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Chapter 941 - Treasure of the Royal Clan

Yi Muzi was shocked when he saw all of this. He never would've thought that this Xu Mu had been hiding such a shocking secret! This person was actually an ancient god!

When he was sent here by the head elder of the family, he gained details about the Moongazer Serpent and made prepared himself thoroughly. Although he was shocked, he didn't forget his task. After watching the 5-star ancient god walk out of the Moongazer Serpent's mouth, he didn't hesitate to charge inside.

He charged directly toward the Moongazer Serpent's mouth. Although his cultivation had fallen greatly, his speed was not slow at all. In a flash, he disappeared into the Moongazer Serpent's mouth.

Wudo Chan's expression was a bit complex. He had looked through some records in the Alliance and accidently found out the identity of the Moongazer Serpent. So he knew there was something inside the Moongazer Serpent called the Moon Flower!

"The records said that the Moongazer Serpent's Moon Flower can be used to refine a Pseudo Nirvana Void treasure. If I can obtain it and refine a Pseudo Nirvana Void treasure, then I can replace Esteemed Xuan Bao in the elder group!"

He clenched his teeth and chased after Yi Muzi. Just as the Moongazer Serpent closed its mouth, he entered.

Only Qing Shui didn't enter the Moongazer Serpent's mouth. He frowned as he silently watched Wang Lin and the huge 5-star ancient god.

"Clan member, my name is Lou Chen!" The 5-star ancient god's eyes were filled with an ancient aura as he stepped forward. He didn't form a fist but hit with his palm.

There was a heaven-shaking sound and a giant handprint formed from Lou Chen's hand and shot straight toward Wang Lin!

Wang Lin's eyes narrowed. This handprint was similar to the one in the Celestial Realm[1], but also very different. It shot directly toward Wang Lin, and Lou Chen's hand followed directly after the handprint.

Wang Lin took a deep breath. The four stars on his head rotated, his right hand pointed up, and the ancient gods' language came out from his mouth. Since he was now a 4-star ancient god, he could use some of the ancient gods' spells! Wang Lin had waited a very long time for this day!

In an instant, a giant vortex appeared before him.

"Ancient God's Weapon!" As Wang Lin roared, bursts of purple lightning came out of the vortex and then a long spear flew out. This spear was illusory, and it seemed like it was formed by the purple lightning.

Wang Lin grabbed the spear and swept forward. It collided with the incoming handprint. A loud rumble was triggered when they collided, and the handprint was cut in half.

However, Wang Lin's spear was immediately grabbed by Lou Chen. With a squeeze, thunder came out from the spear and then the spear collapsed!

Wang Lin took a step out. Although his body was weak compared to Lou Chen's, he still gave off an imposing aura. His right hand formed a fist and he threw it out.

Lou Chen looked at Wang Lin with a complex gaze. He had been forced to consume a star to refine Ji Xiantian into a puppet. Although he had left the Moongazer Serpent's body, there were unspeakable difficulties. Even now, he didn't know if he was the Moongazer Serpent or an ancient god.

He had assimilated with this Moongazer Serpent for far too long.

His mind was invaded by the Moongazer Serpent. In his view, he wasn't worthy of being called an ancient god, he was merely the puppet of the Moongazer Serpent.

He had always struggled between whether he should pass the inheritance to Wang Lin or devour Wang Lin. While he was struggling when he voluntarily gave out a star to Ji Xiantian, perhaps in his heart he meant to gift that star to Wang Lin.

At this moment, he took a deep breath, his right hand formed a fist, and he threw a punch.

There was a bang, and Wang Lin felt his right arm go numb and he was forced back. Lou Chen was also forced back several steps, and the stars between his eyebrows became even more blurred.

The reason Wang Lin had challenged Lou Chen was because he knew that even though Luo Chen wasn't an child ancient god, he was extremely weak right now!

The stars between Lou Chen's brows being blurry proved his point. As opposed to Wang Lin, who only had four stars, the stars were solid and shined brightly. More importantly, Wang Lin was of the royal bloodline!

Even if an ordinary ancient god had devoured Lou Chen's star and their cultivation level became higher than Wang Lin's, they would still be no match for the royal clan's spells. The royal clan of the ancient gods were real kings. Not only could they use royal clan spells, they also had royal clan weapons!

As he retreated, Wang Lin took a step forward and charged out at Lou Chen. The two continued to exchange bombardments of fists with each other.

Ripples echoed and loud rumbles spread across the void. At the start of the battle, Wang Lin was at a disadvantage, but the more he fought, the more fierce he became.

Wang Lin gradually grew familiar with the power of a 4-star ancient god as he fought. Oftentimes, a powerful storm would be set off with each punch. The punches also contained the spells of the ancient gods, so his battle with Lou Chen became even more intense!

With a bang, the two parted. As Wang Lin retreated, he raised his large hands and his eyes lit up. He began chanting in the language of the ancient gods and then the shadow of a towering ancient god appeared before him. It immediately let out a roar toward Lou Chen!

The complex gaze in Lou Chen's face became even more intense, and he also raised his hands. The shadow of an ancient god appeared behind him, and it was taller than 100,000 feet. It was as if a real giant had just appeared out of nowhere!

However, this giant's body was extremely bloated; it looked more like a Moongazer Serpent than an ancient god!

What was even more terrifying was that there was armor around this giant, and just its imposing aura was enough to make ordinary cultivators lose their wits!

As the armoed giant roared, Wang Lin and Lou Chen closed in on each other once more, causing explosions to echo once more. This time it wasn't just the two of them fighting, even the giants behind them began to fight.

As Wang Lin laughed, his left hand reached out and recalled that weapon he saw Tuo Sen use in the ancient god's body. Ancient God Tu Si's life treasure, the God Slaying Spear!

As he thought about the spear, the language of the ancient gods came out from his mouth. Although he wasn't able to call out the true body of Tu Si's life treasure with his 4-star power, he could call out an illusion.

As Wang Lin reached out, large amounts of red mist appeared out of nowhere. This red mist churned and gathered in Wang Lin's hand. Then a 1,000-foot-long spear suddenly appeared!

This spear was 1,000 feet long and 10 feet wide and it flashed red. It was the very famous God Slaying Spear of the ancient god clan. Even the void began to twist around it, and as the spear gently swept by, a net-like object appeared!

The net-like object in the void was formed by the powerful formation that cut off origin energy! Normally, it was impossible for it to appear, but under the swing of the God Slaying Spear, it was forced to show its original form!

The God Slaying Spear was something only the royal clan could use! When a royal clan ancient god reached adulthood, they would chose a weapon. These weapons were passed down from previous generations, but only the royal clan could use them!

When Lou Chen saw the God Slaying Spear, the complex gaze in his eyes became even stronger. He could tell that Wang Lin's ancient god inheritance was extremely noble. He speculated that this person was a junior that had received the royal inheritance and cultivated as an ancient god on his own.

However, after he truly saw the God Slaying Spear, he was not only able to confirm his speculation, he also knew where Wang Lin's inheritance came from!

"Tu Si… I didn't think even he had died…" Lou Chen let out a sigh. The complex emotions in his eyes disappeared, and it was replaced with a gentle gaze.

"Tu Si's inheritor, let me see how much of this illusory God Slaying Spear's power you can use!" It was as if the knot in Lou Chen's heart had been loosened. While laughing, his right hand reached out and the bone in his right arm began to move.

Bone spikes suddenly came out from his skin, and in an instant, Lou Chen's right arm was covered in bone spikes. They extended like crazy, and in the blink of an eye, they were 1,000 feet long. They formed a extremely strange yet ferocious weapon!

Wang Lin gripped the illusory God Slaying Spear and battling intent filled his body. As he held the spear, the feeling that he was Tu Si appeared once more. Right now Lou Chen was the only person in his vision!

"I'm Ancient God Wang Lin!" Wang Lin stepped out and the God Slaying Spear swept forward. He heard popping sounds and then a large net appeared before him.

This net was illusory and it covered the entire void.

Lou Chen laughed and also closed in. The stinger formed by his right arm swung forward and directly matched Wang Lin's God Slaying Spear.

There was a bang when the two of them collided. Then popping sounds echoed as the two continued to fight. Their violent battle caused a net-like object to appear.

Battle intent filled Wang Lin's eyes, and during the battle, he threw the God Slaying Spear. Then both of his hands met before him with his thumb and forefinger linked, forming a diamond. He shouted, "God Slaying Seal!"

This God Slaying Seal was one of the spells of the ancient gods, and it was something only the royal bloodline had!

The God Slaying Spear flew out like lightning toward Lou Chen. At the same time, the God Slaying Seal shot out in a diamond shape and flashed forward.

Lou Chen laughed and shouted, "Good!" He waved his right hand and collided with the God Slaying Spear, creating an amazing shockwave. Then the God Slaying Seal arrived and an unimaginable storm was set off in the void.

This storm swept across this void as a large amount of the net revealed itself. As the net flashed, two ghostly lights suddenly appeared under it.

The ghostly lights revealed a cold and ruthless gaze. It was as if it was looking through the net from the outside.

"Moongazer Serpent… Ancient god…"

1. Handprint on the door back when he first entered the Rain Celestial Realm

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