I promised you then to allow you to see the second scroll! Today, I called you and Xu Ting over to observe it!" As Li Yunzi spoke, he lifted his left hand and reached toward the void. There was a tearing sound and then a rift appeared.

A ray of black light shot out from the crack. There was a black scroll surrounded by black light. It flew toward Li Yunzi's hand and floated there.

"This is second Battle Scroll of my Zhan family's three Battle Scrolls!" Li Yunzi's left hand threw it forward, and he looked at Wang Lin with a hint of anticipation.

Wang Lin's right hand grabbed the Zhan Battle Scroll, but he didn't open it. Instead, he smiled at Li Yunzi and said, "Senior Li Yunzi, Junior can't view this second Battle Scroll for nothing!"

As Li Yunzi looked at Wang Lin, his expression became gloomy. However, he recalled Wang Lin's roar, and a moment later, he laughed. "Xu Mu, you've got guts! What do you want? Speak!"

Wang Lin pointed at the 13 Lou Fu and calmly said, "Junior wants a Lou Fu for looking at the second scroll!"

Li Yunzi silently pondered as he revealed a smile that was not a smile and said, "Is this a treasure you can have?"

Wang Lin faintly smiled but didn't answer the question. Instead, he said, "Junior has an appointment with my senior brother. In a few days, he will come find me to go to a place with him."

Li Yunzi meaningfully looked at Wang Lin as he laughed and said, "I'll gift you one!" With that, his right hand reached toward the void and one the balls of blood descended. It rapidly condensed into a fist-sized ball and floated toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin carefully grabbed it and put it in his bag after checking it.

Li Yunzi said, "Now you can look at it!" 

"Since Vice Thunder Celestial Xu Ting is going to view it with me for a chance at good fortune, then Xu Ting should view it first. After all, he was the first to view it last time." Wang Lin threw the scroll at Xu Ting.

Xu Ting's trembling mind hadn't recovered yet, but he subconsciously seized it. He opened the scroll and then a thunderous roar suddenly came from it.

A powerful battle intent appeared from the void and descended on Xu Ting!

Xu Ting's body trembled as he felt a monsterous wind blow by. It was as if an ancient beast was sealed inside and now that the seal was released, the fierce beast released its monstrous aura. Countless years of anger escaped at once as if it was going to devour him.

Li Yunzi's expression revealed a hint of tension. It was rare for him to show this kind of tension with his cultivation and age. He clearly knew how many talents in his family throughout the years were able to view the first scroll but were unable to withstand the unimaginable battle intent inside the second scroll before it even opened completely.

The less serious consequence was that they be seriously injured and maimed, the more serious consequence… their origin soul would perish!

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